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So I just had a KFC value meal...

  1. and feel like I'm one step closer to a heart attack.

    Should I hope to have a heart attack before Obama care or after?
  2. Well...you could have the heart attack now and then get right into a hospital. Or if you wait until after Obamas Health care plan takes effect...I would buy your KFC, go put your name on the hospital waiting list. Wait 6 hours, then start eatting your KFC. By the time the heart attack kicks in it SHOULD be your turn to see the doctor...HOPEFULLY.
  3. Under the current system after you have that heart attack your insurance company will try to drop you or raise your rates so high that you drop them.After that other Ins companies will not give you coverage due to a pre existing condition
  4. lol
  5. Why would you hope to have a heart attack?
  6. Typical Republican stupidity.Wants a heart attack in the hopes it would prove Obamas plan to be wrong,kind of like Rush wanting the United States to fail to prove Obama wrong
  7. You obviously dont get it. The 6 hour wait is to see your primary care physician, who then decides whether your heart attack is serious enough to warrant seeing a specialist. If it is, your wait may be 30-60 days. Of course, that wait is estimated now, before we have added another 41 million potential patients to the health care system.

    Once you see the specialist, he may want to do some type of surgical procedure....but there's another wait list for that...unless you're too old in which case forget about the procedure. One guy drops dead before the heart by-pass procedure, look what you saved.

    I could go on but this gives you a feel for Obama care.

  8. After everybody is covered by the Karl Marx medical academy they will next go on a witch hunt against fast food places and factory farming... first we have to all be sick as shit for a long time, with undernourished brains to boot, that makes health care really important to us and makes us so stupid we think it will work, then we have to have universal coverage, and then they won't want us sick...

    Cut back on the red meat to once a week and high quality like a steak, take Omega3 fish supplements, take a multi from purityproducts.com and cut out the sugar shit... drink 4 oz of Pomegranate juice a day for your heart, eat veggies every chance you get, not some krappy salad that's all lettuce... take supplements to keep your brain alive, there are a half dozen that give noticeable results in a matter of days sometimes... life is good then... then tell the marxist demomorons to shove their healthcare so far up sideways that it distends their scalps...

    I got all toned up with all that stuff, just spent about three months on the simulator, trading is quite easy... couldn't do it when I wasn't spending $200-$300 a month on real health care..
  9. I am by no means a fan of Obamanomics, but this is just, to steal a phrase I believe you like to use on occasion, bollocks.

    In the event of emergency care, and a heart attack (or chose another malady: amputation, obstructed airway, blocked colon, ruptured appendix, etc. take your pick) qualifies as such an instance, you will not be denied care nor have to wait an exorbitant amount of time until you are seen by a medical professional. These stories of waiting for hours and then waiting a month or 2 for a followup are about non-emergency care.

    Attack his plan for what it is: a means by which the (un)fortunate few get to pay for another's health care. It's like that old college prank everyone has pulled at one time or another: you and your buddies go out to eat and one by one you tell the cashier that the guy at the end of the line is paying and the last guy gets stuck with the bill for buying your food.

    Oh, and BTW, it is those like the OP who would frequent a place known ad Kentucky FRIED Chicken (and everyone else who think that McDonalds provides 3 square meals a day) who put this strain on the system by letting themselves get to the point where they having that heart attack in the first place. Here's an idea, get off the couch, turn off the tv/computer, and go for a walk.
  10. History shows that when a country goes "Full Commie", the socialistic system goes bankrupt and THEN you have to start over with something else.

    Why is it we are not smart enough to avoid this?

    (Personally, I think all of this mess is by design... and Obama is playing a sinister role. But half of us Americans are so blinded by the promise of "free ice cream" we can't see it.)
  11. Just last night, there was a show on PBS... about countries going "Full Commie" with the Socialism...

    Chile went bankrupt because of it and the Salvatore Allende's government... was overthrown by a military coup... they change to a more capitalistic economy (thanks to guidance from Milton Friedman), government cut expenses by 27%, and the poverty rate dropped from 40% to 13% (which is similar to USA).

    The show discussed Japan... "Socialistic Superpower!!" at one time... now, effectively bankrupt!

    And we, in America are SO STUPID, OR SO GREEDY FOR FREE ICE CREAM.. we're going down the known path to bankruptcy... and for what, empty promises? Everybody can have everything so long as somebody else pays for it?
  12. Because the people getting the freebies either won't be around when the place goes down the tubes, or they just don't care.
  13. Understand. But even if one is a short-sighted greedy bastard, how can they set up their kids for such a mess?
  14. What about all the free ice cream that Bush(and Obama) gave to big buisness ?

    Billions to halliburton,banks,AIG etc.

    Give a trillion to banks and profiteers from an illegal war and congress and republicans don't complain,try to give a trillion so that every American has health care and its socialism,free ice cream ,the country is going to be destroyed etc
  15. The part under Bush that will destroy us, the trillion to banks, conservatives did not go along with. It was a bush/democrat deal and conservatives had to be hog tied and go along with it kicking and screaming, remember?
  16. If memory serves, most of the Repubs in
    the Hose and Senate voted against TARP.


    Can't find house numbers, but I believe it was similar.

    Why does everyone keep saying this was a Repub give away? It was an idiot giving it away and the Dems, for the first time in 8 yrs, stood solidly behind Bush on this issue.
  17. They did not have to go along with it.Even "no earmarks " McCain went along with it even though it had billions in earmarks

    Nobody had to go along with it,Ron Paul didn't go along with it
  18. Nevertheless, I think you know who the opposition was to the tarp and stimulus.

    It came from one quarter. Conservatives.
  19. That was not the vote on the original creation of tarp,just votes on allowing obama to release portions of tarp money.Tarp was already created under bush in the source you just posted.That article is from Jan 09,Bush signed Tarp into law in Oct 2008

    I don't know the exact count of dems and repubs,but the creation of tarp passed by 74 -25 in the senate,(so there had to be a lot of republican votes) and 263-171 in the house
  20. Yeah, my bad. I Googled TARP and this is what came up. What I was looking for was the numbers from the fall, in which, in a snit, the House Repubs first defeated the vote and only a reluctant few signed on for the final vote. There were similar numbers I believe in the Senate, too. (edit, I see your numbers above)

    Bottom line, however, is that even tho idiot Bush (strings being pulled by Paulson) proposed this massive bailout, and for the first time in 8 yrs, the Dems stood solidly behind him in support of what many feel was a massive waste of taxpayer funds. It was the Repubs who pushed back on this.