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smb foundation, no bs day trading, Futex and more for sale

  1. Hey everyone,

    i sell These Courses:

    Al Brooks- Brooks Tradin Course
    Al Brooks- Tradingroom October 2014
    Anton Kreil- Professional Trading Masterclass
    Futex Price Ladder Training
    Scott Martin- Futures Commodity Training
    Geoff Bysshe-Opening Range Success Formula
    John Grady No BS Day Trading- Ocotber 2013
    and also February 2013
    John Templeton- Price Action
    Kam Dhadwar- 3 Days Intensive Advanced Online Traders Coaching
    Mark Stone- Order Flow Analysis
    Noel Parker- PriceActionRoom: Tape Reading Course and Scalping Course
    Sang Lucci- The Lucci Method
    SMB Capital- SMB Foundation Training Program
    TradeEmpowered- The complete 12 week Transformation Course
    TradeSmart University- Tick by Tick

    i will make you a good Price, so PM me if youre interested.

    King Regards
  2. if you want other Courses you can also PM me and ask if i have it
  3. also have Jim Daltons: Field of Vision
  4. Did you really buy all these courses?
  5. yes i did :D
  6. I'm curious, how much did all that cost roughly?
  7. a lot of Money i can tell you, i will sell some if anyone is interested to compensate my expense a Little bit
  8. which methods do you use in your actual trading?
  9. to be honest, i only use John gradys teachings, i struggled at the beginning with everything, i mean i jumped from one style to another, i cant say that the others dont work, i can recommend also the futex Course,
    but i now use completely John gradys style and i am profitable with it.
  10. Just price ladders on the us treasuries ?
  11. yeah i have the 10,30 and 5 year open, just Price ladder just Price action
  12. Which treasury contract are you actually trading? and which are are you just watching?
  13. it really depends on various things, such as which market is leading/lagging, where does the setup occur etc