Series 56 info session being held by CBOE

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  1. I called the CBOE this morning for an update on training information for the 56 and was told that the CBOE will be holding two informational sessions for the series 56 exam training.

    The Information Sessions will be Wednesday & Thursday, july 13 and july 14 at 3:30 PM via webcam

    in order to register you must email 24 hours in advance with the following info:

    TPH Organization (Your broker-dealer)
    and the date of the session you wish to attend.

    You can call the CBOE at 312-786-8093 for more information

  2. Did you ask about the status of waivers? When will we know?

    Has anyone heard back in regards to getting a waiver?
  3. heard from a good source 99% chance series 7 will waive the 56. All other waiver requests are going to be nearly impossible. Heard no waivers have started yet not until prob next week.
  4. The 7 will waive the 56. You still have to pay for the 56 exam, however, You pay for the exam and then file the waiver lol.

  5. Your kidding. This is all about $200- from each trader?
  6. seems someone makes out either way, i have my 7 and if the 56 waives it i still have to pay $200 to have it held with the firm. If not $200 to take the 56. It is what it is.