Selling SMB Courses for a fraction of the amount

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  1. Quanti


    I have got SMB Foundation, SMB Reading the tape, and SMB DNA courses.

    I have also coded their Radar tool In Ninjatrader

    If you are interested in buying please PM me, and you can download the materials from google drive.

    Note: I'll live video tape the content I got so you can make sure I have got the courses, and also you can request to receive a part of the course you want for free.
  2. Could you explain a bit more about what SMB is?
  3. Quanti


    Proprietary trading firm that offers trading education and trading tools
  4. Why are you selling?
  5. Quanti


    because I took it and I have it and want to sell :)
  6. Maverick74


    Why don't you give it away for free? Because it's not worth anything.
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  7. Quanti


    if its not worth anything, you won't be discussing it with me right now :)
  8. Maverick74


    It looks like you made a bad trade on this purchase. The good news it was a cheap call option. You only lost the premium.
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  9. Stail


    Hi! I'm interested in SMB DNA course, how much do you want for it? Please email me details at:
  10. Hi, I'm interested in the SMB DNA training course as well. Do you still over it?
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