Sears Shares Up on Word of Ackman Stake...hmmm

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    Ok so earlier this week Ackman discloses he bought 5 Million shares of SHLD, now I dont know where and when he bought these shares but since the announcement the shares are up about $15 bucks or $15 X 5,000,000 shares....

    So he is up $75,000,000 in about 3 days based on NEWS "ACKMAN" himself bought shares of SHLD.

    Do you get my point....

    must be nice to buy millions of shares and announce afterwards your in it to prop up the stock....

    Sears Shares Up on Word of Ackman Stake
    Friday October 5, 3:10 pm ET
    Sears Stock Rises on Large Share Purchase by Activist Investor

    HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. (AP) -- Shares in Sears Holdings Corp. rose sharply Friday as Wall Street reacted to news that activist hedge fund manager William Ackman has taken a stake in the department store retailer.

    Ackman bought 5 million shares in Sears, a spokeswoman for his New York-based Pershing Square Capital Management said, confirming a report by

    He disclosed the stake in a speech at a Dallas charity event earlier this week, when he said he was "thrilled" with Chairman Edward Lampert's efforts at Sears and was "looking forward to working with him," according to the Wall Street newsletter.

    While Ackman's large stakes and agitating have succeeded in forcing real estate sales or other actions at McDonald's Corp., Wendy's International Inc. and Target Corp. in the past, his impact at Sears could be limited since Lampert, who also runs a hedge fund, maintains a 46 percent stake and full control.

    But the purchase highlighted Sears' recent stock rally after a lengthy decline.

    Sears shares jumped $9.99, or more than 7 percent, to $151.39 in afternoon trading after trading as low as $129.75 on Tuesday, the day of his speech.

    Some analysts speculated that Ackman could be eyeing Sears Canada, an asset for which he has clashed with Lampert before. Sears Canada shareholders rejected a $792 million takeover bid by Sears last November after Ackman, a major shareholder of the Canadian unit, argued it was worth much more.