scca racing and spec miata racing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fxtrading, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. was looking at getting into spec miata racing. i figured id start of in scca solo2 to get some cone/track experience, build up my car, and maybe get into a spec race next year or late this year. anyone else into this or have any input?
  2. Turok


    I did the same thing with an RX7 years ago and had a blast. Started with the autocross thing and went from there as you describe. Won my last race at Sears Point.

    If you have the bucks it's a blast. I eventually went to karts because of the better bang per buck for me, but I have nothing bad to say about the full size deal.

  3. cool, were you running the spec rx7 - ive been looking at this class since it looks a little cheaper. what year was it and how many rx-7s where in the field at sears?