Sad news for those who traded at WOrldco.

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  1. Around midnight Walter SCott Bruan and a friend were leaving the city being driven home by a paid driver. He and his friend got into a fight in the back of the car causing the driver to pull over. Walter got out of the car, his friend tried to talk to him to get back in, but it was too late. Walter was hit by multiple cars driving on the highway and was pronounced dead at the scene.

    RIP Walter.
  2. Walter was the chief at Worldco ?
  3. He was a part owner. For those that didnt know him outside of business, he had a heart the size of Texas, and will be missed by many.
  4. my god why did he jump out into the highway
  5. The antagonist must have been female. Only a woman could mess with a guy's head so much that he forgets what side of the car is on the shoulder.
  6. Those will be missed, yes...May God have his soul

    How old he was ?
  7. Arnie


  8. R.I.P.

    Walter was about 47. He leaves behind many friends, and among his family, a wife and I believe two children.

    I did not know Walter well, but have close friends who did. I've never in my years heard anyone who actually knew him, talk badly about Walter. Very saddening.
  9. Wasn't Worldco almost the biggest and most scandalous chop shop of the day? That's what I always heard especially from their former engendered servants (traders)

    If the main crook actually did bite it then RIP.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.