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Ron Paul CSPAN Appearance

  1. ok, where are those fed reserve whack jobs that want us to keep getting raped by private banks charging us usury fees on fake money?
  2. alex jones is making a documentary about the alleged owners....will come out soon.
  3. ror, i bet zizzo voted the hilary bitch option. :D
  4. I see you are still afraid of women with hair on their chest :D

    I would vote for none of the above....

  5. hillary has hair on her chest??? damm, she had me with the beefy cankles.

  6. can u tell us who u support then?


    ah, nevermind it is alfraude.
  7. I support the first candidate that says his first act as president will be to reduce the power of the presidency, and restore balance of power to our Republic.

    This is not really what Ron Paul is saying....

    Besides, Ron Paul looks just like that weasel Dr. Smith from Lost in Space:

    <img src=http://skyscraper.fortunecity.com/binary/139/files/smithandwill.jpg>

    Hmmm, he is holding the boy Billy Mumy pretty close...

  8. lol, are u nutz? that's exactly what he wanna do, get rid of big govt and restore the constitution. who exactly is gonna do your bidding from the mainstream corporate shill parties.
  9. He personally can't get rid of big government.

    What he can do is reduce power of the presidency, and veto legislation, that is about it.

    I have not heard him talk about how he is going to do away with executive privilege, etc.

    Restoration will begin with example, and he has to say what he can and will actually do to reduce power of presidency if elected....if he doesn't then he becomes just another rhetoric spouter that appeals to Libertarian types...

    <img src=http://www.obituariestoday.com/Images/Obituary/28939.jpg>

  10. why dont u go check his website and the countless statements he made on these iussues...u cant expect the guy to elaborate his agenda in 5 minutes on the first televised interview as a candidate.

    i understand, u are voting for one of the dems.
  11. Why don't you quit assuming shit you don't really know or understand...?

  12. i didnt know it was such an issue to say who u support. fair enough.
  13. I did say who I would support.

    The candidate who stands up and says their first act as president is going to be to reduce the power of the presidency...

    So far, I don't see anyone on that list who has said that.

    I don't have an issue with Paul per say, but Libertarianism is a pipe dream in America.

  14. Don't give ceasar an inch.

  15. right, i thought u already had an idea about who may represent your values the most.

    it's more of a pipe dream that ron will get elected but trying dont hurt.
  16. I am not opposed to his bid, nor him personally, but I really don't see him as electable, and I don't think the Libertarian party will work functionally in America today.

    It took several hundred years to get to where we are today, and where we are today is nothing like the days when the Constitution was hammered out.

    The reality is, that if the states were not united by history, there would be a big problem uniting them going forward.

    Change needs to be slow, not radical, and the focus needs to be placed on restoration of power back to the people, and away from corporations.

    Big government is a tool of the corporations...the rise of corporations and big government have gone hand in hand...

    People are apathetic in this country, because they believe they are powerless, that nothing much will change no matter who they vote for.

    If someone does come along, who can truly inspire a sense of confidence in the people that their vote could make a difference, they are a shoe in.

    Paul is not that guy, no one on that list is that guy, or gal...

  17. yeah i see what u say. that doesnt mean he has to make drastic changes off the bat...he himself said it is a very complex problem and will take enormous effort and time in sorting out.
  18. you have obviously not done your research on Ron Paul, that is exactly what he represents. and dont cop out saying one man cant change the govt.... duh. but wouldnt you rather have someone in there trying ???
  19. If you can quote Paul saying the his very first act as president would be to reduce the power of the executive office and the executive branch of government, I would be happy to read it.

  20. So was independence from British rule.
  21. Perhaps, but independence from King George through a war would be much easier than what would need to take place in America now to really have a libertarian dominance, IMO. In fact, my guess is that it would initiate a type of revolution that could lead to some strong fascist type that would restore "law and order."

    I just don't see libertarianism as an effective solution for the 50 states of America on a federal level right now.

  22. All you really need to know.

    *Ron Paul has been against the Iraq War from the beginning. And he voted against it.
    *Ron Paul is against the federal reserve
    *Ron Paul does not take money from AIPAC
    *Ron Paul will not go to war for Israel
    *Ron Paul is pro constitution he was against unconstitutional acts like the patriot act and the military commissions act.

    Ron Paul's 1988 book, Liberty Under Siege, is being uploaded on www.dailypaul.com the first two chapters are up, it is great, and it is sad how completely relevent it is, and how little anything has changed since then.

    I'm really liking it, I am part way through the second chapter.

    I've read a few political science treastises, and, though I don't agree with all in it, I definately find this to be an interesting libertarian treatise.

    The book takes a systematic approach to the flaws in foreign and domestic policy, and in 1988 explains the mistakes that are still being made.

    I'm not sure when in 1988 this came out, but I am sure it must have been his pre-presidential campaign book...

    maybe they should just republish it for his 2008 campaign book just to show 20 years later we are still making the same ridiculous unconstitutional mistakes, and that they are now trying to do various specific things he was warning about in 1988.
  23. That is all that someone needs to know?


  24. http://www.house.gov/paul/press/press2001/pr030601.htm

    FOR RELEASE: March 6, 2001

    Paul Introduces Bills to Curb Executive Orders, Protect Individuals, Restore Checks and Balances

    Washington, D.C. - On Tuesday, Representative Ron Paul introduced his "Constitutional Restoration Package", a series of bills aimed at reaffirming the system of checks among the three branches of government that have fallen drastically out of balance in recent years. The four bills re-establish the clear guidelines set forth in the Constitution with regard to the powers of the President and the duties of Congress.

    Said Paul, "Our system of government is out of balance to the most casual of observers. We have the opportunity to more perfectly balance our system and prevent potential abuses. By clearly defining the lines of power, while restricting the ability of a single person to arbitrarily impose law, we will further secure the blessings of liberty upon our nation."

    The centerpiece of Paul's package is the "Separation of Powers Restoration Act." This bill garnered more than 40 cosponsors in the previous congress and prohibits a presidential order from illegitimately taking power from the legislative branch and having the effect of law. Most importantly, the legislation grants legal standing to individual Members of Congress and Senators, state officials and private citizens who believe a president's Executive Order has overstepped constitutional bounds and negatively impacted them, their rights, their property or their business.

    "The most glaring example of our out-of-balance system is the power of the president to create laws through the use of the Executive Order," said Paul. "Our system grants all legislative power to the legislative branch, while the Chief Executive exists to 'faithfully execute' those laws. The power of the Executive Order can commit our troops to undeclared wars, destroy industries, or make unprecedented social-policy changes. The 'Separation of Powers Restoration Act' will restore the balance between the branches of government that is so desperately needed."

    Also included in the package is the "Constitutional War Powers Resolution", a bill which repeals the War Powers Resolution and restores the power to send American troops into conflicts to Congress.

    The "Constitutional Republic Resolution" clarifies the nature of our federal system as a constitutionally limited republic, rather than a democracy. It also serves as a response to recent calls for the elimination of the electoral college which was created to protect smaller states against overreaching federal power. Eliminating it would nullify their voting power. Democracy represents unlimited rule by the majority, while a constitutionally limited republic preserves the liberty of the individual.

    Finally, the "Constitutional Treaty Resolution" declares that no treaty which contradicts the Constitution will have any force or effect. This prohibits any foreign power or organization from controlling or commanding U.S. citizens, such as the United Nations has done with U.S. military personnel in recent "peacekeeping" missions abroad.

    Said Paul, "This series of bills is critical to restoring the proper constitutional balance to our federal system. Curbing the executive order, returning the power to declare war to Congress, and protecting the liberties of our private citizens, as well as our men and women in uniform, will demonstrate a commitment to the Constitution that has been missing in Washington for far too long."
  25. "FOR RELEASE: March 6, 2001"

    Can you quote him that his first act as presidency will be to diminish the power of the presidency?

  26. ZZZzzzzz,

    do a search on "ron paul" and "executive orders," there is just too much information to post. this man is all about the constitution and getting this govt back under control.

    ZZZzzz.... looks like he beat you to the punch. considering this is so important to you, i am surprised you didnt already know about this man's previous attempts to curb the executive branch's illegal power grabs.
  27. he's already introduced legislation and you are nitpicking.
  28. Look, the dems has their first 90 day plan if they took control of Congress, right?

    I want to hear Paul's specific plan as to what he would do as president.

    Not blathering crap, but specific actions he would take, starting with reduction of his own power as presidency, which cabinet posts he would not fill, which departments he would eliminate and/or streamline, which judges he would appoint, etc. and how he would personally reduce the size, scope,a nd power of the executive branch, etc.

    See, as president, if he is really going to go back to a balanced government he has to begin with the executive office, there is little he can do but try to effect the executive branch, and veto bills from congress, and commander and chief.

    So I want him to be specific on what he would do, can legally do, would be willing to lose his job over trying to do, not what congress needs to do...

    If he wants to be a congressmen, fine. If he wants to be president, he needs to say what as president he would do, could do, legally do, constitutionally do, and the sacrifices he will be making along the way...

    Or if not, he is just another talking head appealing to a fringe group of voters...
  29. ZZZzzzzz, its obvious you missed this one. its ok to be wrong.... the guy has already worked on these very issues. your nitpicking is irritating.
  30. He has worked on them as a congressman, but has not said what he would do as president, as it is a different job.

    If you think the power of the presidency is the same as being a congressman from Texas, you must also think that being governor of Texas fully prepared Bush to be president...

  31. One dominant ruling party (we can call them republicrats). And an exponentially growing divide between classes does not make for a content nation. History has proven that the combination of the above two situations will eventually combust. I think we are seeing the begining of social unrest in the burbs. The middle class aint so middle anymore.

    Maybe libertarianism isn't the final answer. But I think we already have you`re "fascist types" in office. Most Americans oppose the Bush admins approach to foreign affairs. So we voted in the solution. Yet the solution remains impotent. So Bush is either a leader running wild with no regard for our true common good. Or the house is in cahoots with him. See republicrats.

    cough...habeas corpus..cough..oops excuse me..uh oh...I hear a knock on my door..

    Ron Paul has no shot. But I will vote for him as I believe he is a true patriot and has the good of the whole in mind. Two of his ideals that I love are. He despises the secretive federal reserve and is all for a return to the gold standard. He actually wants the USD to have worth..go figure.
  32. Gold standard impossible, not enough gold to back as many dollars are now in the world wide economy.

    Maybe enough copper though :D


  33. LMAOOOOOOOOO... put the crack pipe down. the man has tirelessly worked on these issues and many others. he will continue as president. his track record is nothing but integrity, honesty and selflessness. one of 2 politicians i have ever trusted.
  34. Apparently you have never heard of the Peter Principle...

    From long term congressman who has little power to president?


  35. lmao... you just don't understand do you? you can have a dollar represent any amount of gold. unfortunately going to a gold standard would expose how worthless dollars are.
  36. Dollars are hardly worthless.

    Last time I checked, you can buy anything with them...

  37. then no one should ever be president.
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  39. Only those who have the requisite skills become great presidents. Bush is perfect example of Peter Principle, he rose way beyond his level of incompetency.

    Paul hasn't shown the skills necessary to be president, or even a player in the House, which is why he remains a low level long term member of the house.

    Not a bad thing, but he doesn't possess the type of leadership qualities to be president.

    There are John the Baptist types, and then there are Jesus Christ types.

    I am not knocking Paul's message, simply stating the obvious, that he lacks the tools, temperament, experience, and natural leadership to take on the presidency...

  40. Put your dollars where your money is, stop using them and try trading gold coins for food, shelter, clothing, trading account funds, etc.


    "Dollars are worthless...."

    You sound like you have goldbug disease....

  41. there is no money, what you refer to is debt. banks with fractual reserves loan "debt"... when this is not repaid the banks write it off. it came from thin air and it returns as such. what we have is a ponzi scheme and when the fools that support it at the bottom figure it out, there are no more new fools to siphon off from, the pyramid collapses. all fiat money systems end badly, when the chinese and japanese decide the party is over.... then we will have hyper inflation. the private federal reserve has already planned for this. they have already arbitraged their assets and will control even more wealth than they have in the past.

    bottomline this is nothing new, it is merely another transfer of wealth.
  42. Thats the problem. Look what happens right about 1971. Copper ha...the chinese own all that stuff. Or they did when it got called in. :D


    Keep printing that $$$....no worries mon..

  43. you sound like a neocon. LMAOOOO