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    Has anyone tried Robot Wealth? I am not associated with them. For $97/month you get

    - Foundations of Algo Trading Course
    - Slack Community and Support
    - Zorro for Beginners Course
    - Video training library
    - Full Data + Updates
    - Advanced Algo Trading Course
    - Algo Boot Camp (present and future)
    - Strategy Library and Tools

    I wonder how joint development of trading strategies works. There will be a temptation to free ride on others and to hold back your best ideas. I think I would be willing to share simple ideas, such as exploiting mean reversion in stock index futures by short-term moving average crossovers in the contrary direction. But I would hesitate to discuss refinements that make a concept tradeable.
  2. $97 a month! No thanks
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    The site looks like it could offer some value. Assuming you can cancel the subscription at any time, $97 per month could be a good deal. If it sucks, cancel after a month and you are only out $97.
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    You get your money back if you cancel in the first 30 days. So I obviously I can try it, but I just wondered if others had.
  5. think it would be information overload, you probably come away from the experience dazed and confused also $97 lighter
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    Just imagine it were a $1200 "trading school" course, that you could nibble at one month at a time. $1200 is a tenth of what some schlockmeisters charge for their "education" offering :vomit: yet you could nibble away at this one piecemeal.

    I'm neck deep in algo work, and like what I'm seeing, so I don't think I'm a good candidate. (Especially on the 'time' side -- it'd be a waste for me.) But if I'd seen this a year/18months ago? It could've been a primo match. I don't know, but I spent a few minutes, and got a good impression.
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  7. What exactly are you neck deep in? Can you elaborate?
  8. The blind leading the blind
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    The kind of work at which this "school" aims, I have found nicely remunerative. General, "old school" trend indicators -- mechanically-applied. I had started down this rabbit hole a few years ago, but got (lovingly) distracted in mapping option market reward/risks with a spreadsheet. ("Sweet!") Now, I have returned to notes/papers I dated as 7+ years ago. My *hope* is -- like with options -- get further and further from the screen -- from nose-to-screen, to end-of-day reviews. Yeahhhhh. A high hurdle. But this is all kind-of earn+learn, right? Well, for some of us...
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