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Reflection: Trading Secret is All about ...

  1. My trading secret is all about how many Ps that I am able to manage well.

    I think there are at least 10 (should be more) Ps for consideration.


    How about yours?
  2. Are you claiming that the key to successful trading is dependent upon one's ability to alliterate? :D
  3. Predictor's psyhchology patiently plans precise price and probability to place position and proactively pay premium for protection to preserve profit. --- OddTrader (Copyrighted, X'mas 2011) :D
  4. Profound.
  5. I read that aloud three times and I just made 10k on 100 shares of SPY; and the market isnt even open. Thanks dude!
  6. Invoice is on the way. Payable 30 years!
  7. This one below was once posted on EntertainTraders.com.

    "Ask not what your Options can do for you, but what you can do with your Options." --- OddTrader
  8. more than one man has almost lost it all due to an ill fated Pecedillo
  9. How should I spend the profit? :D
  10. alliteration trading systems work fine, until one onomatopeia occurs and totally fucks you up. That's why all I trade is hyperbole and metaphors. True, the profit potential is not as great, but if you can endure all the sarcasim, the results tend to be a lot less ironic.
  11. Cut your big loser
    Add more to your big winner
    Add to your loser

    (that's a haiku system I'm working on)
  12. I would add palaeoanthropology, palaetiology, pallasethesia, and parousiamania to the list.
  13. A particularly provocative piece of pretentiousness.
  14. Awesome alliteration! Admirably accommodating acquaintances (with) attained apprehension and alleviating (their) anxiety, as apotropaic alchemy attunes all arbitrageurs.

    Absolutely an appreciable act, and an augury!
  15. Pick a platform to professionally prepare perfect pivots with parameters, possibilities and percentages, then put positive personality, proprietary perspective and proportional pattern into physical process.
  16. Primitive programming or pathetic prevalence/ persistence produces poor performance.
  17. U again... Lol
    Now I'm certain you work for the markets...
    Enticing new money into a dying regime...

    Listen here boys n girls
    The stock market is more crooked then odd's nose

    If its secrets your after it won't be found..
    And can never be deciphered...

    All it takes is one check of a box
    And you will lose

    Im sure the odd one can
  18. I would have to accept your Prejudgement above, which fortunately is Perceptively correct.

    Alternatively, you may Provocatively say the markets work for me ... :D

    Just a joke!!!
  19. Buy low sell high.
  20. That is an executive summary of the Holy Grail! Oldtime, I think you are a sage. I learn from your words.
  21. this thread is awesome
    every post makes me laugh
    sometimes ET rules
  22. Therefore, many are laughing, few are chosen ......
  23. Much agreed!
  24. So you distilled the Hamlet's soliloquy to "to P or not to P"!
  25. Q

    Dr. Johnson and Mr. Johnson,
    After great consideration,
    Came to the conclusion
    That the Indian nation
    Beyond the Indian Ocean
    Is back in education
    Because the chief occupation
    Is cultivation.

  26. Quit your grinnen and drop your linnen:D
  27. My last one:

    Portfolio is paramount, perhaps!
  28. [​IMG]
    spd celebrating its winnings
  29. When I'm trading well I have to hold my P. Which is tough because I drink beer to trade well. I prefer pale pilsner.
  30. one day when someone makes reference back to this thread you will know all is not as it seems and this is the same as the stock market.
    and the man who sent you here.. an artist of the bad kind...
  31. Parampara
  32. edge is all
  33. the tides are changing and you have been lead here like a sheep
  34. you appear not serious
    trading is really really serious
    this thread is serious too
  35. There once was a trader on ET
    Who thought of himself as a deity
    But, without a solid plan,
    The shit had to hit the fan
    And now he's back to peddling realty.
  36. exactly.. reality is where we live.
    just take a look at cvx yesterday.. if your simple mind wishes to get details and proof
  37. Small Traders are:


    More than 90% of small traders lose! They just lose!!


    Be prepared to suffer severe financial losses

    Day traders typically suffer severe financial losses in their first months of trading, and many never graduate to profit-making status.
  38. you forgot one P that makes all the difference in the world.
  39. Please?


  40. Excellent limerick, Lornz!

    Thanks a lot! It means a lot to me to know that my hard work is appreciated!
  41. well, I didn't want to say anything, but your rhythm is really messed up
  42. If trading for ten or more years makes one a Master Trader, then what does baiting hooks for the same amount of time make one??

  43. a Bait Master?
  44. No, it's not. It's a standard 9-9-7-7-9 syllable limerick.

    It's not very good, but it's still probably one of the greatest posts ever written on ET.

    I will continue to refine my flair for poetry, regardless of what anyone says!

    There once was a fellow named oldtime
    Who's jokes were without a punchline
    He often tried to jest,
    But simply lacked the zest
    He messed with the best and got flatlined.
  45. 99779 is not a rhythm unless you make it rhythmical.

    well, here we go to chit chat

    it happens wherever I go
  46. With a good delivery it still works. Especially the last one...

    Everyone's a critic, I guess.

    There once was a terrible rhymer
    Who desperately needed a primer
    His rhymes simply sucked,
    And the rhythm was fucked
    Someone should give him a timer.
  47. the critics are raging

    "not bad"... oldtime on ET
  48. Close, a Master Baiter.
  49. I thought he meant "ability to pee".. ??
  50. Especially when you first wake up... It's not Pepsi which is the "pause that refreshes".
  51. Persistence
  52. or as we say in Indiana, "Pernacity"