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RealTick - $0.0035/share Cobra Trading Special Offer

  1. As an ET Sponsor, Cobra Trading would like to announce a special promotion on our RealTick trading platform. Open and Fund a daytrading account before December 31, 2011 with more than $30,000 and receive commissions of only $0.0035/per share for the life of your account. Please visit www.cobratrading.com for complete commission details and software fees. Use promotion code ET to receive this special commission rate.

    Cobra Trading also offers trading software from InstaQuote, Sterling and OmniPro. Visit our website and request a free demo today.

    Cobra Trading Member FINRA and SIPC
  2. Hello, I'm interested, what is the minimum volume you have to do each month for this price level?

  3. No minimum of number of trades are needed for this special offer if you open an account before the end of the year. Software fees still apply if you don't meet the required rebate level. Software fees are detailed on our website at www.cobratrading.com.

    Thank you for your interest and we look forward to you joining us at Cobra Trading.
  4. I get missing plug in for your home pg. I use google chrome fwiw.
  5. Is there an API, and does that rate apply to the API without any extra costs? Any costs like [excessive] cancel fees, etc?

    What about options?
  6. what software would you advise to enter with hotkeys like on lightspeed?
  7. Either getting the default Plesk hosting control panel page, or your main page with "missing plugin" written over most of it...

    Hate to say this, but if you're a new organization, this 'launch promotion' isn't going well for you at all. :/

    Your site has to be perfect... how is anyone going to place trust in your brokerage if you can't even keep a website functioning properly?

  8. Erase the period [.] at the end of the .com
  9. what is your commission for trading ES futures? thanks.
  10. Apologies all for responding to my post. I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    In answer to your questions....

    1) We would honor those rates via API without extra fees
    2) Options are $5 + .95 a contract
    3) RealTick, Sterling and InstaQuote offer hot key setup. We could honor the $0.0035 rate on RealTick or Sterling
    4) We've been in business since 2004. It would figure that one of our few website outages occured during your visit. Apologies for our hosting firm.
    5) Commissions for ES futures are $1 contract but are negotiable based upon volumes. Please contact Brandon Kaisler for futures information at 877-792-6272.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and please let us know if there is anythhing Cobra can do for your business.

    Best trading to all.....
  11. I should have said "Apologies all for the delay in responding to your replies."

    Please let us know if there is anything Cobra Trading can do for your business. I can be reached at 214-644-0490 or 877-792-6272.
  12. is the .0035 all inclusive?...or do you have to add or subtract ecn fee's?
  13. You would add/subtract ECN fees if the order were sent to an ECN. We do have available free routes that would incur no additional charges. Please contact our offices at 877-792-6272 or join us on our live chat at www.cobratrading.com and we'd be happy to go through our commission schedules in more detail. We'd also like to hear what we can do to earn your business.