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Quick idea, if it doesnt work its cool.

  1. Hey Baron, i love the site and everything you do, so im not trying to second guess anything, but i thought of an idea you might be able to make work...... If you look at all the most popular members its all based on likes, do you think there is any way you could change the popularity menu so it was based on accurate trading callls? Im not sure how you could do that but it would be really cool...... no one cares who has the most likes in the PNR section....... it would be awesome if there was a way to make "likes" more prevalent based on the market info they provided.
  2. Even make it so that likes in the PNR section dont count, and likes in the journal section count more....... it would be far easier to seperate the wheat from the chaff like that.

    Just a thought man, i love this site.
  3. I agree. Likes in the PNR and Chit Chat shouldn't count.

  4. I agree whole heartedly...... lol im one of the most well liked members......supposedly cause theres enough right wing members who "like
    my posts........

    Pretty sure im actually one of the most unpopular d-bags on this site lol.

    when i try to filter and look for the most popular members, i just end up with all the other right wingers..... lol, it doesnt make any sense..... i will lose my spot at the top of the popularity list........ but id love to be able to look for people based on tradiing acumen, as opposed to bomb throwing. This might be a tough task Baron, but i think it would make it better.
  5. I recommend not paying too much attention to how many likes a poster has.
  6. Interesting idea. It would be one thing to separate the "likes" between upstairs and the basement, or do away with the basement "likes" altogether. But it would be another to allow "likes" based on accurate market calls. In the latter case, Baron would need to tighten up the posting mechanism so that people couldn't make changes, and the time stamp would need to be spot on (which it may already be; I don't know). Otherwise, it wouldn't be meaningful.
  7. That would be very difficult to implement.
    Baron would need to have a real-time feed on all listed product (stocks, options, futures, forex, etc) and a way to automatically follow the trading calls.
    And for this to work, trading calls would need to call the exit point, in real-time as well.

    On top of that, a good trading call that make 1% vs another one that make 20%....no need to explain further.
  8. I believe that's overthinking it. People can rely on their own real time data for verification purposes. If someone tries to fudge it, I have no doubt they would be called to account.

    As for how much a trade makes, I think there's a fair amount of luck in that, more so than in timing a good, low-risk entry and then managing it for what it's worth. So I'm not sure how you would extract the horseshoe effect in that calculation from trade to trade. In any event, an improvement need not be perfect in order to be worthwhile. (If anything, the problem would be with the guys who make too many calls, only a very small proportion of which are modestly profitable. In that case, the relatively few "good" trades would be remembered with "likes," but the many bad trades would be forgotten because they cannot be "disliked" to offset.)
  9. Agree-It's too much trouble. Baron doesn't have time to verify calls etc. --Just don't pay attention to likes if you don't want to. There are people who are auto thanking each other without even reading the postings. We know who those folks are and we can surely filter that out ourselves when viewing.

  10. Yeah i might be going to deep with "Accurate trading calls" but you get the concept........ or maybe there could be a second like button that is solely dedicated to judging peoples trading knowledge........ i dont know but it seems like a good idea, it would be nice to be able to search people based on likes and not just hit everyone in the PNR forum. I like the idea of just making it so that likes in PNR and CHIT CHAT are meaningless, just eliminate the like button in those 2 forums.
  11. A better idea would be a little text box that opens up where you can type in information on a user that only you can see. That way you can add notes like good trading calls or ideas etc. Or full of shit etc. Its hard to remember who's who's so we need an easy built in database.

  12. Not sure i can agree with that one, i spend all day putting spreadsheets together dont want to need to start putting them together on people here too. :D
  13. My calls are 70%+ incorrect. I don't like this idea.
  14. This is a damn good idea.
  15. Haha, I know, right. The journals offer nice accountability, but without the at-their-fingertips convenience of just clicking on my profile...

    It would be easy enough to implement (actually building a php web tool to do this with my positions). The problem is it requires a database, but more to the point requires users to enter that data. Then there's the question of winning call percent vs annualized gains.

    The simple fact is that most of my positions I don't post here because even with what it is now (less work than order entry) is more effort than I often want to put in.

    You also have the question of pulling live quotes vs trusting the user, which will work against fast market players (ahem, OP :p).

    So my take, lots of work for Baron with little likely interest from users.
    Shouldn't us traders recognize these patterns in people's posts just fine without having to note then down?
  16. If you want market predictions try Twitter or Stocktwits. Novice traders tend to obsess on entry signals whereas successful traders consider it of little if any importance, $ mgmt always comes first.

    Following another traders entry signals is a losing proposition, a road nearly every newbie has been down including me. Successful traders have to become completely independent - the faster you get out of the mindset of trying to follow others the better.

    ET is cool because the strong hands are always around to knock sense into those that need it. Making this site about trade picking will squelch of the aggregate of many years of the collective hard won trading wisdom on this site.
  17. :D
  18. Unless you have detailed knowledge of someone's trade plan and access to their charting setups, following "calls" by someone who may or may not be full of it isn't going to do you much good. Unless they agree to mentor you and who has the time and energy to do that, you are simply guessing on what's going on. One's time would be better spent in observing price development, testing ideas gained by that observation and methodology development. As far as "likes"...who cares? Most would prefer appreciation shown in bitcoin or unmarked currency :D
  19. Calls and entry’s are the easy part of trading, we all know how to get into trades no problem. Position size and exits are the tricky part.

    Like others say, stocktwits might be better if this the information your looking for.

    I take anything I read whether it’s a book, blog, forum post with a grain of salt. I’ll backtest or observe ideas myself. Most the time I can’t find anything of value from a post or book that I can find an edgefrom but it usually cause some brainstorming and other rabbit holes to start chasing and different ways or looking at markets.
  20. Well yes but it's too much work and sometimes people rarely post but I can tell they're the real deal. Meaning anything h posts from then on will be seen to me as credible. Also you can write notes like "works at so and so" etc.

    I've been wanting something like that for a while now.

  21. I:t doesnt have to be likes based on entries necessarily, just make it so that likes based on trading in general are more meaningful, it would save alot of time trying to figure out if someone is legit. Also you could filter out the most liked posts in somewhat real time, which would draw people towards trading ideas that were the best.
  22. I asked Baron about a slightly similar feature like this a year or two ago,

    But my inquiry was not a Like System based on stock predicting abilities,
    rather...simply...just a feature that shows your historical average % returns next to your username, with some kind of verified badge of some sort.
    Kind of like a mouse hover feature. that quickly shows this info.

    It would be nice to quickly know people's % returns o_O -- if they wish to disclose it.
    and/or optional account size. what they trade, time frames, average % profit and loss %, etc etc

    This is not necessarily just for bragging rights or showing off...but to kind of Separate the Wheat from the Chaff on this forum,
    If (a) Michael Jordan, for instance, existed on a basketball forum...I think nearly everyone there would Like to Know
  23. That would be impossible to prove

    That would be impossible to prove unless people said "Long XYZ, out XYZ" and the algo could pick up on it........... Also in % terms i make just about 100% on my money every year but its just because of leverage, so the % term is meaningless. After seeing all the ideas here, it seems like the easiest one from Baron's perspective would be to simply eliminate the "Like" button in PNR and chitchat, so that you can easily see whose getting the most likes based on trading posts.
  24. Agree, some of the Canadian Mafia are obsessed with “Making Calls” , maybe it’s a gig to get people in their chat rooms or some sort of inferior complex being overshadowed by the U.S. and never getting recognition since they work alone. I wish some had been mentored by real professionals instead of fly-by-nighters.
  25. An alternative or adjacent suggestion would be that the Journals forum require an up to date net profit/loss accounting of completed trades from the start of the journal. In this way, the reader can see at a glance the net result to date of the person's trading. This shouldn't dissuade people who don't wish to disclose their account size for any reason, because they can choose to use a model account beginning with a nice round number ($10k, $100k, $1mm or whatever). The journal would not require much moderator oversight because readers following the journal would see if the trader was trying to fudge the numbers from trade to trade.

    Of course, trades should be posted in real time and no changes to posts should be possible, and the timestamp should be exact. If the trader makes an error in his post, he can correct it immediately with a subsequent post to clarify, and the reader can judge for himself if it passes the smell test.

    I only occasionally glance at trade journal threads to pass the time, and when I do I often find I have no idea how well the person is doing on balance. And since I'm not particularly interested in following anyone's journal anyway, I'm disinclined to start from the beginning to do my own accounting of his trades to arrive at a conclusion.
  26. Since we're talking quick ideas.... how about a high-five emoticon?