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Python idea, trading News (stock, penny stock)

  1. Hi, my idea is pretty simple, ill create a stock trader on news about penny stock, my main issue is that i dont know where to get news, is there any good site to get the news from?
  2. Just make sure it isnt "fake news" Rofl
  3. Mytradernews?
  4. You'll be buying shares from folks that thought about this 20 years ago.
  5. There are plenty available: Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Bloomberg, Reuters. Do a google search, you should be overwhelmed by the results.
  6. The best are:

    Bloomberg professional
    Reuters Eikon

    They are expensive but they are the best systems.

    Otherwise you can connect to many financial sites with the rss feed with push technology. But I do not recommend it. The news mainly goes from bbg reuters twitter.

    Instead I suggest you look at the price action because you see the news and see how it is interpreted if with purchases or sales.

    Also I do not recommend pennystock, you must also understand how market makers work.
  7. how do market makers work