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Prop firms in Argentina

  1. Does anyone know any prop firm in Argentina?


  2. swift tiene oficina en buenos aires.
  3. How about Venezuela?

  4. there´s a branch in caracas.
  5. ho do I find it?
  6. go to swift´s home page, look in the jobs section, you should be able to email them from there.
  7. Let me ask something. Is it possible to live in BA with poor skills speaking Spanish?
  8. I was there last year and had no problema
  9. Was in BA about a year ago. Sadly, my Spanish is limited to 'una más cerveza por favor'.

    If I can get by down there with just English anyone can. You shouldn't have any problems. Not to mention that Buenos Aires is an incredible city in all aspects.
  10. Have u guys heard of any prop firms in Brazil?
  11. You gotta start somewhere...
  12. Yes, plus there are plenty of places to take Spanish speaking classes.