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Profiforex Discussion

  1. Good day traders!

    I have just three question for all traders using the Profiforex platform

    1. Who has got the 500% bonus and have you been able to withdraw your bonus? (I read that it has to be converted first, but want to know if anyone has successfully done this)

    2. When trading with the demo account, the execution speed seems great. Is this the same on a Live account?

    3. How do you use the quotations with V and ECN suffix?

    I need honest answer from only traders using Profiforex platform. If you don't, please stay away from my thread..
  2. Hi,

    I deposited three weeks ago and got the 500% bonus. I have converted some of the bonus to my main account, which means I can withdraw, but I decided to use it and support my trades. Hopefully, next week, I will withdraw my profits.

    To your second question, yes, order execution on a live account is very fast, though I can't remember what the demo looked like back then. Lastly, V means variable spread, and am not sure about ecn. (I don't trade with this spread type, I heard the commission fee is 0.6 and the spread is lower than quotes with V.)

  3. Thank you, Mr. Police! I already got the 500% bonus, I will let you know the out come. Yes, I am a bit satisfied. The customer online chat was able to answer the rest of my questions. thanks again.

    I would still appreciate it if other traders using this broker can say something. :)
  4. The bonus is good in a sense. My leverage increased to 1:3000 after deposit. I have about 2000USD as Credit Bonus. But I am yet to withdraw because I prefer the high leverage I got. My brother was able to withdraw his last week.
  5. Update!!
    Last week, I transferred part of the bonus to a separate account and initiated a withdrawal. It has been processed and i have my money. :)
  6. Wow, this is good for you. I think I will open a new account and save my bonus money on it.
    Price Trend: Bearish

    Last week, the USDCHF had a strong relationship with the EURUSD. The USDCHF had temporarily fallen below 0.9550 which is a support level; such that by Friday last week, the pair closed at 0.9600. For now on the USDCHF, exists a Bearish Confirmation Pattern. As such there is the solid possibility that the downtrend may continue as long as the EURUSD is still rising. If not, the USDCHF may turn around and start rising supported by a declining EURUSD or CHF (which could go down this week against the majors).
  8. Updates for profiforex traders

    Contract Expiry.
    In accordance with CFD contract specifications and guidelines, COPPERv contract expires today (August 31, 2016) at 22:00 GMT. All open COPPERv position should be closed and all stops, limits, and pending entry orders should be cancelled. Traders wishing to maintain position COPPERv will need to place new trades at the beginning of the next COPPERv trading sessions.
  9. Update
    Contract Expiry.
    In accordance with CFD contract specifications and guidelines, AUS200v contract expires today (September 15, 2016) at 22:00 GMT. All open AUS200v position should be closed and all stops, limits, and pending entry orders should be cancelled. Traders wishing to maintain position AUS200v will need to place new trades at the beginning of the next AUS200v trading sessions.
  10. Update for Profiforex Traders

    Contract Expiration
    In accordance with CFD contract specifications and guidelines, your USOILv contract expires today (September 20, 2016) at 22:00 GMT. All open USOILv position should be closed and all stops, limits, and pending entry orders should be cancelled. traders wishing to maintain position USOILv will need to place new trades at the beginning of the next USOILv trading sessions.
  11. Reminder

    In case you’ve not read the Profiforex Client Agreement file, please note the following:

    These strategies or trading styles are allowed with conditions

    Scalping (Less than 1 minute deal): This is allowed only on 5 digit quotation. If you open and close a deal in less than 1 minute on a 5 digit quote, the profit made on such trade will be cancelled. This has happened to some traders who have failed to pay attention to the agreement file and they end up writing bad reviews about Profiforex.

    Hedging: This is allowed on both type of quotation on the condition that trade is open for more than 60 seconds.

    News Trading: Completely allowed with no condition

    EA: Only Scalping EAs are not allowed.

    Happy trading.
  12. How long does it take to withdraw money from Profiforex.There are good reviews about this broker on review website and I am interested in this broker, but not sure about the speed of withdrawals. Patience is not one of my good qualities.
  13. Do Profiforex like some other brokers pay interest on your account balance?
  14. Withdrawals are processed manually and usually done within 24 hours or less. For the safety of your funds there is no automatic withdrawals
  15. Unfortunately, no. You won't receive interest on your account balance. But you are protected from negative balance and reset to zero.
  16. Thank you! Well, I am bit disappointed that there is no interest. But am glad that my account is protected against negative balance. I had this issue with another broker where I was asked to pay money when my account went negative. I will continue with profiforex
  17. profiforex is a nice broker. I have up to 1000 bonus showing separately from my balance. Can someone please tell me how to access or withdraw my bonus from profiforex?
  18. Protected from negative balances??? Do you wanna explain to me what happens if another CHF disaster happens?? And GOH Breezy12, your nothing but a shill for this free advertising broker.

    Harry if your such a great broker, why don't you have a vendors license here on ET?? The biggest trading website in the world.

  19. It is easy but you have to follow some steps. Profiforex has 24 hours online support. Contact online support at any time and the agent will guide you live on how to withdraw your bonus. It is easy.
  20. Thanks Harry! I finally started taking the bonus credit to my main account balance. I get same bonus % on each deposit.. it is like a rebate. Fantastic of this broker.
  21. Does Profiforex have a maximum deposit limit?
  22. There is no maximum amount limit. Some payment methods have daily deposit limits, such as bank card deposits. Check information for the payment method first. Skrill has no such limits.
  23. I am curious, is profiforex still taking U.S traders? I have searched on the website for this information, but nothing. I read somewhere that they stopped accepting U.S
  24. U.S traders are still accepted. There has never been a time when the broker placed a regional restriction. You should check the country list on the registration page.
  25. I ran into a negative balance in one of my micro accounts and the broker agreed go reset it to Zero. I thought I would be asked to pay the negative. So, it is actually true that Profiforex provides negative balance protection. This is really good.
  26. Is here any maximum deposit limit for Profi Forex?
  27. There is no restriction to how much you can have on your account. However, when choosing a deposit method, you should find out what is their maximum amount per transaction. I think there is no maximum with Skrill, Webmoney and some others.
  28. Has anyone tried depositing to Profiforex account using Ethereum? What is it like?