Predator Uniforms (and other matters)

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    I apologize in advance for this. Is anyone besides me bothered by the cantaloupe (melon) colored home uniforms of the Nashville Predators! I don't know why, but I have a hard time appreciating those uniforms, especially the helmets that look like a bunch of melons rolling around on the ice. (I know I'm being ridiculous)

    I thought Subban going to New Jersey was a good move for Nashville, because in spite of Subban's strong shooting and play making, he had two bad faults that seem so ingrained in him that it might be impossible to correct. (And he is by no means the only defensemen with these faults.) He has a penchant for passing back rather than forward and when his team is a man up he brings the puck up the ice so slowly you wonder if his team will still be young enough to play by the time he passes or gets to center ice. Both of these bad habits cost time and momentum. It's particularly egregious when your team is a man up. You've only got 2 minutes, why dawdle in your end on the ice when every second counts. While your killing the clock for the other team, you're also giving the other team time to jam the ice between the blue lines and get set in the ideal defensive positions to intercept forwards and cross ice passes. Then the worst possible thing to do is once you get to mid ice and find the opposition cutting off your passing lanes, because you gave them a month of Sundays to size up the play and position themselves to break it up, you pass the puck back to a trailing defenseman because you have no play other than to shoot the puck into the opposition zone and chase it -- which would at least be better! When you pass the puck back toward your own goal, you cause your forwards to immediately put on the brakes to keep from going offsides and lose forward momentum. Subban was a constant offender when he was with Nashville. I'm certain the Devils will suffer now the same wound to their power play unless the coach nips his bad habits in the bud. Next time you're watching Subban play on the power play make a point of contrasting his methodical, slow as molasses play to that of say a team like the Capitals, and I think you'll see what I mean. The Capitals are going to bring the puck up the ice at breakneck speed and none of this giving away momentum at the blue line. They'll headman the puck and carry it in, or shoot/flip it in and chase. There will be none of this holding everyone up on the blue line while they pass the puck back a regroup.
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