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Posting Charts This is only a test do not read.

  1. To add charts type your message.
    Then Click the browse button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Then select the picture/chart you would like to upload.
  3. Once selected.
    Make sure that everything matches with the picture I have provided.
  4. After you do that see picture.
  5. Then, click submit reply.
  6. There it is.
  7. Common problems.

    I can't find my chart.
    You may be in the wrong folder in your computer. Use #1 and #5 to navigate.

    Also it may be that you don't have view "All files" selected. Make sure that it is selected. Use Item's 3 and 4.

    It doesn't upload the chart I want.
    Make sure it is the correct chart name. #2
  8. Here is the chart.
  9. Or you may want to post your chart like others do. This is a little difficult.

    To do this use the code attached below. I believe this cart was from Spydertrader.

    <img src=http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=1346565>
  10. how do I save the chart to my computer to upload it.

    each time I try to save it, in the "Save as type:" section, it says, "Web Page, complete (*.htm;*,*.html)

    In your example I noticed it says "All files"

    Thanks for the help. I'm still living in the 20th century.
  11. It depends on what program you use for charts.
  12. Notice that the title of the “Files of type: All files” popup window in above sample is “Upload”, which is for locating the chart you want to attach/upload and already saved/downloaded to your computer.

    When you try to save a chart but get a “Save as type: Web page, complete**”, that means you’re trying to save the webpage that contains the chart instead the chart itself.

    Try to right-click anywhere within the chart and select “Save Picture As…”, you’ll get a popup titled “Save Picture”. In the “Save as type:” select a file type/extension (notice for uploading to ET, the valid file extensions are: gif jpg png doc xls pag txt pdf zip).

    Then follow the above instruction, you should be in the 21 century now! :)
  13. Hey, thanks Chartie!! It worked.

    Such a simple solution.

  14. img src=http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=1346565

    I understand that the above is some script to post the chart into the message but where do we get the number (1346565) from??

  15. Follow these instructions.

    - Spydertrader

  16. Prorealtime?
    God im a moron, im so bad at this stuff its just not funny.

    I actually posted charts for a while, from metastock, seemed to work........too bad the program didnt.

    Im presuming, switching isp's, ie, not having valid, current email (in Et's id thingies) thingies/stuff might effect that? Thats the extent of my tech jargon, btw.
  17. Thank you. I will try this as needed.
  18. BB
  19. how do u save charts onto your computer?