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Poll: do you play Poker?

  1. Nothing to read here, folks, just answer the poll. Thanks :)
  2. Another poll option might be: Played poker, later traded. Realized they were similar.
  3. Pok'er??

    Hell, I don't even know'er!

  4. Are you talking about any gambling, or strictly just poker? (I play craps and bet on sports, e.g.)
  5. :D

    Betting on sports is so much more fun than day trading.
  6. This poll is just concerned with poker. We can do others about other gambling. But connections between poker specifically and trading have been made on here numerous times, so I thought it would be interesting to see just what percentage of Elite Trader members actually do play poker.

    If you got into poker separately from trading, then realized later they were similar, you can select the fifth option, that they were not connected to begin with.
  7. I love playing poker. I spend alot of time at paradisepoker.com playing in the no-limit tournaments.
  8. I play Hold Em on Yahoo, which is actually pretty competitive for me.

    Moderately profitable on there, depending on my discipline.. which comes and goes.

    Sounds like trading.
  9. Does strip poker with the wife count? Even when I lose I win
  10. Does strip poker w/ bullmarket79's wife count?:cool:
  11. It does if you get to poker.
  12. I think the best answer is not included in the poll.

    I think there is a HUGE correlation between playing poker and trading. But I don't believe one leads to the other.

    When I interviewed prospective traders, I always managed to slip in a question about if the applicant played poker. Or gin, or bridge. But my real interest was poker. Gin and bridge players have a great degree of memory and structure, which can't hurt in trading. But poker players (good ones) have a sense of discipline, when to cut losses, timing, money management, and usually a sense of feeling out the game before getting involved with both feet. (Patience!)

  13. There should be a sixth choice: "I do both and there is a connection between them." I would qualify that by saying it particularly applies to deciphering MM moves.
  14. but not as profitable
  15. I love when we agree!!!!

    Peace Brother Max!