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Play To Win

  1. I will chronicle my trading events here for future reference. I trade from home. I do hold positions overnight. I will take positions before economic data announcements. I do not watch the financial channels during trading hours. I pretty much ignore the main stream media. All my trades are based on technical analysis. I have 10 years of screen time following the index futures. I am a very bad speller and my sentence construction is poor. I dropped out of school in 11th grade got my GED and went to work when I was 17. I’m now 47. I have noting to sell and offer no advice.
  2. Please tell us more about yourself: how long did it take to make money? what is the most difficult thing in trading? "war stories"?
  3. Don't run off and hide like you've been doing with your bad trades, stay and face the music for once. Don't just show the few that do work. You sure remind me of stock_trad3r.
  4. I must always remember to login before I return here.
  5. I can't point it out, but that picture of the office...I have seen it somewhere else here in ET :confused:
  6. Well, I must admit that Roman Candle was posting quite credible stuff on ET. So I'm glad we have a thread allocated for this.
    Dear, Roman Candle - since you told us that you do hold positions overnight and before reports it would be just EXCELLENT start if would disclose your current position (LONG/SHORT/CASH would be enough) if you are holding anything tonight.
    The reason I say this is that market is at very rare stage of LESS than ZERO predictability, especially for holding overnight and we have quite important GDP tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance

    Personally I hold some DTO and FAZ overnight
  7. Get RoboForm.

    Nice office but how do you watch that TV on the wall from your desk?
  8. Picture of Your Trading Stations maybe, lol.
  9. Divergence
  10. So did 10 years of screen time trading buy you that office?
  11. You have to realize Wall Street and the government control the media, the data, they control everything. This whole time the market was climbing in 2003 some indicators were diverging I kept thinking any day were going to crash the economy was not creating very many jobs. Some were calling it a jobless recovery. Well it just kept moving up. When it would start to weaken the Fed or Treasury on some company would jaw bone it higher.

    The index futures are a marvelous tool for market manipulation. It’s much cheaper to jam the futures over night and gap stocks open, than it is to have to open stocks flat and push them higher, that’s very expensive.

    The one thing that kept earnings and retail sales chugging along was credit and a lot of it. Every cycle is a little different, 2004 was an election year that may have had a lot to do with the 2003 rise. Don’t forget we have a 2010 election cycle. You best bets will be to wait for dips scale in, then scale out, shorting as we saw today in the last three minutes can blow your whole week in 3 minutes, if your on the wrong side. IMO it’s all rigged to the upside. Just like last year it was a rigged to the downside.
  12. I watch TV from my recliner. I don't watch TV during working hours, just listen to music.
  13. No
  14. Did it buy you anything :confused:
  15. Copper looking bullish, nice pennant formation. This will bode well for stocks. It's a sign of recovery. Don't ask me were the money or the jobs are going to come from.
  16. Look I have worked many jobs in my life some as a brick layers helper in the summer in Texas. That is hard work. But nothing has been as hard as trading for a living, most won’t make it they give up after loosing over and over, having there stops hit time after time only to stare in disbelief as it picked them off and then went back in there predicted direction, man what a bad feeling. We have all been through that it’s tough. Trade in the direction of the intermediate trend. Scale in and scale out. That’s what works for me.

    Commitment commitment commitment, anything worth while is going to take a long time. To me this is the best job in the world. I’m glad I stuck with it. Sometimes I think about all the people looking for any kind of job and it just makes me shiver, I thank god I have the markets, I love the markets.

    The market is like a grindstone it can either grind you down or polish you.
  17. interesting journal! i can feel you speak from real experience . . . this means your journal has value for all of us traders here

    any thoughts on stops? i love them and hate them at the same time, i don't know, i just don't know anymore . .. any rules of thumb where to set them?


  18. I offer no advise, you have to learn from mistakes.
  19. The foundation in the Dow rally looks stable.
  20. This is looking just like 2003 divergence occuring but the market kept getting juiced during off peak hours, just like 2003.
  21. ES-2003
  22. Bought NQ @ 1478 high of the day, watch it go higher.
  23. Then what, exactly, was the point of displaying a picture of your office? Decorating ideas?
  24. I'm not interested in your trading, but I am interested in that photo.

    It looks good enough to be in a magazine. The lighting and the depth of field are very nice. Just curious, what camera did you use and what size lense?
  25. Hey ROMAN,

    Kudos. You're sharing some details about your life & experiences & I'd like to say that's something to be appreciated.

    Thanks for sharing.

    My mentor barely graduated from high school...got a 69.5 gpa, they gave him the other half a piont to get rid of him.

    He intro'd me to real estate just before the big boom.

    You're evidently self-taught & that goes far.


    Nothing else to add, just thought I'd say I agree that the market is 'rigged' up. Inflation will take everything higher in the short/intermediate run.

  26. ...
  27. nice
    with such mentors i can only imagine success
  28. Turning bullish, may mean time to turn a little bearish.
  29. Im sure this has to do with how many stocks are above the 50 and 200 day moving averages. I look at the slope of the average. Not just if price is above are below them.
  30. That was quick
  31. Excuse me but don’t you belong in Politics & Religion
  32. ok, I asked too-tough questions.

    Maybe you can tell us about someone you know (your neighbor, co-worker, etc.): how long did it take for him/her to make money? what is the most difficult thing for him/her in trading? forget about "war stories."
  33. More to the point, what are you doing outside of Chit Chat? Has the ankle bracelet been deactivated? And, not surprisingly, my question remains unanswered.
  34. Roman Candle

    Registered: Mar 2009
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    04-25-09 09:27 AM

    "Successful traders keep there moves a secret and fly beneath the radar. They are low key, and shy away from the spotlight. "

    You seem to have some conflict between what you say and what you do stock.
  35. Could you please elaborate what you are looking for (or not looking for) in the slope of the moving averages and why it is significant to you?