PFE for WYE - who is next?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by nitro, Jan 23, 2009.

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    The pace of biotech mergers is intense, and the deals are huge.

    I am going to guess: LLY or BMY goes next.
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    MRK for LLY?
  3. It was reported that Pfizer (PFE) and Wyeth (WYE) are in talks about a possible merger and that pushed the shares of Wyeth up more than 8.0%. WYE real active today, possible short this since most of these deals aren't going thru?
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    They aren't?

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    I'm a good Republican. I see no problem with monopolies, do you?

    Seriously, there may be a rush to get some deals finished up before the Obama DoJ and Commerce departments get into full gear. Under the Bush administration pretty much any merger or buyout deal was going to get approved. Hell, even the phone company was put largely back together. There may soon be another tune to march to.
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    MRK for CELG?
  7. CELG is a good target for anybody. Its a valuable company and has alot of good research coming through its pipeline. CELG is trading at decent levels here too.

    The WYE deal is a joke. Kindler will be toast as a CEO in 3 years, maybe less.
  8. What a stupid deal. Pfizer is run by imbeciles.
  9. They must be feeling a little EXUBERAnt
  10. Even though, Wyeth's stock did not move much today. Think its worth a gamble buying a few hundred shares before the sale price is mentioned?
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