Paulson utters the "I" word

Discussion in 'Trading' started by PohPoh, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. yup..

    What the hell does he call what they've been doing?
    NOT intervening?

    This is the most intervening CB I've ever seen...
  2. LOL... Good one. The Gummint and Fed have their hand up the market's ass daily!
  3. pokin' an' a proddin'

    I guess we should take it that they WILL NOT intervene, as per the bizzaro world nature of his comments and his unprecedented historical track record of obscene lies..
  4. Someone needs to kick Paulson's ass. I'm in shock that the United States will resort to thrid-world tactics of currency management.
  5. You shouldn't even be surprised. We owe EVERYBODY with ZERO intention of ever repaying... What else is left?
  6. yeah, he won't..they won't intervene in the currency..
    only one way to get out of this mess is to inflate their way out..

    whatever Paulson says, the opposite happens...
  7. Even that's not a "way out", rather a back-handed default that bankrupts most Americans.
  8. That is true. I'm too lazy to reasearch the quotes but everything that guy has ever uttered has been the polar opposite of reality.