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Overnight Jobs - Turn on via BIOS or OS?

  1. I had been managing 5-8 machines manually for a while but now that the number is increasing up to almost 20 machines I would like set them up to turn on at 7am and turn back off at 8pm

    During that daily session I'd like to schedule some tasks after hours.

    Am I best to schedule this in the BIOS in auto on/off or would it be best to set it through the router via WOL and then use task scheduler in Windows to run the jobs and turn off the systems?

    Pretty straight forward, wondering if anyone else has solutions for something similar.

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  3. Since I have retail only accounts does that mean I'm in front of myself?

    Thx for bumping my thread...
  4. I'd go with the BIOS solution since the alternative would require at the least a router that can have multiple WOL event times. If you don't want the machines to turn on over the weekend then it would have to support a day of week schedule as well.
  5. Why not just leave them on 24 hours?

    Modern computers dont consume much power or make much noise when idle..
  6. No HVAC over the summer weekends blows the caps on motherboard transistors, uses electricity and the heat kills the hard drives.

    Each day Task Scheduler runs an antivirus update and quick scan, I'd like the boxes to turn on either Saturday or Sunday, process a full AV update/scan and do a windows update and then shut down. Early in the morning is best so that machines don't get hot in the middle of the day.

    I have been having trouble with the BIOS on these HP xw8600 machines. For some reason they don't turn on when they say they will (or when we come in the machines have not turned on). Perhaps I'll try a BIOS update or look to the router's WOL scheduler. No issues turning on or off the Dell boxes.

    The other thing I need to look out for is not turning every machine on at the same time due to power reasons - wish there was a reasonable 3rd party software to accomplish this.
  7. It really depends on the computer configuration and what your definition of "idle" is.

    If you really mean "on" and not standby then a typical computer with a 450-600w P/S is going to draw around 100w.

    In the OPs case, with around 20 computers, that would amount to around 2000w.

    That's going to add up...
  8. don't pay for electric currently so the main issue is heat afterhours. bad for HDD and motherboards/components. Also I want the guys to not touch anything and have it just be on when they come in and off after they leave.

    No worries and let all the updates/AV magic happen when they aren't around.

    If I was paying for the electric I'd be much more aggressive and make them turn their machines on each morning and turn them off at 5:30-6:00pm.
  9. Wasting something you're not paying for is the worst argument there is...
  10. If your computers, after powering themselves off, can be powered on by turning the incoming power off then on, an easy way to do this with a customizable schedule is to use a networked power strip (aka switched PDU), such as those from APC.
  11. I only mentioned that because electric bills are not the/an issue.

    As I said, HVAC is the issue - when it gets to be 100* outside its also 100* inside (or very close to it). The cleaning crew closes each door after they leave (required for building fire code or something) so the office and rooms litterally turn into ovens. This cooks the transistors on the motherboards and video cards which ruins them.

    I resolved my problem so I thought I'd point that out - I'm not wasting electricity, just not concerned with it as its not the reason why I made this thread.
  12. Thx - very well aware of those power strips - they are awesome.

    I have full IP KVM and switched PDU. Can pretty much do anything from anywhere and never have to walk into the building.
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  14. how about little window AC? they cost close to nothing,doesn't consume a lot of electricity and doing really good job in small rooms.
    i use to have portable a/c-piece of s**t. cheapest window a/c with remote from walmart-awesome!
  15. Not an option for a few reasons - some of the windows in the offices don't open - or only open 2-3 inches. The building does not allow anything to be shoved out the external (street facing) windows

    and finally...

    Its NYC in a pretty touristy area - even if I were allowed to hang an AC out the window I'm not sure I want to take on the liability of an AC falling down 15-20 floors to a sidewalk or alleyway.

    I looked into a "roll and cool" (portable datacenter/server room cooler) but they are like $5k and simply not worth it - the other hassle with a portable AC is you have to put them up high and let them drain into a trash can or else you come into a swamp on Monday. Hiring union guys to run custom drains for your rolling ACs isn't cheap either.