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Only in California

  1. Someone must be smoking "medicinal mary jane".
  2. You gotta love California. That's good work if you can get it. I wonder if they are taking applications for dog catcher. That job's probably paying at least $200k. Don't you think?
  3. I've lived in California for the last 30+ years and I've watched these problems develop over time:

    1. The state of California has 12% of the nation's population and 32% of all the country's welfare cases because of the constantly increasing benefits offered over the years.

    2. Illegal aliens cost the state somewhere between $3-7 billion a year, depending whose numbers you look at.

    3. The alliance between politicians and the public employee unions has resulted in a fiscal disaster. The unions deliver votes and money at election time, and the politicians give public employee unions massive raises and benefits. California's public employees are now the highest paid in the country, and the retirement health/pension program has an unfunded liability of a half trillion dollars.

    4. Over the past 10 years, the legislature has increased government spending at twice the rate of the growth in the California economy. It doesn't take a math genius to figure out that eventually the train is going to run off the tracks. Even huge tax increases and massive borrowing haven't been enough to keep pace.

    5. The California legislature has done everything in its power to destroy private enterprise with high taxes (now 5th highest per capita in the country, up from 17th just a few years ago) and a maze of regulations that nobody understands. Regulatory costs in California are now the highest in the nation. Companies like Telmar Networks, Terumo Medical, Creel Printing and Stasis Engineering have left the state for good. Hewlett Packard, eBay, JC Penny, the Automobile Club of Southern California and other large corporations are moving thousands of jobs to Nevada, Utah, Texas and Tennessee. Even the entertainment business is moving operations (production/filming) out of the state. In total, over 140 companies have left the state. California now has 12.6% unemployment, third highest in the country.

    6. More people are leaving California than are coming in. And the people coming in have 20% less income than those leaving resulting in an ever shrinking tax base.

    California's problems are clearly definable and are self-inflicted. There are now so many special interest groups feeding at the trough, the politicians will not do what they have to do for fear of losing votes. The only real solution will occur when nobody else is willing to lend money to the state and the coffers completely run dry.
  4. good points. California is a mess, and it's not too hard to see why.
  5. I will agree there!

    Also, after reading the above link, there's no way I'd touch Muni's from CA! Total ignorance and money soon go in opposite directions, so I can't necessarily feel sorry for "Calle-forn-iya."
  6. Adams, Bell’s police chief, said in an interview after the council meeting that he had retired as chief of police in the much larger city of Glendale, California, when Bell officials approached him.

    “I told them they would have to pay me what I was making in retirement and the $165,000 I would make as chief of police,” Adams said.

    more proof that public service workers (cops and firefighters) only get into the business to help themselves, not to altruistically serve the public as they all claim.
  7. the news was leaked last year that no amount of taxation will pay just the pensions of the Ca workers..
  8. Illegal Aliens do not cost money as your describe, how about 100 of 1000s of businesses that would otherwise be bankrupt if not for these illegal aliens.

  9. what we see in Kaaliforni is moral bankruptcy of the general population. They divert the attention to illegal aliens, who for most part are working at $8 an hour, while these civil servants or masters really are cleaning up big time.

  10. thats some obamanomics right there

    seems like you went to cesare chavez community college
  11. Another solution is a bloodless military coup.

    Let the Army take over, through the useless politicians out, clean house without worrying about having to worry about future votes and then 5 years later stand down and have normal elections.

    If things don't get better over the next 1-3 years the chance of this happening gets better and better......
  12. Where's Zorro when ya need him?
    "Don Diego, the Alcalde' has stolen all of the peoples money!"

  13. The high paid mayor still has the last laugh. Even though he resigned, after 17 years on the job, he is entitled to a $650,000 a year pension courtesy of the State of California. (The city of Bell makes pension contributions on behalf of the employee to the state run pension system.)

    The State of California also gives yearly COLA (cost of living adjustments) increases to those receiving pensions. I think it has averaged 2% to 3% per year over the last 5 years.
  14. Insane!!! I guess the band "Red hot chili peppers" may be onto something with that song called "Californication." I'm sure they're talking about sex in the song, but looks like the "leaders" in Kalli-forn-iya have been doing the same with taxpayer money...
  15. My problem with immigration is that I want to make sure we keep out known terrorists. All of the cool Mexicans, for example, I don't mind that they are here illegally at all. Do any of us doubt that we would do differently if we were in their shoes? Wouldn't you do what you could to give your family a better life? Just because it is 'illegal' doesn't automatically make it unethical.

    We can argue about the economic impact that illegal immigration has, but the we can't argue about the hypocrisy. The vast majority of USA are immigrants and children of immigrants. Now we want to keep others out because it's 'ours'. I think the economic debate is usually a smokescreen to hide racism. Not always, or course....but usually.
  16. That's 2.... ON IGNORE!
  17. Well, when the state goes broke officially and freezes its pension plans...
  18. Bingo. What is true for California is also true for the US. Anyone who believes that this is just another recession and that California and the US will pull out of it over time is insane. In the future, people will look back and wonder how we ever thought that California or even the US could recover from such an unpayable debt burden.

    Get out of debt and become more self-sufficient. Those with some liquid assets will be able to profit handsomely as the economy deteriorates and the firesale begins.

  19. All of this largely due to voter apathy. Politics is dull-boring. To many other distractions to occupy our minds. I do wonder how far
    over the edge the state will plummit before the voters wake up.