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One share of FB or one ounce of Silver?

  1. One share of FB or one ounce of silver for the long haul? Not a day trade, or even a swing, but buy it and forget about it for 30 years.

    27.98 and 27.98 here and now...

    I will take the SI please. At least it will still weigh an ounce in 30 years.

  2. Long FB 27.22.
  3. For 30 years? :D

    seriously though - im eyeballing it, but havent seen what I need to see yet for a long play.

    I am long SPY here @ 130.55 today for a swing into the 137 area, stopping 130.15

    Good luck on the FB play.
  4. Over 180 days, but yeah, I'd rather be long FB at these prices.
  5. $29.41 close. I'll cover tomorrow on a touch of 30.20.
  6. Are you still holding onto that fly?
  7. I covered and moved into the 25/30/35. Up about a $0.25 net-net.
  8. Gotcha. Yeah, I'm also in the 25/30/35 Fly from Tues. Up about 0.20.
  9. FB - what a gigantic piece of shit..down 89bps as equities skyrocket.
  10. They held same prices briefly so I present for your amusement the graph below.

  11. 2-9-2-1? :confused: