Oliver Velez is Exiting!

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    From our Guru! :

    As I’m sure many of you are already aware, I’ve decided to leave TeamTrading, the firm I founded in March of 2007. TeamTrading, formerly Velez Capital Management, was the fulfillment of a dream I’ve harbored for nearly two decades. It set out to provide traders with all the missing elements that I believed were critical to trading success: professional training on an ongoing, everyday basis; access to trading capital to solve the limited funds obstacle that most suffer from, and a no penalty policy for losses, which I believe offers freedom from the greatest fear of all, fear of failure.

    To ensure that this dream was carried out to near perfection, I personally designed the educational program with painstaking care and detail, put together all its training material, formed and taught each one of its trading tactics and assembled what I believe to be a first class team to help me deliver it to the world. In March of 2007 I launched the Trade for Life program with 6 new traders. Today, my little dream can boost of having more than 2,500 traders. And I could not be more proud of each and every one of them.

    While my departure has been planned for some time, I was careful to make sure that the firm I formed to carry out this dream could withstand my departure. I knew that only then could I actually initiate my exit and that, I can assure you all, has been accomplished to the fullest degree. Each person at TeamTrading was personally hired by me and trained in a very careful manner to carry out all the tasks necessary to keep my vision going at full steam. I am so very proud of each one of my soldiers who tirelessly work toward serving our growing team of traders. When I look at how each one of my employees carries out their duties with dignity and pride, I swell up with my own sense of pride and satisfaction, knowing that because of them, my dream, my baby, TeamTrading is safe.

    I truly believe that my past speaks volumes about the fact that what I tend to build lasts. My first firm, Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc., was formed out of my basement apartment and grew to be one of the financial industry’s largest and most respected educational firms. Despite many beliefs to the contrary, that company also lasted, despite my departure to pursue the dream which resulted in TeamTrading.

    So my message to you is this. TeamTrading is as solid today as it ever has been. It is the product of my love for all who are fascinated by the market and this wonderful game we call trading, and despite my departure, TeamTrading will thrive and continue carrying out the dream I dared to make a reality. While I wish my decision to part at this time were accepted more gracefully and interpreted more positively by some, in the end, be rest assured that all will be worked out and the temporary clouds surrounding this seemingly sudden change will give way again to clear open skies.

    I will forever be with each one of you…for life. That was my promise in March of 2007. And it is my promise today. No trader will be left behind because of my departure and in many ways my leaving is not a departure at all, just a change, a new beginning for the better. As a TreamTrader your access to me will still be available. I will still be there for each one of you, perhaps in greater ways than before. From educational sessions just for you, to your ability to directly stay in touch with me, nothing, and I mean nothing will be lost.

    So, despite some hiccups, this is not time to be sad, my dear traders. It is a time to rejoice. My dream has been fulfilled and the world has been blessed with a firm that is truly dedicated to the advancement of traders with their own dreams.

    You all have been a blessing to me and your love and support could not be more appreciated.

    I am forever yours,

    Oliver L. Velez, your Trader For Life
  2. All lies once reread with some perspective provided by time looking back on the past. Especially the part about the world has been blessed.

    And his line about "nothing will be lost!". What was lost was many hundreds of peoples deposits, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars of fees for products that his firm continued to heavily sell right up until the very end - while everyone knew and was planning on exiting as well - along with all the loot.

    For more info on all of this, the best place to start is at:


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    What a pity !

  4. I am amazed Oliver didn't have his lawyers take down that Wordpress site immediately.
    Wow, it's really an indictment.
  5. I don't feel bad for the "Victims" They wanted to cut corners taking the shady side to "Guaranteed profits"

    You have to have Larceny in the heart in order to be a mark.