Oliver Velez back as CEO of Pristine, so what happens with VCM?

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  1. When he "life" Pristine he still had gradiose ideas of trading schools in third world countries but obviously it didn't work out. At VCM he intended to open offices "SOON" in the following locations: Chicago, IL / Vancouver, BC, Canada / Montreal, Canada / Moscow, Russia / Singapore / Shanghai,
    China / Mumbai, India / London, United Kingdom / Dubai, Arab Emirates / Bogotá, Columbia / São Paulo, Brazil

    Looks like more of the same BS and Napoleon complex. What happened with Greg Capra. Truth be told I found the Pristine Method II with Greg to be abysmally BORING while Pristine Method I with Oliver was rather interesting (took that in 2000). What it boils down to is Oliver is an "orator" a "charismatic" teacher who will only make money if he is teaching a trading class. His schemes were grand and all encompassing, but who would trust Pristine with him at the helm after ousting Greg Capra? Was this a "hostile takeover" a "coup" or what??
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    As a current student who was there the day of the "announcement", we were told that Oliver had managed to get the majority of shares (he had remained a significant shareholder) and asked Greg, Ron and Kurt( Greg's son) to leave. This happened overnight with no prior warning... His longtime emini students are in mourning. Without Ron and Greg, and their passion and integrity, Pristine will no longer be what it was.
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    Im sure Greg will rise from the ashes ..and there will be a line of people Q'ng to sign up with him.
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    Since all of methods was stamped with Pristine name, any past associate will have a hard time marketing them.
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    just as Oliver marketed a 'VBS' when he started VCM as an equivalent to a PBS, then I'm sure Greg can come up with something creative ....how about a GBS ??? :D
  6. This is interesting because I found TPM I to be more boring because they basically tell you to go with the trend (buying on the dip to 20MA, 50MA on an uptrend, etc..). And it was rather confusing about their names on those Guerilla tactics and all that.

    On the other hand, I found TPM II to be more refreshing because it tells me something that I didn't know. A perspective that I didn't think about.

    I agree that the instructor delivering the materials has as big a weight as the content itself. Oliver is funny most of the time. You just need to read through his BS.

    When Oliver created his training material at VCM, he didn't (probably couldn't) use any of the Pristine's stuff. Now Greg ventures out, he would need to start over I guess. Which is a bit tough considering if those intellectual material is mostly his sweat and blood.
  7. For posterity... I received this in my email...

    To: All Pristine Clients
    From: Oliver Velez

    Re: Oliver Velez resumes position of CEO of Pristine Capital Holdings.

    Dear Pristine Clients,

    My name is Oliver Velez. Many of you likely know who I am, especially if you have been with Pristine more than two years. I am the original founder of Pristine. I started the Pristine Day Trader Letter in 1994 in my basement. The popularity of that original letter led to subscriptions at various brokerage houses and the birth of Pristine. I partnered with Greg Capra in1995, and together we made Pristine the worlds number one education service for online traders. Pristine became synonymous with trading education in over 50 countries, in 15 languages, with over 60,000 subscribers.

    In my pursuit to create profitable traders, I came to realize that even with our superior education, there were too many obstacles standing in the way of traders being profitable. Specifically, for traders to be profitable, they need competitive commissions. Not competitive on the retail level, but competitive on the wholesale level. They need a forced discipline system, because this is what professional firms do, and has been the downfall of every trader that fails. Last, they need money. Lack of capital is the number one reason for businesses to fail, and trading is no exception. I set out over two years ago to have Pristine develop such a process, and to develop a team of profitable in house traders.

    However, Pristine had grown, and I was not in sole control. This plan had to be approved by Pristine’s management. After long attempts, I could not convince Pristine’s management to expand into this new area. I made the decision to step down from my long time position of CEO in December of 2006. I remained an owner of 47% of Pristine, but not an officer and did not maintain an active management roll. I stepped down so I could pursue a new company to accomplish my new goal.

    I opened Velez Capital Management for the purpose of building an in-house team of professional traders, with all the professional advantages. I continue to offer the education and methods on which I founded Pristine. Now, however I was able to help and develop the trader after the educational phase, to provide capital, the lowest commissions in the country, and professional forced discipline.

    VCM has been successful beyond my expectations. At VCM we currently have over 1000 traders. We offer proprietary trading programs and independent trader programs. I realize that the talk at Pristine about myself and VCM has been negative. After all, I started a successful trading firm that, while it was not intended to directly compete with Pristine, in many ways it does. We have acquired many clients because our way of doing things made sense.

    I recently made the decision to acquire control of Pristine so that I may have the best of both worlds for the professional and retail trader. As of Thursday, September 25th, I have officially resumed my position of CEO of Pristine Capital Holdings. Naturally, this will mean some changes to the current management staff. Effective as of that date, Greg Capra, Ron Wagner, and Jaime Annexy no longer hold any management or officer positions. They should not be in contact with any employees or clients of Pristine Capital Holdings or VCM capital management. Also effective immediately, Malcolm Murray has been appointed Vice President of Trader Education and Paul Lange has been appointed Vice President in charge of Services. Perhaps many of you recognize these names as they were instrumental in growing Pristine to what it is now. They both joined me in my new venture almost 18 months ago.

    Generally, all services continue as scheduled at Pristine, and it is business as usual.

    You will hear more as I keep you informed of any changes that may occur. I want you rest assured that as clients of Pristine or VCM, your success in trading is my top concern.

    Oliver L. Velez
    CEO Pristine Capital Holding, Inc.
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    Hi everyone. I have created a blog entitled "It's A Sad Day at Pristine". You can reach it by going to: http://pristinetakeover.tripod.com

    I created it, in part, so that everyone who wants to know when Greg and Ron start a new venture can easily be reached from one source. To that end, on the opening page (the one with the 'melting' stock chart), near the bottom, is a link to my email address. Send me an email if you want to be contacted when there is some happy news. I have never worked for Pristine, nor, technically, ever been a "client", so I figured I'd be a good possible go-between. I have attended at least 100+ free workshops and been to both trading rooms for every free trial since March. So I am grieving along with the rest of you who have been with them for a long time.

    The other reason I started the blog is so there is a place for everyone to leave messages and information. There are 4 sections, one for comments about what Ron and Greg have meant to your trading education, one for news regarding the truth about what actually happened, one about Oliver and how you feel about what he's done, and finally, hopefully, news that Ron and Greg have started a new venture together.

    To view the comments made by others, click on the link that says "view comments". I thought the comments would all line up one under the other after my opening comments, but it didn't happen. So you have to click on the link to see them. It was my first attempt at making a blog... Hope you'll add your thoughts and news there.
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