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NYSE to announce new hours

  1. Since little movement (price or volume wise) if any, now happens after the 1st hour, the NYSE will be announcing a change of hours from 9:30am EST to 10:30am EST.

    This should make the remaining daytraders happy since they can now play the market and go to their jobs right after.:D

    A second hourly shift is in the works, reportedly from 6:00pm to 7:00pm to pick the pockets of the crowd when they return from work. This move apparently is designed to counter growing competition from on-line casino operations which is being blamed for taking away revenue and the marginal players.:D

    As always, SEC approval is expected.

  2. Do we have time for a coffee break in the middle ?:D :D
  3. What are you saying? The open is going to move back an hour?
  4. Oh boy!:p
  5. i think he is saying open at 9:30 and close at 10:30....
  6. Any links to this info? Can't find anything on any gov't sites or nyse.
  7. Some of you guys really need to get a clue....and a sense of humor.
  8. May be starting from 8:30AM, that's what you meant to say,
    an hour earlier.
  9. guys it's a JOKE !!!!!
  10. Do you call it a JOKE???
    I already started to trade NEW HOURS!!!

    :D :D :D
  11. Will yesterday's Pivot Points still work during the new hours?

  12. For public release -

    "Chairman Reed will further rearrange the deck chairs at the NYSE by splitting the board into 4 sections. The 3rd and 4th section of the board will NOT have keys to the executive washroom. In addition, those in the 4th section of the board will NOT have permanent reserved parking, though they can reserve a temporary space in advance.

    All of these changes are in response to the massive abuse of the public by NYSE members. The message is we at the NYSE hear you loud and clear and we feel your pain.

    The specialist system with its 60 second house advantage/delay and self-regulation/self-policing of NYSE rules will remain the same.

    God bless America and rally around the flag!"

  13. Funky will give us an update on the new formula soon. I'm not sure how he'll combine it with the proposed late session.


  14. I think NYSE is going to open at 9:30 AM and close at 9:35AM
  15. They say you get what you pay for in life.

    John Reed is being paid $1 for his services as NYSE Chairman.

    As a result, we are getting one dollars worth of reform.

  16. Actually, I brought up the NYSE not to accuse or ridicule their trading system but the "market" in general.

    As a matter of fact I trade some NYSE-listed stuff and considering market conditions, can't blame them.

    2-3 years ago the whole country was very happy with all securities exchanges, corporations and their executives.

    What happened?

  17. Are you are still joking? :)
  18. By the way since I have been ripping specialist lately I thought I should add that today I was treated exactly as I expected to be treated by the specialist I traded with. It was incredibly relaxing and fun to feel like I would not be cheated. That open book then became and advantage.

    He shall remain nameless incase I trade with him again. By the way I only traded 400 shares a few times with himbut he did turn my day around. It reminded me though of how it should be. He still held more non x orders checcked out his markets and then batched filled me where he should of. He could make money and so could I. And I even lost money on my last trade with but I deserved to.

  19. from The Wall Street Journal

    Nov. 5, 2003

    New York Stock Exchange interim Chairman John Reed named eight people
    to sit
    on a newly reconstituted board, with only two of the nominees coming
    the current panel. Under his plan, the current 27-member board would be
    replaced by six to 12 independent representatives who would oversee
    regulation and compensation. A separate advisory panel of as many as 20
    securities-industry representatives would handle operations, such as
  20. So the important news then is that CNBC's Closing Bell will change times, right.

    How will these new hours affect my hedge fund, which relies on late trading mutual funds?
  21. well, instead of waiting til about 4:30pm for the closing price, you'll be able to get it at 11am and decide if you want to buy at that price. Thus, you should be able to make it home from work by lunch
  22. That lady from the Council of Institutional Investors that was on CNBC had it right. You can't have NYSE members voting who will be a board member that will regulate them. Otherwise the members will just vote out of office any board member who cracks down on them for violating the rules.

    How does the NYSE get away with this kind of crap?