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NQ Trading.... DONE for the DAY!!

  1. traded for just 30 minutes,,, I have a great profit for the day (up 73 points NQ trades) and I am done. I am putting this hear mostly for accountability... yesterday I had a 80 point profit and pissed it all away and ended up with a loss for the day!! Not happening today...

    hope all are profiting from the increased volatility
  2. On behalf of the entire ET community I would like to thank you for sharing your incredible after-the-fact trading prowess.
    You're the man Captain Hindsight!
  3. Welcome to my ignore list. You have lots of company
  4. Congrats, OP. I too have a problem with giving back profits thanks to afternoon trades. I'd probably have more money in my trading account if I shut the computer down everyday at noon.
  5. to the hatters... go tell Dr Phil ...I do not care what you think

    @SteveM.... thankx for the input... I totally agree, god knows how much I have lost by not shutting it down
  6. Ok this Soes guy is past ridiculous now. He has a thread to discuss how much of a problem he is and the admins just softly softly with him. He ruined a discussion thread last night with gibberish.

    Anyway, good decision to keep the money today. :)
  7. Battle fatigue
  8. The ignore function is your friend.
  9. WOW.... I found the post police on this forum... thankyou for doing a great job. Now why don't you add something of value..
  10. What value did this thread add? Needed a little ego boost?
  11. Best turn off your computer and go for. 6 hr hike. Or else.....
  12. congrats with the profits

    but i think one should never run away from the market, unless one has no intention to return :)
  13. HMM let's do some scorekeeping... my haters all have 1000's of posts... maybe you guys spend more time on trading and learning and less on telling everyone on this forum how they should act.....

  14. I've struggled, in two other threads, to help you, by explaining (in once case at some length and in some detail, even providing a list of examples) some fundamental things you've asked about; but you've made it pretty clear, really, that you welcome only responses that suit your existing preconceptions (however misguided). My overall impression, therefore, is of someone who asks for help, but actually wants to "be right", rather than to "learn something".

    You're badly placed to make comments like the one above, John.

    Speedo - among others - was trying to help you (and in the process actually making one of the same basic points that I've already tried unsuccessfully to make, in two other threads in which you'd asked).

    For myself, I give in, now. [​IMG]
  15. Why not post a blotter?
  16. Yes Zela, I deleted my post. It's of no help if one doesn't care to listen :confused:
  17. Tomorrow is just an extension of today... You didn't lose yesterday because you "held too long"... You lost because you didn't know what you were doing... The same goes for today's profit... By leaving early, you simply postponed your loss...But it will come, sooner or later, for the same reason...
    Luck is something that everyone experiences from time to time, even in several events in a row, but the problem is that when luck runs out, all the profit simply goes away...
  18. Talk about running out of luck and all the profit simply goes away. See link below:


    Ouch! Playing with fire...
  19. I totally agreed. I've been there a few times. I didn't lose $4M because I didn't have $4M to start. I've blown smaller accounts a few times.

    Now, I'm better but still a long way to go. It's a great learning journey.
  20. Some of us joined over a decade ago and you joined 3 months ago.
  21. Please indicate where the accountability comes into play here.
  22. Are you posting under the wrong username again John9999?
  23. I think he meant "ego" not "accountabilty"
  24. Oh I see. I was a bit concerned about the use of the word accountability concerning after the fact flag raisings.
  25. Big Dick Noob John trades for 30 mins and banks 2/3 of the range. Sure.:rolleyes:
  26. Why don’t you nice fellas give him a part time job being angry in the Politics Forum.
  27. I actually think that a good dose of arrogance when considering others is benefitial, as long as one is willing to learn with one's own fuck ups along the way...
    It's highly suspicious when there are people who say they "make efforts" to help complete strangers, while gaining nothing from doing so...
  28. Helping others can be it's own reward Neo, try it. :D
  29. I'm sure it can... I simply said I'm highly suspicious of it, because there's now way to know the validity of "the help"... There are people who engage in charity in these world, no doubt... It's just that most people don't and an even a larger group doesn't even have the means to do it(knowledge in this case).
    Given all that, it's not crazy to assume that everyone here is full of it and simply do it's own thing...:) Even at the risk of denying a sincere help from "the real deal'".
  30. No doubt discretion is vital. One hopes that one who has enough sense to trade has enough sense to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  31. Pride, arrogance and ego are toxic in the long run. Bet it up.
  32. Dang Xela got me all interested in what you were telling him.
  33. LOL! :thumbsup:
  34. People who are truly independent are usually (rightfully) regarded as arrogant and selfish... It's only natural, since they don't give a shit about other people's opinion...
    That should not be confused with pure stupidity(to keep blindly doing the same mistakes again and again).
    There's a great song by one of Brazil's greatest song writers. His name was Raul Seixas:
    "Eu sou Egoísta"(I'm selfish)

    If you think you have little luck
    If you worry about illness or death
    If you are afraid of hell
    The eternal fire of God, of evil
    I am star in the abyss of space
    What I want is what I think and what I do
    Where I am there is no bogeyman
    I always go forward into the infinite nothing
    Flashing my rock, my cry
    My sword is the guitar in hand

    If what you want in your life is only peace
    Many sweet things, your name in theaters
    And if sugar takes too long to come you become upset
    And you cry, you pray, you ask, beg ...
    While I always taste the vinegar and wine
    What I want to have is temptation along the way
    For man is made through exercise
    I know ... I know the purest taste of honey
    It's just defective gall
    And that war is a product of the peace

    What I eat as a full plate
    It may be your poison
    But how will you know ... without tasting?

    If you think what I say fascist
    Mixed, or simplistic anti-socialist
    I admit, you're on track
    I am ista, I'm ego
    I am ista, I'm ego
    I am selfish, I am,
    I am selfish, I am,
    Why not ...
  35. Usual stuff Niko, told him if a system works, take your signals. To decide to stop trading because you don't want to give back profits later is just dumb. If you want to take the afternoon off, fine trading gives the independence to do that but to assume that you are likely to give back by taking more trades is either bad trading or bad attitude...neither of which will result in success in the long run.
  36. Of course, when a consolidation day on the ES is over a hundred points, things are not "normal".
  37. OK Neo but I prefer Jobim :cool:
  38. Jobim was technically far superior... He was a maestro, as I'm sure you're aware of... But his lyrics were almost always too "mellow"... There is no comparison between Seixas' lyrics and Jobim's... Seixas is far deeper and frankly, much more important in a country like Brazil with it's problems..;)
    But taste is something that should not be questioned.:)
  39. Yes, Jobim was not about message but creating powerful mood within exquisite jazz idiom.....different stuff.
  40. Well said NeoTrader

    only one poster besides yourself has said anything positive... I have found this forum to be very negative in general. When I look at all posts, not just mine. It seems some of you get your kicks out of just bashing and such.

    and yes to the previous poster... I banked the net profit on 2 contracts... so no I did not capture a 1/2 or the range... geez! I profited 36.5 points per contract across 7 trades, average including the losing trades of 5.2 points, if you must know
  41. I'm totally oblivious to futures, all I know are options;

    But what does 36.5 points mean o_O...So what did you make today % and/or dollar-wise?
  42. It means he made ~+$1,460 before fees. Since he said it includes the losers of 5.2, I guess he netted them out so they are not included in the total net.

    Edit, math was off.
  43. So, whenever someone says they made One Point in Futures...that basically means $40 o_O
    $1,460/36.5 points=

    On a % basis, I'm guessing that is relatively small. Atleast compared to options.
    In options speak...I would have made 100 points, for the ES equivalent,...loosely rounded off,
  44. Futures vary. For example, NQ is $20 per point ($5 per tick) per contract; ES is $50 per point ($12.50 per tick) per contract.
  45. The same thing can be said of any community.
  46. Yeah, he made 144 ticks basically, but per contract. He said he did it on 2 contracts, so multiply that by 2, then multiply by 5 bux. Then just add the extra $10 per contract without doing multiples to avoid confusion. NQ and ES are .25 points per tick (4 ticks for a point), where ES is $12.50 per tick but NQ is $5 per tick. But stuff like CL is $10 per tick, at 100 ticks per point. Imagine the days when everything was still in fractions? hehe. .0325 and shit.
  47. OMG it's not that complicated.... I track my results for the day as Net Points won or lost... and then back out approx $4.2 round trip per contract... as mentioned.. it is about $1460 minus approx $58 in commissions and exchange fees... about $1400 net

    but none of that is even the point of this thread...

    the point is how much better I feel as a trader to take a profit and be done for the day. To ignore the urge to continue trading and potentially give it all back or even show a loss. It is a major difference for me personally in my confidence as a trader..
  48. You've contributed nothing. Neither has your alias SOES
  49. There are people here willing to help with concrete advice (@Xela @speedo - plenty of people actually) but its still your life and your money.

    There are a few people who just get a kick out of trolling. I can't say if I have read every post of the trolls, so they may add value. However, one troll was in another thread bragging about making over 300 grand in one day! Mind you that was after the fact, the same thing he accused you of.

    Just know that if someone is living a lie that will reflect in the way they look, their health and their relationships as they project towards you. Even though the 300 grand was possibly real money think of how miserable his life must be to troll everyone.
  50. Wow! If thats true? The ultimate troll whining about trolls. His therapist will make a fortune!
  51. UHH no ,, my post was not meant to brag in any way... if you read it... I lost a 80 point winning day and ended up with a large loss yesterday, because I did not stop trading after about 90 minutes. Today... I made my profit and turned the whole thing off.... net net, I am down over the 2 days... no bragging hear.

    and $300,000 in a day... no way is that trader on this website
  52. I did not mean to imply you were bragging. I get the accountability factor. Just saying this place takes a little getting used to. Thats all.
  53. I was saying your detractor was bragging in another thread.

    On a day like yesterday, I believe it. There are some whales on this site. Just don't know if he is one.
  54. I think that is the key take-away here that YOU should never forget. Speedo and the others are offering you advice in different ways about different aspects of trading, but your feeling is no less important. Do not let that short-term confidence let you settle into a field of complacency, and I hope the feeling, while remembered, is not taken for granted. I fell into the same trap and it bit me hard yesterday, and that was after a very hard 2+ year trek to recover from the previous mistake. I'll digress about it later, still need to digest it all.

    But YOU need to realize that you are going to have many many days like that, where you lose a bunch on a day and make it back the next day, or win a bunch of money on one day, lose it later same day, then either lose more next day, or make it back next day.

    NEVER get complacent and always follow your plan!. Do not take your feelings, both positive and negative, for granted! You live longer!
  55. oh,.,,, OOPS sorry dude
  56. That scenario is not that far-fetched,
    Specially a trading day like yesterday, when unexpected things and volatility were extremely chaotic.

    If a trader put on a $100K position...it would have ended up to finish more than 300K, (and that's a very modest estimate) :wtf:
    Options are a completely different, Dynamic animal than futures or stock or anything else.
  57. now there's some great advice... thankx