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    We just had a big move on pretty good volume, does anyone see news for this? I have not yet.

  2. huge volume on spike as well.
  3. just saw you mentioned the volume too.
  4. funky


    no word here.....maybe richard dennis went to file his 1040 and called his the NDX is at 1040...hmmmm
  5. @ 8:30 PST are rare to say the least. I had just closed out a break-even long about 60 seconds prior to the spike. @$%&*#$@%!!

    (at least I wasn't short).

    Back in the PM.

  6. from dow jones newswire:

    MORE) Dow Jones Newswires

    04-14-03 1207ET

    *DJ US Stocks Climb Amid Large Block Investment

    --- uhh, no sh*t. how bout a few minor details.
  7. C, FNM earnings
  8. there was a definite spike in the 8:30-8:35 PST timeframe. C, FNM was old news at that point.
  9. how could you miss the spike then if you have fast news :D :D
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    "12:37 ET CNN reports that Army finds 11 mobile chemical/bio labs buried near Karbala : "

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