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new year greeting to Baron

  1. thanks for all the tweaks that made ET more useful this year.
    thanks for showing your tolerance and sense of humor in regard to ZB.... it was the best lesson of the year.

    all the best in the new year.

  2. What lesson ? I think I missed the ending :-(
  3. May sound cliche, but I love New Year...it brings such a sense of...renewal to be reborn,

    I love 1998, 2008...exciting, fun, memorable years and eras...and hopefully 2018 just as much.
    8 is considered lucky in China.
  4. the lesson was how to handle a troublesome situation and make all the parties involved feel like winners.
  5. And what happend to that fruitcake ? I dont see anymore threads or posts by him, was he kicked ?
  6. in my opinion, he was kicked off after a suitable amount of time elapsed. one can debate the amount of time, but it is Baron's decision in the end.

  7. He was. Many thanks and a very Happy New Year to Baron, and to all members (and sorry you had to give him a refund).
  8. Probably when his ad time has ran out.

    Anyhow, thanks for the hooke... I mean the nice ladies whom Baron sent me, they were the best! Oh wait, I think that was from another website, EliteMeater...
  9. "And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been."
    - Rainer Maria Rilke
  10. As a ZB trader I was interested in his posts. I did wonder why he didn't sell options instead of recommending outright positions but I wonder that about every body on and off this site. Bring him back! Start a campaign.
  11. ? please explain.
  12. Globex bonds
  13. I am guessing you didn't see what he did in his final moments here on a couple of his threads last night. It got very heinous and abusive.

    If you did, you would not be thinking that way, the whole "bring him back" bit. Nuh uh, not on my watch.
  14. Spill the beans....
  15. Let's just say it was the most hideous display of behavior by a user I have seen in my time here (18 months.) Leave it at that.
  16. He told me to do things to myself I’m still not sure how to accomplish.
  17. lol Sounds like I missed a fun thread.

  18. You have a great site.

    I have learned a lot from others on here.

    I hope 2018 is good you and your family.

    Can we be friends?

  19. Thanks for the positive feedback and Happy New Year to you all. :D:thumbsup: