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New SuperElite membership

  1. I think that members who have 1500+ posts should be given SuperElite membership status...
  2. :D :D :D :D
  3. Thanks for the support!! :D :D :D
  4. nah, i like the name ELITE

    i think we need to bump up the requirements for reaching elite status though. 500 posts hardly qualifies as "elite" these days. it should be at least 1000.

    and maybe a time requirement too, like 1 year.

    hows about it Baron?
  5. I agree with the bump up to 1000 for Elite Member... then 1500 for SuperElite member and 2000 for UltraSuperElite Member... I also agree with a 1 year membership to qualify for anything above Elite Member...
  6. nah, "super elite" sounds gay. BAD.

    let's just leave it at elite. it goes well with the name of the site.

    and rather than just the number of posts, maybe we could make it that you have to be in the top 10 posters to get to "Elite"?

    (or maybe we could call it Elitist Member :D)
  7. I disagree, there is nothing gay about SuperElite...

    On the second point, I actually support the top 20 posters being displayed, instead of just 10 or 15...
  8. 1) it's gay. definitely gay. well, at least it's corny.

    2) i'm not saying not to display them, hell, display the top 50 if you want. but let's keep the top 10 as ELITE.

    afterall, "elite" isn't really all that elite if every tom, dick and harry can get it.
  9. No, I disagree... if we only have Elite for the top 10 posters, then everyone who loses their Elite status will get angry... hence I am supportive of new SuperElite and UltraSuperElite status...
  10. your compassion is admirable candle. what a humanitarian...

    but it's also totally misplaced.

    the point is we want to make being an ELITE member something rare; something desirable; something not available to the common joe; something....elite.

    and even if we don't make ELITE only available to the top 10, we obviously need to raise the bar on what it takes to get there.

    i agree.

    but if we say you need 2000 posts, well, over time, it's gonna get flooded again (and once again won't be all that 'elite')

    that's why i favor a limited amount of places.

    but i suppose it's possible to keep changing the requirements. (u know, from 2000 to 3000 to 4000 etc..)

    as far as your asinine "super elite" and even more asinine "ultra super elite" (please!) go -- forget it!
    i'm leaving elitetrader if that happens.

    thankfully i think there's no way anyone would support such cheesy titles.
  11. In view of the fact that we are not in agreement, I vote to maintain the status quo... if it ain't broken, don't fix it...
  12. I thought it was funny a while back when someone suggested that having a extraordinarily high posts per day number would give you "Aphex Member" status. :D

  13. ROFL!

  14. IMPROVEMENT candle, it's about IMPROVEMENT.
  15. I don't think that there should be any more separations in status setup. But I am an advocate of the Chit Chat (and a few other areas) not counting towards the overall posting number. Several occupants in the higher class currently would lose quite a few of their counted total too. That would then make the significance of the "Elite" at this site really mean what it should. :)
  16. Whether or not it is improvement is debatable.... its only an improvement in your view... ROFL!!
  17. Member rank should be based on audited trading returns. :p Members could be ranked by their profitability. Rank #1 would be the most profitable trader. I'm kidding, of course. However, that would be cool though. :cool:

    F. PeBBLe
  18. "Elite" is about participation, irrespective of which forum you are participating in... posting in one section over another doesnt enhance or reduce the post quality...

    To repeat, Elite Membership is about participation, not quality... who is to judge if a post made in one forum is of higher or lesser quality than in another forum?
  19. I agree... if such an idea could be implemented, that would be way cool...
  20. yes, you're right. it's an improvement from my point of view.

    but the point was that these ideas SHOULD be put forward and discussed; not simply defer to the status quo.
  21. Yes, to an extent I agree. But someone having a collective total of a few hundred posts with many containing as little as "LOL!" does not make a respondent any more valid than a new member with three posts in a topic. Content does matter, to some degree. And it truly should be left to each reader to determine a post/posters comment usefulness.

    Based on that position, it is virtually impossible to assign anything other than participation significance to the total of a members posts. In that event, there are those here at Elite who are "Elite!" participants. :)
  22. I want to be a Super Duper Extraordinary Elite Member.

    How many more posts do I need now?

  23. Personally, I think once a person reaches a certain number of posts then the count should disappear all together. Having an active post count and having a top 15 posters list encourages people to post just for the sake of posting. I think the content of ET would become more useful and streamlined if people stopped caring about their # of posts/
  24. Yes, I can agree with this... maybe once you have reached 1000 posts, your total number of posts should disappear and you should simply get "1000+" under your name... that way, there will be less emphasis on the number of posts...
  25. I think this is a really good idea.
  26. Yes, this equalizes things for active members... I made a new poll for this... please vote on it...
  27. I agree with both points.
  28. IMO,

    The "Elite" status should go to members that start and maintain the highest quantities of RELEVANT trading threads by self-moderating the thread they started...

    Even if they can't actually banish Dickhead Troublemaker posts, at least they could keep on topic by staying involved in it and asking folks to stay on topic.

    Any idiot can post replies but the real stars are the ones who start good trading threads and politely keep them from degenerating into some off-topic crap.

    They should be recognized for that.

    Also, for DanielM's point, this would be a much more accurate way for new members to guage the experience of the other members.

    Just my .02

  29. I agree with Daniel M about keeping it Elite. In the folklore, there are Heroes, Demi Gods, and Gods, not ... Super Gods !?!

    ... 'Super Elite Member' is so ... ... American ! :D

    I also agree with the minimum time being Elite Trader's member as well as being trader (at least two years in my opinion). This would differentiate 'Elite' members from the gamblers who come and go after a short time.
    As for the # of post, it's all relative, but 'Elite Members' would be those who usually post educative/informative/overall good humour posts, therefore if a member got his/her post deleted by moderators, he/she would lose 10-20 posts in his/her tally.

    Elite Members should be the traders who went through the test of time and maturity, profitability is not as important as experience and scars, and whose posts one should slow down to read when glancing through numerous posts in numerous threads.

    Cheers!! :)

    WHO'S WITH ME!?!

    FRuiTY P.
  31. I'm with Fruity.
  32. I'm with Faster also!

  33. hmm.... wonder when i will get there
  34. HEHE..that's funny. :p

    F. P.
  35. Is there a merge function so that one may gain credit for all posts made under other aliases?
  36. I cant believe im responding,..... so I guess I'm as pathetic as all you guys arguing about # of posts, what counts as a post, and your status.

    The Bottom Line:

    Get a life

    P.S. Look at that, I just added a post,
    I'm gettin closer, Everyone's gonna respect me cuz I got alot a "jack squat" posts.:p

  37. I am

  38. I think that members who rarely post but always have something of substance to offer should obtain a higher status than those who post frequently and have very little to offer.

    Sometimes silence is golden.
  39. Maybe someone has already mentioned this regarding this thread--I'm too lazy to go back and read every post-- but, I think the members who have been here the longest should have some kind of designated status; provided that they continue to post from time to time and do not abuse the board or other members.

    The problem I have with giving SuperElite membership status to members with 1500 or more posts is that you can join one month and rack up 1500 post in a matter of a few weeks and say nothing or contribute very little to the over all purpose of ET. I've been here since 2001, and I've seen people come and go and alot of them have accumulated a large number of posts but have contributed very little. Instead, they did the opposite by being very offensive to other members, and I've seen several of them rack up additional post by simply posting a :), ?, or LOL, I agree, etc. Yea, they talked alot but said nothing. I just don't think that deserves any kind of special acknowledgement.

    I also think there are some members who deserve some kind of special ranking (not necessarily SuperElite) -- and if you've been here for a while you know who they are; but, even there, I think it should be some kind of symbol like an asterisk by their name or some kind of ranking tied to the number of recommendations they have been given by other members. For example--and I'm not just singling him out-- Robert (rtharp) has been around here for quite a while, he has been given 5 recommendations from other members, and he continues to contribute good quality information and posts to the board. I think that is worth special recognition. As I said, he is just one example; there are several others here in the same category.

    Just my opinion.
  40. Fruity said it for me, thanks Fruity!
  41. only chumps are concerned with how many posts they have on this website. what a lame discussion.
    the real shooters say "f*ck all that" and focus their time and attention on exploiting inefficiencies in the market to profit from them.
  42. Kind of going with this idea, this is what I think should be implemented:

    Add a "Vote" option in the corner of each post along with the Edit * Quote * Kill options.

    When a member's posts get at least 100 (or some # that we can argue about later) individual members voting that this members posts have substance or contribute greatly to this site.

    The member will receive a separate "Voted Elite" status.

    Baron, is this something that is even possible to do?
  43. Kind of going with this idea, I think this should be implemented:

    Leave all the member status's the way they are but,

    Add a "Vote" option with the Edit * Quote * Kill in the corner of each post.

    When a member has at least 100 (or some # that we can argue about later) individual members vote that their posts have substance or contribute to this site greatly.

    A "Voted Elite" status will be added to their names.

    Baron, Is this something that is even possible to do?
  44. Oh, there's where that first post went. Thought I lost it. Tried to delete either one, they wouldn't go away.
  45. This is what the Motley Fool does, but the truly strange just log in under all their aliases and vote for themselves.

  46. Yeah, that could be problem. We will just have to raise that 100 to 200 because I'm sure there are some members here with at least 100 different aliases.
  47. I wouldn't dignify it with a post. Oh CRAP! I just did. :cool:
  48. Can one join the Super Elite by posting 10,000 messages to this thread? :confused:
  49. Should be at least 2500 posts....:)

  50. I agree Don, but be careful of challenging Candle or he'll have to rack up another 500 posts in the Chit-Chat area. Good God, imagine the polls.... :)
  51. lol
  52. its pretty funny, or is it sad?? that for some of these people, if they didn't have elitetrader.com, their life would cease to exist.....
    imagine if one of the top 10 posters couldn't come to this site everyday and get their fix by putting up a post!! it would be like a crackhead giving up the pipe. Thanks, Baron for givng these elitetrader.com crackheads a place to get their daily dose :D :D
  53. I agree with Magna and Don... make it 2500 for SuperElite status...
  54. How many posts for Super DUPER Elite?? :D
  55. Copy Cat!!!!

  56. Sorry, Cat. Just struck me and hadn't read through the entire thread. (Even if I had, wouldn't admit it!!)

    So, how many?? :D :D
  57. Thanks Candle, glad you could take the gentle ribbing. :)
  58. I am cool about that kind of thing... :cool:
  59. You are a COOL DUDE!!

    :D :D :D
    Take it slow

  60. I love you pussy... you are my kindred spirit...
  61. I appreciate the suggestion but the "Elite Member" requirement will remain the same.

    500 posts might not sound like a lot to those of you who blew past that long ago, but the reality is that only .005% of our members have posted that many times or more. So that's a pretty elite club if you ask me :)
  62. I love you too Candle.....even though you are one of the people I sometimes bang heads with. But usually we agree. I am just not as militant about this political stuff as you are. Those days are behind me now. I do agree with you about going to war with Iraq is wrong, but still coming from a different place. I think we passed each other going in opposite directions. But still.....I don't think we need to go fight for oil or to settle a family feud!

    You DO know that I am not FPC I hope. One of the other usual suspects that took a clue from FPC and decided to express my multiple personality disorder with another alias. I am, as I have said, one of the "usual suspects". I am sure I will tip my hand and it will be apparent which one. Daniel_M already says he has it figured out. He said it was too easy. I don't know if he is right or wrong, but we shall see. Maybe I will throw him a few red herrings to make him not so cock-sure.

    :D :D :D
    Take it Slow!
  63. Fair enough Baron, thanks for the response... please close this thread as the issue has now been decided...