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New Pc Needed

  1. I am looking to buy a new PC for Trading and will be running 4 monitors with Tradestation.I will have a lot of charts open and want a machine that runs well.What sort of spec machine should I be looking to buy,feed back appreciated
  2. 512mb RAM, Windows XP PRO and nice big monitors with high refresh rates.....IMHO a used PentuimIII is just as good as a new PentiumIV with a broadband connection.

    Michael B.

  3. Careful with the Processor selection.

    Upgraded from a P3 to P4 and added 1gMem.

    If your planning on using RS and a large symbol list; Both upgrades are definately needed.

  4. what kind of graphics cards are good to use for a 4 monitor set up?

    2 dual 32mb cards?
    any brands recommended?
  5. been using a P4 Dimension since approx. 1 year, no worries whatsoever, 1GB DDRRAM & two very fast drives & your done...using TradeStation & two other packs with ESignalfeed.

    IMHO a serious trading pc cannot have enough power, space & comfort, you should think of other things as your pc...:D

    But try to avoid dual xeon workstations until you are really sure your special app. can handle mutlithreading in a sophisticated way...if not it does not bring you any performance increases.

    all my best
  6. WestCoastTrader you cant go wrong with a Matrox G200MMS G2+/PPL-PL7,look on Ebay some excellent deals.
  7. Check out the inventory of P4's at Dell's Refurbished (Outlet)Website. You can really get an incredible deal, and you also get the SAME WARRANTY as a new Dell unit.

    I have purchased 2 Dell units from this part of Dell's website and have been totally satisfied in every way with the performance and value of my PC's.

    In fact, check out a P4-2.60 with the 800 Mghz front-side bus and Intel's 875 motherboard with Windows XP-Pro and 512mb of PC3200 RAM and a 60 Gig Hard Drive for only $779.00 ( System Identifier: FCMEHEHD )

    I purchased this very same unit last Summer and love it! If you want to add another 512mb of RAM, you can do so on the cheap for another $120.00

    With the above purchase, you can also get an 18" Dell LCD Monitor for only $399.00 - - - Offer ends today, 2/18/04


    Click on the above link and find: DELL OUTLET SALE!
  8. just a thought...check out the AMD 64 bit if you have the time......
  9. ya had a chance to buy DEll for 400 bucks.. ya missed it.

    better luk next time.


    rocket science is so hard.
  10. The point is.....why spend so much money and overkill......the pipeline will be the limiting factor for most traders, no matter how much processor you have.....

    LongShot is right

    Michael B.

    P.S. Ok Nitro....except you

  11. I'd also look into getting a hyperthreaded processor. It helps when having multiple applications going. I think dell offers 2.4 or even 2.0 Ghz HT processors on thier systems.
  12. Is XP Pro really better? I have heard quite a few complaints about it. Seems some people think Home is the way to go.

    Tell me about the advantages of pro.

  13. Some say the file handling is better and its more stable because of that.

    Some say that multiple monitor use is better supported.

    To be honest with you I cannot say that I have tried both.....I just went with Pro mainly because of the file handling partitioning.

    Pro is all I can recommend publically as I am trying to share what I know, not what I think....but perhaps Home is alright.

    Michael B.

  14. More stable is always good. Thanks, ES.

  15. if your needs are simple and you dont need or want a "screamer" or spend a ton just your avg PC for trading dell is way to go.

    recently bought a dell 4600 loaded for 400 bucks inc/shipping (my 1st dell) and i'm quite please with its performance. no super duper screaming game machine but inexpensive trading machine. works great.

    now, if you want a screamer i'd either build one along lines of sharky:


    or go here:


    maybe top dell workstations are screamers, {shrug} i don't know, no experience with any of those.

    oh, and i do have a system from these guys too, they do nice work:

  16. Perhaps this place might compete with Dell


    Michael B.

  17. Very simple. If you're now on 2000 then don't switch. For a new install, if you don't like the M$ activation nuissance then get 2000.

    Otherwise get XP.

    (If you ever heard about Linux, think twice)
  18. this is more than enough computer for any trader for only $650.

    DellSB - Dimension 8300 3.0Ghz HT P4 Desktop with 1GB DDR SDRAM, 80GB HD, 128MB Geforce FX 5200 AGP Card, for $649 with FREE Shipping! (Posted by: Lights)
    The Dimension 8300 comes with an i875p chipset motherboard (8x AGP, 2 S-ATA ports, 3 PCI slots, etc), a hyperthreaded 3.0Ghz P4 processor with 800mhz system bus, the better clamshell case, featuring an incredible 1GB of dual channel DDR SDRAM upgrade, an 80GB hard drive, Geforce FX5200 AGP card with 128MB of memory, integrated Dolby Digital capable 5.1 sound, 10/100 networking, Windows XP Home, and a 1 year inhouse warranty. No rebate hassles and FREE shipping!!

    Start here at Dell Small Business Dimension Desktops. DELLSB
    Click on Featured Systems (NOT customize it) under Dimension 8300 From $649
    Now click on Customize It under Dimension 8300 $649
    All of the options for the lowest possible cost are NOT already selected. Be sure to check the following:
    4X your memory for FREE! 1GB Dual Channel 400MHz DDR SDRAM
    FREE UPGRADE! 80GB Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM Hard Drive
    Upgrade whatever options you may want, though they may raise the cost. Here are a few that you may be interested in:
    80GB Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive (7200 RPM) [add $40 or $1/month] or 120GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) [add $80 or $2/month]
    Dual Drives: 48x CD-ROM Drive + 48x CD-RW/ DVD Combo Drive [add $109 or $3/month]
    Scroll to the bottom and click on Continue
    Scroll to the bottom and click on Continue
    Scroll to the bottom and click on Add to cart
    Finish checking out. Ground shipping for the computer is free!
  19. That deal has already been changed. Dell switches these things constantly; a variation on the old bait and switch technique. Can't get that price now.

  20. I'm planning on replacing my CyberpowerPC soon. It's only a year old, but I've had several problems. Not a big deal, but my computer was only a few days out of the one year warranty when I called Cyberpower support about a video card that had failed. The failure had occurred before the warranty ended, but it took me a few days to figure out what the problem was. I should have called immediately, so that was my fault. BUT, they wouldn't honor the warranty even though it was only a few days expired. I thought this was pretty crappy.

    Now the sound card has failed.

  21. Thanks for the heads up.....the competition is just too strong out there to take chances......move on to another supplier...

    Michael B.

  22. wow nice prices.. thanks for link :)
  23. lol with this horsepower your throwing at market you'd think you could make a couple bucks :eek::D
  24. Patience grasshopper.

    Hardware just costs money. Software takes genius, and trading software takes genius and creativity.

    You guys want everything yesterday.

  25. please do not rate this...the last time you published a rating I bought a MFC 9700 (which I am very happy with)

    Michael B.

  26. Ugh,

    So many toys, so little time.

    nitro :D
  27. how long you been in the game?? :eek: :p
  28. rumor has it he is a flea market hardware enthusiast....he actually does not trade....

    He actually is not very handy with computers or trading... :eek:

    Just rumors however....don't really know..

    Michael B.

  29. Well then,

    That clears it up.....we all know those folks in chat could not trade their way out of a 57 chevy in the car museum.

    Michael B.

  30. arent you in chat?
  31. under which name?

    Michael B.

  32. It is not how long you have been in the game, but how long have you have had a stake to trade, and how many times you have blown it before you were finallly able to keep growing it.

    It is a journey, not a destination. Even the very successful traders are constantly researching because they know that at any time, even a rule change can affect their edge dramatically.

    Even if I were (very) successful today, I would still be looking for the next edge, for my sake tomorrow.

    But my guess from reading your replies is that you don't view trading as a career, but as some sort of lottery ticket, or perhaps some way to avoid real work.

    There are some that made fortunes during the '98-'00 days. They still consider themselves traders, even though they don't trade for a living _today_, and if they entered the market today, they would give every cent of what they made back. This is what you want to become, if only lady luck would smile on you just once. Better go and buy that SuperLotto ticket, it's almost 7:00 PM.

    You see, to me, money is just the way to keep score. If you won superlotto tonight, and it was Longshot $100,000,000 to nitro alot less than that, what would the score really be?

    Talk to me in 10 years if you are still around.

  33. I now have two Cyberpower computers and I highly recommend the company. I paid $1300 for my last one, it compared with computers costing around $1500-1800 from Costco, Dell, and Gateway (and everywhere else I could find). And unlike some posters here, I was not willing to settle for a re-furbished Dell (seems like an invitation to compound ones problems).

    Unlike with the Dell, the Cyberpower uses all name brand parts ...the motherboard is actual Intel with the 875 chipset, hard drive Western Digital special edition, memory Corsair, DVD-RW is a Sony, etc. Both were spec built for me and arrived in perfect condition.

    While it has not been long enough for me to have long term problems like you have experienced, I do wonder about the warranty. Cyberpower does quote a three year warranty on their web site, although some items are excluded.

    If your warranty did expire though, you really can not complain much. This computer maker is a super high volume place...and their margins are very small. Tons of people thus would fall under that "just out of warranty" situation. They have to go by the book to offer the lowest prices. Everyone thinks they are special and deserve special treatment, but its a big world out there. Your mother is the only one who really thinks you are special...all others pay cash. :)

    Good thing though Cyberpower uses name brand components. You can pick up replacements anywhere and just bolt 'em in (unlike Dell, Gateway, Compaq, etc).
  34. The three years is for tech support and for many of the components you rely on the orignal manufacturer's warranty.

    My video card was from eVGA. When I called them they also said it was too late because the one year warranty was up. However, after a few emails, they changed their mind and honored the warranty. All I had to pay was shipping.

    I think you probably get better components going through someone like CyberpowerPC than through a Gateway or Dell. At this point, I have doubts about the reliability, though.

  35. For others looking for a PC, I believe your opinion of Dell needs rebuttal.

    1. A "refurbished" Dell carries the same warranty as a new one. If a PC is returned for ANY reason, it gets recycled through the outlet as a refurb. Pospective buyers should have no pause about buying a Dell refurb, as there is no greater probability of "buying trouble".

    2. Dell uses Intel OEM motherboards with Intel Chipsets. They also use OEM power supplies and ram, but they can be replaced as needed with retail parts... a bit more specific on the power supply because of exterior dimensions, but still available.

    3. All the other stuff is regular retail.

    If you want a REAL deal on a PC, buy a 1 year old Dell top-of-the-line model on eBay for about -60% off of Dell's new retail price.

    (No, I'm not a shill for Dell. I just use computers a lot, and the last 3 I bought were Dell... Dimension 4400, Dimension 8250, and Inspiron 5100. All have worked perfectly.)
  36. I had heard that Dell and some other major vendors used motherboards that ONLY fit their own computers. This would limit ones options about upgrading and replacment if needed. If I was mistaken about this, I certainly stand corrected.

    My major problem with Dell is that their support (off shore and poor) and their size has of late made them slip in consumer ratings. This has been mentioned here on Elitetrader and at Resellerratings.com http://www.resellerratings.com/seller1867.html

    On that web site, the six month rating for Dell has plummeted down to 2.19 with hundreds of horror stories, while the same rating for Cyberpower has grown to 8.20. That along with the price advantage of Cyberpower (for an apples to apples computer, not a re-furbished or used model) made it a no brainer to me.
  37. I don't care for Dell's frequent use of "INTEGRATED VIDEO CARD" on their motherboards......When buying a desktop I do not want Laptop features......

    Michael B.

    P.S. It seems to be the company that uses name-brand componets and not "manufactured for" or "downgraded special model #'s" seems to be a reasonable company to do business with, whether it be CyberPower or others.....I simply posted CyberPowers link to illustrate there still is competition available to Dell. The general theme for me was, it is not necessary to get a power-user PC for trading. But I do not mean to sacrafice value, just for the sake of a low price.

    P.S.S. If you want the biggest, fastest, "hotrod of Pc's.....just follow the gaming crowd if you stay retail.....If you want to process and work with huge tick data files or screening 1000's of instruments with custom configured quote pages, you might need to consult the likes of Nitro or others here using more advanced configurations...

  38. I don't know from personal experience, but I've read that the Intel OEM MBs Dell uses have physical dimensions which will fit only their cases. Even if that's true and one didn't want to replace a Dell MB with another Dell, that only means the case is disposable.... not a big deal.

    As far as service, I have found them to be satisfactory.

    Someone else mentioned Dell's use of "integrated video chip". That feature, designed to save money so that makers can reach a lower price point, is not particular to Dell. Any Intel chipset with a "G" in it's identifier (like, 845G) indicates "onboard, shared video". Lots of makers use similar MBs and chipsets. For some routine PC uses, shared video is perfectly fine. (I've got a cheapo Compaq with shared video I got for a steal after rebate from Best Buy. While it's not my main rig and there may be applications I wouldn't want to run on it, it has performed PERFECTLY, 40hrs/week for 18 months.) For others, it is not and more sophisticated users would almost certainly know this before buying. "Application" still must be considered before purchasing hardware.
  39. As far as the "integrated video chip"......many traders use multiple monitors......I do not know how this type of configuration would work.....are there slots available to plug in a dual or quad?

    Michael B.

  40. Not necessarily. If you know you need multiple monitor, I'd avoid the integrated video chip MBs. However, all integrated chip MBs also have PCI slots and there are "dual head PCI" cards which would seemingly run 2 monitors.
  41. Dell.

    Dont fall for there line.

  42. Do these "intergrated video chip" configurations share/swap ram capacity? Independant cards seem to house their own memory...

    Please excuse the way I throw around terminology and words. This NoviceSavant is learning....

    Thank you for considering my points/questions. I am listening and agree whole-heartedly that application is key here. Being that this is a traders site.....we can assume some needs.

    Granted 2d graphics capabilities is all thats needed so any ol' card will do, prolly....

    Michael B.

  43. so, what you are saying, there is not an AGP slot at all, since its "integrated"

    Excuse the dumbness.....

    Michael B.

  44. mktman, Yes, I know....but when I think I got it figured out....something new happens....When I learn something I like to "frame it in"....but things seem to change and I want to remain humble and always learning, this "frame in" mentality must be un-learned....kinda like trading...

    Michael B.

    P.S. also this review could be helpful to other readers here...(I hope)

  45. I would venture to say that this board is heavily populated with Dell+IB users...just an observation...I could be wrong...Perhaps it is not a high percent given their size though.

    Michael B.

    LOL...Dell should be an advertiser here.....(maybe they are and I have not noticed)
  46. Longshot, I cannot take credit for revealing your new discovery to you....I got the link from an earlier poster here on Elite....

    (I will probably try them out though)

    Michael B.

    P.S. wheres Bin Laden? (I need a drink)


  47. i think DELL just lost my business.
  48. At $526.00 just get a new one each year.....lol

    Michael B.

  49. Exactly. Why not!

    they use "real" components, real choices, site is well laid out and easy to navigate.

    [i'm excited :D ]

    DELL could take a few lessons here..

  50. take $39.00 off for the choice, "no card" and "no speakers"..... pop in your quad and your ram, load up pro, plug in your monitors...your good to go...

    Michael B.

    P.S. oh yeah...get the sexy black case

    P.S.S. and hey...you even get the keyboard and mouse...with free shipping

  51. yeah, all my cases are ugly dull boring beige. i want one those colored (yellow!, maybe) "Alien-Ware" see thru cases with flashing neon lights, temperature gauges (and oh yeah, can ya get a tachometer too??! i like to rev those CPU cycles to da red line! :D )

    I need a little excitement in my dull dull life.

  52. Longshot....try dating women...ok :eek:

    Michael B.

  53. i need a little color there too... no more beige for me! :p
  54. get a lil xtra RAM too

  55. Much rather prefer the one I just built.

    Will last several years.

    Great fun building it too.

  56. Does she put out? How bout some specs....?

  57. i've built 'em too but with prices like that why bother?
  58. Prices look decent with Cyber but I still would like more component options -- choices.

    Wonder if they tend to build there units just like Dell -- Upgrade or add ons are hell.

  59. wadda ya mean, they use "real" components. and there are TONS of choices. :confused:
  60. Apparently, CyberPower needs a 10-day lead time to ship which tells me they build and test to order....

    I believe Dell "adds on" to tested base units after the fact, but do not retest and integrate the final unit.......but I do not know these things....so don't hold me to it...

    But my guesses sound good and seem reasonable...

    Michael B.

  61. You need to page through the configurator....there are 3 pages.

    Michael B.

  62. Come on guys I did that.

    Put in PC Power and Cooling unit for power supply in new unit.

    So demand high quality components at least in my trading pc.

    Mushkin L2 PC3500.
    1 Gig.

    Also put out extra for that.

  63. Yes, part of the ram is "blocked off" for video use. As long as you are not frequently moving application windows so that you see the ghost shadows of the edge (or gaming, of course), it may not be at all obvious your rig has shared video.

    Some integrated MBs have an AGP slot; others do not. And yes, just about any video card will have greater graphics capability than integrated... However, I hear the latest version of Intel integrated graphics and the new ATI 9100 onboard are really very good quality display, though not "speedy" for gaming.
  64. I have one of the Cyberpower computers with the "z-alien" case (in silver). It is a little hokey looking with the alien look and glowing red "eyes" at night....lol, so I probably would not order that model for an office. The one I ordered last year was more understated.

    But the case is as big as a 747. You could put the Grand Canyon in there and have left over room. You can "add-on" very standard fitting components until you are old and gray and not run out of room. They carry quite a lot of stuff.... Thermaltake and Super Alien power supplies, Sony, Western Digital, ATI, Creative Labs... there is no "house branded" components. Both of my computers came EXACTLY as I spec'ed. I checked carefully against the build sheet. The Windows XP Pro came loaded with very little "extra crap" added, I deleted Earthlink and McAffee trial software. That was it.

    Cyberpower is a Chinese company (southern california) so you know they drive a lean, mean operation. Cheap prices, no showroom, no hand holding, no latte. One day out of warranty? Sorry Charlie! (Not that I am racist in any sense, I live in So. Ca and am married to a Japanese/American, best friend is Argentinan and another Korean...there is no majority/minority in my circle)
  65. pretty funny.. :p
  66. Ok ....thats it!!! NO LATTE'

    Make room and move over the Rice-cooker: http://www.geocities.com/thienwp/weblog.htm

    And get oe of these....


    Michael B.

  67. I must say it is basic...but does accomplish the goal....Site ran slow but we are not buying that.....its the product that counts...

    The links to the left with the price ranges were rather helpful...The sortable by price list that those links produced were great! (prices very similar to Cyber...but look at 800mhz bus...those prices if comparing to Cyber were higher)

    Prices seem reasonable.....I think it accomplishes the same thing as CyberPower, but doesn't CyberPower have better prices, for what you get?

    Michael B.

    P.S. No offense I am allergic to E-Bay when it comes to these sort of purchases. (funny a lot of my stuff I got there, so I am being a sort of a hypocrit....I just don't like E-Bay)

  68. I tried to price out a computer similiar to the one I got from Cyberpower. It cost $1724. The Cyberpower one cost $1349. And internetishop.com did not spec out the power supply anywhere on the build sheet so who knows what sort of power supply would be provided. Also I did not see an option for the extra USB outlets or 6 in 1 card reader I got. So these would probably even be more cash.

    No soup for you! (j/k'ing...I should'nt be drinking while I am posting)


    Soup Kitchen International
    8th Ave. and 55th St.
    259A West 55 Street NYC
  69. Thanks for the comparison (and the sarcasm). I have no interest in the link I posted.

    I will probably get my next computer from Cyberpower unless I hear anything that changes my mind.
  70. Nothing personal....just fooling around a bit on a rainy Sunday.

  71. Here is a nighttime view of the "z-alien"....I probably would not order it again. The kids like it though....not sure what I was thinking.

  72. me too.
  73. I input the same specs on both Dell and InternetiShop and found Dell to be cheaper. For a 3.0Ghz Pentium 4 system with 1GB Ram, 120GB harddrive, a gamer-friendly Radeon 9800 Pro video card, XP Professional, and various other things, Dell wants $1516 (including shipping) and InternetiShop wants $1828.

    Maybe InternetiShop has better prices on ebay or for some other configuration, but you should shop around before purchasing from them.

    P.S. That z-alien case is too funny!
  74. Actually I can remove the "bug eyed" front cover (and probably will if I get more remarks :-\ ) and it looks pretty normal. It does not look quite as juvenile during the day or with the lights on.

    My wife did give me the "dumb ass" look though when she saw it. lol

    There are some goofy cases out there....

  75. Do your research, though. It's up to you to configure the right machine. I would do some things differently next time, if I were to use Cyberpower again.

  76. No, they are all componenent, easy to upgrade.

  77. Me too....what? you idiot

    Your at it again, trying to build up your meaningless posts.....

    Michael B.

    P.S. ET should limit the number of posts per hour to cause people to put some thought into their posts....

  78. Last July, I bought a "refurbished" Dell 8300 for $775.00
    It came with the EXACT same warranty as a new Dell.

    The Dimension 8300 came with a Pentium 4 at 2.60 with the 800 front side bus and Intel 875 motherboard, 512 MB of PC-3200 RAM, a Western Digital Hard Drive and Windows XP-Pro.

    For all of the "rookies" out there that talk a lot of crap about Dell and have no idea what they are saying, the Intel 875 motherboard is the top of the line motherboard, complete with Serial ATA onboard support.

    I added another 512MB of RAM for $118.00

    I replaced the stock power supply unit with a 400 watt "Silencer-400" from PC Power & Cooling for $150.00, and just recently added a 36.7 Gig Western Digital Serial ATA "Raptor" Drive that has an 8mb buffer and runs at 10,000 RPM for another $120.00

    So for $1163.00 I got a pretty fast and reliable system.

    Is Dell Tech Support "fair" at best?
    Yes, it is . . . and it can be very frustrating at times.
    It "works" for the basic kinds of inquiries, but becomes the luck of the draw when you are asking about more complicated issues. The neat thing about Dell is the Community Forum, where one can get a ton of info and answers on the message boards . . .
    It has worked well for me, and I have purchased 2 refurbished units since 2000, with no problems at all.

  79. How do you like that Silencer-400? It sounds (or rather doesn't sound!) nice.
  80. you dont need all that fancy stuff. if this isnt enough computer to make money with you might have some other problems.

    Free Quadruple memory, Feb 23
    Dell Small Business has Quadruple free memory on Dimension 8300 and XPS desktops. Dimension 8300 P4-3Ghz/800Mhz Free 1GB DDR400 RAM (Normally $210)/Free 80GB HD, CD, GeforceFX 5200 video card, Ethernet, XP Home $649 shipped free. Exp 2/25

    Click Featured Systems under 8300, Customize it on left config, Select 4x Memory for free/Free 80GB HD
  81. It is amazing what can be had for the money compared to just a year ago.
  82. Anybody ever wonder why those systems are so cheap?

    If it sounds to good to be true; it prolly is.

  83. Computers have become commodities....

  84. and everythings moving to 64 bits, 32's are dead meat, get them out the door while they still can.
  85. To me the computer is like a toaster....but I want a really good toaster.
  86. Nothing wrong with that, especiallly if you're selling toast.
  87. 64's comin.

    But is the software caught up?

    Are all the bugs worked out?

    Want a reliable system for the next couple of years?
    Go with the old.

    In two years all the software and bugs worked out.

    We all have enuf bugs to deal with.
    Trading software.

  88. Agree, the gamers will drive the 64's. The sweet spot of price/ value is always one edition removed just as in cars the sweet spot is comming off of two yr. leases with low mi. I do believe however that the " gaming the market" industry, which is how I percieve myself, will find some one to create software to fit the hardware. Like it or not , computer against computer is coming, already here in fact. Doesn't mean it's the only way to go or the only concept that will be viable but things are definitely moving on.
  89. The "Silencer-400" installed in a snap!

    Weighs twice as much as the stock Dell power supply unit and comes with much more powerful +3.3V, +5V, and +12V rails.

    Only PC Power & Cooling units will fit Dell boxes.

  90. It's comforting to know that it all ends with the speed of light....

    Michael B.

  91. Yes,

    I need one more screamer badly, but I refuse to buy another 32-bit system.

    As I noted on another thread, my next system is a Quad Opteron machine.

    I will probably just populate it with 2 Opteron 840's to begin with, then when they come down in price, get another two. That at least provides the illusion of it being affordable :D

  92. Just another two?

    You disappoint me at least get another four.


  93. I would, but it only takes a _total_ of four.

    nitro :D
  94. So, its a new playstation you need eh?! I thought nearly everyone had already ditched the old PS1 and had a playstation 2! Dont you worry though, cos I have one for sale - still in the box. Complete package is as follows:

    1 Playstation 2, 2 controllers, 1 memory card.

    Tell you what, Ill even throw in 5 games for free including a highly addictive sea-bass fishing game.

    My price = $50

    Let me know

    Happy gaming

    PS2 selling-trader