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New FireWall - Can't access Platform - Need Help

  1. I work on a network and they just installed a new firewall that will not allow streaming audio or video.

    Of course this interferes with my trading platform.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to work around this? If at all possible

  2. There's a program named OffSurf that may be able to help.
    Haven't used it, just seen reference to it on the web.

  3. great. I can't access the dowload because the site for the dowload is blocked also.. LOL

    I'm reading up on some info. that may help though.

  4. your best approach, imo, is to leave the trading computer at home, and then use a VPN from the office to your house. VPNs generally go through firewalls just fine.

    Then run remote desktop, citrix or something like that.

    Another choice is to go through a proxy server, but most good enterprise class firewall dynamically disable known proxy servers for this exact reason.

    Edit: even simpler - get yourself one of those sub $500 netbooks and a broadband wireless card. That way you're completely free.
  5. thanks. I just contacted a VPN provider. only problem is when at work, I have to hide my trading. will I be able to toggle back and forth fairly easily?
  6. think of the VPN as a "modem". You (using the internet), "dial" into your home computer.

    You view your home desktop (aka remote desktop) as a window on your current desktop. If anyone comes to visit you at the office, you close the remote desktop window or minimize it. Home computer is still running/trading, but it's no longer visible.
  7. Okay.. that doesnt' work because the firewall seems to be blocking access to the VPN.

    Do you know if I can use a local internet connection (the one that plugs into the USB port) and do a local area connection outside of the network?

    thanks for the help.
  8. You would have to ask the computer administrator to open up the ports which he probably won't do.

    Do you work in proximity to a "public" wireless hotspot? If so, you could piggyback on one of them with a laptop computer.

    You could also use those 3G laptop based wireless services like Verizon and AT&T offers but beware their usage is not unlimited so you can't stream quotes all day.

    As for using any business network and trying to hide things by toggling the screen, I don't recommend it. The computer administrator most likely has monitoring software that is tracking your every move. Use the business computer only for work and keep personal stuff at home or on your own computer.
  9. The OP is a thief, stealing from his company for personal gains. It is morally wrong to help him to steal.

    Unless your company has trading account for you, you should talk to your company IT person.
  10. Yes.. I guess you could see it that way. But trust me when the CFO who sits behind me and does nothing all day but his own personal finances because he's about to retire, as well as many others here screwing around all day, I don't feel guilty. Not that that makes it right.. just saying, I don't feel guilty.
  11. I called and they said you are limited to 5 gigs per Month for downloading. Unlimited on web Browsing.

    Not sure if 5 gigs is enough to trade with.

    Does anyone know?
  12. Sounds like a well managed business... Can I get on the payroll ?
  13. yeah. you'd be surprised how many slackers work for big companies.

    we have people at Shell that say its so laid back in Shell's office it gets boring sitting around with not much to do.
  14. Yes, its enough.
  15. thanks.

    My tech support also said it would be enough.

    have you used one? does it pick up well inside an office building?
  16. I don't have one but I have users that do and it works fine in inside buildings - basically the same issues as cell phone reception. If you have doubts make sure you can return it during the first X days in case it doesn't work out for you.

    If you want to monitor/manage your monthly bandwidth consumption there are many apps out there that can do that for you.
  17. Great. thanks for the help

  18. Net Meter is just one of those apps that you could use to monitor your Internet usage.

  19. one more question.

    through the network we're connected to a LAN for our internet connection. it won't allow me to delete that connection cause I need administrative rights.

    can I create a new connection using an internet card and bypass that internet connection?
  20. I don't know what the options are when you dont have admin rights but normally you could set a default route so that all traffic that isnt destinated for your local subnet goes over the wireless card.

    Worse comes to worse you could always physically disconnect the LAN cable then definitely all traffic will go over the wireless connection.

    Of course that raises an interesting point...if you don't have admin rights will you be able to install the wireless card software (drivers/connection manager)? ....hmmmmm, you'd better check on that before you dive in.
  21. Well I was able to download my trading platform so we'll see as far as setting up the card.

    when I disconnect the LAN the computer runs extremely slow for some reason.

    I do have one other option and that is to use my laptop but it'd make it much easier if I could use the network computer.

    thanks for the help.