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New definition of romance

  1. "While the 40-year-old actress (Pamela Anderson) declined to name names, she divulged that her new companion was a professional card player and that the two made a love connection following some high-stakes strip poker.

    "I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors, and I fell in love," Anderson, 40, told DeGeneres. "It's so romantic. It's romance."


    Call me old fashioned, but we used to have a different word for such an action. :)
  2. Fast forward several years.

    "Honey, you're not romantic like when we first met."

    "Well, you've just gotten better at cards, what else can I tell ya."
  3. Although Pam isn't remotely my type, she is considered a hot chick by many. If you are a male pro poker player and a hot chick agrees to play strip poker with you... I've got news flash for you. She's really into you and wants you to win; or she is loose'n'easy (yeah, in a good old fashioned way). Or both, preferably.
  4. i wouldn't get her too hot..

    she's liable to melt :D
  5. [​IMG]
  6. can't you find your own pics, man :p
  7. If you would like to lick her for free:

  8. she tastes just like a stamp, go figure :mad:

    i guess i could get used to it :p
  9. Get the scratch & sniff poster instead.
  10. Ever notice that when I guy hooks up with Pam his career ends.
  11. Anderson reportedly to marry again
    Mon Oct 1, 2007 11:10am EDT

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The stars of two of the most infamous celebrity sex videos to surface on the Internet may be headed for holy matrimony.

    Onetime "Baywatch" beauty Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon, a former boyfriend of Paris Hilton, applied for and were granted a marriage license in Las Vegas on Saturday, the syndicated TV show "Access Hollywood" has reported.

    Representatives for Anderson and Salomon were not immediately available for comment on Sunday.

    Earlier this month, Anderson, 40, said on the talk show hosted by comedian Ellen DeGeneres that she was engaged, but declined to identify her fiancee, other than to say he was a poker player, according to "Access Hollywood."

    It would be the third marriage for Anderson, who gained international stardom playing buxom lifeguard C.J. Parker on the TV show "Baywatch."

    Anderson and her first husband, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, with whom she appeared in a widely circulated sex video, divorced in 1998 after three years of marriage and two children. She and her second husband, Kid Rock, divorced last year after four months of marriage.
    ............He later dated Hilton in a relationship memorialized in an infamous "night-vision" sex tape that also gained wide Internet exposure before it was distributed as a porn film titled "One Night in Paris."


    Geez, again in My Town, LOL.