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My trades

  1. So I sold my 500 sh BBY at $36.70. From my buy of $33.82, I'm off to a good start with $1440 - $14 scottrade's comm.

    acct now at $21,567.47
  2. Bought 120 shares of AAPL at $277.52. Using quite a lot of margin on this trade too.
  3. Sold 120 shares AAPL at $292.18. Making me a nice 1745.20
  4. I bought 170 shares of VMW at $87.80
  5. Trade Date Action Symbol/Desc. Qty Price Comm. Net Amount Gain/Loss for symbol
    09/30/2010 O STC RIMM Oct10 47.5 Call 5 $2.25 $14.95 $1,109.98
    09/27/2010 O BTO RIMM Oct10 47.5 Call 5 $2.47 $14.95 ($1,250.00) ($140.02)
    Total Realized Gain/Loss for RIMM ($140.02)
    Total Realized Gain/Loss ($140.02)

    Just subsribed to Universal series
  6. Trade Date Action Symbol/Desc. Qty Price Comm. Net Amount Gain/Loss for symbol
    10/01/2010 O BTC NFLX OCT 2010 170 C 2 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
    09/30/2010 O STO NFLX OctWk1 170 Call 2 $0.58 $14.95 $101.02 101.02
    Total Realized Gain/Loss for NFLX $101.02

    Total Realized Gain/Loss ($39.00)
  7. 10/06/2010 O STC IBM Oct10 135 Call 6 $3.15 $14.95 $1,874.95
    09/27/2010 O BTO IBM Oct10 135 Call 6 $1.92 $14.95 ($1,167.01) 707.94
    Total Realized Gain/Loss for IBM $707.94

    Total Realized Gain/Loss $668.94
    10/06/2010 O BTC NFLX OctWk2 170 Call 5 $0.24 $14.95 ($135.00)
    10/05/2010 O STO NFLX OctWk2 170 Call 3 $0.45 $14.95 $120.01
    10/04/2010 O STO NFLX OctWk2 170 Call 2 $0.83 $14.95 $151.02 136.03
    Total Realized Gain/Loss for NFLX $136.03

    Total Realized Gain/Loss $804.97

    Tweaked the NFLX trade. Original trade includes NFLX Oct 170 call bought at $5.6, will post that loss once closed. I started with the Oct. 1 calendar spread, as seen in post above, and had moved to Oct. 8 $170 call, but have closed that too, now have credit spread using Oct. 8 160 call bought at $1.01. Once that short is closed, I'll try to create another credit spread with NFLX Oct. 160 call or something in that sort.

    So far, I got $237.05 back, if I can keep the darn 160 call at $0 by Friday night, that's another $500 back, leaves me with $900 loss, which feels better than that $1629 it cost in the first place.
    10/07/2010 O BTC NFLX OctWk2 160 Call 5 $0.12 $14.95 ($75.00)
    10/06/2010 O STO NFLX OctWk2 160 Call 5 $1.01 $14.95 $489.99 414.99
    Total Realized Gain/Loss for NFLX $414.99

    Total Realized Gain/Loss $1,219.96

    Okay, so I closed the short 160 calls for net $414.99. tweaking this thing again, I shorted the 155 calls for $0.45 with expiration tomorrow. I don't think NFLX can go much higher than $155 tomorrow as it couldn't even do that today. And sorry, the cost is actually $1668.95 including commission and everything (I'll put that trade here once its closed). So far, I've gotten $652.04 back. That leaves me with $1,016.91 to go. The original options are worth $51 per contract now, so only $200. If I can let the short 155 call expire worthless tomorrow, that adds another $209.99 to the NFLX trade and lowers my cost to $806.92. Ha, it will be interesting to see if I can actually lower it some more next week creating more credit spreads....although a chunk of the my money will be held up in this trade. I guess the only good thing is that my IBM profits will not go down in vain.

    In all, I do have $7500 tied to the trade for now with the credit spread at 155/170 on 5 contracts.
    10/08/2010 O STC AMED Oct10 25 Put 5 $0.75 $14.95 $349.99
    09/30/2010 O BTO AMED Oct10 25 Put 5 $1.80 $14.95 ($915.00) -565.01
    Total Realized Gain/Loss for AMED ($575.01)

    10/08/2010 O BTC NFLX OctWk2 155 Call 5 $0.05 $14.95 ($40.00)
    10/07/2010 O STO NFLX OctWk2 155 Call 5 $0.45 $14.95 $209.99 169.99
    Total Realized Gain/Loss for NFLX $169.99

    Total Realized Gain/Loss $834.94

    I got a loss from their AMED trade. I did get out of the short NFLX call at with that $169.99 gain in 2 days lol. What I did now is short the 150 call that expires today. Sold it for 0.75. I think NFLX will stay below $151 today and I'm playing on that notion. If NFLX does trade above $151, I will close out before the day is over. Taking on risk, but it just seems like the right move with NFLX and the over all market in a daze. I'll post up that winner tomorrow if I can catch it. Still, I now have to put up $10,000 to hold this thing here as it created a credit spread.

    So far, my realize gain is $834.94, but still have that hefty loss on NFLX Oct. 170 call that cost over $1600, and is now worth $170. Yep still at a loss......unless I can make a miracle happen with those 150 short today and another short spread position next week. This will be a miracle.
  11. wow, I've been nervous for the past 5 minutes as nflx kept testing that $150 mark. Looks like I'm keeping the entire $359.99 though wooooooohoooooooooooo.....................

    Okay, so once that trade is out of my position list by Sunday I hope, I will have made $1182.02 from all the shorts I put on NFLX. If I sell the 5 170 call long at I might get about $125 back. The 5 long NFLX Oct 16 170 call did cost me $1668.95, so I would see a loss of -$360 on the entire trade if I close the long Monday. Screw it, I'm going to tie $5000 and try to short the 160 call on Monday. If I can get $1.02 or better and get about $500 back, I should be breakeven on even make a buck on the entire trade. Heck, I might even try the 155 call short at $2.02 and get $500 for my effort. Hopefully NFLX continues to trade below $150 as that's what I'm basing all this on. Still, I had contemplated sitting on the trade with the loss, but looking good now hahahahahahahhaah.....
  12. Well, depressing part is the 3 open positions, PLCE call +80 APOL call -906 and that NFLX call -1,499. Looks like that 1184 in realized gain is going down the drain soon...
  13. ill cut to the chase before someone else gets to this thread. here is the common theme you will get in regards to feedback

    1. stop trading until you get your emotions and trade plan under control
    2. stop taking on so much risk relative to the size of your account
    3. at 7500.00 in one trade on a 20k account, you are 3 trades away from losing your entire account.

    you will hear some other stuff, but most of it will revolve around the stuff above.

    it will then be followed up by

    you need to clock 10,000 hours
    you need to get on a sim until you can make money on that

    not trying to discourage you, just giving you a fair warning before people start getting nasty
    10/08/2010 O BTC NFLX OCT 2010 150 C 5 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
    10/08/2010 O STO NFLX OctWk2 150 Call 5 $0.75 $14.95 $359.99 359.99
    Total Realized Gain/Loss for NFLX $359.99

    Total Realized Gain/Loss $1,184.93

    Well, that's the trade that expired worthless....
    Thanks for the heads up. Well, I'm collecting an unemployment check so that covers my weekly personal cost. Job market here is depressing so nothing out there. My plan here is just to test out trading after reading how everyone else here and on other blogs are making it. One thing I found common is experience is key and some actually said that live trading brings more experience than sims trading.

    As for $7500, I think that was the margin I had to put up for the credit spread I tweaked. After calculating, I think the only way I would actually lose that entire $7500 is if NFLX suddenly ran up to $170 yesterday. I'm home bumming now, so I watched the market all day yesterday and while the market was going up, NFLX did nothing, couldn't even beat up on $155, which is why I closed out the short 155 in favor of 150. I figured, I had about 5 hours of risk on trade and my breakeven on the short would be at $150.75 anyhow. Also noticed that at expirations, these stocks tend to stick very close to round numbers, pretty basic there as I'm sure the market makers would work their magic so that none of their short positions on both sides are in the red.

    Again, thanks for the heads up......this journal will actually allow be to go back and see how I changed a trade and if the change benefit me. I actually have all my trades up there in order and I'm getting a good idea on how the entire NFLX process is helping me so far.
  15. Out netflix:

    10/11/2010 O STC NFLX Oct10 170 Call 5 $0.63 $14.95 $299.99
    10/05/2010 O BTO NFLX Oct10 170 Call 3 $1.73 $14.95 ($533.98)
    09/30/2010 O BTO NFLX Oct10 170 Call 2 $5.60 $14.95 ($1,134.97) -1,368.96
    Total Realized Gain/Loss for NFLX ($1,368.96)

    Total Realized Gain/Loss ($184.03)

    Yep, loss is -184 but much better than before lol. If I did nothing, I would have just been sitting at this -1300 loss. I'm not done yet though, I bought 160 calls for 2.59 earlier today. I wonder if NFLX is reversing higher??

    The surprise was actually my PLCE call that was nice this morning after that gymb news. Lesson learned here is I should have pulled the trigger on PLCE when I saw it open.
  16. Started new this year, used up all but $5,150

    I already put in 6 trades with outcome of +$5.24. Yep, freaking 5 bucks in ten days.

    Open positions
    1 Har feb 42.5 puts at $0.10 -$163
    2 Lulu mar 75 calls at $5.60 +$469
    2 Open feb 85 calls at $5.00 +$0
    170 shares NTGR at $36.33 +$200.60

    unrealized gain/loss:: +$506.60

    If I can realized these gains, it could be nice.
  17. Yep, took some hits and losses but I'm back at another try, this time with help.

    I bought 3 CREE jan 24 2014 $62.5 call/ and 3 CREE jan 24 2014 $62.5 put for -2160 plus comm.

    I also bought 3 IBM jan 24 2014 $190/$195 call spread @ $1.80 average price for -540 plus comm.

    I believe both are reporting earning reports today and I have set up position according to the potential move after the reports.

    By the way, this is $4,100 that I can lose if I do lose it all...Hoping for a 1000% return....:D
  18. I bought 3 CREE jan 24 2014 $62.5 call/ and 3 CREE jan 24 2014 $62.5 put for -2160 plus comm.

    I also bought 3 IBM jan 24 2014 $190/$195 call spread @ $1.80 average price for -540 plus comm.

    So I adjusted my positions, I sold CREE 62.5 put @ $0.78 taking a loss of -$835.1 with commission.

    I expect total loss on IBM call spread, so that's going be a locked -$540 loss; but I bought 4 IBM Feb 22 2014 $180 put @ $2.50 for ~-$1,013 (w/comm.) expecting selling to continue over next 2-3 weeks.

    On the CREE 62.5 calls, my breakeven point is $6.42 or about $70 on the shares. Somehow, I expected CREE to move by an average of +/-15% or more, but that just didn't happen this time. As a matter of fact, this would be the smallest post earning move the past 5 reports if it stays under +/-9%. I think I'll look to adjust position add more CREE call position just to make up on the rally.
  19. And used the remaining capital on SNDK jan 24 2014 $75 call @ $0.99 costing me -$508. Got $98 in cash left, looks like I'm putting all capital to use right now, all or nothing on CREE IBM and SNDK
  20. I already had that loss on IBM call spread, but took additional losses on CREE to a total of -1,116 on that trade and the SNDK call was a total loss of -508. Overall, Not looking good again, except for my IBM feb 180 puts, which are close to a double and will cover some of the losses. Starting to think puts are the way to run the next few weeks.

    *$923.21 in cash and IBM trade is at $4.65 giving my account a little over $2,783, a loss of -$1,317 so far. It could have been worse though no doubt.
  21. Out of IBM puts with a smile :). Just glad to lock in a big profit here.
  22. Alright, cash is $2965.11 about a loss of -1135. I felt like I got away with one there. There's a lot of movement this week, will probably take a position on FB and ALGN. Those are the two I'm looking forward to.
  23. Damn me, feeling like I saved someone on the other side of the IBM trade. I thought IBM would stage a rebound at levels yesterday, but screw me. IBM is looking to drop below $176 and I think my put options would have been as high as $6.00.
  24. I think FB is going down and Visa is going up. Just set up V Jan call spread @ $1.48 and FB put spread @ $1.17. Cost for both trades came to -1471.90.
  25. Well, FB is at new highs. Those 4 FB jan weekly 47/51 put spread I bought at $1.45 is going to $0. On the bright side, my call trade on V nailed the reversal play with the call spread as V is up to $224 this morning. Looking to recover FB loss and more.
  26. Used the rest of my cash to buy FB calls just minutes ago. Let's see that momentum run, and I'd like to make my money back.
  27. Looks like FB wasn't done trading higher. Bought these 61 calls on day after earnings, and it is going to give me a net profit as I finally shake off that ugly start.
  28. Added 4 TRIP feb 85/90 call spread at 1.90 today.
  29. Note to self, FB post earnings is good for a profit. Sold FB FEB 14, 2014 $61 calls today at $3.95 for a gain of +1,570.02 and took off the TRIP call spread from yesterday at $4.15 for a gain of +810.06. Overall, I'm not sitting at $5,005.71 +$905.71 from my initial account of $4100. Glad to pull this through after dropping as low as +$1800 at one point.
  30. Bought some (5) UBNT Mar 50 calls today @ $3.35. UBNT was breaking out and this should be the entry point. I also bought 4 SAVE Mar 50 calls @ $3.80 this morning. Used about -$3225 on both trades. I'm setting up for March to see if this rally stands.