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More brokers and other fancial people than real traders.

  1. Don't you think there are more brokers, specialists, sales people hanging around than the real traders. I mean this is very true during week days 8-5. Of course, some of these people are available 24/7 but much fewer than the regular working hours. Imagine the names on ET. You know it. And you know what they want.
  2. and you are JUST figuring this out?
  3. Like the goldrushes of old, there are the few that make a lot of money; the majority that go through hell and lose all their stake. And there are the consistent winners who sell the shovels, the worthless land and dreams.
  4. hey this newsletter's been picking everything on a dime!........
  5. waxing poetic this evening, are we?
  6. NoMoreOptions, I recently read a quote in a major newspaper by a renowned economist that was word for word the one I wrote! It was a copy/paste job.

    See, the guys you mention, plus analysts and economists don't "trade for a living" they just write about it - as you can see by the recent 800 point move on the EUR/USD all the analysts and economists were predicting that EU would cut its interest rate - but, I, being a trader, knew there was no way in hell the rate would be cut.

    The economists and analysts and bank/desk traders moved the markets with their BS, but when the announcement came out, sure enough the european central bank did NOT cut the rate - exactly as my indicators signaled.

    Suddenly you started reading all those guys remulching their stories! They are all full of such BULLSHIT it is pathetic. The college-educated MBA and PhD worthless bastards. They have no idea what end is up because they do not live or die from each trade based on their decisions.

    I am a high school drop-out and worked my ass off all my life, pushing pennies around to survive - that is my education. So far I am doing well adapting to trading for a living.

    They hang out here because they know there are real traders like us who post here. Ha!

    Good observation!

  7. Fancial?

  8. Perhaps he meant fancy? Fanciful? Farcical? Ferklempt?
  9. "They hang out here because they know there are real traders like us who post here. Ha!:

    Good observation!

  10. ET is just a comunity of people in the Financial world....and I highly doubt anyone on this site is taking seriously, let alone REAL TRADERS....

    Et chat, real time during trading hours is ok be even then you get yahoos coming on calling markets and predicting moves...

    So, im not so sure individuals come to this site to read what the real traders from ET have to say, , because IMHO....most of the so called Real traders are full of shit.

    BUT there are a few, who can be helpful and have intellectual insight on things.
  11. Well, we now know who at least one of the brokers is.

  12. Story in the NY Times today about how MBA's are losing jobs at a faster rate than ever. Why? Mostly because there's a glut of them, produced by the Higher Ed propaganda machine.

    What we need are more illiterates and know-nothings , not more Phd's.
  13. Where do I apply?

  14. Umm yeaa, thats me, Im a broker, Damn, howd you catch on?

  15. trade station respects this site enough. When a person opens an account a question of reference has et as a source selection. I suppose some of you guys are the real deal.

    I'm impressed by the knowledge. I hit the jackpot when I found this site during my second month as a trader. All the info I need to know is mixed in here. I need to read these threads and figure out what each of the top et participants are conveying to further my education. Sometimes life is easy. Imagine if you came upon this site after two months of trading.

    Cheers! and thanks
  16. There are some amazing FOREX traders here, with great insight and tons of knowledge regarding various cross-rates, support/resistance levels, central bank issues, etc.

    One of the more in-depth posts that I ran across recently touched upon the recent terrorist activity in Spain, with the following logic:

    200 people die in Madrid on a commuter train at the hand of terrorism. This is very bearish for all dollar-denominated assets. Sell the USD, and sell US equities.

    Guess what?

    The next day the Dow Jones rallies 100 points and the Nasdaq 40. Hmmmmm....

  17. MBA's are rubber stamps in my opinion. i had attended many MBA courses in my university's business school and one thing kept hitting me: all these people already knew what were in these classes and were just waiting to get out. i got alot out of them though, since i came from a non-financial background.

    it made me wonder, why get an MBA when you learned everything already through work?

  18. is just a "merit-badge" or "brownie-button" that Wall Street Investment banks have glorified and obsessed over for the past 20 years . . . Even though much of what you say is true, you still need it on your resume to have a good chance at getting recruited by a top investment bank.
  19. Yup,

    Just more brainwashing and a MBA shows that you will put up with absolute BS and work slave mentality.
  20. where did you hear that??? ive been saying something similar to that for ages, so im curious as to where you may of heard that...
  21. I agree to a point.......however an MBA can be treated like a degree in Shakespear, or say philosopy. It teaches you to think and problem solve, and to decode. Nothing more, nothing less, the problem is, that for so many years....MBAs where the Trend and like any fashion line.......it becomes a fad then fades away.

    MBAs are a dime a dozen now and M&A, the IB, the rest of those departments are almost non-existant, the .COMs and the VCs are but a few standing.
  22. So does surviving.

  23. Quote from stock777:

    ...What we need are more illiterates and know-nothings , not more Phd's.

  24. stop me if you're heard this one ...

    If the Madrid attack turns out to be al Qaeda linked, they just made Bush look like a monkey's uncle therefore he should be impeached because he has done nothing to stop terrorism but instead has brought this world and nations into direct conflict with powers outside of anyone's control, and rather is responsible for the deaths of countless additional innocent people (men women and children) for which he should be held accountable for and personally sued for wrongful death, pain and suffering.

    The truth is, since there was no WOMD the UN did not and does not back his entry into nor his occupation of Iraq or Afghanistan.

    He should have just got together with the UN and the IMF (whatever the name of that is) and spent the 10s of billions to relocate Iraqis who felt that they didn't like the regime of Sadam, transporting them to countries like the USA to house them and help them start another life for themselves.

  25. Actually member 'Vienna' mentioned goldrush in a pm to me.
  26. aiight... thanks...
  27. 03-13-04 11:05 PM

    Like the goldrushes of old, there are the few that make a lot of money; the majority that go through hell and lose all their stake. And there are the consistent winners who sell the shovels, the worthless land and dreams.

    By Roberk


    Excellent Post

    P.S. When there is no paper trail on performance there is FRAUD...and money up front requests early on .....
  28. Who says that a Broker can't trade?

    just because someone is a Broker does not mean that he or she can't trade and do so rather profitably on a consistent basis.

    That is how I raised accounts back when I was a broker.

  29. same...however i rarely used my firms research, and mostly done well with my own recommendations... but you have to agree for the most part, brokers are salesmen and spend very lil time, researching and studying stocks but focusing more on their "pitches" and "closes..." but i think theyre reffering more to brokerage firms than stockbrokers... unless i misunderstood...
  30. In my HS AP History, we actually learned that the biggest riches were made by the merchants of the gold rush. Selling overpriced goods is always good business. There were miners that discovered enormous riches in gold but after buying supplies, food and shelter, they walked away with almost nothing.

    Churn and burn baby, churn and burn.
  31. Hey Buddy, get in line :D