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Monitor size: 2 big or 4 little?

  1. I'm sitting here pricing lcd monitors and you get much more bang for your buck with the smaller ones.

    I have two 15" lcds and thought about getting two additional 17" lcds. But after I thought about it in terms of $ per sq. in of screen, I could buy 4 more 15" lcds for the price of 2 17".

    So what's your preference, a few big ones or a lot of little ones?
  2. 3 17" monitors work for me. I don't think I could follow 6 15" monitors. I like 3 17" monitors set a 1024X768.
  3. I use two 21" monitors... But I do have flat-panel envy...

  4. I guess im a little behind the times for now. It works ut it get confusing. Still looking for a good grafix card any recomendations would be appretiated! One 17 flat panel
  5. I have one 17 and one 15, I would take two 17 rather than 3 or 4 15.

    Make 'em pretty, Chris
  6. i like 3 21s.it seems to me the gap in the screen with a bunch of smaller monitors tends to make me miss things.its easier to follow less screens.
  7. Quality Counts, But I bought an Envision 17" flat panel for $459 less a $30 rebate (which i havent recieved yet) I am satisfied and very happy with the quality. At the store i didnt see much if any difference between this one and the $1200 one (Not$550's worth thats for sure!)
  8. I'll second the kudos about the Envision flat panels...I have two of them under the glass of my trading desk and they're working great *but* no better than the 19" NEC CRT's that I've got on my desk.

    When I was designing my trading station, I thought about getting a couple of flat panel 17's or 19's for the top of my desk but I just couldn't justify their cost vs. a couple of good 19' CRT monitors. The NEC's are dependable, don't give me headaches, give me better resolution and when compared to the flat panel monitors, were cheap. I just felt that the cash would do more for me if I just left it in my trading account and not on my desk.

    Good trading tomorrow!

  9. Maybe the Envision flat panels are ok but from my experience
    the Envision CRT's are terrible.
    Quality of the picture is the worst.
    If you want quality pay up.
    In the long run its better for your eyes and health.

  10. I'm thinking of a 21" LCD for $1500, which is about 1/10th of what I've lost in the last two weeks on trades.

    LCD's use little electricity, but cheap ones are not sharp. I use a 17" Sony tube for detail and a 15" Radius for charts. A good graphic card is a dual-head ATI Radeon. You can put two of these on an MB and get 4 displays on one computer.

    XP gives sharper detail with LCD's and is a better platform for trading s/w because you won't run out of memory.

    Another advantage to a 21" LCD is you can attach it to your laptop. It is hell to go to a laptop when use to multiple screens.

    Don't use W98 for trading, use NT, W2000, or XP, otherwise, you have these lousy "out of memory" messages.
  11. Who is the manufacturer of 21" your looking at?


  12. I use CRT's and I find my vision going blurry by the end of the session.

    I heard that the higher contrast and lower light emission of Flat Panels are easy on the retinas. Any comments?
  13. I agree that the lcd flat panels are easier on the eyes. The contrast difference is a biggy, But when looking for a monitor dont forget the dpi (flat panel or crt) and refresh rates are important . also the monitors should be compatable as far as refresh rates to insure the graphics card can display at the same resolutions(if preffered)
  14. I just bought 4 digital 15" LCD's from viewsonic. Also got the Appian Rushmore quad-dvi pci card. Expect to have time to try it out by end of week. I'll let you know how it turns out if you can wait that long...

    ... currently use two 17" digital lcd's, 1 24" CRT both at 1600x1200. And a 15" analog lcd at 1024x768.
  15. I use Glare filters for regular monitors. Before I started to use them I had the same problem as you described but now I have no problems with my eyes at all :cool: . It cost me about $120 Canadian (for 19''-21''). You can find them at Staples or look here -
  16. 3 x 15" Display system - X-Top 6 port hub making this system expandable to 6 screens at any time. Features 3 NEC 1500V high quality screens in 3 across formation. Excellent entry level system. Comes with Matrox G550 AGP dual head and Matrox G450 PCI dual head video cards. All you need is a computer and you are ready to go. $2,899

    That's a robbery!!!:mad:

  17. Took have the day off from trading today. Got all four VIEWSONIC VG151b monitors configured on a quad-monitor arm from ergotron. Driven by a quad-dvi APPIAN RUSHMORE pci card, in windows XP. Flawless. I highly recommend this setup. This system is already expensive, but if money were not an issue I'd select 17's, (at lower res for larger text) maybe even 6 of them.

    ELSA makes the best digital LCDs I've seen. Plus their 1/8 inch border makes them fit together almost seamlessly. But ouch! too expensive!
  18. Give us an update in 3 or 4 months.. I'm running 2 17in, one was $1200, one was $600 (In my defense the expensive syncmaster171 has a built-in tuner and can be used as a television as soon as they come out with 21" flatpanels that can do 1600x1200 for the same price..)

    The cheaper lcd, a no-name with great specs, is perfectly serviceable, but definitely lesser quality (even @ 75hz there are some artifacts in my charting application, brightness difference is huge, etc).

    On the flip side, I've been staring at monitors for 12+ hours a day, every day, for nearly a decade (programmer), and I'm picky about this stuff.
  19. I HIGHLY reccomend the smsung 181T and the 191T

    as far as size goes get the 17 you have a higher reslution than a 15 so you will be able to put more stuff on the screen
  20. Just picked up a 18" model E85LCD. Razor sharp imaging. 840.00 dollars.

  21. B what kind did you get nec
  22. Mitsubishi E85LCD

  23. I went from 4 to 7, with 5 19" and 2 smaller ones for trading platforms. For what it's worth, success on trade analysis increased markedly with several monitors dedicated to things like compq, time and sales on my core stocks, more room for the technical things I watch. Found really low prices on ubid, other sites.
    Good luck