MEGA rally tommorow?

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  1. There will probably be a huge rally tommorrow. Everyone is ready to ring off the 2007 with a flood of buy orders and short coverings. Nasdaq futures will be up BIG. And market open higher and surge all day monday. And repeat on tuesday as well.

    4 days of no trading and NO bad econ or geopolitical news AT ALL. Oil going lower to 48 a barrel. NO terror. Hanging of saddam good news. All is ok. Peopel are ready to trade on monday. Time to buy up tons of stock. Not enough stock to be bought. So little time after four days of non trading.

    Fund guys ND MONEY GUYS ARE GONNA START OFF THE YEAR STRONG by buying up stock at the open and driving the markets to 52 week highs. Nasdaq and S&P make new 52 week highs soon.

    AAPL, GOOG, CHAP, GS, BIDU, RIMM, GROW, MA all soar higher
  2. please add to your list intc/c/bls.

    thx :D
  3. And why is that good news? What good happened by that? It only increased the mid-east violence.

    A lot of us just say things because we are spoiled little cowards hiding under the blanket of freedom that the u.s. provides and fail to realize the torture and misery that the rest of the world goes through. For once in your lifetime, put your feet in the shoes of others before making useless comments.

    However, your market comments seem logical. Stick to the market for now...
  4. Please read Mark Cuban's article on why the stock market is for suckers. Your telling us to get into the market after such a huge rally, overbuying and overvaluation. Why were you not telling us to get in over the summer?

    Tommorrow may or may not be an upday, but I dont believe that its time to get into the market.

    How are any of the items on your list great buys? Because they were great buys last year?

    I say that Mark is right. The stock market is for suckers.
  5. notouch


    The OP didn't say "buy and hold" tomorrow - he said big rally tomorrow which looks likely. Profit from it instead of sulking about it.
  6. Um, perhaps you should do some research before posting this. I dont think there is another poster on this entire site who has been more bullish than stock trad3r. He has been ultrabullish for 6 months now. He certainly was right about the market (although a lot of his trades were horrendously timed) but I have to give him credit at least for his right call on the markets overall.

  7. Tomorrow is looking really good. March Mini DOW futures are surging right now up 70.
  8. Don't forget - a lot of data tomorrow
    mega rally can hide mega selloff
  9. Sounds like you should put market on open orders in...don't want you to miss one second of this rally.
  10. I don't care about tomorrow.

    I'm positioning myself with options for the first 1/2 of '07.

    I think we'll see a significant correction before July.

    In fact, I'm betting on it.

    Gravity isn't just for physics anymore.
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