Man Group starts JV to provide selected new U.S. managers extensive business services

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    Man Global Strategies (‘MGS’),1 a core investment manager of Man Investments, announced today the formation of the Founders Incubation Platform (‘Founders Program’), a seeding and incubation platform for U.S.-based hedge fund managers.

    The Founders Program combines a traditional seeding platform with a multi-strategy investment platform. It aims to provide entrepreneurial portfolio managers with a robust infrastructure and sufficient capital so they can concentrate solely on asset management.

    MGS has joined in a strategic venture with Plinthos Capital LLC (‘Plinthos’) to support the program. MGS, which has $US 19bn of client assets under management, has a long history of seeding and incubating managers. MGS provides the investment and working capital for this incubation platform while Plinthos provides comprehensive infrastructure support. Simon Irish, Head of U.S. Manager Selection for MGS, leads the initiative.

    “The Founders Program will enable us to support some of the best money managers t develop sustainable asset management businesses with long-term performance potential,” said Alexander Lowe, CEO of Man Global Strategies.

    Launching an asset management company presents many challenges. The Founders Program will allow startup portfolio managers to concentrate on developing track records and executing their business plans. While on the platform, managers receive a comprehensive set of business services and support to assist them to develop a track record and with the future launch of an asset management business. The business services and support that Plinthos provides include:

    * Office space, including IT and communication support
    * Trading execution technology
    * Efficient settlement and reconciliation infrastructure
    * Sound risk management analytics
    * Legal and compliance support
    * Human resources and recruiting capabilities

    As a result of participating in the Founders Program, a successful portfolio manager will have the opportunity to manage significant capital on behalf of Man Investments, as well as the possibility to form an independent hedge fund investment business.