Looking for feedback: How Bonds Work

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  1. Hey guys,

    My colleague Brandon Rith (formerly a Fidelity FINRA instructor) and I put together a post for college students / trainees looking to learn about Bonds. We had a great discussion come out of our Options post so was hoping to share our new post on Bonds here: https://blog.achievable.me/2019/03/14/how-bonds-work/

    How did we do? I wanted to create a quick-but-informative intro to the topic since Bonds aren't /too/ complicated, at least at this very basic level.

    Thank you,
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    Maybe the concepts of coupons and yield should be mentioned?
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  3. Good point - I should probably call them out more, I'll add that in
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    Muni bonds [ETFs, + ETFs insured muni s ]are still looking good -maybe because people dont want to loan the Feds much anymore.:D:D May want to subscribe to WSJ + IBD-they have such cool lists/charts. i dont know why Ed Seykota compared gov bonds pattern to a cockroach- you will have to US mail him about that; sorry i have no address.:cool::cool: