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London, UK is not cool anymore - I'm leaving

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I'm sorry to announce that the UK is going to the dogs. After leaving more than 14 years in London, the place has turn into hell.

    People are now afflicted of social jealousy, crime is on the rise, the mood is awful, foreigners are not welcome anymore and taxation is on the rise.

    There is an increasing number of people now leaving for more friendly shores.

    It looks like the days of cool Britannia are gone. e're back to boom and bust and bust has only started.

    Awful weather (it's been raining non-stop in July and August and September is not looking good), weak currency (the pound is among the weakest currencies on earth), an incompetent government (have you seen the measures being passed to sustain an over-valued real estate market, it's called socialisation of housing market losses and will result in higher taxation very soon), where is the UK going?

    It won't be long before Russian and Arabs start pulling out of this banana republic. Good bye London.
  2. Perhaps Dubai for a change of pace?
  3. The over-valuation of the western housing markets and the subsequent credit-crisis is truly an aberration. I think it was a grave oversight on the part of western banking and financial institutions, which is now biting back with the emerging markets exploiting the weaknesses.

    But in the end - it's just the modern and more free markets reacting. Too bad so many friends of mine have to pay for this miscalculation.
  4. Sir...but truly...Heathrow has amazingly great dining places...you know that one at the end...
  5. Cradle to grave welfare state; what did you expect?

    Plus, they mostly lost their manufacturing base.

    Isn't there a 'congestion charge' just to drive into downtown London of approx $30 USD?

    On top of all that, the U.K. probably has a much larger housing bubble than the U.S. ever did.

    Plus, the weather sucks.
  6. British humor!

    It's the best in my opinion... but I'm used to it and like it a bit more complex, subtle. The UK also has a lot of great research, history, culture, banking, literature, finance, music, insurance, traditions and nature. They progressed the parliamentary system...
    Chicken Tikka Masala is now the "national dish" - and one of my favourites.
  7. I think the UK is in some sorts of slump where they are redefining themselves - or at least need to. A bit directionless.

    Dubai certainly has a lot more going on, and a clear direction. That entails a lot more opportunity for the entrepreneurially spirited.

    So, if people are looking for action - I guess London is not the hot spot nowadays. Germany and France are a bit more exciting, as well as new-found European nations.

    Moscow would certainly offer everything in terms of opportunity and entrepreneurship, if you could handle the difficulties.

    If banking or finance is the sector - then certainly Hong Kong is the hottest in the world, with Sydney as an interesting dark horse.
  8. Bye bye then, have a safe journey!

    Let's hope this is the start of an exodus, it's about time Londoners got London back.

    Resources in UK have been stretched to the limit, no surprise when everyone arriving at our shores is offered free housing, free money, free medical......and it's the British tax payer who's footing the bill!
  9. yes, it's over for London. I've also see it rise and now it's crumbling.

    It's very sad because I love this city but it's been taking a turn for the worse over the last 3 years.

    Crime is on the rise, youngsters being knifed, true.

    Property market melting. True.

    Social jealousy and foreigners not welcome. True (just check the levy imposed on non-doms).

    Increased taxation. True.

    Inflation out of control. True.

    Sterling crashing. True.

    Total absence of leadership. True. Brown, Darling and NU Labour are completely clueless.

    Poor public services despite high taxation. True.

    I wouldn't want to be a foreign investor long the housing market in the UK now. Arabs, Russians and Indians should indeed take their profits and run.

    HK, here I come. Bye bye UK. See you in 5 to 7 years.

  10. Compared to other inner cities around the world violent drug, gang, and race crime statistics are moderate. When was the last indiscriminate 'drive-by' shooting in London where an innocent by-stander got hit by a stray bullet? Never!

    Property prices over the past 7 years have risen an unsustainable 2 and 300% in some areas of the UK, a correction was inevitable, it's the way the market works.

    Social jealousy has always existed and always will, it's human nature. And sure there is resentment for foreigners, they're a burden on our limited resources yet in the majority they contribute absolutely nothing to society.

    Yes, to pay for all the housing and benefits which immigrants (who contribute absolutely nothing) are getting!

    3% is hardly 'out of control'!

    Sterling was grossly overvalued and made exports too expensive, a correction was inevitable and is excellent for our economy. The US had a supposed 'strong dollar' policy for years while they encouraged the dollar to weaken, now it's someone else's turn :)

    lol, that's nothing new, governments bumble along from one term to the next, the one with the best spin gets votes. Bring back Thatcher, she really knew how to fuck up!!

    Yep, high taxes to pay for all the leeching immigrants therefore public services get neglected simply because of a lack of money, no surprise there is resentment.

    Make it a one-way ticket please, and have a nice trip :)

    Hopefully there will be a few hundred thousand others following shortly, maybe the government could subsidise the air/boat fare.....now that would be worth an extra 1p on the tax rate!
  11. absolutely right. spot on.
    bloody hell :D
  12. yep it's not the Blight I grew up in for sure..but where is?

    The cost of living is an absolaute joke here but doesn't everyone around the world say the same?

    Petrol is: £1.10 per litre. About $10 per gallon (am i right?)

    Aerage house oputside London is about £220,000 = $400,000 and that is pretty smal lcompared to the U.S.A.

    At least we have great free medical care. Don'e the USA people pay a lot for this?

    I am sure if you compare USA to the UK we are about the same.

    Problems in the UK:

    Terrible weather. Oh well not kuch the Government can do about this.

    Cramped: 62 million on this island and going to increasnde to 70 million over the next 30 years. We are far too soft on foreigners coming in. Some parts on London/Midlands/Northwest are like little: India/Pakistan/Poland. And they are get benefits right away.

    High tax high cost of living. You need £50,000 a year to get bye nowadays. Everything has doubled in the past 5 years.

    Far too soft on crime. Kids swear at teachers/police and know there's not a thing that wil lbe done about it. Peoplke murder children and get 6 years. Our prisions are full.

    Oh well...... I won't be here forever.
  13. What a brilliant first post on ET. Why dont you share the news with your friends if you have any. I am certain the anon contributers of ET couldnt give a flying f### who you are or where you are going.

    Ps I am no longer shopping at Tesco's it going to the dogs I am instead only using Waitrose. :D

  14. They stock the Waitrose line in the Dubai supermarket Spinneys,

    "oh look a nice sunny beach from my office window, now where did that tax bill go? Oh that's that's right they don't do tax here" :cool:

    They do do inflation at 22% so can't win em all but 7 quid to fill up my car kind of makes up for it. 5 yrs in London was enough for me
  15. £7?!!... costs me almost £60 to fill my tank!!

    Then again, went to Dubai a few months ago and couldn't help feeling it was just a hot, dusty, concrete playground, sprawling with cranes and construction sites, even on the beach! No history, no culture, just a commercial explosion! :D

    Have heard a lot of Dubai ex-pats talking about Qattar...

    In any case, think I'm gonna stick with Waitrose for the time being...:cool:
  16. Must have learned that crap from us Yanks...
  17. Yep, we need a flush out.
  18. Don't knock the U.K. too much.

    Any nation that can produce Monty Python, Top Gear, Johnny Rotten, Benny Hill, James Bond, Mr. Bean and Samuel Smith's (NOT Sam Adam's which is American and not even close) Old Brewery Pale Ale is a nation that can't be that bad.
  19. Agreed, I do miss a decent pint. mmmm Fullers Honeydew
    <img src="http://www.buyorganics.co.uk/ThumbnailGenerator/Default.aspx?File=a5fc86aaa4004ffd81db9195013013b4.jpg&width=300&height=300">"Brewed with Organic target hops and pure honey. The hops lend a lively and slightly bitter edge whilst the honey adds a smooth and well round slightly sweet flavour. Still very clean and refreshing."
  20. I've got some good news for your Brendan - not everything you read in the Daily Mail is true.
  21. sydney is similar to london although better weather.....mini kowloons here this place is ridicuosly expensive 1.07gbp per litre try 130-140 after the conversion property prices outrageous anything woth a view tack on 20-30% even if the view is by standing on a phonebook...shall i go on
  22. Couldn't agree more. Far too many Russian and other tossers who think they own the place.

    What's that? Oh I see. Been gone a while so I didn't know they did.
  23. The most popular name in the UK is Mohammed...
    What does that tell you?

    Get the fuck out KABOOOOOM
  24. Some positives:

    Capital gains tax was recently slashed to 18%.

    Perfect time zone for trading all world markets.

    Europe & the sunny med is 1-2 hours away by plane.

    Crashing property market means 2010 will be the perfect time to go penthouse shopping.

    Collapsing pound is a great shorting opportunity.

    For foreigners - no tax on foreign-earned income. Automatic business visa if you can deposit 200k at a UK bank.

    Only serious challenger to NYC for financial markets work & networking.

    Immigration - lots of hot young women from all over the world; cheap cleaners & plumbers.

    Crime - on the rise but London does have some of the best boxing & martial arts instruction in the world.

    Social jealousy - have you been to Europe matey?

    Weather - Sick of it raining? That's what pubs were invented for. The lack of humidity is nice, and unlike most places on earth, there is little chance of work or life being seriously disrupted by a hurricane, earthquake, flood, drought, monsoon, heat wave, forest fire or other natural disaster.

    Collapsing economy - hello, this is a trader site, bear markets create bargains and volatility. You should be looking forward to economic distress, not whining about it.
  25. Sir...honestly...does any of this go back to 1776 and losing to the USA?...
  26. It's a disease....called...

  27. See if the US will let you in. You probably got a good 4 years before taxes in the US match those in the UK but whatever you do, do NOT get sick. Even WITH insurance you are screwed if you get sick. Your health may recover but you'll be financially ruined. <b>Welcome to America!</b>

  28. Not to mention the tax they charge you to park on the street and to watch the BBC. I'm surprised the British Gov't doesn't tax by the pound of shit each person delivers. Whoa! That's a pretty big loaf. "A pound for every pound" Parliament says.

  29. Hey, don't go giving them any ideas! :D
  30. Although I rather enjoy rain, I concur with your synopsis. My visits to London were quite memorable for the history and the young ladies, but that was a while ago, and my recent visits were not as enjoyable. The Muslims are taking you over and are eating your budget via welfare. Dubai is working on a tower with a maximum height around 200 stories, about half a mile high: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080902/lf_afp/uaeconstructiondubai_080902181153 More Muslims, but if you can ignore the belt bombs, it might be passable with air con.

    If the terrain weren't merely sand, can you imagine the view from that penthouse?
  31. Far be it for me to stoop to the lowest comment denominator debates, but aren't gulf states pumping money, in large amounts, into the U.K.?

    I know that SIVs and SWFs are helping to support the U.S. treasury market, which basically means they're subsidizing the interest on our massive debt, and they've helped bail out distressed financials on Wall.

    One area the Republicans get right is global liquidity - it's all good, because money does not discriminate.

  32. I forgot something. Russia has the UK by the balls with their energy. If things get worse between the West and Russia, you had better sharpen up your axe for firewood, because Russia can flip the switch and turn off your heating fuel.

    I wouldn't have a Russian friend, anyway.
  33. No such thing in the UK.

    But it's true the government and the quality of life absolutely suck, weather pretty awful a lot of the time. For everybody but the upper class and the daring entrepreneurs, one of the worst place to live in the western world when you consider the ripoff housing market (with shitholes selling for 200,000 pounds), the hooligans & the rapists running around the place and you get 5 years in jail for having a handgun. Otherwise the UK has a lot of fun to offer when you are young and senseless.
  34. Don't think so, my friend. Every single thing the OP posted that he hated about London is essentially flourishing in Moscow.
  35. Mercer, the HR consulting firm, publish annual quality of life surveys.

    Here is an excerpt:

    Worldwide Quality of Living Survey 2008

    2008 ranking
    2007 ranking

    Top 10





    New Zealand






    BOTTOM 10


    Yemen Arab Republic


    Dem. Rep. Of The Congo





    Central African Republic


    London ranks at 38, New York 49, and Dubai 83. Moscow, on the other hand, only narrowly escapes the bottom 10.
  36. :D
  37. What if sick of pubs? Sit on your arse in some other indoor building escaping the rain?
  38. When it rains, grab some little petite spinner and make it rain indoors...
  39. Brendan.....mmm, why don't you feck off back to Ireland then. Germanwhatever, you're obviously a humourless tit. And the other cretins lining up to lay into London, suggesting Dubai, Moscow, Zurich (yawn!) etc could ever be a pleasant city to live in!!!You are screaming assholes. Drink-up, we'll have another, old boy!
  40. Poor Brendan.

    The day the Mithras was demolished many moons ago, now that was a sad day.

    The fx boys in the basement, the 5/8 1/2 sterling depos in the upstairs bar.
  41. Quality of life is different to different people.

    Someone who enjoys the big city and has grown up/accustomed with all the entertainment and diversity that a big metropolitan area offers - would most times value these attributes highly.

    On the other hand, someone who grew up going fishing, hiking outdoors, being around animals or beautiful landscapes and fresh air - they would immensely value that sense of freedom, less crime and environment for raising kids.

    There are some common factors like security, job opportunities, cost of living etc.

    With regards to weather, I for one - coming from Europe and now living in a tropical country like Brazil - there is something to be said for both warm and cold weather. I like windsurfing and being able to hang out on the beach every day. However, I also enjoy not feeling the bothersome heat sometimes, and all the parasites, diseases and health issues in tropical countries really sucks.

    I think the best thing about weather is to be able to have variation at will. I think it's best to live somewhere temperate, but have sun and beaches within reasonable travelling distance. The best would be if you could have any comfortable climate close by - like by the French Riviera or similar.

    When it comes to business opportunities and entrepreneurship - no question that emerging markets offers the most potential and easiest opportunities. However, there is a lot of difficulties - legislation, corruption and inefficiencies one might not be used to handling. That increases the stress levels and frustration like nothing else.

    When it comes to social services like education and health - there is no question that the developed countries and large metropolitan areas offer the best in terms of attending serious illnesses. If you are thinking about old age - you would perhaps prefer a more rustic, nice temperate and calm environment, but it really depends on where you are coming from and what agrees with you, I guess.

    So, in my view - you go where your current situation is most favourable, and as long as you are free to travel and do business many places, it should be easy to sift through the choices. For settling down - no doubt a stable environment without the big threats from nature or social/neighbouring conflict is preferable. Doing business - do it where it makes most sense - it's politically and technologically possible to undertake many types of projects outside your own country or area of residency, but you need to fully understand the dynamics of where you want to do business and the people there.

    I do business with people from Europe, but am living in Brazil for the time being. That works out for me - still. I would not like to do business primarily with Brazilians... hehe, for many obvious reasons, but it's also because I'm in the IT sector again. As an investor in equities - it really doesn't matter that much where you live, as long as you have the information and communication access that you need.
  42. "A pair of quadruple whiskies and another pair of pints please"
  43. Come on boys- it was the Engish that devoped the " flushing toilet"-Sir issac Newton-without which gravity- would not make sense-and neither the nuchlear physics- which was a complement of newtons work- or was that " william tell" who got a apple shot off his head- unlikely.. and " sir frank whittle" the deveoper of the jet engine- so " be proud to be english"
  44. The UK and more specifically London is victim of its success. It became a magnet for lots of different types of ambitions, from the immigrant wanting to make it big to the wealthy Russian looking for a safe heaven.

    Again, let me repeat it, London was great 8 to 10 years ago.

    Unfortunately, years of mismanagement and lack of leadership from people in charge have sunk the place.

    Now that times are turning bad we can see the extent of this mismanagement and all the short-term fixes put forward will have no impact.

    I live here and I experience it everyday. People have been lied to but the biggest problem is that people have lied to themselves in wanting to believe this lies.

    From warriors to weaners, where is the real England gone? To the dogs.
  45. Haven't you booked your ticket yet, try here

    Bon Voyage!

  46. A question to you guys living in London, or who know the city well...

    Are Russians coming there, living and investing a bad thing? Are they increasing crime in London? How do you guys see the wealthy Russians there? Are they appreciating British values/traditions, or just taking advantage of weaknesses?

    I think the UK is experiencing a lot of the problems seen everywhere in Europe, where especially second or later generations of immigrants feel totally left out - without any cultural identity, without the strict rules of their parents culture and without being fully accepted in their new culture. That is why we see so much immigrant crime in Europe, I think. The first generation immigrants looking for work are not so bad - but some of the traumatized war victims are walking mental bombs who lash out at an unsuspecting population from time to time. Especially with rape crimes, it seems the lack of respect for European values and culture is a reaction of how the later generations of immigrants are not adopting what they are supposed to "understand by themselves by living in Europe". I think the stricter emphasis on acquiring "European values" is quite helpful and needed, especially for those cultures that are much farther apart from the European culture. Holland and some other countries have requirements for learning the language, culture and laws now - and I think this is helpful for longer term assimilation into European society.

    Europe is very liberal, and pretty "forgiving" with regards to punitive reactions - but the population at large reacts when pushed too far. Immigration into ghettos is not something that can be tolerated for the good of long term stability.
  47. "I'll take the finest wines available to humanity"

    its cool alright ..August was the coolest on record...get me outta here
  48. In all honesty I still love it but have lived here for 40 years. I don't think it has changed much at all in the past 10 years. There are some areas I would be careful walking through at midnight but very few really.

    Yes there is a Russian influence now but to be honest that is really only impacting the houses worth £10m+ and their numbers are tiny in relation to the population of London of greater than 10m.

    The bigger influence is the influx of poor East Europeans but even then the number is tiny in comparison and I am proud to live in a City that is diversified. These groups of people have not really affected me in any way, good or bad.

    As for crime. Well they now release the stats and in the area I live (they probably break each area down into an area of a few square miles) there was 1 reported crime in July, up from 0 in June. It hardly leaves me living in fear.

    The weather has been shocking this summer -isnt it always. Didnt bother me as I spent it in California and Hawaii. Incidentally the weather in San Fran and North California didnt seem much better either! And whilst abroad I experienced fires in Yosemite and the Big Sur, and earthquake in LA and a volcanoe erupting in Hawaii. I did get back before Hurrican Gustav though!
  49. Just the obligatory post from the 'been there, done that' crowd: The scene in London was fantastically vibrant 15 years ago for those with spare cash to go out to clubs (Astoria, Ministry) and gigs (Brixton Academy, Camden Jazz Cafe) are the first that come to mind. Theme bars were restricted to areas close to Universities and the City boys - not for 'real' drinkers.

    You could drive into the centre of town on a Friday night, find a free (available and a 'single yella') parking spot after 15 minutes looking and leave at 3-7am and drive back home with absolutely no trouble. Then do the same Saturday night.

    The Notting Hill Carnival (before it got too big) was edgy and addictive, shopping in Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, Camden Market was for students and culture vultures who left Oxford Street to the tourists and 'women who lunch'.

    25 years ago the streets were even easier to drive around and the beer was dirt cheap. Soho was quiet, cheap, safe and composed of landlords trying to eke out a living on punters who often didn't have any more money than the waitresses. Brown was the dominant shade in clothing because everything was generally shit, but at least theme-bars hadn't been invented.

    Now I go to London for a few days (last time was in '07) and I don't see anything exceptional about it - sad but true. It's turned into a generic western European city, you'll see similarities all over Europe. Vive la difference, my arse. You can 'do' each European capital in 5 days if you're able/willing to spend 12 hours a day sightseeing.

    They all are definitely worthy of a visit, you might just find something really worth going for if you do your research, but for somewhere to stay for longer give me an emerging market city anytime.
  50. It's Eastern European migrants who are one of the main causes for resentment in London and other cities in the UK, they've formed ghettos and aren't particularly interested in British culture or even learning how to speak English let alone integrate into our society. They come to UK because of the welfare available, they get a home and money as soon as they arrive! They supplement their welfare checks by committing crime.

    The average British citizen is hacked off by their tax pounds being spent to support these people while our 'own' go without.

    As far as London goes, it always used to be cosmopolitan which added to it's vibrancy, but it was still London and there was no mistaking where you were. That's been replaced with an overun of foreigners, Londoners have pretty much given up and left them to it.

    Here are some statistics from 2007:

    Around a third of all sex offences and a half of all frauds in the capital are carried out by non-British citizens.

    Poles, who have entered Britain in record numbers since they joined the European Union in 2004, committed 2,310 crimes in the first six months of this year to become the most prolific offenders.

    Romanians, whose country became part of the EU in January, committed more than 1,000 offences — an eightfold rise on the same period in 2006, according to Metropolitan Police figures for solved crimes.

    Last year, a leaked memo from the then Home Office minister Joan Ryan warned that an estimated 45,000 potential criminals from Romania and Bulgaria – which joined the EU in January this year – would travel to Britain.

  51. cabletrader,

    Poland and Somalia I know fare high on statistics many places in Europe, while I think Turkey and Pakistan are "quite low" on the list compared to some other countries in Europe, i.e they figure much higher - especially for drug-related and some violent crimes. Somalia and Pakistan seem to have a fairly high ratio of violent crimes in the UK, like in the rest of Europe.

    Romanian and Lithuanian theft I also know are rampant problems. Aren't many of the infractions by Polish typically work-related, though? Poland, but especially Romania and Lithuania are pretty poor countries.

    I guess Indians and Pakistanis have relatively longer traditions in the UK, so that might explain at least some of the variations. Obviously, a good sign when considering elsewhere in Europe.

    Various criminal "road shows" are touring Europe after the borders became more open, and I guess that's a price to be paid for now having the world's largest trading bloc. Too bad they often prey on the elderly and those living alone in their homes.
  52. let's turn the subject around, what is cool about London?
  53. Twenty years ago, the women were flirtatous and available to entertain over dinner and maybe more. The food was clean and delicious. I don't know about now.
  54. Borough Market
  55. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.
  56. Brits abroad aren't exactly known for being interested in the culture of where they visit either - usually it's cheap booze and hookers they travel for.

    Almost all the E European people I've met in the last couple of years have jobs (the reason they moved over) - every single person I know on welfare is British born & bred.
  57. If benefits pay more than a minimum wage job then is it rational to work?
  58. Fulham is cool ! .. and ...errr .... BBC television...and radio 4/5... oh and worcester sauce crisps...and cornwall... which is effectively a different country anyway.

    ooo and Kiteboarding in richmond park ... the greeness :)
  59. my 2 cents:
    Pete Tong is cool! :)
  60. You need a few pennies to have a decent life in London. S.W London is the best ( Chelsea, Wimbledon, Fulham, Southfields, Putney). The Eastern European women have certainly increased the stock of tall, slim, clean toothed women around. But if you are actually trading day-to-day then TIME ZONE is simply the BEST !!! Wake up a bit early you can catch afternoon session HKEx, and after your 5000 calorie Greggs pie in the afternoon you can watch and play with the Yanks. I personally like foreigners especially having recently scored with a veiled Iranian babe :D (pulled her at Marble Arch Cafe Nero ) . Another good hunting ground is Central London lots of young and innocent Korean, South American and Japanese girls in London for English lessons and bits of travel, combined with some Ross Jeffries and David DeAngelo material,you are in for a very good time. Donno what you guys are complaining about ?!?

    What l don't like are the twats that sit at home all day, contribute nothing to society and refuse to intergrate with local communities. (sounds like most traders). Worst thing though is this country has one of the lowest levels of social mobility amongst OECD countries....
  61. Things are not too bad, we could drown our sorrows after the NYSE close tomorrow. Cocktails in floridita, wardour street, left hand side of the bar 9:30pm?
  62. Yep, game on !!! I will be wearing a yellow hat !
  63. There we go again pubs/booze mentioned all the time.
    My british mate told me- the UK is full of alcholics as the weather so damm bad, nothing to do apart from get legless inside a bar, followed by stuffing a pizza/kebab on way home whilst drunk as a lord.
    What a waste
  64. The difference is these people aren't just visiting for a holiday, they've come here to live.

    From what I've been told, if you look at places like Australia their entry criteria includes knowing about Australian culture and history, and being able to speak the language isn't optional!
  65. lol, exactly!

    The new trick is something called 'Tax Credits'. Instead of being unemployed they call themselves 'self-employed' and claim tax credits which are worth roughly 50% extra. They don't even need to work, just submit annual returns of less than the £6k tax threshhold.

    It's typical government massaging of statistics and leaves the welfare system open to all kinds of abuse.
  66. Probably a Spurs fan, they're generally neanderthal :p
  67. only one? you're due some sort of refund.
  68. You need not worry about being sued for libel with the above post.
  69. Can't believe Cabletrader mentioned Australia and culture in the same sentence!

    As for pubs/bars then it is guilty as charged. Indeed in order to boost our medal chances in the 2012 Olympics there will be a load of new games introduced, all pub based. It is no coincidence we are world champs at darts and snooker.
  70. I love darts, Newcastle brown ale and Guinness... gotta have a little mix in there.
    I have some British friends living here in Brazil, and they do like their beer - even speak fairly well Portuguese.
  71. Your friend forgot to mention Brits work longer hours than any other country in Europe, which is another reason (along with the crappy weather) drinking is a national pastime.
  72. Amanda33 - Where do you live now?
  73. lol, aren't they cultured then?

    Their beer seems ok.....
  74. Having looked out of the window I think I will stay in tonight! To wet to cycle to the west end.
  75. why in the world do you think that London weather is bad? rain is so pleasant and clouds so soothing to the eyes....instead of the constant projector-style sunshine in other areas?
  76. In August the sun is meant to shine, even in the UK, unfortunately it did not this year, we are suffering from a lack vitamin d.
  77. "I invented it in Camberwell, and it looks like a carrot."
  78. Song for the Anglosphere
    A Song of Patriotic Prejudice, offered in 1960 as a possible English National Anthem.

    The English, the English, the English are best I wouldn't give tuppence for all of the rest.
    The rottenest bits of these islands of ours
    We've left in the hands of three unfriendly powers
    Examine the Irishman, Welshman or Scot
    You'll find he's a stinker, as likely as not.

    The Scotsman is mean, as we're all well aware
    And bony and blotchy and covered with hair
    He eats salty porridge, he works all the day
    And he hasn't got bishops to show him the way!

    The English, the English, the English are best
    I wouldn't give tuppence for all of the rest.

    The Irishman now our contempt is beneath
    He sleeps in his boots and he lies through his teeth
    He blows up policemen, or so I have heard
    And blames it on Cromwell and William the Third!

    The English are noble, the English are nice,
    And worth any other at double the price

    The Welshman's dishonest and cheats when he can
    And little and dark, more like monkey than man
    He works underground with a lamp in his hat
    And he sings far too loud, far too often, and flat!

    And crossing the Channel, one cannot say much
    Of French and the Spanish, the Danish or Dutch
    The Germans are German, the Russians are red,
    And the Greeks and Italians eat garlic in bed!

    The English are moral, the English are good
    And clever and modest and misunderstood.

    And all the world over, each nation's the same
    They've simply no notion of playing the game
    They argue with umpires, they cheer when they've won
    And they practice beforehand which ruins the fun!

    The English, the English, the English are best
    So up with the English and down with the rest.

    It's not that they're wicked or naturally bad
    It's knowing they're foreign that makes them so mad!

    For the English are all that a nation should be,
    And the flower of the English are Donald (Michael)
    Donald (Michael) and Me!

    (Michael) Flanders & (Donald) Swann
  79. Breaking news:

    The sun is shining, England are favorites to win the world cup and they will be partying like it is 1999 in Floridita tonight.
  80. It is becoming like the US, segregated by race and income. Move to the appropriate area, don't rely on public services and it is ok. If global warming happens then it will be unbeatable. Remember the summer of 2006?
  81. Wrong,move to the appropriate area, don't rely on public services and it is great!
  82. boy we're in trouble, just went for a stroll and numbers of shops closing down is staggering, never seen this before.
  83. Europe is more sectored into economic social classes -- "old money" and status. It is not the complete ghettos of the US and the racial bias over there. Ghettos exist - e.g Marseilles - but it's very different than in the US.
  84. What an absolutely desperately crap song!
  85. The law changed in April. Landlords are liable for council tax even on unoccupied premises.
  86. these are indeed "taxing" times....
  87. crap place , used to be good many moons ago.

    too many wannabe whites
  88. whats a wannabe white?

  89. I don't. Last week I joined the local Zombie Apocalypse Group, thought I'd get in early so I could get ahea ... ahea .... a ... HEAD

  90. I work in the City.

    I was chased by a communist the other morning.

    I now wear a Lenin T-shirt
  91. Like Will Smith said (sung):

    Welcome to Miami
    Bienvenido a Miami

    Miami has it all: Nice weather, friendly people, beautiful chicks, cheap to live in -if you aren't pretentious-.
  92. And spend $120k/year to live miserably?

    End uo in jail if they catch you drinking on the street or having sex on the beach.
  93. Having sex on the bitch? You will end in jail here in Europe as well...
  94. Yes, very well.

    A heatwave in July and then it rained everyday in August.
  95. yeah what is all this shit about dubai , what's so great about it ?

    Every other person I talk seems to be talking about moving there
  96. Maybe it was 2005 when it got to 37 degrees in august.
  97. Is it safe?
  98. wow chinese -22%
  99. Yep, they got too smart for plod to catch :)
  100. We have been considering a move for some time now, but haven't decided where to, yet. Main problem with making that decision is that we don't live in the UK all the time, we spend about half the time in Spain :)

    And just to remind you future expats that grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side of the fence. There are so many places to live, but nothing like home. OK, so home is what you make it, but whenever I stay 2-3 months over in Spain I do develop nostalgic feelings for our shitty weather...............fish & chips wraped in the Sun newspaper LOL
  101. damn, recession is getting worse and worse and the pound is getting a beating...

    people are anxious, the outlook is bleak, there is no escape.

    This is an island and the cheap pound will not allow people to escape.

    I have a thought for the Russians, the Arabs and all these Euro expats that heavily invested in the UK.

    They feel double pain, asset depreciation and currency meltdown.

    Imagine you are a dollar based investor and you bought property in London in 2006/2007.

    If you were to sell now, you would make a 40% loss on the asset (cost of selling + costs incurred when you bought like estate agent and stamp duty) and you would lose another 20% from GBP depreciation for a total cumulative loss of roughly 50%!

    Scary. It's only the beginning.
  102. London is a Police State.

    Millions of CCTV cameras, enviro-cops, DNA database, legalized state-spying, Government regulates parenting, 55%+ Tax.

    Nuts over there. Scary thing, London is the Canary in the Coalmine.
  103. London maybe a police state but it's still a good place to commit crime , very few crimes solved and very light sentences, despite government reports that crime is dropping , they were lieing( there's a shock) turns out crimes a growth industry in uk and has been for years.
  104. You guys in London better watch out man as recession turns to depression , with amount of non English there who don't give 2 shits about anything , things are going to get much worse.

    how's this for a taster ? A french woman of African origin is a dealer for a SB company and you know what ?

    She gave me 3 bogus trades , and when confronted she virtually admitted it and showed not 1 sign of remorse , like this was the most natural behaviour on earth.

    Unreal , at least I got my $ back , when I complained to the Director.

    This is mild , be sure episodes of such cheating will get MUCH worse , there will be literally daylight robbery.

    NB: 1 question - why the cost of living always so high in London , whatever the situation whether boom or recession ?
  105. too many people not enough houses
  106. Resounding evidence against a disarmed, Spy-state.

    The Cameras haven't stopped crime.

    Nor has disarming the public (gun ban).

    In fact, the institution of both coincided with a HUGE INCREASE in Crime!

    This is Classic Big Brother Tyranny.

    Herald in massive Police State measures, under the banner of "fighting crime" - all for our "protection", of course! - and all the bad shit skyrockets.

    The agenda isn't to protect the ordinary Citizen.

    The agenda is to keep tabs on us - to keep the Middle Class on the "Grid" - tracked, traced and disarmed.

    Makes us think twice about staging a Popular Revolt against the Established Big Government Order that likes things just how they are.

    You're down there.

    We're up here.

    America is going the way of the UK/Europe, folks.

    Time to Wake Up.
  107. I notice that the only growth industries in Uk these is crime related.

    Like The amount of prostitutes in UK
  108. very interesting....

    from the Telegraph

    Brown’s Keynesianism is bankrupt – and will bankrupt us

    Almost three months ago, this column described Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and his Chancellor Alistair Darling as “Keynesian”. The last decade of Brownite policy, after all, has featured high public spending, irresponsible borrowing and an ever-growing tax-burden.

    By Liam Halligan
    Last Updated: 9:17PM BST 25 Oct 2008

    Until recently, though, Brown and his entourage have played down their “big government” tendencies – stressing prudence, private enterprise and the joys of lower tax.

    But now, with the UK in the grip of the credit crisis New Labour has revealed its true statist colours. “We are spending more to get the economy moving,” said Brown last week. “That’s the right thing to do.”

    Well, actually, it isn’t. The last 50 years are riddled with grim episodes of Western governments trying to spend their way out of recession. Every attempt has gone wrong – resulting in spiralling national debts, soaring inflation and a plunging currency.

    In 1976, then Labour Prime Minister Jim Callaghan made a passionate speech to his party conference, telling comrades “in all candour” that the option of reversing a downturn by “deficit-spending” simply “doesn’t exist”.

    Callaghan was in a position to know. His Keynesian policies had destabilised the UK economy so seriously we were forced to go cap in hand to the International Monetary Fund.

    That’s right – the UK’s mid-1970s IMF bail-out, the indisputable nadir of this country’s post-war economic history, was the direct result of Keynesian policy.

    Yet, here we are 22 years on. The young left-wing firebrands who sneered at Callaghan’s brave admission now run the country. To gain power, they had to bury their beliefs, shave off their beards and parrot a faith in free markets.

    Since 1997, despite this pretence, New Labour’s “soft Keynesian” concoction of high spending, loose credit controls and more tax has contributed mightily to our current predicament.

    But faced with a crisis, and with their backs to the electoral wall, the Brownites are reaching for the intellectual comfort blanket of their youth – the “hard Keynesian” solution of ramping up spending sharply.

    Because we’re in a crisis, though, Brown’s Keynesian declaration has raised barely any protest. That’s why the letter in today’s Sunday Telegraph is so important – which makes clear Keynesianism is a “misguided and discredited as a tool of economic management”. The economists who signed it cannot be dismissed as parti pris. The economic consensus against Keynesianism is based on evidence, not ideology.

    For now, the airwaves are full of economists from investment banks and accounting practices whose firms stand to do quite nicely from a big dollop of extra public infrastructure spending. Keynesianism? Bring it on, they say.

    But there are many, many dismal scientists with serious misgivings – but who don’t have “media strategies”, and who perhaps lack the courage to voice their concerns, given that millions of people are frightened about their jobs.

    No one is denying the UK economy is in a bad place. New preliminary data shows the first quarterly output drop for 16 years. Between July and September, GDP fell 0.5 per cent, pushing annual growth down to 0.3 per cent.

    As the signatories to our letter make clear, it is “inevitable government expenditure and debt rise in a recession” – as the “automatic stabilisers” kick in, the tax-take falls and benefit spending rises.

    But Brown’s plan goes way beyond that, posing huge dangers – not least as we’re starting from a position of extreme fiscal weakness. Even last year, when growth was near trend, the Government borrowed £36bn – almost 3 per cent of GDP. And in only the first six months of this financial year, before the slowdown had really begun, we’ve already borrowed £38bn – a colossal 75 per cent up on the same period the year before.

    Even without Brown’s misty-eyed Keynesian adventure, the public finances are set to deteriorate rapidly. But imagine how bad the numbers will get as Brown, as he said last week, “brings forward” public spending from future years. That can only lead to much higher taxation, hobbling the private sector and increasing the danger of a drawn-out Japanese-style slump.

    Extra Government spending won’t help anyway. Most of it will simply fuel state-sector wage growth – winning Brown a few trade union votes, but boosting wage inflation elsewhere. The broader macro-economic implications are also alarming. If we keep borrowing, in the end the gilts market will simply dry up. Already, the UK government faces massive age-related liabilities that will undermine our credit-rating over the next few years – before Brown’s final spending spree.

    And anyone who tells you inflation isn’t a problem is ignoring that borrowing itself is inflationary, and that the latest bank bail-outs will see the Bank of England printing money on a scale unprecedented in modern times.

    This is the first serious slowdown under Labour – since 1976 – and a moment of acute economic danger. A wounded, desperate Prime Minister is making a final roll of the dice.

    Faced with a desperate electorate, he is reaching for Keynesianism. It serves, also, as a fig-leaf for his previous profligate spending and as a bone to the Labour left.

    But it is, indisputably, an immensely dangerous and counter-productive idea. That’s why economists must stand up and be counted.

    The dismal scientists must speak out.:confused:
  109. Was the firm, Capital Spreadyourlegs by any chance. Dealer in question, Fanfan?

    That lot are more boiler room than bucket shop.


    Yah you're right it was them , and more like f__ket shop than bucket.

    Dealer was Emannuelle , well with a name like that I guess what do you expect?

    But that fanfan woman is almost as bad.The way she talks like ebonics .

    what the hell is happening to UK ?

    How these people / or the company itself get licensed by the FSA is beyond me.

    It would not surprise me if the dark dark truth is indeed the FSA are now being illegally incentivised.

    Like everone has said crime = the only growth industry in UK .
  111. the other growth industry is Combat18 of which many british ET forummers are a part of.

  112. what's combat 18 ?
  113. didn't u learn alongthe way to do a google search?
  114. to return to the original post, I have a friend in London who just reported the exact same thing to me, and is planning on returning to North America. He called London in 2008 "a simmering cauldron of anger and despair". Apparently the mood there has gotten downright nasty in the last few months

  115. i think I know what you mean but would be nice if you can expand on what you mean ?
  116. I am not sure what you expect from a nation of yobs and chavs

  117. uuumm
  118. From your own data, out of the top 20 countries only 3 are from Eastern Europe the other 17 are not. How is this table supporting the "invasion" of Easter Europeans????
  119. I enjoyed my time in London, nice airport for plan spotting, but I enjoyed Nottingham much more. Haven't been back to judge the cultural change, but I do recall the locals trying to passify the Muslim minority. Not a good sign. I wonder if Londoners have given in to political correctness, and have accepted their fate as subservient to islam. Anyone been there recently to see this?
  120. The number of crimes committed divided by the number of people of that nationality is what matters, the absolute number is useless since the poles are probably the largest group of immigrants. My guess is that Romanians will win this one.
  121. Dated a Romanian gymnast once. Damn........................:p :D
  122. Romanian gymnasts count as flexible workforce:)
  123. A collapse in tax revenues will send government borrowing soaring above £60 billion this year, it emerged last night.

    Gordon Brown is preparing to tear up his “golden rule” on debt in order to fund a massive spending spree to counter the looming recession. Some economists predict that the level of government borrowing could reach £110 billion by 2011.

    The triple shocks of the financial markets crash, housing slump and rising inflation will cause a drastic reduction in the billions of pounds that the Treasury normally receives in stamp duty, corporation tax and income tax, combined with the need to spend more on benefits.

    But Alistair Darling will confirm tomorrow that new, “flexible” financial rules will be introduced to allow the Government to borrow as much as £3,225 for every person in the country in an effort to stave off an even deeper recession. (Source: The Times).

    Gordon and Alistair, two bozzos with no clue.

    Short GBP.
  124. Gordon Brown has long experience from the UK finance ministry (over 10 years, the longest serving UK chancellor for 200 years) and from the IMF.

    I think Gordon Brown has a lot more clue than Henry Paulson or George W. Bush - and Brown has been hailed by many leading economists around the world for acting quickly and decisively with the right kind of measures. The UK adopted the same bank rescue strategy as the Scandinavian governments some decades ago, which has been a proven success. Mexico did some home re-mortgaging when they went through a strong crisis, and this may have some merit as well for the US.
  125. Here is your answer - the muslim was eventually awarded thousands by the 'system'.

  126. London sure is changing, and not for the better.
  127. Those couple of hundred years of colonialism sure is gonna cost you guys. Can't subdue half the globe and then expect NOT to pay for it.

    But hey, let's blame it on those pesky Eastern Europeans.

    You guys are funny! :D :D :D :D
  128. Are you talking about Gordon Brown that sold all the UK gold once?!
  129. London has not been cool for a long time - I'm would like to leave.
  130. Yeah, but you have those wonderful Sharia law courts. Maybe Obama will get 'em started here, too.
  131. the situation is really bad. Shops are closing in drove, no more Foxtons minis in the streets of London, a huge commercial property bubble about to burst, damn this is bad, really bad.
  132. indeed, where are the Foxtons Minis? I have not since one for ages. Any clue?
  133. no clue where the Foxtons minis are but read this, it gives a good overview of the problem the UK is facing

    Britain Can't Spend Its Way Out of This Recession: Matthew Lynn

    Commentary by Matthew Lynn

    Nov. 4 (Bloomberg) -- The British could be forgiven for feeling gloomy right now with a tumbling currency, a shrinking economy, rising unemployment and a financial system that needed a government bailout.

    Still, help is at hand. The government is now planning to spend its way out of recession.

    In the past week, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has made clear his response to the most serious economic decline the U.K. has faced in more than a generation. In homage to economist John Maynard Keynes, Brown plans to spend and spend, casting aside his own rules on debt and launching big infrastructure projects.

    By stoking demand, the aim is to avert a long recession.

    He will be disappointed. At best, the final splurge of government spending will prove to be irrelevant. At worst, it risks turning a bad situation into a catastrophe.

    The U.K. depends on the global capital markets to stay afloat. Scare away international investors and the country could turn very quickly into another Iceland. There is no doubt the U.K. is slipping into deep trouble.

    ``The prospects for the U.K. economy are grim, with a fairly severe recession starting to unfold,'' Michael Saunders, an economist at Citigroup Inc. in London, said in a note to investors last month. He predicts the economy will contract by 1 percent next year. Yesterday the European Commission made the same forecast.

    Arbitrary Rules

    The government is getting out its checkbook. Last week, Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling said the rule that limits public debt to less than 40 percent of gross domestic product would be waived.

    ``To apply these rules rigidly in today's changed conditions would be perverse,'' he said.

    Maybe so. But once you start picking and choosing when the rules apply, they aren't rules anymore.

    ``The responsible course of action is more borrowing for the investment that is necessary both now and for the longer term,'' Brown told an audience of economists and businessmen last week.

    But is more spending really ``responsible''?

    Interest rates in the U.K. are still 4.5 percent, higher than in the euro area and the U.S. There is still plenty of scope for monetary policy to stimulate demand. There is no reason interest rates shouldn't be cut to 1 percent, or lower if necessary. There's a case for a public-spending increase when borrowing costs are close to zero, and can't go any lower. Yet Britain is a long way from that point. If you use that weapon now, you won't have it if you need it later.

    Nervous About Future

    Next, people know that borrowing today has to be repaid tomorrow. That means taxes will soar. As debt levels rise, consumers and companies will save more to help pay for higher taxes down the track. Whatever boost you get from higher government spending will be lost. And if it makes businesses nervous about the future, and encourages even more of them to quit the U.K. for countries with lower corporate taxes such as Ireland, it could turn a mild recession into a depression.

    Worse, all that extra spending will hurt the currency. The pound fell as low as $1.53 on Oct. 24 compared with more than $2 earlier in the year. The U.K. is dependent on foreign finance since it runs huge trade and public-sector deficits. If public finances spiral out of control, global investors may take flight, and bail out of sterling. If that happens, Britain could end up like Iceland. It is hardly a risk worth taking, particularly when confidence in world capital markets is already so fragile.

    Tax Cuts

    Finally, this is a global recession. The U.K. relies more than most countries on world trade, so it will be one of the most affected. An extra few billion pounds spent on roads or other public works won't make any difference.

    The polls suggest many British have already seen through the arguments for more public spending. The Taxpayers' Alliance said last week in a poll that 59 percent of voters would rather have lower taxes than higher public spending. Only 18 percent wanted the government to increase its outlays.

    The U.K. spent its way into trouble. It can't spend its way out again. Taxes have risen too high, and debt has soared out of control. The nation needs to pay down its obligations and lessen its dependence on financial services. There is no reason it can't make that transition with hard work and some belt-tightening.

    A final splurge of public spending will only postpone that adjustment and create a real risk of economic disaster.

    (Matthew Lynn is a Bloomberg News columnist. The opinions expressed are his own.)

    To contact the writer of this column: Matthew Lynn in London at matthewlynn@bloomberg.net.
  134. what a joke, cutting by 150bps, irresponsibility ^ 10.

    Cutting rates to shaft savers and bail out homeowners that have adopted reckless behaviours resulting in today's problems.

    This credit-binge comedy needs to stop, not be perpetuated.

    If you have pounds, convert them now before it's too late. Vote with your feet if you don't want to be part of this grand national socialism show taking place.

    What a nightmare
  135. Next stop: 0%.
  136. We need a Paki PM to stop this mess!!
  137. i can find Foxton minis at Morrissons:D
  138. It is not national socialism but international socialism. Mass immigration and the EU opening a job centre in Malawi can only result in wages going down for the working class. Why European governments insist on high immigration levels when there are plenty of people on incapacity benefit is one of the great mysteries of the world.
  139. Yes its a sh*thole.

    Overpriced, over-crowded, over-taxed. Poor Weather.

    I am amazed people want to live there at all.
  140. that bad ehh...

    will be in london for a week or so soon.
  141. inertia, accident of history, restore the empire.
  142. City of London recession to trigger £11bn tax revenue 'black hole'

    The financial crisis will result in tax revenues from City bonuses alone falling by as much as £4bn next year, according to one of Britain's most influential economic forecasting firms.

    By Mark Kleinman and Rowena Mason

    Last Updated: 11:45PM GMT 08 Nov 2008

    Restrictions on bonuses at the banks which the Government is helping to rescue will also have the unintended consequence of lowering tax revenues Photo: MICHAEL WALTER

    As investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms – three of the principal drivers of the Square Mile's explosive growth of recent years – cut tens of thousands of jobs, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) expects the Treasury to face an overall City-generated taxation "black hole" of more than £10bn.

    The CEBR believes the Government will collect around £5bn less than previously-estimated in corporation tax, while tax generated by bonuses, National Insurance contributions and base salaries is likely to fall by around £6bn.

    The bleak forecasts underline the many ways in which cutbacks in the City, which has become a crucial engine of national economic growth, will contribute to an expected recession in Britain.

    Restrictions on bonuses at the banks which the Government is helping to rescue will also have the unintended consequence of lowering tax revenues from City firms.

    The deficit means Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, may need to borrow up to £110bn in the next financial year to plug the hole in the national balance sheet – almost three times the estimate of the £38bn forecast in his Budget statement last March.

    CEBR research publishe last month predicted national borrowing would have to rise to £90bn, as turmoil hit the financial services sector and the sharp slowdown in the property market affected stamp duty receipts.

    Douglas McWilliams, chief executive of the CEBR, said: "The outlook has deteriorated significantly since then, and off the top, I would expect borrowing for 2009 to 2010 of around £100bn to £110bn," he said.

    Mr Darling has already sanctioned a huge increase in public borrowing in an attempt to spend his way out of the recession.

  143. spot on dude, the UK is turning into the shittiest place on earth with the most corrupt and incompetent government. Just two words...

  144. God save the queen
    The fascist regime
    They made you a moron
    Potential H-bomb

    God save the queen
    She ain't no human being
    There is no future
    In England's dreaming

    Don't be told what you want
    Don't be told what you need
    There's no future, no future,
    No future for you

    God save the queen
    We mean it man
    We love our queen
    God saves

    God save the queen
    'Cause tourists are money
    And our figurehead
    Is not what she seems

    Oh God save history
    God save your mad parade
    Oh Lord God have mercy
    All crimes are paid

    When there's no future
    How can there be sin
    We're the flowers in the dustbin
    We're the poison in your human machine
    We're the future, your future

    God save the queen
    We mean it man
    We love our queen
    God saves

    God save the queen
    We mean it man
    And there is no future
    In England's dreaming

    No future, no future,
    No future for you
    No future, no future,
    No future for me

    No future, no future,
    No future for you
    No future, no future
    For you
  145. anything outside of sq mile or some areas of the south is either:

    1. full of council houses
    2. dirty
    3. destitute
    4. everything above...

    Its shocking, i never want to go back.

    To poster, go to asia...
  146. You mean like they have in that nice clean safe and uncorrupted place Pakistan?
  147. Brown (after Sarkozy) now seeks a "new world order". Prime Minister Gordon Brown will call on fellow world leaders to seize the opportunity created by the current worldwide economic crisis to create a "truly global society", modelled on UK' succesful experiment.

    Folks with some foundations in Austrian economics will immediately spot the rationalist constructivism Hayek described as the source of totalitarisms (communism and fascism).

    And the first reform should be to remove government leaders who promote unsustainable credit booms....
  148. when was london ever cool?
  149. My wife and I were thinking of going to London next summer for 1 week, a small part of our 3 month trip to Europe. We've never been there. From everything I've seen, it looks like a great place to visit, full of things to see and do.

    Anyone who lives in or around London should be proud and happy to be there. You are living in one of the greatest cities in the world.
  150. from the Telegraph


    More than 5,000 job losses were announced yesterday by some of the UK's leading companies, ahead of new official figures that are expected to show the highest number of people out of work since 1998 – and well on track to exceed two million by Christmas.

    Some City economists predict that unemployment will top three million by 2010; Capital Economics say that the British economy will shed 1.5 million jobs before the recession is over.

    The jobs news and the increasingly grim forecasts will intensify pressure on the Government to announce a substantial package of tax cuts and public spending increases when the Chancellor delivers his pre-Budget report, expected within the next week or two.

    The Tory leader, David Cameron, yesterday set out his £2.6bn scheme to offer a national insurance break of £2,500 to companies that take on workers who have been unemployed for more than three months.

    Today, the Bank of England will publish its latest growth forecasts in its quarterly inflation report, which is widely expected to confirm that the UK is heading for a more serious recession than previously assumed. The FTSE 100 index of leading shares fell by 3.6 per cent on heightened fears of a deep recession.

    The decline of the workforce is moving beyond the financial and construction sectors, whose difficulties have been well publicised, into more hi-tech parts of the economy.

    The largest loss of jobs will be at the cable group Virgin Media, which said it was axing about 2,200 British jobs by 2012. Virgin Media has 76 offices across the UK, including major bases in London, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Sheffield. The Communication Workers Union said it was "shocked and disappointed" at the job losses. Virgin Media said they were due to a post-merger restructure.

    About 1,300 jobs are scheduled to disappear at Yell, the company behind the Yellow Pages directories, over the coming year. The Yell chief executive, John Condron, said the job cuts were in readiness for continued tough trading conditions. "Global economic trends show no sign of improving; therefore, we are actively working on further cost reduction programmes that will primarily benefit next year."

    GlaxoSmithKline, the UK's biggest drugs group, unveiled plans to close its factory at Dartford, with some 620 jobs to go by 2013. The pharmaceutical sector is known for being one of the most robust during a recession but that will come as little consolation for the employees in Dartford, whose fate has been sealed by the loss of patent protection for two of the group's biggest-selling treatments and the continuing economic downturn.

    Analysts say that only the public sector will see much expansion in employment over the next year or two. Cuts in interest rates and government tax and spending measures will take months to feed through fully to the economy.

    Almost every corner of the economy is now feeling the effects of the collapse in consumer confidence and the restriction of bank finance. Manufacturing has been in recession since the summer and the British motor industry has been hit especially hard. Job cuts so far have been limited but short-time working has been announced at almost all of the major companies – Nissan, Honda, Land Rover and Ford being the most prominent.

    Few economists expect the employment scene will improve quickly and most anticipate a large rise in the jobless rate when the Office for National Statistics releases the figures today. Last month saw the steepest rise in unemployment for 17 years, with the workless total soaring by 164,000 in the three months to August, leaving unemployment at 1.79 million, or 5.7 per cent. The numbers this autumn are likely to be swelled by school-leavers facing the toughest jobs market in more than a decade.

    Vicky Redwood, a UK Economist with Capital Economics, said: "The downturn in the labour market is well under way. We expect employment to drop by around 1.5 million from peak to trough (ie, from mid-2008 to end-2010), with the consumer services sector set to see the biggest absolute drop in headcounts."

    Better news for the economy, though not necessarily for household budgets, may arrive with the pay-rise figures due today. They are expected to show an even more moderate rise, as fear of unemployment stifles wage demands.

  151. You obviously must find it that bad in the London with your constant need to make these negative posts.

    If you really are struggling that much to live with it why don't you just fuck off somewhere else?

    Ireland perhaps,Brendan
  152. ouch, this is the icing on the cake, the pound has been taking a pounding, all these foreign investors are being double-hit in all their investments,

    - the pound down 30%
    - residential real estate down 30-35% (yes, not the 15% manipulated stats you get)

    With prospects for the UK among the worse, due to massive private and public indebtdness, unemployment strongly on the rise, no export no manufacturing, heavy reliance on services (among these a decimated banking sector), it will take a while before foreign investors come back to double up on poor investments.

    Well, with Russians and Arabs facing huge problems at home, there is no foreign investor left anyway.

    Once the pound has reached parity with the USD and the Euro, and if the UK doesn't end up bailed out by the IMF, maybe there is hope.

    By the way, the weather is really really bad. People living here should command a premium for such a constant poor weather. Overcast, rain, overcast, rain, that's all it is.
  153. The British Pound Sterling is on the verge of historic collapse, as is the U.K. economy - both built on pillars of sand.
  154. London is still cool as long as you have a huge amount of money, and a lot of patience.

    Food, drink and taxi prices are some of the highest in the world, and some of the worst value.
  155. As with Brendan you should also fuck off back to where you came if you don't like it.
  156. What is worriesome is that something like 1/3 of British economy is based on serving the financial sector, future involvement of which is unknown at this stage as changes are upon us. I am concerned now like I never was before, considering a permanent move to Spain or perhaps Eastern block, perhaps to Prague.

    Also water levels ARE rising & certain shores are being slowly but surely reduced, residents of some parts of the UK already had to be relocated because of that.
  157. That's the problem with some of the posters here,they are basically skint wankers.
  158. I was in the Light bar at the Sanderson last night and it was £15 for a glass of champagne, which is probably a world record. Bar was hopping but not a lot of pulling going down unless you were a footballer.
  159. And you know what, it might get even more expensive. Looks like GBP/USD might be heading down towards 1.0500, madness!
  160. keep cool BuyHiSellLo, don't be aggressive because you're stuffed with an overpriced low quality double bedroom flat that has lost 50% of its value when expressed in USD.

    I'm trying to counter the constant spin from the media and the government. It's over and yes, the weather is completely shite, and yes, it's time to move.

    goodbye London hello Mauritius :D
  161. why is it madness?
    the cost of living is much higher in the UK.
    in any case both currencies are worthless.
  162. That is one shitty flat in a shitty area.

    £45,000 tops.
  163. The pound is overpriced, witnessed by the £15 glass champagne and the real estate market etc. As it drops more, the UK will be more attractive for foreign investments etc.
  164. Why would I be stuffed with a double bedroom flat? (WTF that is I don't know,you clearly are a foreigner)Why would I want to express the value of my home in shitty $ when I live in London and love it?

    You must make fuck all otherwise you wouldn't be whining about how bad it is,you'd be at the Sanderson drinking £15 drinks having a fucking great time.

    Please piss off soon to Mauritius or whichever shithole you came from you mug,you're not wanted here with that attitude.
  165. yeah, right, I'm a foreigner and like all the foreigners I will soon be gone.

    You'll be able to enjoy the company of your inbred fellow compatriots, more longs heads and more bad teeth.

    Enjoy your £15 drinks you sexy beast

  166. BuyHiSellLo,

    You might wanna try to Buy Lo and Sell High for a change. It will definitely make you less bitter.

    As for the comparison of nightlife, this clip says it all.:p

  167. I lived in the UK for 6 years, was Ok- had its up and its downs, like any place I guess.

    However, I could not believe how much the British drunk-Paying so much for a "Pint".Average night out drink 10 pints for so, and your talking around £40.Then they all moan the next day.90% needed booze to make a night.Not surprised considering the weather etc..

    Glad to be off the "Little rainy island".
  168. sonofabitchmesister - who reversed my handle?

    ANNOUNCEMENT: HEAR YE', HEAR YE'...I am ByLoSellHi, not ByHiSellLo.

  169. bring out that stupid bastard buylosellhi out please.
  170. How can I be bitter,I'm not the one whining about where I live you stupid arsehole.
  171. Just so we know, exactly where does Alexandre,swingtrader and buylosellhi come from?
  172. I live there :)
  173. London is fine ... for a 7 day vacations. Anything more than that, and it requires a lot of money a lot more. :D
  174. Post containing foul language will continue to be deleted from this forum. Please keep it civil no matter how passionately you may feel about expressing yourself. :)
  175. That's not even funny, clearly an ex-council flat is now called a "city pad", great sense of humour. About 13 years ago that flat would have cost about 50k tops, there is simply no justification of todays valuations of similar types properties, simply because it is close to the City & Docklands, but essentially it is pure shite, just like another poster said.
  176. I hail from just north of the rotting, smoldering, rusting former auto capital of the world, Ye' Olde World Motor City (Detroit), U.S.A.

    Think Mad Max meets Escape from L.A.
  177. Old Labour, New Taxes, another reason to leave if you make more than GBP 150k:

    Taxes for high earners increased by more than 10%

    this bolchevik government is hiking taxes from 40% to 45% (46% when you include NI), let's get the fu?k out of here, the place is stinking
  178. I vote to go to Gibraltar. Still British but with that wicked Spanish flavor.

    Or perhaps Malta.... they do speak English and it is close to Red Sea for diving. :D :D :D
  179. went for a stroll towards Shoreditch, just outside the city. The place looks like a third world country type of slum. I will post some pictures.

    The situtation here is getting worse and worse. Woolworth, a big retailer, is shutting down. People are losing their jobs in droves. It's crazy.

    I will post an update next week on what's happening on the war front.

    Ugly times, ugly place. May the Queen save us.
  180. Honestly where can we really go?

    There are only so many ' free' countries (such as free is) where women...are welcome and are not slaves, chattel, or worse.

    I have thought about where one might go if things got really bad in the USA.

    Ireland? Australia? Switzerland? Islands have to import EVERYTHING with no real economy but tourism,

    we aren't developed enough to explore and colonize other worlds. In our current evolution we would just screw up that planet too.
  181. Why don't you piss off then instead of whining like a little bitch about it?

    Considering you seem to spend most of your time searching the internet for shitty stories about England you probably don't have to worry about earning over £150k 'cause you got no chance of getting within £120k of that figure.
  182. You still never stated where you come from,I'm guessing it's a real shit hole overwise you would still be there.

    BTW It's 'Woolworths' with an 's' you dickhead,perhaps if you from here you would know that.
  183. You surely can never have visited that Mediterranean shit hole? No Thanks.
  184. UK went bankrupt during the seventies right? Inflation topping 30% even?

    How did it manage to dig itself out of that hole then?
  185. Never been, but have heard mixed stories about it.Some like the 'relaxed' lifestyle but others get tired pretty quick of waiting forever for what we now consider basic things.

    Still if I decided to give it a go and hated it I would go straight home not bitch and whine like some of the bell ends on this forum.
  186. I love London,
    I love its tube,
    I love its puke,
    its pregnant teenagers

    I love London,
    I love its buses,
    I love its smell,
    its fat public servants

    I love London,
    I love its people,
    I love its weather,
    its unemployed rats on benefits

    I love London,
    I love its indebtness,
    I love its fakeness,
    its Brazilian antiterror laws

    I love London,
    I love Hell,
    places with no future
    places where I thrive

    I am the devil
  187. You are not the devil,you are however a bitter little dickhead who needs to grow up,if you can't make it here then man-up and admit it instead of being a little bitch and crying about it on the internet.

    Or as previously said fuck off somewhere else,London definitely does not need a cunt like you walking around whining because they can't get a free lunch.

    If it's that bad why stay?
  188. you don't get my point. I made it here and I really enjoyed my time here.

    But the place has changed for the worse and will carry on changing for even worse.

    This is my point. Because I made it here, I really feel bad about the way things are changing. My posts express my frustration with the way things are going. It's an appeal to reason and common sense. Unfortunately, it looks like there is little we can do but leave.

    Regarding the foul language you employ and all your questions pertaining to one's achievement, revenues,... I don't see the point answering back.
  189. It's not an appeal to reason or common sense it is a constant attack on London,check how many negative comments you have made or how many links you have posted here that point to negative articles etc about the UK,there have been a lot.

    Actually there was only one question about your achievement which is probably pretty dismal,not many as you have misinterpreted.

    The language employed is suitable to you entirely,you appear bitter and hateful and as have said if you don't like it here or can't earn enough to live in a good place and therefore feel that pissed off then fuck right off.
  190. It was certainly cool in London yesterday :)

    Brass monkeys in the morning I tell ya.
  191. Don't you mean:

    it's anitBrazilian terror laws

    Shouldn't that be
  192. it was a very early harbinger of the future.