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  1. hey guys, I was testing this broker called LMFX, small micro and things are looking good, any feedback or would be really nice before i push through. thanks
  2. They literally bury their corporate details. I finally found their country of incorporation in their account opening PDF:

    No address, no phone number, no license/regulation. IMHO, sending money to such an outfit is effectively sending it down a black hole, you have zero recourse. Caveat emptor...
  3. the address and number is at the a contact us section.. its a risk im taking, but im trading extra cash anyway. all brokers start as newbies. lets see how it goes its too early anyway.
  4. Does this broker accept U.S trader?
  5. yeah i guess they do, they accept US traders, and surprisingly the results of my trading are consistent, and good..
  6. summer was really busy this year, hopefully will be back to more trading by june. happy trading everyone.
  7. They do accept traders from US as i have noticed some good reviews of US traders about this broker.
  8. yes i think this broker has no exceptions for US canada or japan traders and thats a good news really, only 1 of 5 eu brokers that allow us trading.
  9. Not sure why U.S trader is restricted in most EU brokers, I think it's for money protection.
  10. its more of a money thingy, to contain investments with in the US, and for taxes to be paid fully in the US, thats kinda unfair, more a capitalism going on.
  11. I simply understand that U.S want to protect their money, they don't want U.S trader bring it for other countries without benefit.
  12. The reason might be that US law restricts their traders to invest in their own country and pay taxes on the investment gains however I guess it is a plus point that a broker is facilitating US traders too.
  13. yes of course, from a traders view its always good to be able to make money anywhere not simply restricted to one region. to some its not safe, but to most its an opportunity. another inspiration is JACK MA, the founder of alibaba, listen to him talk about the poor man mentality.
  14. Anyone withdrew from this broker? If you used Skrill or Neteller, please advise. Have some questions.
  15. Hie everyone, Newbie here. As it is important to choose correct broker for a trader, i want to know what are the norms of this broker? How is the trade execution, spread and regularity of this broker, etc.. Any help?!!!
  16. I usually withdraw through skrill and it usually one business day to complete the transaction, i means that the transaction arrives within 24 hours.
  17. yeah im using skrill as well? why?
  18. i have not used neteller, though i think they are both owned by the same company/person..
  19. A "broker" in macedonia ? You could as well send your money to a broker in Afghanistan or Iraq, not much of a difference.
  20. Not sure much about brokers in other countries however I am trading with this broker for quite sometime and I haven't had any complaints from them so far. They look decent in spreads as well as withdrawals. I would also suggest opening account with them and test their performance at your own.
  21. As long as we can withdraw from this broker, it's still good so far. But we should always keep closer watch on their trading conditions. How could we withdraw if the balance went to zero.
  22. hahaha a broker that pays out and has pretty much decent process and services, that more than good enough for me. dont mind such comments, its a given, people will always have opinion LOL
  23. Anyone here withdrew through wire? how long does it takes you for money to be our account?
  24. I guess wire transfers are usually processed within 6 - 7 business days and due to the said reason many traders prefer taking money in their ewallets rather than waiting for so many days.
  25. 6-7 days is really long and I want a precise answer from experienced trader, sounds you haven't withdrawn through wire.
  26. Well I think I am trading for quite long time but its true that i haven't tested wire transfer as yet because of the same reason that it takes too long to get transfer. However, i guess we can wait to see if anyone had any experience of getting payments through wire or either its better if we can test it at our own and then can be able to provide precise information.
  27. Yes, normally wire could takes at least 2-3 days and could be upto 3-5 days and a week. While with e-wallets as Skrill, it is only 24 hours to process the withdrawal request and then we can immediately sell our Skrill balnce for exchanger to get the local money.
  28. wire can take longer in some places, maybe even more than a week, thast how slow it can be thats why i prefer third part processors, to be honest im not even a fan of banks in general.
  29. I thought of choosing wire transfer but after reading the terms "wire transfers time may vary depending on your bank and country of residence" i thought of withdrawing my profits through skrill as no doubt they have raised the service charges but i received my withdrawal amount next day.
  30. wire trasnsfer uses lots of time, i mean if you think about you could save a couple of bucks but it will cost you atleast 2 weeks worth of time.. no worth the few pocket change.. just my opinion really.
  31. Normally not only forex but wire often takes 3-5 bussiness days. An example is Paypal.
  32. I have noticed that paypal is also not a feasible option for forex trading however other ewallets are instant.. just as per my knowledge.
  33. im not a fan of paypal really, they tend to freeze accounts easily and its quiet to big to handle stuff quickly, so it might be good for eba and online purchases rather than forex really.
  34. Yeah the freezing activity or limiting the account by paypal is not unusual, i also had my account limited with the reason that i had bought few computer accessories on the same date but bought those products individually. Till now they never lifted the ban even after sending them the required evidences of trade.
  35. ^
    Indeed, paypal is really strict and many people don't like it but because the secure, Paypal money is really trustful than other e-money.
  36. May be but i haven't used it for a long time now and i usually pay through skrill which is also instant for deposits and withdrawals.
  37. Yes, I have applied to Skrill IB and get rejected in the past. THey told me, Forex and Gambling are two main funding sources for Skrill
  38. Not sure about gambling as never tried to gamble but did funded forex accounts through skrill and did get withdrawals hassle free.
  39. good for you and i suggest you not gamble ever, its pretty addictive lol. but yeah put that energy in forex for chances are better than gambling.
  40. If you needs the fund urgenly, skrill is the best, otherwise, wire could be a good option.
  41. Skrill is a good option but it had started charging too much charges now and all payments in EUR, i had to pay conversion charges each time i transfer USD to my bank account through them. I will really think about switching to any other suitable and cheap alternative.
  42. but skrill are limitting the mastercard services in asia, i have to look for other means of withdrawal, the same goes with neteller. jeezz
  43. Instead of finding another mean of withdrawal, I think you should focus to optimize your strategy, trade and gain more profit.
  44. yeah thats good as well, but my only mean of withdrawing was the skrill card, now i think im using something else, though bank wire is an option anyway.
  45. Bank wires usually take some time depending upon which country you resides, otherwise they are more convenient than any other alternative i guess.
  46. i think for bank wires its 10-12 working days, the same goes with cc withdrawals if im not mistaken, but for skrill its more of a 24 process. thats good.
  47. Thanks, ok, Skrill only takes 1-2 days and I think I have no choice.
  48. wish this broker could improve the transactions history with latest show first, I made many transactions and have to switch pages every time I check my transactions.
  49. i think it will remain a constant improvement with time, in my opinion as long as there is an effort to improve then thats a good sign. its good.
  50. Seems they hear my feedback here, the transaction history now showing the last first. Or only me see it?
  51. This is good if they responded to your feedback however if you check above they have an option to sort out the history accordingly..
  52. anyone here from USA and have an account with this broker??? Its.from Macedonia and offers cfd and 50:1,> leverage. But everything points to it being legit. There seems to be a lot of reviews from the US on FPA.com i will be opening an account with them to test it out
  53. Im not from the US but read some good recommendation on babypips and I do have a small account with them and its working fine, dont just take my word for it, i suggest starting a minimum account just to test live on them, it should be fine..
  54. Just open live account with some small fund to test it. I truly think you will figure it out by yourself and FPA could be a great source of references for checking any broker.
  55. if you do open an account kindly do update us on how it goes. and best of luck. it should be fin really my account with them passed the 1 year mark anyway
  56. Better to start with demo account and after that starting live account with small amounts to test further processes like withdrawals etc before investing high.
  57. yup exactly thats how it should be done, usually veterans go straight to live, but all newbies should under go demo. thats a must
  58. Does this broker offer Bitcoin to trade?
  59. i havent heard anything about it yet, but lets see, everyone is getting on the btc train as of late.
  60. It's recent fall could cause ~ the loss of billion USD. It's an interesting asset to trade besides majors.
  61. this might be a bit off topic, but has anyone looked on the drop on btc from 4900 - 3100? thats crazy.
  62. The drop was around 2900 but after that it went quickly to 3500 which was crazy too.. anyways did anyone still up to on crystal ball contest!
  63. yes im pretty sure the contest is still up
  64. Any Skrill exchanger here, I want to exchange My Skrill to Paypal?
  65. hahaha this might be the wrong thread for that. try some facebook groups, but do becareful of scam there are a lot of it. cheers.
  66. Many people are buying Bitcoin, are all they profitable? Any insights?
  67. I think bitcoin is gaining attention of many traders and hence many brokers like hotforex have integrated this as a commodity pair with EUR and USD, also as payment deposit method. I hope this broker might soon integrate this commodity too.
  68. i hope lmfx does offer these currencies soon, everyone else is doing it, as for BTC in my personal opinion, yes it will breach the 10 thousand USD mark sooner than expected though fluctuations will occur and it will eat many traders money. but i read that i might even go beyond 20 thousand by mid next year and its not impossible, many countries are eyeing on it really badly. and its getting the fed reserve anxious.
  69. Does this broker provide Bitcoin trading?
  70. Check in MT4
  71. I hope they do so soon, every one is almost on the crypto currency train, lets see how it goes..
  72. I haven't checked but no bitcoin news on home page
  73. they will be catching up soon, everyone is on the cryptocurrencie trading, though its scary really.. but lets see how it goes..