Keeping up with the Goldmans

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Are GS detractors consipary theorists?

  1. Yes, GS makes it's $ legitimately. I explain below.

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  2. No, GS is evil and should be banned from inustry. Let me explain.

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  3. GS like every other firm sometimes pushes it's edge, but it is minimal

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  4. I don't care

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  1. nitro


    Once and for all, does GS manuver markets to it's advantage? Imo people should be asking how this firm makes money, and not all the jealousy conspiracies. We could learn something.

    That said, there is one incident that someone that I respect said GS did something in the options pit that was very uncool, someone complained, but it was overlooked. I did not see it myself.
  2. nitro


    How is it that a firm can have 40 !!! straight quarters of profit???

  3. nitro


    The explanation GS gives is, they provide liquidity. Sheesh, lot of the time I provide liquidity I get run over :(

    There must be some magic potion way to provide liquidity. Can a large portion of their profits be near arbitrage? I cannot explain the consistency of their quarters any other way.
  4. Split-strike conversions?
  5. nitro


    LMAO :D :D
  6. nitro


    No explanations offered for vote choice. Too bad. It seems like such a strong belief should warrant some sort of reasoning...

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  7. Maybe they use the "Volume Bars" that a certain ET'er - who is prone to extreme bullshitting - claims to have invented.

    :p [obligatory smiley for the sarcasm impaired]
  8. you are all wrong.

    It's deep in the money calls. Everyone knows that...
  9. US Market is being manipulated like hell & Goldman is the biggest manipulator. Actually, that's too kind. Make that biggest crook.
  10. bidask


    remember GS and all banks can mark to model everything now.
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