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Keep bringing the market down to its knees

  1. Citizens of America are basically cowards. They have no guts and no inner resources to deal with life and the wrinkles it produces. They demand and feel entitled to things that they dont even deserve and their country always keep obliging them with appeasements and favors. Fed have cut rates, Congress has passed stimulus packages, FHA has increased housing limits to $ 729,000 and bond insurers are being bailed out. If that was not enough defaulting borrowers are appeased with promises of principal forgiveness .. the list goes on and on. There is no stone left unturned, yet they keep dwelling on doom and gloom and in fitful rage refusing every overture made to them.

    John F. Kennedy once said " Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". He was a wise man, he knew the laggard and cowpokes and cowards populated his citizenry, he knew these were wee wee babies crying at every instance and they look towards their Government as a general caretaker. He called upon their asses and yelled at them.

    Forty years later, It all shows up as a collective emotion in the stock market. It all shows up clear as a bell. Lets turn the page to March 2008.

    Negative sentiment overtook lots of positive news today March 6, 2008. Anticipation of Friday's unemployment report intensified into late hour selling binges, fear gripped buyers who did not have any reason to jump into the fractured indexes. The market was broken beyond repair, nothing could have saved it at all. It was a classic fear filled anticipatory panic attack in the last hour.

    With anticipatory anxiety in a full gear we managed to bring the market down to its knees again. Its been one week of selling binges and all the indexes are way oversold at this juncture. The thing is cooked and burned beyond belief.

    The only thing left was to pee in the diapers and that too will be accomplished on Friday morning.

    Hats off to the cowards.
  2. Mommy forget to change you again?

  3. It's been great. I shorted GoogLE at $693 and am still holding. I'm amazed at the rate of the decline. I'm making money hand over fist. I won't even mention my puts on the S&P and BIDU. Fantastic.

    I hope there is more gloom and pessimism. My Goldman Sachs short is doing well but I think it could go further. Ditto for RIMM.

    Thank goodness for Warren Buffet. This week alone, he's padded my pockets for another 18%. I hope he can come out with some more gloomy statements. Bring it on. Thanks Warren, you're making my year. I know the guy is secretly buying at these depressed prices, but that's great. He just keeps making more and more money. Yee haw!

    It's too bad these globalist smartie stocks are going down. Soon enough Buffet will own them all at bargain basement prices. Yee haw!!!

    It's been a great year!!!! Thank you pessimists. THANK YOU WARREN BUFFET!!!!!!!

  4. I think your diapers are wet not mine.

    Wait till Friday morning you can have a full blown brownie ready for your caretaker.
  5. Oops, I forgot to thank the cowards.


  6. You are trying to squeeze blood from turnips. There is not much left to squeeze. Unless there is a rally your nickles and dimes will never progress beyond few days. Bears need rallies, otherwise they won't exist.
  7. Day7793 = BIGGEST CRYBABY on ET
  8. I'm so giddy, I feel like I'm on stage accepting an Oscar Award. I forgot to thank someone else.


    Keep up the selling boys. Yee haw! It's been great.

    There will never be another bull market for another 20 years at least!!!! Globalist smartie stocks going down even more. Yee haw!!!

  9. SP can go to 900...and lower since technically the oil spike reaffirmed itself...

    basically, american consumer, discretionary spending dollars will be less and less..

    market forces are waging a all out war on the american consumer.

    FED will print more and more dollars to save the consumer, hyperinflation... here we come.
  10. He just needs a nap I think.
  11. GOOG has been a great short this week. I grabed a little of that.

    As I expected, getting short yesterday in that "choppy" rally was the proper way to go.

    I will try not to be forced out of my short positions this time, carrying them today and over the weekend.

    Monday could be bloody if Friday isn't. (tomorrow)

    Neg. news everywhere and the market has no steam. Fed talk of cutting 100 basis is the best news ever....although the chance of such a cut is slim.

    The consumer is toast, OIL is just starting its run.

    IMHO this summer will be the death of the market, breaking the 11000 mark.

    As far as US CITIZEN's being cowards. I would agree that most of the sheepole want the government to bail them out of their own stupid fucking mistakes. They do want "Re-distribution" of wealth and Socialist Stimulas packages.

    At least half of the Citizens are communist, if not socialist.

    However, we have a lot of Citizens fighting for this fucked up country. They risk their lives for "Yahoos".

    So, I would say that 50% of what you claim is true.

    Capitalism, Freedom, and the WILL TO FIGHT SOCIALISM and Agression is slowly being eroded.
  12. This comment from a guy who is DOWN 35% THIS YEAR. Only two months, just think what a year will bring.

    Keep selling. Yee haw!!!! It's been great. Let's see my Google short:

    $693 - $433/$693 = 37.52% on this trade alone. Yee haw!!!!!

  13. I care less. I hope the unemployment report comes as nasty as it can be clearly showing there is no way out of it again. That should be the last nail in the coffin...

    Crash the sucker into a wall. But oh no they always prop it enough to trap mom and pop investors and than they milk them down. I wish we have a major crash tomorrow and all this selling and buying will cease for months to come. Wish that can materialize.. it will be Gods gift to our budding doom and gloom audience in America.

  14. Me too!!!! Something we agree on. More money for me. Yee haw!!!!!

    More money for Warren Buffet. Yee haw!!!!! Soon he will own everything for pennies on the dollar. Yee haw!!!!!

    Marc Faber says more damage. Google going down at least 50%. Not there yet. Yee haw!!!

    Doom and gloomers are great. Bear markets are great. Short Google is great. Puts are great.

    Yee haw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Seriously day, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with these crazy, paranoid rants? You seem to be in bigtime denial about out current situation. You seem to want to apply blame for your obvious shortcomings. If I were you (thank the good Lord i'm not), I would cut my losses and move on, you don't belong in this business. I seriously doubt you have much of anything at risk in the market, people who post as much as you do are posers and just screaming for attention. I don't think i've seen any one person on et who is as flat out hated by everyone else. So at least you have that going for you! Congrats!
  16. look how bad the weekly chart is...its impelling itself ...down..in a spike fashion..

  17. I created a thread dedicated to day7793 for this exact purpose:


    Have at it. Yee haw!!!

  18. There not much left to short idiot. Unless it goes up you are out of your delusions.

  19. Yee haw!!!

    Stocks have gone down so much already. Yee haw!!!!

    Me and Warren Buffet have made so much money. Yee haw!!!!

    No more bull markets for another 20 years. No more credit. Yee haw!!!!!!

    Short, short, short. Yee haw!!!!

  20. Can you change your post at least ?

    Are you suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
  21. Hee Haw

    "Call BR549 . . ."
  22. Hey, some of us liked that show! Or at least our parents did. :)
  23. Yes. I'm obsessive compulsive about making money on the SHORT SIDE!!!!!! YEE HAW!!!!

    Huge downside to come. Bulls will be crushed. Huge credit crunch, bank credit drying up. Very dangerous to be long globalist smartie stocks right now.

    With Warren Buffet manipulating the markets to the downside, it's a slam dunk. Yee haw!!!!

    No more bull markets for another 20 years. Yee haw!!!!
  24. "Where, where are you tonight?
    Why did you leave me here all alone?
    I searched the world over . . . "
  25. If you feel the need to vent, you can go here and tell everyone why it's not your fault you're losing money.


    Bears make money. Bulls lose. Yee haw!!!!!
  26. Thank your Fed Chairmen, the Member Banks and PPT for that.

    This whole fuck-up rests squarely on the shoulders of economic bearucrats who felt it necessary to blow the biggest credit bubble the world has even seen.

    Now the hangover is setting in and all the pansy-ass bulls who couldn't tell M3 from a BMW are puking their guts out. Case and point, you (no offense).

    Yes, we do need a clean out to arrest inflation and housing excesses.

    In the process, a lot of Tier A banks (Citi? UBS?) and American homeowners would literally get creamed.

    But fuck'em. I agree. Fuck them.

    Capitalism doesn't work when theres no beat down for poor judgement.

    Banks are shit scared - they're a few foreclosures away from insolvency.

    Look at the write downs at THESE LEVELS - home prices are still 37% higher than 2001 !!

    If banks puke en masse, prices will tank and so will their balance sheet.
  27. Dont worry guys, as we speak Gasparino is busy preparing the story he's going to "break" tommorrow around 3PM when the DOW is down 300. Place your bets on what it will be. I say its time for the good old emergency intermeeting cut over the weekend story.

  28. You illness seems to progress with each new post you make. OCD challenged, delusions of grandeur, bordering on hyper active schizoid state of mind, sure you will be making lots of money...keep blaring here like a mad sheep ... you still got some audience sucker.

  29. I think your cage is clean, go back to it. They placed some fresh water too....

  30. Who let this caged beast out? I thought they lock up these delusional ones in separate quarters. He got hold of a computer and now he is preparing a State of the union address for Fridays job reports when the markets tank 300 points and take it all with them.
  31. Three insults in a row. On a roll :p
  32. Let's see, I'm making money (18% this week alone) and you're down 35% (or more since I see Google hitting new lows each day). Need I say more?

    Oh wait, yes I will. Short, short, short. I love making money on the short side.

    No more bull markets. Huge credit crunch. Globalist smartie stocks being SLAUGHTERED. Very dangerous being long right now. Huge downside. Bulls will be butchered.

    See my friend, no one would give you a hard time if you weren't such a jerkoff. Yet you come on here and post how everyone is stupid and doesn't get it. YET YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS DOWN 35% IN TWO MONTHS. Who's the stupid one? It's like a student who flunks a test and then calls the teacher stupid. See you've confused brains with a bull market. You've simply been fooled by randomness.

    With that I bid you adieu. I love bear markets. I'm so happy Warren Buffet is manipulating the markets down for his own benefit. All great stuff.

    Huge downside to come. Very risky to hold globalist smartie stocks.
  33. I'm a caged beast making TONS of money shorting the hell out of Google and other globalist smartie stocks. I'm loving it.
  34. Oh wait, I forgot, YEE HAW!!!! I love the smell of falling stocks in the morning.

    Da da da daaa da....
  35. Sleazbag reporting in....

    Get a freaking clue and save yourself while you can. Instead of acting like an ass maybe you should seek others advice on here.

    You have obviously lost your tail so far this year (down 30%+ so you say) and all you can do is call people names and cry foul. The whole stock market and the people selling are fouls and your the only one that is right.

    I think maybe you should be consulting your woo's with Larry Kudlow and Dennis Neale.

    Quit being a dick and address reality!

    You can start by looking up the definition of supply and demand.

  36. Three fitting replies to insane yahoos climbing aboard a fast moving train....they are bound to fall.

  37. Hey sleazebag,

    The reality is staring in your face buddy. You are about to bring upon yourself a horrific lesson and a deep recession by your own mental state of mind. I hope this recession breaks your spine and you wander around on your fours or crawl on your elbows and knees dipping for food on the ground.

    Living in a privileged republic has disabled your inner senses taken away all your courage and manhoods.


    I am still the same trader, I take my losses without complain. Makes me stronger than before....well experienced. Markets will be here forever, and when the odds are in my favor, I will suck all the blood out of it plus some more and without remorse in a calm sustained and methodical revenge.

  38. Drink another bottle of JIM BEAM on your cheap linoleum floor and drop in your puke and pass out...
  39. Whoa, you just described my weekends perfectly... Eerie. :)

  40. If only that last neuron of yours was functional you would actually be doing this right now. Instead, you are bitching and moaning and complaining and losing money. Who's the biggest fool?
  41. Ask about the platinum and palladium ... :eek:
  42. Hey day7793,

    The reality is staring in your face buddy. You are about to bring upon yourself a horrific lesson and a deep recession by your own mental state of mind. I hope this recession breaks your spine and you wander around on your fours or crawl on your elbows and knees dipping for food on the ground.

    Living in a privileged republic has disabled your inner senses taken away all your courage and manhoods.


    You are still the same loser, you take your losses with complaints. Makes you weaker than before....even more foolish with experience. Markets will be here forever, and when the odds are not in your favor, you will bleed more and more and without thinking in a hysterical sustained and methodical pattern of losing.
  43. Wooo- eeee!! Yee-haw!!!!

    Thank you non farm payrolls. Thank you doom and gloomers.

    Just closed out 1/2 of my Goog short at 428.50. Profit 265 per share. Also closed out some SPY shorts and will use the opening to sell 1/2 puts. Still holding GS and RIMM shorts.

    This is so great. Gonna buy some Jim Bean and crawl around on all fours this weekend and think about our great republic.

    It's a fantastic place where the rich get richer (congrats to Warren Buffet on being the richest man in the world) and the poor, poorer.

    Yee haw!!!! No more bull markets. Doom and gloom is great. Globalist smartie stocks getting crushed. Bulls getting crushed.

    With all the money i've made on the short side, I'm ready to buy some good stocks for pennies on the dollar. Woo-ee!!

    Have a good weekend day7793, I know I will. Yee-haw!!!!
  44. Don't worry about it DAY. Your profitable days are coming in 7793 more days. I knew your name on this board had some hidden meaning.:D
  45. Day is the poster child of a born loser. I doubt he will ever amount to a damn thing unless it is given to him.
  46. futures just plummeted after job thing lmao... totally expected we still have more down to go...interesting what friday will bring

  47. All I heard was blah blah blah oh woooo is me. Since you can't make a lick of sense about anything except for your blind ignorance you have now met my ignore button.

    What a clown!
  48. Awesome, just awesome. Took my Goog profits and bought a basket of Cdn banks and insurers at the open. Just closed off the trade for a nice profit. Yee-haw!!!!

    It's great playing it both ways. Reduced short on GS at the open too just to book some fat juicy profits. Excellent.

    Thank you doom and gloomers. Thank you plunge protection team.

    Done for the week. It's been GREAT!!!!!!

  49. Your own country is getting raped from every which way and here you are rejoicing in a delusional frenzy.

    NASDAQ, DOW, SPX have wiped off trillions of dollars from the very bastions of employment leaving many people to fend off each other with nothing but unemployment lines and unpaid bills.

    You are truly a great patriot son of a bit**

  50. I hope you are at it again Monday morning with a tin cup in hand and a sleazebag will to undo markets and leech off few morsels.

  51. Get lost idiot...
  52. LOL, typical response from a born loser who will never amount to anything unless it is given to him.
  53. day just give it up man and get short. you'll make some money and we can all stop listening to your whining.
  54. it's funny how many people have no idea that unpatriotic acts can and often do result in rising prices.
  55. why are you so jealous of those profiting from natural market forces? You think ET'ers have any real influence over the greater markets? Of course we dont, we are a small bunch! Get that through your head, WE DONT influence the markets. We merely trade them to profit.
    You can blame your govt and the people in charge for allowing us to reach this sorry state of affairs in this, formerly, great nation.

  56. oh yes we found another yahoo message board drama queen with pockets deeper than the deepiest abyess on earth.

    you are getting all the attention you need here. please stay and boast. maybe we need to follow the leader. :cool:

    PS just let us know when the next major trend is going up. also dont forget to buy what you want first and then tell us the big wave up to the moon.
  57. There are brief periods in all markets where rank amateurs can make a lot of money. 1999 for tech stocks was one of them, and this appears to be another. Just be ready when things don't go your way and you lose all this "easy money." You're putting way too much stock in your doom and gloom scenario and will be as lost as Day when the market changes course.

    No bull market for 20 years? Sounds like Robert Prechter in the mid-80s. Of course, he now tries to sound like a genius who "predicted" the current downtrend. Yeah, he predicted it for two decades as stocks enjoyed the best run ever recorded.

  58. How do you figure I am loser idiot? I am still up 77% in 5 quarters of trading. Many people in this market can't even keep that up, not even Warren Buffet, or any value investors have those percentages dumabass.

    Stick your tongue where you can lick something, my ass in not the place.

  59. I do whats called high probability trades with 80% or better probability, one standard deviation away, does not matters where the market moves as long as they donot breach my short positions on both sides. I short on both sides up and down.

    These are IRON condors or double diagonals , calendar spreads with time decay just about $1000 a day into the account alone...
  60. I have met a number of born-losers in my life and you fit the profile to a "T". Winners do not fill public forums with drivel such as you do....but hey, don't get me wrong...you are entertaining on a boring day and a little comedy is in order...as long as your rich Grandma makes your margin calls, you will be around to entertain.
  61. Interesting.
    You said in another post that you don't go short, finally changed your mind? And you haven't answered my question, yet: since you're making soooo much money, why oh why are you bitching & whining 24/7 in here?
  62. LMFAO......
  63. he is whining because he purports to be a spread trader ; as the market approaches his put credit spreads he gets killed. you can tell how much pain he is in as his nasty trolling posts increase in frequency. there is no easy money and you can feel his pain every time we retest lows or highs. most of the spread traders have adapted and moved on or have been blown out. his level of experience , iq, and professionalism is clear to those who care to be entertained. for me as a seller of vol; i experience similar pain now and then, but obviously react in a far different manner.

    day, don't bother posting how you have adapted; i really could care less. my point in the post is to possibly help others understand a small part of why you are such a bothersome little piece of shit.

  64. You donot like what I write as honest stark reality than call me shit or whatever you like. I am not going to respond to your insult.

    The post is about bringing the market down, and with your doom and gloom you have dealt a blow worse than a recession could have.
  65. Trust me; if ALL of the posters on this site were to go short it would have very little affect on the market. Writing posts that are 'gloom & doom' do even less.

    The market has only begun its fall from the coming recession as you can see by the 1 and 2 day rallies that continue to occur. You will not see a bottom in this market until you see Dow 10,300.
  66. Recession has not started, but we are down 20% from highs. Great job ! Look what you did to real estate? You can bring the temple down just do not buy anything ever again. Stay negative all year long.. it does nice things for you. You will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.
  67. This soo cool!

    I had no idea I crashed the real estate market, the stock market and siezed up the credit makrts too!!! Farout!

    Clearly I am a God. Can't wait to tell my wife and friends they'll be so impressed. Better not piss me off Day or lighthing will reign down on you..lol

    Oh btw, I'll have $500.00 of whatever you do before you start posting.

  68. How much is your account piece of garbage? At least mine is bigger than you quoted.

  69. It all comes down to negative attitudes. Real estate tanked because people like you stopped buying. Stock market tanked because you were deluded by recessionary fears. People like you have dealt a bigger blow to the markets than a recession would have. Now your goose is cooked, sell the rallies, grind a nickle here a penny there and call that trading. You ain't getting rich thats for sure.

  70. HA recession has not started. WE ARE IN A RECESSION DAY7793, IT STARTED MONTHS AGO, I HAVE BEEN TALKING RECESSION AND A BEAR MARKET FOR MONTHs as you continue to think the bull market is still intact and the economy is strong with 4% GDP, HAHAHA

    :p :p :p :p
  71. You guys keep farking up day's strategy of investing and trading, summarized as follows:


    Quit sabotaging the markets with your negative mental vibes, you bastards.

  72. Get lost dog faced brainwreck. I ain't about to back down from cowards like you. Piece of grabage. Get lost donot come to this thread..put your tongue where you can lick something, not my ass.

  73. That is the whole problem with you. Excessive doom and gloom. Hope you do get a recession that will put you out on the streets and without a job. Hope you slit your throat in the end.
  74. day, c'mon.

    Just admit it: You were way too bullish, and even perma-bulls threw in the towel on Friday.

    Don't manage to out-Kudlow Kudlow. For even he isn't denying the existence of what was the (former) elephant in the room.

    We're in recession, mode, Goldie. Best to trade accordingly.

  75. Stay out of my range pecker-brained idiot. Take a hike dog faced cartoon.

    I ain't your push over kid.

  76. So we are in a recession? So what? Horde food & water and dig a hole underground and hide? Only come out if we hear " friendly voices" YES?

    Get to absorb it. This is a cake walk. You still drinking that beer? You still got a roof over your head? Rented roof perhaps, and according to you---make a killing in the stock market, YES? Oh yes! So whats so bad about a recession? Is this bigger than the cookie monster under your bed ? Or the "little orange man " that comes out with a shiny little sword and pecks at you ankles?

    So why this doom and gloom and utter pessimism? You have dealt a bigger blow to the stock market, than a recession would have...for Gods sake!

    (I knew I live in a land of cowards).
  77. day7793 I'm afraid I agree with you... I feel pessimistic about stocks due to them falling about 40% on average in a recession.
    Like you I consider myself an optimist also but I'm not even sure the S&P 500 has fallen 20% from the highs yet.

    Thinking about this makes me feel like a beer....

  78. There is no telling where the stock market will go and we are not having any empirical data to prove we are in recession. Usually markets go fllat during recession and donot fall so hard and fast like we have seen in last 2 months despite 2 major rate cuts and all the efforts by our Congress and Feds.

    I agree we are not yet 20% from October highs on SPX but Nasdaq has hit that number I guess. This utter pessimism and freaking out like a bunch of sissy witches in a fit of orgy has done more damage to the nation than a recession would have. Consumer confidence = moral is shattered, and that of course I am afraid to tell you leads to major problems. When the consumer stops spending or buying like he did in real estate market this whole country can tailspin into a deep dive..

    Lesson #1 Keep you head high and walk tall. Act with confidence and keep a balanced outlook. Do not bash the stock market to pieces hoping you get rich. No one gets rich in bear markets.
  79. Paulson did pretty well last year to the tune of $4bln.....

  80. Hedge funds are having record losses. Read that story I posted in another thread. The markets a volatile. Some firms are now in cash. cash is being raised by mutual funds. The market is tanking because of few buyers and will keep on tanking.
  81. Mom and pop investors should not be speculating in the stock market...
  82. Let me guess you live in France? You know I am getting really sick of the anti-American sentiment. There are VERY few countries in this world that we haven't had to save their asses when they needed it most. We provide more humanitarian aid to foreign countries that ANY other country in the world. We have more troops die defending people that do not belong to our country than any other country. When other countries are in trouble, who bails them out? The US. We help those that cannot help themselves more than anyone else, yet even those we have helped in their darkest hour still hate us. Why? Jealousy! Stop hating and just move here and see how great it really is instead of sitting where ever you are and bitching b/c your life sucks. If you don't like the US then stop trading our stocks, stop trading our currency, stop getting our troops killed b/c your countrymen are cowards and cannot stand up for themselves. If you can't do that then just STFU and stop crying b/c you don't live here.

    EDIT: Tony Blair said it best: "I sometimes think it is a good rule of thumb to ask of a country: are people trying to get into it or out of it? It's not a bad guide to what sort of country it is."

    I can promise you this, no matter what country you live in, there are more people in your country that want in ours than there are people in ours that want in yours.
  83. Really???
    So, I suppose this guy
    was simply playing with a sim acct or Monopoly money, when he shorted the British £. Besides, he didn't make much, did he? Just a lucky trade I guess...most likely played with "negativity".
  84. Ok I finally got this far in this moronic thread. Are you seriously so stupid that you think Real Estate tanked b/c people stopped buying? EVERYTHING in the US is supply and demand. Housing was overbuilt so there were more houses for sale that there were people wanting to buy them. THEN to try and curb this banks started lending money to people with sub-prime credit to get these extra houses sold. Problem was that not only did a lot of these sub-prime borrowers default on their loans, the builders kept right on building more shit to sale knowing damn good and well no one was going to buy them since the demand was basically gone. This was NOT something the general population of the US just decided to do on a whim.

    Either way I said it before and I say it again: If you don't like the way the US markets are working...DON'T TRADE THEM. Either way STFU!

    ..\................. /.........\................../
  85. isn't it 'bear'?

  86. Since you used the word "STFU" I will respond according:

    Listen Dumbass,

    You dont know anything about real estate. When you say supply and demand that what happened idiot brains. The Demand dried up, people stopped buying for various reasons. Some were gaming the markets for discounts, some were scared in their tracks. If the buyer stops buying the whole industry collapses, the whole cycle stops. Real estate valuations dropped because there were no new comps! That's when the refinances and lenders got in trouble. They can't lend on collateral that was not enough and the homeowner had no other alternative but to default since he cannot sell in a market with no buyers.

    Get some brains before you open you beak and do not start off with insulting posts, in my case, it will come back at you like a whiplash.

    Now you STFU and do not come back!

  87. How many beating you need on your blue ass Samadi? Its already black from last few rounds or is it not?
  88. Stocks have a natural tendency to go up. Stock market was built into that premises otherwise you would not be here posting this bull.
  89. Demand dried up because prices got too high! People saw these prices going up and up and up and decided, collectively, to stop buying at the same rate. They no longer saw value in paying the prices that were being offered. Just like a stock stops going up when people think that the price is too high for what they are buying. Plus, prices rose at a rate that was unseen in the industry creating a bubble type situation and when it pops, it tends to cause an adverse affect greater than if prices had risen at a more reasonable and steady rate.

    Its a market and these things happen in mkts.

  90. The population did not get together and form some conspiracy to stop buying houses. The people that had the money and were willing to spend it at the price points at that time had already bought their houses. Houses aren't something you buy a new one every month just because. Construction companies should have seen the writing on the wall and slowed down production instead of blindly continuing to build even though they were already starting to have a hard time selling the houses they had already built.

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out if you are building 100,000 new homes and apartments every year in an area that is only growing by 20,000-50,000 people per year you are going to run out of buyers sooner or later. That is what happened. No back ally conspiracies just simple supply and demand.