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Just went short 3X S&P

  1. S&P wont reach over 20 day moving average. Big fail. Moving downward and will go lower. Good time to get in now. Sorry typing fast cause I have to return to tradin...
  2. gonna hold that overnight?
  3. i went short today,
    got my ass handed to me
  4. YES
  5. Ok , I'll be the mug, @what price?
  6. I also went short this afternoon....rallies usually fail when they hit the 20 MA. Previous resistance. I say we retest the bottoms, and then some.
  7. Advance/Decline was very strong today.

    Up 2823
    Dn 234

    12-1 is a massive number and the rally will likely continue.
  8. I shorted yesterday at the end of the day... covered a little bit in the meager downs this morning, and then proceeded to get my assss handed to me throughout the afternoon. The moving average is all out of whack. I am holding and hoping for a down day tomorrow though
  9. I went short at the end of the day and I plan to hold until PUT/CALL ratio moves to bearish territory (more bears we need). At the present moment people are as bullish as they were on the 9th of february (almost) this tells me we are nearing the end of this rally.
    Also we just bumped into november lows...
    Good luck
  10. I am still waiting for your answer....you silly piece of shit.
  11. Tomorrow is a Friday following a big bounce. There's bound to be a pullback. If nothing else, you should make a nice gain on an intraday pullback. I wouldn't hold a 3X reverse ETF over the next couple weeks, though. It's a coin flip where the market is going to go in the short term. Not worth getting your ass handed to you.
  12. I love these posts and the funny thing is they are all contrarians, acting as if they knew something the market does not.

    Here's a tip, buy the pullback to last resistance you dork, the trend is now up and highly doubt it will end due to a squiggly little line in your charts. ES next resistance is 800 so you are way too early in your call.

  13. Serious question though: do you consider november lows to be resistance?