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    Has anyone heard of Jonathon Stone (
    My cousin saw his ad on craigslist and was interested.
    For $9000 training fee I thought it is expensive and risky but I can't find any review about him to explain to my cousin about my suspicions..
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    Not a lot for one/one training if it works. Hard to find any reviews online. I would ask for two referrals you can speak to before paying and ask for a syllabus of what you will learn.
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  3. It’s a scam dude. If you can’t see that, run as far away from trading as possible.
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    Why say that from just his website?
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  5. This trading course is designed EXCLUSIVELY to teach the client how to MAKE MONEY trading futures,commodities or stocks.

    Jonathon gives you the exact buy and sell points along with stop and profit objective........ before the markets open.
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    I have no experience with them. I think jumping to scam from a strong sell on the website is a little fast.
  7. destriero


    Stone lives in a $240K condo in Deerfield, IL (unit 323). Sounds like he's a roaring success.

    OP is obviously a shill for this Jonathon Stone individual.
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  8. He was one of those CBOT members who I never saw in a pit....
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  9. Handle123


    I saw his ads in Futures magazine every month in the 90's, I recall he might of been a broker and often tied to a woman who also was a broker, I think Susan Green. I don't recall him ever teaching back then. Often times "one on one" never works unless you have daily work with someone either calls, much internet or them sitting next to you for a couple months. I had a few one on ones in my time, all expensive when you end up taking planes, hotels etc...and none of them helped me beyond what I already knew, none of them taught risk management as it should be taught. They were always about entry and that is as important like 1% of a system. And none of them taught the real scoop about chart reading. This is a career of much study and working at what most say can't be done, ignoring the masses.

    I have not taken @bone course, but if I was hunting to take one, he be the one I shell out that type of money.
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  10. I could have never guessed that

    My cousin is asking:)
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