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Johnny Rock's comeback

  1. In an effort to become a better trader i am starting this journal.


    Forward test an idea that i was able to successfully use with stocks, but adapt it to futures.

    Spend the next year paying down personal debt as I test this system.

    In 18 months - 2 years go live.

    Full disclosure:

    I have blown up 3 times. The 1st time was in the summer of 2003. Once in 2007 and once in 2008. I traded for a brief time in 2014, but my idea was flawed. I didn't blow up; you might say I gave up, until now. Place your bets, argue amongst yourselves. I have business to attend to.

    I find it easier and quicker to post trades on instagram, but since it is not real money, and because of my long-term track record I won't waste your time by posting calls on ET.
  2. My idea:

    Trade only on the few days where I see trend potential for the entire day. I'm watching 3 markets: corn, oil and NQ, but am limiting the paper trades to QM and NQ.

    Sell rallies on a downtrend and buy pullbacks on an uptrend.

    Here is what makes this methodology different. I set a hard stop and if it is not hit then I close my position at 3:30 pm.

    When I used this method in stocks I made 168% (45% win rate) on a small account in 1.5 years. More importantly this method kept me from over trading, and I was able to adhere to this systematic approach.

    Only time will tell if I can consistently find quite a few of these elusive trend days.

    @johnnyrock5932 on instagram
  3. Volume is a leading indicator of price. If your methodology doesn't include volume, then you have an incomplete dataset of the market's system of operation.

    If one looks for DU in volume on the larger timescale, then one can anticipate trends on the smaller timescale. They come after decreases in volatility. However, as a counter-intuitive as this may be, all trends on the larger timescale is first seen on the 5min.

    Annotating and logging your trading timescale will demonstrate these answers for yourself.
  4. Thank you for the input. Yes, volume plays a huge role as well as pace. By no means am I an expert, so I welcome the feedback.

    I have a paper trade on now. On any day that I make a paper trade - after the trade is closed - I will post two charts that will show what the trade looked like upon entry and then the end result.

    Thank you.
  5. This is a screenshot of what the trade looked like as I posted it to instagram. Stop above swing high. Close the trade @ 3:30 pm if my stop is not hit.
  6. Very good deduction. Pace is an early indicator of EOB volume and where PA is in the market's ever-repeating order of events.
    Understanding the relationship between Pace and the slope of the RTL are keys.

    Shifting your hard-stop to a dynamic horizontal orientation by matching the slope of the RTL is a natural extension of this.
  7. I don't see how your very limited current market view will support your goals, but that's just me. Perhaps you'll get more applicable feedback from others more aligned with your current paradigm.
  8. I am also looking at another chart on a higher time frame with the information that I am using to determine if it is a potential trend day. That chart will not be posted here, but I do keep those as well.
  9. This chart only shows what is in my OX app when the trade is executed.
  10. Those are the ones which clear feedback will make a difference. People trade what they can see. If one wants to trade better, purposeful learning to develop a way of Seeing is what will make the difference. Systems building is a way of Seeing. However it's effectiveness depends on it's paradigm as well as the dataset it values.

    Systemic thinking is a predicable path to success. Undisciplined betting and gambling mentality is one bet away from ruin. Folks attempt to arbitrage this away through stats, to a greater of lessor degree of effectiveness. All stats do is provide thesis support when doubt arises in the middle of a trade. In the end, it comes down to developing the skills to understand what being on the right side of the market is or not on your specific trading timescale.

    If you are not on the right side of the market, all there is to do is get on the right side of the market.
  11. I'm sure he was aware that opening this thread would be troll bait.
  12. No doubt.
  13. :thumbsup:
  14. It's not for anyone else to tell what you can or cannot do...that's up to you.
  15. Anybody named johnnyrock with that avatar has got to be cool.
    Just a hunch.
  16. I think he opened for us in Memphis years ago. :D
  17. Screenshot_20170720-090636.png Screenshot_20170720-090636.png Screenshot_20170720-132934.png
  18. Why trade qm over CL? Margin?

  19. Mostly, but also because of the $ value per tick. As equity builds I plan on staying with the qm for quite a while. At that point it would be more for the tick value than margins. At the point where I feel I could scale up to 2 QM then I would switch to CL.

    So I am paper trading as though I had $5,000.
  20. No, y'all lived the life! Mine was just a fantasy, but, I have always been bad company.
  21. Screenshot_20170721-100021.png
  22. Screenshot_20170721-133116.png
  23. My biggest loss:

    For several months I had been making serious money trading Google options. I was working full time for an OTR trucking company out of Iowa. The job sucked ass!

    I was unhealthy. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. You say to take emotions out of trading. I am not a robot! On this day I wish I was. This was the day I would lose 20 grand.

    I was over leveraged and over confident.

    I was actually miserable. My job was simply a means to an end. 50 grand a year.

    Chump change to the boy plunger.

    No. That was not me. I was not the boy plunger. I was a former garbage man who wanted to buy his freedom. A slave for sure. I hated "Toby work."

    You have read the book. That was Jesse Livermore. If you want big rewards you take big risks. He lived the dream. Until he shot himself. What chance did he have! Jesse didn't have access to all the great trading books, lightning fast quotes, execution and charts; we had it all. I would re-write the story. This time it would have a happy ending! Prince charming would have his way!

    Who could tell me anything? Over the years I had my first big month in the summer of 2003 - eight grand in one month. On three separate occasions, in the years since, I have had three different days in which I had made four large in a single day. I have made $10,000 in two weeks trading on both the long and short side. But! I had a preference.

    Because of that glorious eight thousand dollar month, I still have an affinity for the short side. I often seek out women who look like my ex. Nothing long term. That would be creepy. Just for the night. Some might say I am agraid of committment. I just want my freedom.

    I would withdraw my last 6 grand two months later. It was back to "Toby work."

    That is how I ended up at Heartland Express. As far as trucking companies operate you only ran sort of illegal. They paid well and got you home every week. More imporyantly you only ran about 2500 paid miles per week. You don't log the unpaid miles. That would give me time to trade. The DOT, at that time, only had access to your shipping paperwork and fuel receipts. I could pursue my passion, day trading. Who needs sleep? Drive all night, trade all day!

    Let me tell you about this particular day.
  24. The futures were down terribly. At least they had been earlier that night.

    Across the pond there had been bombings in London. At the train station.

    I guess there had not been enough time that passed. Or maybe I listened to too much news driving that truck. This felt like another 911. At least I am sure that is how Londoners must have felt. Sure, that saddened me, but the other part of me saw opportunity.

    I would learn three valuable lessons this trading session. When the futures come roaring back you had best be sure you are on the right side of that tsunami. I was on the beach. Facing the wrong way. Lesson #1.

    Before I placed the trade my stomach knotted up. That feeling had only happened to me once before when I took Heathers number. A beauty queen. A married woman. The one I pushed away. Thank God she left! A substitute would work fine. I still have an affinity for the beauty queens.

    Lesson number two. Listen to your gut!

    Google had been good to me. Day trading google options gave me the stake that I would use to buy my freedom. If everything went according to plan this would be the day that I headed to the nearest terminal, called a cab, and took a flight back to FL. First class if my google puts worked out. I was filled with anticipation waiting for the opening bell.

    This day. It felt like a horse race and it would not last much longer. By this time I knew not to average down. In total I wanted 40 puts. I would buy 20 at the open and buy 20 more as the position moved against me. After all I could see obvious resistance, formerly support.

    The trade, maybe, lasted 10 minutes. To this day my guess it was probably closer to ten seconds. I was bleeding cash! This tsunami of a market crashed through resistance. I was left lying on the beach. This would be my d-day. I need a medic.

    The most important lesson I learned that day would be that what provides resistance, if you learn from it, can become your support.

    This would be the first of many lessons I would take on leverage. I know better now. In fact I am better. Mentally! Physically! Emotionally!

    This is "The Tale of the Existential Trader: the Legend of Johnny Rock." This is a true story and Elite Trader will be the witness. Comments are welcome. @JoeD can implore me to quit. But if he sticks around long enough, he too, will be a witness.
  25. If I may give you some advice, I believe your methodology is not very good for a beginner. You try to capture trend days, in those days, typically if you are on the right side of the trend, you risk very little but can make a huge amount (relative to the risk). Its similar to what Taleb calls `convexity`. In those situations, you want to ride the winner for as long as you can.

    Often times, people will be surprised how long things can keep going. Its human nature to want to get out of these and lock profits. Your system does exactly that. Its psychologically easy to liquidate when up and try to get back in on a counter-trend move but its probably very flawled. That is because it is a system that is fading the very essence of `convexity` trading. I would instead use a trailing stop (that is wide enough) and try to ride the trade to infinity. Perhaps have a core position where you do that and a non-core (say 2/5 of the position) where you play around with trying to `outperform` by doing what you are doing. You might find that the passive approach (that uses the trailing stop) will be superior to the more active one

  26. Johnny, you magnificent trader, sorry I yelled at you. If you're peeping to see when I come in, please take me off Ignore. :)

    Be careful Johnny, we are at critical resistance


    Americans are broke.png
  27. Week 1 results. Paper trade with a $5000 account. 2 trades on the QM. $390 profit. 20170722_115037.jpg
  28. The PROTECTORS and the HELPERS:

    In my estimation one sure fired way to increase page views, and POPULARITY, for a trading journal is to draw in the aforementioned ET types.

    Follow @johnnyrock5932 on Instagram. Follow me on collective2. No, really, follow me!

    Those two statements, if I am lucky, will draw in the PROTECTORS! God forbid someone should sell snake oil - the American dream.

    Over the years I have learned that trading is a solo endeavor unless you are trading at a prop firm or hedge fund. Even so, if losses mount up trading would once again become a solitary endeavor. Unless of course some magnaminous trader would be so kind as to give you the keys to the kingdom.

    I am always NICE to the HELPERS. After all they are here to help. Unless of course they mention FTT and I am reminded of Jack Hershey who seemed to be an affable sort, an American buddha if you don't mind the comparison, then they will be on my ignore list. Another group of HELPERS were the WOODIES. They seemed to have a hard on for anyone who might question the Woodster's motives.

    However, they were only PROTECTING Woodie, or quite possibly, their own ego.

    Then there are the rest of us who are simply attempting to improve our own trading while also dropping a nugget or two along the way. We have no axe to grind! It's not our way or the highway. In fact we are not seeking anything other than camaraderie with people who have traveled down a similar path only to find a methodology that fits their strengths like a glove while keeping as much distance as possible from the trader and his blind spots.

    My blind spots were being over leveraged, over trading, and over confident. Traders will say that there is no pressure paper trading. Maybe they should post a journal! Talk about pressure. Losing money comes in a close second to losing face.
  29. One's blind spots are only recoginized through the reflection of others.
    That's why they are called blind spots.

    Unfortunately as humans, when these are pointed out unsolicited, we don't receive it well. Even when we solicit feedback, we don't receive it well. Perhaps one considers themselves special and human social dynamics don't apply.

    Perhaps a more productive mindset is to increase one's clarity and understanding of how markets really work.

    That line of inquiry leads to an examination of one's basic assumptions that have been enculturated.

    Whatever we focus upon grows.

    If what you are engaging in builds trust in oneself then that is a very good path.

    Signal or noise, to each their own.
  30. Bear flag on the weekly. Nice narrow range this past week. I will be watching the short side.

    Rules: one trade, one contract per day.

    The facts: most days, over the long term, will not offer any trades. That's okay!

    Because I am stalking, potentially, trend days I will not close my position until 3:30 pm unless my stop is hit.

    Although I also watch the NQ, if given a signal in both markets, my PAPER trades will lean towards the QM until I build up this account.


  31. Life is a FAITH walk, not a CAKE walk.

    -- John Gregory

    If you don't believe in you, who will?!
  32. I think you need to find patterns that keep you out of the market when there is too much random noise. CL especially has huge random jumps on events that will be known to some people way before you can react, so try to find patterns in price action to keep you out. There are great resources from web videos and books. Two possibilities of good traders that go into great detail on price action pattern filters are Adam Grimes and Linda Raschke.
  33. Okay. The two markets I am following are not giving me any signs that today could be a trend day, at least not yet.

    So, that frees up valuable time to answer a burning question. WHAT ALIAS IS SURF USING NOW?

    Is it @ElSegundo

    Or could it be that the marketsurfer is actually undercover as a short term trader who rides market waves that last only seconds or minutes? Could @algofy be surf? That would be AlGoofy!

    What if @vanzandt is actually surf and has been trolling all of us all along - in his free time when he is not touring with Bruce or writing the Sopranos movie. Those royalty checks must ne heavy.

    Let me check my oil chart again. My head hurts!
  34. wait is jonnyrock surf? lol
  35. You will know for sure if I start averaging in to a losing position or pumping penny stocks.
  36. On the 15' I like to see an expansion bar on volume. It turns out it was a trend day. No trades today.

  37. I don't want to turn this journal into the surf report, but I found this post to be very odd! Specifically, the post count is disconcerting.

    Surf stopping his post count 4 shy of 666, c'mon. I have heard from many ETers, via DM, that they believe surf is actually Satan. This may be the proof we need.

    Also Samsara spelled backwards is Arasmam. I think we all know what that means.

  38. :confused:...what the hell...MarketSurfer is Satan
    Who said, or claimed, that?

    662....why stop there, and not 666...

    Samsara backwards is Arasmam...what is Arasmam supposed to be?

    But MarketSurfer did mention a location once with the address of 666 -- I brought it up in his post,
  39. Long NQ (paper trade). Close trade @ 3:30 est if I am not stopped out.

  40. Screenshot_20170725-133010.png
  41. I certainly thought a bear flag was setting up in oil. I was not expecting this today.

    2017-07-25-17-34-04--1472525556.png 2017-07-25-17-33-44--18567170.png
  42. I like the 15' time frame for day trading.

    I see a lot of people bemoaning program trading and others - programmers - heralding it as the only way to make money.

    I heard these same arguments in 2004. Trend trading is also an option. In fact that is what I am basing my comeback on.

    Btw, wasn't Long Term Capital Management run by PHDs?
  43. The NQ is up huge, bigly, in premarket trading.

  44. Screenshot_20170727-111559.png
  45. Screenshot_20170727-133109.png
  46. Backwardation? Contango? Wtf?

    I guess this is showing Contango. Higher price because of storage costs. However, what I find noteworthy is that the patterns are similar.

    This doesn't factor in to the day trading scenario, but it is something I am keeping an eye on as I attempt to make long tetm crude plays in the future.

    Screenshot_20170727-203539.png Screenshot_20170727-203559.png
  47. Long QM. Close position at 3:30 est if stop is not hit. Stop is under the consolidation. Paper trade.

  48. Screenshot_20170728-120427.png
  49. Week 2 results $105 gain.

    Largest winning streak since inception, 2.

    Largest losing streak since inception, 1.

    Best winning percentage, 100%, week one.

    Most profitable week, $390, week one.

    Losing weeks, none. 20170728_121202.jpg
  50. What if @vanzandt is actually surf and has been trolling all of us all along -
    Vanz has nothing to do with Mr. Surf.

    I tried to follow the rest but lost sight of it all. Go long your equity positions until second week of September. *shrugs*
  51. I am having trouble making the quotes work.

    I am trying to make a point about making the $100.
  52. OMG the above is pissing me off. I must fix it. Bloody forum bits
  53. Vanz has nothing to do with Mr. Surf.

    I tried to follow the rest but lost sight of it all. Go long your equity positions until second week of September. *shrugs*[/QUOTE]

    Bah, real life calls. I have failed my charge!~ Bugger!
  54. Awesome thread :thumbsup:
  55. Dickey Doo:

    Some might say I have spent a life time looking for the easy way. Dare I say the easy way has always had a way of finding me.

    In High School, two weeks before I would leave the goat roping town of Bossier City, LA (East TX if you will) and move to the big city (Tampa, FL) an older dude said he would back me playing pool. He would put up the cash and we would split the profits. I introduced him to my friend Mike. To this day I have no idea if that offer was legitimate or not.

    Being that age with long hair and a penchant for hanging out in dive bars - I liked action! - two things were certain. People would offer me drugs, but I was always suspect of older dudes offering me anything. What was the other thing? Take a guess!

    For the first time I had visions of taking my cue on the road and that I did.

    McDermott, Hubler, and I hopped on the first bus to Tampa. About three miles from the bus station, located on Tampa Ave (across the street from the police station) was Bakers; the pool hall.

    This would be the first time I would lay my eyes on nine foot tables. Above each table there were two strings with circular, oblong beads. The beads were used to keep count: games won, balls dropped or money owed.

    Located on the West side of this dungy building was an old soda machine. Two metal cables ran from that pop machine to two separate metallic buttons. As it turned out that out of date dispenser was always out of order unless you knew the secret. The top button, when depressed, would trigger a familiar sound as a can of Busch beer would come rumbling out. The other magic wonder would ellicit Natural Light.

    My kind of place.

    I was but 17. Bakers didn't have a liquor license at the time. Technically, legally, I was not old enough to drink.

    A match made in heaven.

    That was a bonus. I was there for the action.
  56. Dickey Doo part two:

    I would quickly learn that I did not have the skill set, or the mind set, to run with this crew.

    I witnessed Steve Cook run 154 balls in a game of straight pool. That was the level of competition. Wagers would run into the thousands. I knew I could never be Steve Cook. He was a legend. He once spotted me the seven in a game of nine ball. It was a race to 11 and he spotted me nine games to boot. We were only playing for $20. Even with a kid Steve didn't play for free. To me it was the highlight of my summer and of course I lost. In that first game I missed one shot and watched him run the table 11 straight times!

    But then, there was Dickey Doo. Why did they call him Dickey Doo? Because his stomach sticks out farther than his Dickey Doo!

    Steve taught me that the big boys never play for free; sort of like the market if you ask me. The only difference is that Mr. Market takes no pity on children or the elderly.

    But it was Dickey Doo that taught me the lesson that I could not - would not - learn until I would be nearing my final run.

    Never take on a game that you cannot win! Let the action come to you and stack the odds in your favor.

    That is why I do not trade every day. But, if I wait for potential trend days, I am no longer in the way. The wind is at my back. I am one with the stream. I am like a fish IN water! Maybe. Maybe not. But! At least the odds are in my favor.
  57. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/wa...oint-tumble-in-the-dow-industrials-2017-07-28

    I am not in the prediction business. However, this article points out an interesting stat.

    " ... for the S&P 500, going back to 1950, 61 of the past 67 years have had a 5% downdraft at least once, or 91% of all years, according to Ryan Detrick, senior market strategist, at LPL Financial."

    So, let's just use a round number of 6,000 for the NQ. A 5% move would be 300 points. Catching the entire move is unrealistic, gap or no gap. But, if one holds until the close - profit targets be damned - even if you identify the trend move late, catching 30% of the move is quite realistic. That would amount to 100 NQ points. $2,000.

    So, on this fictional paper trade account that would amount to a 40% gain off the original 5 grand.

    But, let's say you had 30 grand in your account, but you were only playing three contracts. That is is 6 grand, or 20%, in one fell swoop.

    So, why design a strategy to catch these large trend days when they rarely happen?

    For one, look how many times a 2.5% move happens - quite a bit. Keeping all ratios the same, but dividing by two, those are impressive gains and percentages! The difference is the frequency.

    If you can switch gears feom mean reversion to trend following my hat is off to you. I cannot!

    Simple systems for not so simple minds.

    Btw, you still get to keep all the chips you acquire when the market is trending up. MW-FR268_downtu_20170728114202_ZH.jpg
  58. Screenshot_20170731-083242.png
    cover at 3:30 est if stop is not hit
  59. Screenshot_20170731-120158.png
  60. Traders Gone Wild:

    Another thread got me thinking about the Wilder's, PSAR today.

    It was actually @murray t turtle that mentioned it. Hmmm.

    ***I would still have to wait on the trend***
    ***stop is well defined***
    ***playing momentum***

    2017-07-31-23-12-39-1936126971.png 2017-07-31-23-12-04-1699197983.png
  61. 2017-08-01-11-42-14-600762766.png I am not really sure if mixing cranberry and vodka with your morning coffee on a trading day is a good idea or not. However, with enough sugar it does taste like cake!

    Short QM. Cover at 3:30 est if stop is not hit. I better set my alarm - just in case I pass out. (Paper trade under live, drunk-like conditions to simulate real world experience when suffering a draw down.) [48.95 is not the stop. My stop is based on the trendspotter indicator from barcharts on the USO]
  62. Haha...I've noticed celebrating the wins and mourning the losses both have very similar outcomes when the bar tender says last call.
  63. Wow! You are right. I had not noticed that pattern before, but it does ring true now that you have pointed it out.
  64. It's a lot like leveraged trading. The bar tab is always the same, but it hurts so much worse on the down days.
  65. Stopped

  66. Hey Johnny I see from your profile pic you made enough trading previously to buy a laundromat (which is cool). Why are you not trading those options now?
  67. I was over leveraged and blew up, so I was just lucky and confused it with being a good trader.
  68. At least u managed to pull enough capital to reinvest in a passive income source!
  69. I wish. I blew it all trading. If I get so lucky again that is the plan.
  70. Ahh I see now, good luck, if you hit it big, I agree it's a good idea to pull out some risk capital and reinvest in non trading assets. So easy to blow up. A good friend of mine recently blew up big time and destroyed a trading account he spent 20 years building. So much of a hit to his psyche that he had to quit trading completely. He couldn't even look at the screens anymore.
  71. For those whi have hung in with this journal thus far, I applaud you. After all I have called Surf satan because of his disdain for TA. I have relived moments in my real life that may or may not actually benefit anyone, including myself. I have been bragadocious and even insisted that people follow me on collective 2 and instagram. (That was done so that I might troll certain members of ET)

    In all seriousness this is a legit journal that will chronicle my comeback. As a Southern boy who spent more than a few days in church I believe in certain principles even if I don't subscribe to any particular faith or dogma. For example, call those things that are not as though they are. Seek and you dhall find. I am not talking about Jesus. My references are only applicable to trading and the mindset that I believe is necessary to over come the drawdowns - especially the mental/emotional ones.

    Without works faith is dead (still talking about trading and that alone).

    Here is the checklist that I will go through each morning, courtesy of bar charts. This is new and meant to stop the bleeding. Paper cuts are no fun!

  72. A lot of charts to keep in mind.
  73. Wow! I couldn't even imagine. Your friend obviously had an edge, among other things, to do it that long, successfully - no matter how this last run turned out.
  74. Yeah it was aug 24th 2015, if anybody was trading ES that day you remember.
  75. Yes. I am only looking to see the overall picture, and also, to look for similar patterns that show up on multiple time frames.
  76. High probability trader had something similar happen to him in the first decade of the new millenium. He posted a video as he was cursing and throwing his stuff around. That took some balls. I see that he is trading again. (The futures tanked over the weekend)

    In 2015 I wasn't trading and really had no plans to try again. There is something to be said about people who go public with that info. It is probably therapeutic too.
  77. Who is high prob trader?
  78. He used to have a really popular blog in 2005. He would make like $700 a day for weeks on end and then have huge drawdowns. Sort of like a modern day Livermore.

    Can you imagine how ET would troll Jesse if he traded today?
  79. Plan for 2moro:

    [The pic is cut off, but that simply states the obvious - multiple charts confirming the uptrend. The only obstacle is on the 30' chart.]

  80. You have to be able to think on your feet and have a nimble mind, while constantly considering the bigger picture of what the market is for that given day, (which is a dynamic, ever-changing beast)

    Having your rules written down in a so-called 10 Commandments Concrete Tablet...can make you stubborn and rigid, o_O

    But Godspeed, and Mazal Tov, -- and May The Farce Be With You,

    I have been staring at the SPY/DOW chart Daily...for the past 8 Years -- so I kind of like to think that I know what I'm talking about,
    I'm like Neo in The Matrix...and the daily SPY/DOW chart is my Matrix or understanding,
  81. Johnny

    You might want to update the date on your last posted handwritten note. You are trading a year behind!
  82. Well, he'll dramatically increase his chances of success trading last year's charts. ;)
  83. ROFLMAO! Is this what surf mean't with trading after the fact or however he put it?
  84. Thanks! That may explain my results.

    That should read 8-2-17 and 8-1-17 (not the 31st). And definitely not 2016. I do live in Colorado, so I plead the 5th.
  85. yall must have some powerful weed there in CO man, especially now that it is all legal and such..good luck trading dude. Keep her between the lines.
  86. Denver, here
  87. I'll assume from the "yall" that you're from the south. I'm fresh off smoking what they offer in NC...I would have returned that even back in high school.
  88. Well he said he was a southern boy making a comeback. Gotta speak the lingo you know.
  89. I bet they have some good moonshine in NC.
  90. I have a friend in CO who is in the investment business. Manages OTM for a fee. Seems to do pretty well.
  91. Well, "southern boy" as a self description is probably more frequently seen in Portland, Seattle, Denver, and SF than in the south.
  92. ...it was the beach. It was beer. And wine.
  93. CO has a high percentage of college grads, military and tech so I am not surprised. Not to mention the ridiculous money from Vail.
  94. NC is like CA with mountains and beaches. Its a cool state.
  95. Well, mountains or beaches...You can't have both in NC.
  96. I used to own this book, and even subscribed to Farley's newsletter at one point. Just picked up a used copy on Amazon for $6.99 ($11 w/shipping).

    Its like a reference book for so many trading techniques, overwhelming so, but I remember Farley had some good stuff on aligning timeframes. When I subscribed to his newsletter I watched in awe as quite a few of his picks had explosive moves within a day or two after the mention.
  97. I recall Aug 2015 well, it was a very bad time for me, lost a lot. Second week into Aug I kept biasing long on equities, and then China flubbed their nose at their own currency and drew all the markets down. Those bastuds! And then they did it again in January of this year!

    What is with those Chinese peeps and the yuan?
  98. Long NQ. Close position at 3:30 est if stop is not hit. Screenshot_20170802-080241.png
  99. Ouch!

  100. Okay. What a terrible day today!

    What is worse is that I have to meet my ex at Starbucks. She looks like Heather.
    Why do they all look like Heather? I need to ask my therapist, but its awkward. She looks like Heather too. $100 bucks an hour. At least she's cheaper than that dominatrix, Helga. Helga doesn't look like Heather, but when she kicks me in the balls, it kind of brings back sweet memories of the Golden Girl.

    So, anyway, I have to meet Courtney for coffee. Two problems. I'm broke and I know she will ask me about my trading. Courtney loves to see me squirm. I am starting to see a pattern. The market acts like most women I fall for. The market maven is fickle, narcissistic and does not seem to value my needs. That must be why I love her so. Okay, I've got it! I will tell the truth, sort of. "The market was like a roller coaster today and did not fit my method." What she doesn't know won't hurt her. She will only worry if she knows that today was my biggest loss of my latest losing streak.

    Damn, I need to get there before her. Okay, I have an idea:

    Old starbucks cup
    4 shots of vodka
    1 double chocolate chunk cookie
    2 strawberries
    1 dollop of sour cream
    Sugar, lots of sugar

    I better make it with five shots. It has been a rough week!
  101. Courtney is in the restroom. She asked me why my cup was dirty.

    Anyway, I found this thread, Anak's Holy Grail. Who knows if he has ever been where I am, but he IS where I want to be: a consistently profitable trend trader who averages up!


    No joke! I will be studying this thread before I trade again. I am trying to treat this paper account like real money. Hopefully, I will be trading like a paper tiger next week.

    Results will be updated Friday. Fuck, Courtney just slapped me in the back of my head and stormed out. She was reading over my shoulder.
  102. Hate to tell ya friend but anek was a fraud, proven here on ET. Hate you had a tough day, how bad was it?
  103. Wow! Okay, that will save me some time. $500 loss on 1 contract.
  104. Well I lost 2800 on 5 so we we're both in the shitty trading boat today.
  105. If it makes you feel better, today I pissed away all my AAPL winnings from yesterday when I absolutely nailed their earnings release. I'll probably post about it tomorrow in my thread.
  106. Just curious, how is something like that proven?
  107. Isn't trading a blast? Lol
  108. He was impersonating followers who were cheerleaders by having multiple accounts. Somebody sniffed it out with markings from a chart that was similar across multiple accounts.
  109. Honestly, I'm above where I was yesterday at market close, but nowhere near where I should be. It makes me all the more angry that I started the day telling someone in a pm that I should step back for a day (tired, hungover, and I always fuck myself after a good day/week...workout fail). I knew better and I did it anyway.

    And then, insult to injury, made a perfect trade on SQ, got stopped out on noise, which also gave another entry signal I should have jumped on, but decided I'd lost enough and moved on. Does exactly what I expect...could have pared half my losses. So rather than dumping my losers, I pass a clear winner I know really well because I'd had enough losing already. FML :banghead:
  110. Oh, I did that years ago on a forum I modded. Punctuation is a dead give away. Actually left the CMG short on the table for two or three days because I wasn't convinced it was legit based on the punctuation used in the food poisoning website that prompted the store closure.
  111. Lol "dead giveaway"
  112. I will check it out.
  113. No crap, no crop. S**t is nothing but fertilizer for your future. At least that is what I keep telling myself!
  114. lol unless it's all shit.
  115. It is really strange how so many of us stop trading when a winner shows up, nail the bottom tick when we puke out of a long that is about to turn around, or like I did today - move my stop when I know the outcome.

    No answers from me, only questions.
  116. A stop limit order would have kept me in the position, I was a fraction of a penny off the low, got a market moving sell, blew a few cents past my stop and filled. Watched it in the level II as it happened even...shoulda lost $40-ish on the commissions and reentry.

    And this usually isn't even something that bothers me. A missed trade is still cash in my pocket is my MO (modus operandi, not the stock that is also my largest holding). This is a symptom of the mindset that screws me whenever I have a good day.
  117. " ... the mindset after a goo day." Gold!
  118. I'm still trying to figure out where I go wrong. I think I move from a risk-centric outlook to reward-centric. My style is to limit risk and expose myself to potential gains...sometimes I'm sitting on the big one, and I always fuck it up the next day.

    Oddly, I didn't get this while trading on the beach with the CMG short...which was a multi day run that I extended for another on the Monday I returned. Tuesday went shit again.
  119. It is because we all have the same mind-set...Cut losses short, let profits run. But how many of us really do it? I reckon' we tend to cut our profits short and let our losses run in the hope of a recovery. I have certainly done it myself. In the interim we get such tunnel-vision that we lose sight of the bigger picture. The curse of short-term-trading.

    We see the green and capture it clean...We see the red and bleed 'til we're dead. It is folly, but it is our nature.

    I have been going though this shit over and over in NQ for the past two months. Catch a couple of points on mega-point moves during the day, watch the loss build up and bail, and then witness the recovery the next day. Hell, even spread the bitch "just in case". And it winds up eating into the potential profits. It is very annoying.

    @johnnyrock Don't call it a comeback. :)

  120. Mindset:

    A bad day/week can have a weird affect on me. I can, and have, attempted to continue on as if nothing happened - trading as if my mindset was in the right place. Not after, before this week.

    @beerntrading posted in this thread about mindset, having bad days after a successful day/period. I will be checking out his journal on a regular basis.

    Like @algofy he has probably been really successful in life. Me, not so much. More failures than successes. Never having experienced wild success, but in one arena. Although it wasn't illegal, or immoral, the reward was internal; because it lacked any sort of monetary reward it is beyond the scope of ET.

    But I wanted it. It almost felt like that is why I was put on this spinning ball that revolves around the sun. One of many spinning balls as science clearly shows. I no longer hold that belief, about myself, but the skill and confidence that came with it are clearly transferrable. For me, it is a misplaced confidence. In areas that I can be rewarded financially, I simply use it for an easy way out.

    I never came to CO because of legal weed, the nurture of this awe inspiring nature, or even because of the hippy vibe that permeates this conservative, military town.

    I arrived chasing hail storms.

    Colorado gave me back my conscience. Something that I briefly laid to the side when hope, they say it springs eternal, was shattered.

    Headaches! Heartbreaks! Heartaches!! 2008 was a rough year for most of the country.

    This brings me back to mindset. When a man's hope is taken away, how will he respond? How will I respond? Do I fix what is broken when I may be the least qualified person in the room to accurately assess that?

    Or do I rebuild in such a way that I know works? What way is that?

    The market, and my specific participation in it, is exactly the opposite of real life. Success snowballs! Confidence is a good thing. Overcoming fear is a necessity.

    In this arena, I lose fear when my experience is the exact opposite. My track record, even recently, would suggest that I would exhibit the same fear as I would have, stepping in the ring with a trained fighter. Instead of fear I am salivating at the opening bell. In this fight winner takes all! And then some. Possibly one's pride. Maybe their dignity. Their soul if you let it!

    If you read this far and you think I may have answer, sorry. Just more questions.

    Why am I not fearful?
  121. https://www.elitetrader.com/et/threads/its-been-3-years-and-im-back.302474/page-14

    To paraphrase the author of this thread, pick one high probability setup and trade it across multiple instruments.

    Swing setup: Island Reversals (Alan Farley, daily charts)

    Day trade: modified cup and handle (only trade the pattern late in the day if traders are caught leaning the wrong way. 5' charts.)

    Markets for swing setups: gold, oil, corn, wheat, NQ); caveat: i use the ETFs to identify the gaps, but will trade the futures.)

    Day trade instruments: QM and NQ.

    Once I master these setups, assuming they are profitable, this journal could get quite boring. I could use a little less excitement in my trading.
  122. How was today after breaking some of your rules yesterday?
  123. I have barely looked at the market today, so that's a good thing.

    How about you?
  124. Normalish win day for me.
  125. Right on!
  126. Try this for a ponderment, and see how you feel. Go long in MGC Dec 2017, and short in MGC Feb 2018. Just one contract on each. Let them sit for a few months, and watch it all fluctuate on your statement. It might give you some insights. A suggestion to try to help you see a bit more than what you might normally see.
  127. This is so weird. Today was the most relaxing day I have had since I started this journal.

    Maybe, it was because I took some time off to do a little gardening. If surf can post pics of his Rolex I can post pics of my little lady.
  128. Long NQ Screenshot_20170804-093251.png
  129. Stopped
  130. hmmmmmm lol, I could use some of that lady after this week.
  131. Short micro gold contract. Swing position

  132. 20170804_143514.jpg My trading coach, George Costanza, advised me to fade myself.
  133. Cool! I just got off the phone with Courtney. She invited me over for dinner. I tried to get her to come to my place, but she is not a big fan of spam and that life size mural of Heather that is painted on my bedroom ceiling. I tried to tell Courtney it is a tribute to her - they look so much alike I didn't think she could tell the difference - but somehow she knows.

    I have a type, so sue me!
  134. I think you should stop growing weed and smoking it, o_O -- it's affecting your trader brain,

    You've been living in a Dream world, Neo,
  135. 2017-08-04-16-44-07-904444438.png 2017-08-04-16-27-36-446049325.png
  136. My best trades were made off of the 15' time frame. They also were in oil. Until the Qs break from this range - there is a similar look to the last leg(s) of the daily compared to the 4 hour chart.

    Once the break happens, and the volatility expands, it should also offer opportunity.

    Drilling down to the 5' has always been a losing game, for me. Back to the 15' charts.

    The original goal was to find trends, not create them. The latter never works.
  137. In an effort to treat this fictional account like a real account I have decided to stop DAY trading!

    For the remainder of this journal I will be SWING trading mini ag, oil and metals. My account is too low to swing trade the eminis at a comfortable level. Success breeds confidence. Once confidence is established I will move to the CL, W, GC, C and NQ.

    After I have a consistent track record I am prepared to go live! This is the exact opposite of my normal pattern - switch plans and immediately ttade with real money on the line.

    When Roosevelt said there is nothing to fear, but fear itself, he obviously had never traded.
  138. Fade Me or Trade Me:

    On today's episode of FMTM, I am short Gold. Ask yourself, WWJD. No, really? What Would Johnny Do? Will you fade me or trade me?
  139. Destiny collides with desire!
  140. https://www.tradingschools.org/reviews/crude-oil-trading/

    I am not endorsing this system, and wven the author admits the edge will run out, but it is a good primer for those of us who do not know how to backtest. What I really love is the fact that the author demonstrates a filter to turn the system off when the edge disappears.
  141. For the sake of parity and liquidity, I will trade the regular wheat and corn contracts. YW and YC, the minis, have large spreads.
  142. It's great to read the thread of a veteran who is doing a come back.
    From what I get : you blew up big quiet a few times, now you are getting your finances in order, so as to start again.
    Just for my own curiosity :
    - you are working on the technics of your trading. May I ask, without being in any way disrespectful if I do not express myself well, as I only learned some limited English grammar and syntax : you have done technics for over 14 years at least, why do you think that the technics is what is really causing problems in your trading and prevent you from blowing up again?
  143. Veteran would be overly generous. That would imply that I was successful. Personality quirks caused the blow ups, and yes, day trading specifically. After a lot of introspection I have decided to swing trade, but I am also attempting to add fundamentals to the mix. This is a work in progress and I thank you for your input.
  144. Well you have seen it all in the market, and have much more experience with at least 14 years under the belt. That is unvaluable.

    You talked about personality quirks causing the blow ups : what were these personality quirks? in what ways did they show up in your trading, and did you think they affected your trading?
  145. My first blow up was caused by averaging down, lesson learned. My next b/u was being over leveraged, and the final time was from revenge trading. The final two were what I call personality quirks, and the first was simply a lack of knowledge.

    While I get my finances in order I will have time to see if I can paper trade successfully for months on end.

    I did have one successful period where I obeyed the rules of my system for a year and a half trading stocks, limited my trades, and took stops religiously. I believe I can do that again if I find a legitimate way to profit from the futures markets. If not, plan B would be to fund a prop trading account and return to stocks.
  146. People in 12 step programs would have a different view of my quirks. Overtrading and being over leveraged may be seen as signs of a gambling addiction, but I think it was simply hubris, not truly understanding the potential consequences.
  147. I have heard of the 12 steps programs. Mostly for alcoholism. I did not know it existed for gambling addiction.
    As you mention this program, did you check with them to find out that you did not tick gambling addiction caracteristics?
  148. No. I gambled in pool for years and did not show the same characteristics as exhibited with my trading. Why? I knew my limitations and played those who did not. If I lost three games in a row I would stop. I would watch someone's stroke, and their personality, to identify targets. Sometimes I would even push their buttons to make them go on tilt. Not one time did I ever go on tilt. I obeyed my own rules to keep me from being hustled, or have a blow up. To be perfectly honest, that was much easier.

    I have played roulette once, one hand of blackjack, and the lotto three times over my lifetime. Pool was a source of income in high school, and somewhat, in my 20s.

    I look to the market for a similar income source, but for some reason, did not have rules in place to safeguard my sanity or account - even though many people advised me. Pride goes before the fall and I simply could not differentiate between skill and luck. Knowledge is the key.
  149. ...Why you did not?

    ... Why did you stop Pool as you could win well at it?

    ... what were the reasons?
  150. Playing drunks in bars is not the same. Nice money for a high school kid, and some extra cash when it presented itself, but I had a golden opportunity to spend time with legitimate hustlers at Bakers. I not only was not in that class, but I played for hours everyday to see if I had a shot at getting to that level. I did not. I accepted reality and got a job.

    I may have to accept the same reality with trading, but this journal will provide me with cold, hard facts to see if I go to the next step, a live account.
  151. Sorry, I should have precised, that - in my views - anyone can make it at trading, as long as the person is able and willing to face their weaknesses as they are ( we all have one), and deal with them. Kind of a mindset of being clear about whatever problem/barrier are there, and just working at removing these so as to clear the way to whatever goal one has. So do understand that my questions are not about discouraging, just understanding where the issues really are. I am a great optimist. :D :D :D.

    so what were the reasons?
  152. That is what I am trying to figure out. In stocks I followed a simple system that someone gave out for free on the web. That was not a system I developed, but I was not content. The system was a trending system that worked great in a trending market.

    Some guy by the alias of Cal Trader used his student loan money and opened a futures account . He made some serious cash and I switched to futures because of the leverage and ability to scale up.

    So, over confidence - unwarranted, because I did not develop the stock system - and completely disregarding risk were two problems. My next problem was never finding a consistent edge and trading with real money during the discovery stage. Experience has taught me that you can have winning streaks even though you don't know what you are doing. I am only speaking of myself here.

    Mean reversion trades, specifically trading around key levels on stop runs, gave me hope; in the end I would give back weeks worth of gains in one fell swoop because I didn't realize it was a trend day. So that way of trading that could never bring me long term success.

    I thought that identifying trend days would be the solution, but have yet to be able to do that. What is worse is that I identify eight out of two trend days. Another form of over trading - simply put, not really being able to do it.

    Those are the problems I have identified, for now. Keeping this journal may reveal the obstacles I have yet to confront.
  153. I've noticed is off-the-shelf strategies are not something that works well in all executions. It's why so many live callers can be profitable while their followers lose.

    Another one I see is that time frame is absolutely vital. Two people can see the same signal, take opposite interpretations of it and both be right (or both wrong) just based on what their time frame is.

    That's why I've worked slowly to develop my own strategies that works for me...and slowly evolve it when I look back at:
    -Why did I lose that much money and how do I prevent it in the future?
    -Why did I pass up one signal for others when the first was the best return? How can I get in the right ones in the future?
    -Why did I miss the reversal from my initial entry? Could I have foreseen that?

    One big corner I turned was being able to look back at a loser and call it a good trade, or a winner and call it bad...the acceptance that luck will forever play a role, and I can't control it and must accept it.
  154. Good post!
  155. Screenshot_20170808-201501.png Screenshot_20170808-201746.png

    Look at the similarity between the 240 and the daily!

    If/when this larger pattern breaks down, I will day trade it. One of two things happen: (1) the market reverses and I get stopped out, or (2) trend day potential. If I had the equity I would hold this for a swing trade.

    I read in another thread where the OP was going to sell PUTS on the SPY as if this was a risk free strategy. He was adopting this plan for a guaranteed income, so his funds would make $$$ in between trades. A significant drop could take months to work through before reaching these levels again. This plan would insure he buys at a premium.

    I am not calling a top, but I am betting on a correction. Why? To me this is a sign that a lot of people are discounting risk.

    Trade me or fade me?
  156. Recipe:

    2 chocolate chunk cookies
    2 dollops of peanut butter
    Sugar, lots of sugar
    4 shots of vodka

    Your welcome.
  157. If funds were avaiable, I would be short right here, at this price, sleeping like a baby.

    Fade me or Trade me?

    Screenshot_20170808-215315.png Screenshot_20170808-215158.png
  158. If I woke up to this profit this morning I would cash in now before the market opened. It doesn't count because the paper funds are not adequate for taking on so much risk in the eminis, overnight.

    I am still short the micro gold contract and will update when I take the loss, or close out the trade. Extremely wide stop because of the rhetoric of a madman, not to mention that blowhard in NK.
  159. I am still short the micro gold contract. Taking a short on the large contract for a quick trade.
  160. Scratch. $75 loss.

    Screenshot_20170809-091132.png Screenshot_20170809-090638.png
  161. Day trade. Long QM

  162. Scratch b/e.

  163. Short NQ. Final day trade today if this fade does not work out. Still short micro gold.
  164. Screenshot_20170809-111318.png
    $150 gain
  165. 20170809_112708.jpg
  166. Stopped out of MGC swing trade. $240 loss

  167. Jrock...what kind of liquidity is there on the micro gold? I've been thinking about trying some swing trades and curious if there are bid and asks at a relative decent distance from the inside bid/ask of the normal contract? I'm traveling for a few days and don't have my quotes in front of me or I would check myself.
  168. MGC has very low liquidity and the spreads are generally about 20 - 30 cents. GC, which would be the same as five MGC contracts,has liquidity similar to the NQ (actually more in the limited amount of time I have been watching it) with tight spreads, 10 cents.
  169. 2 or 3 tick spread is reasonable for a swing trade....is it a buck a tick?
  170. Yes
  171. Screenshot_20170809-150532.png
  172. (insert sarcastic tone).....Thats a smart way to trade........come on goofy.... wtf!?

    Hey JohnnyRock... what's today's recipe? https://elitetrader.com/et/threads/johnny-rocks-comeback.311429/page-16#post-4498517
  173. It is.... but in the PM you have to bake it into cookies. Duh!
  174. It's been a rough stretch, agree I'm grasping at straws.
  175. (insert more sarcasm....)
    "Never been there before". ;)
  176. I am not sure which is worse. A grown man who mixes vodka with peanut butter and chocolate OR morning/day drinking.
  177. Oh...I never trade in the morning...about 9am local time. Which is 11am in NYC.
  178. Pretty damned sure that mixing vodka with PB and chocolate is worse.
  179. My biggest mistake: cutting my hair when I was 24 years old to "work for the man!"

    My greatest success: knowing that "I am the MAN"

    I call my shots!

    Swing trading flow chart: REVERSALS 20170809_194647.jpg
  180. Flow charts are logical. Markets are not logical. Nor humans. Make it so.
  181. Don't worry about the charge backs:

    I first met Julio Agostini in 1996. Wearing a Gordon Gecko, cufflinks and a tailored suit, you would have thought Mr. Agostini had a background in finance. If you count nine years in the FL prison system a background in graft, duplicitousness and a general disdain for the rules, the necessary qualifications for a career in finance, you would be correct.

    Julio's motto was buy term and invest the difference. He learned that from Art Williams, indirectly. Art knew the secret to building a company, and a legacy, was to give people ownership. Art also knew to recruit school teachers and coaches, because they have the ability to teach and to lead. In other words, they could inspire! Art also knew it would take a lot of work! That is something teachers and coaches know something about.

    What Art never counted on was a hustler who knew the power of the halo effect and how to tell a story. The only problem with recruiting ex cons - well, two problems - is they might be allergic to work, most likely though, to do the work you would need to hold several licenses which could be problematic. (The governing bodies ask a bunch of peaky, personal questions.) You need to be certified from the state to sell life insurance, but you also needed a series 7 and a mortgage license. Why? To perform a modern day financial miracle: show your client the power of the debt snowball, get the family out of a whole life policy - put that savings into an Oppenheimer fund that tracks the S&P - and get them a home equity loan to pay off the debt load in one fell swoop, all the while putting badly needed cash in the home owners' pockets; someone who has been living hand to mouth and statement to statement has just found their savior - a modern day financial Jesus who could pluck them from their self-inflicted inferno.

    Families would be ready to sign over the first born. Julio wouldn't let them. "I will be back in three days to pick up the paperwork. Look it over. Discuss the ideas we have presented. Should we meet at the same time?"

    Why didn't Julio worry about the chargebacks? Julio understood that even having a signed contract could not protect people from themselves. In that next year a small percentage of enthusiastic consumers would cancel their term protection. The miracle only works if you follow the plan and become self insured.

    For quite a few people they had built up a whole life cash value that, that in itself, would pay off their personal debt. No second mortgage necessary. That was the beat case scenario. Worst case? The family runs up the credit cards again, blows the home equity windfall, but worst of all ...

    The only available resource they now have is to cancel that term policy. That my friends results in a charge back! Even worse, their kids are no longer protected.

    Julio Agostini made 250 grand a year HELPING people. For those who couldn't help themselves, it cost him money. So, why wasn't he worried? He was self insured, but most of all, Julio was self assured because he knew the percentages.

    @beerntrading said that the turning point in his trading career was when he learned to take the losses. With a background in insurance I am quite sure he knows his numbers.

    Do you know yours? I certainly don't. Not yet, but I will. But I know something about tracking numbers. Once you can put a dollar figure on every door you knock, you look forward to ringing that bell. If you know you hit hard and someone wants to fight, you look forward to ringing that bell. If you have legitimate stats, built in the reality of real world trading, I am quite sure you share the same confidence. I will see you at the opening bell!
  182. Short NQ
  183. Warning:

    Cannabis consumption may lead to creative outbursts and an overall sense of well being.

    In honor of National Lazy Day spend a little time in the garden. Happy trading!

  184. Through an informal poll I can plainly see that the ET community would much rather have another recipe than a gentle nudge into the relaxing arena of gardening where one must have nerves of steel when waging battle against spider mites and grasshoppers who are obviously in need of the medicinal plant.

    Carribean Ice:

    (1) empty bottle of grape Pedialyte
    Captain Morgan spiced rum
    Cherry coke

    Depending on taste and tolerance fill the empty Pedialyte bottle 1/4 to 1/3 full of the recommended rum. Taking care to allow for the expansion of the frozen elixir fill the remainder of the bottle with cherry coke. Freeze until you have the consistency of a slushy.

    This drink goes well with quality time between you and your newborn, and can be easily disguised for concealed carry, when dutifully executing non trading activities with your wife. Actvities including birthday parties, play dates and spending time outside at the playground can all be enhanced with this tropical drink.

    Your welcome.
  185. Nothing beats the salient indigo glow of black-lights on ganja plants. J-rock may just be one of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.
  186. Ahhh Zap Comics...a tear of nostalgia.
  187. Clean air ahead.

    Until we enter back into the previous congestion range, or print another one, I will be stalking trend trades, for trend days. This is not a change in styles, but a recognition of what just happened. You can see it on the chart! What you cannot see is any support for a month.

    PLAN: attempt to identify of the day has the potential to be a trend day or not. If it does I will place my trade with a 3:45 est exit to cover. Why cover? I do not plan on trading any short covering rallies or profit taking exercises.

    My current balance on this paper trade account is $4,225. Will update when I make a trade. Waiting, stalking, like a big game hunter. I smell bull blood on the Nasdaq!
  188. 2017-08-10-21-45-00-764758405.png
  189. Short NQ. Stop at HOD. Cover at 3:45 est. Screenshot_20170811-125434.png
  190. Johnny, you're risking 20 points for a move unlikely to go 20 if favorable.
  191. I am looking for a huge selloff into the close.
  192. Well alrighty then, based on what?
  193. Bulls lightening up on risk going into this weekend maybe?
  194. Looking at the 30' chart, the range was very narrow for the last several bars - volatility contracting - and when prices started to expand the direction "seemed, to me," to be headed down.
  195. That's not a signal
  196. Wouldn't that qualify as relevant, considering real life feelings if fear and greed?
  197. For your sake, I hope it plunges...I just don't see the R/R rationale from a technical perspective.
  198. Are you forgetting that yesterday we had a 150 point NQ sell-off, and it has recovered only ~24%? Not to mention...Have you ever heard the term "Friday-afternoon rallies"? I think those happen more often than "Friday-afternoon selloffs".
  199. Lol. You may be right. I have been reading Farley's book again and attempting to play off tje ebb and flow of range expansion/contraction.
  200. Not a signal, but the risk of holding overnight dictates the closing price. And in this case, it's over the weekend and a particularly risky one at that.

    Combine that with the 2:30 tech peak, rising VIX, divergence between Finance and Tech, and there's a pretty good bear case for the end of day.
  201. I only take technical trades. I'm not smart enough to figure out the meaning of life everytime I take a position. As to overnight risk, it's a bull market 'till it ain't.
  202. I agree with you being bullish--am myself in fact. But I suspect we'll go down, not up during the last 15 today...that said, I can't say I agree with J-Rock's time stop in consideration of that.

    Today is a good day for mid- / long-term profit taking, with a perceived risk that could spiral out of control hanging over the market. Traders may rule the day, but institutions rule the close.
  203. If I followed that advice, I would literally be rich! Although this trade is actually trading with the very short term action of late. IMO, a large descending triangle broke down on the 240' chart. As far as tje bull market is concerned, this is not even a blip.
  204. Instead of closing this at 3:45 I am going to let this run into the close. The price stop remains the same.
  205. New balance. $3950. $275 loss Screenshot_20170811-134844.png
  206. Edit: $245 loss. New balance $3950.
  207. Thought you were letting it run into market close? You have 50 minutes left.
  208. Rationale (1 of 3):

    Until price reenters 240' congestion, I am only considering shorts at certain levels, within the context of the current trading day. Short term bias down.

    The 240' of the ETF equivalent captures price for the first 4 hours of RTH, but it also captures the last 2.5 hours in a single bar. I think this os significant, but this is a new idea of mine, so time will tell. However, the last bar of the last few days showed a lot of movement. On one day the gains were wiped out in the afternoon session and two trading days hence the last bar printed a hammer.

    Both bars show something significant happened on a smaller time frame.
  209. Part 2:

    On the 30' range was contracting and started expanding again. Movement was to be expected, but what direction?
  210. Part 3:

    The yellow line is what I determined to be a failure point for those trading off the 5'. My "hope" was this could be the level that triggered a fresh wave of selling. It did not, but I think the rationale was sound.

  211. You should have gotten ready to pull the trigger/close your position around the 3-3:30pm-3:40 mark today...that range is flirtting with the bottom of the day's general expectations, o_O

    but i hate giving advice in hindsight -- because of course everything is crystal clear and done,

    If you try to time/milk the position for all its got...you risk losing your profit -- which is what exactly what happened to you today,

    PS. i have no idea what are the NQU17/E mini/futures are...i just trade/follow the S&P 500 and DOW charts. (options on that)
    But we all virtually trade the same thing...we follow the Broad, collective market,
  212. Just looking at Johnny's photo... Is he any relation to the site owner?
  213. This minor support level may hold, but if it does my guess is the snapback would be quick and happen next week. Screenshot_20170811-171338.png
  214. The next stop is this level - although price action may find support somewhere in the middle. Even so this is, roughly, a 5% correction. Just a blip.

  215. Finally, even this level would only be about a 10% correction. I don't have the stats to back this up, but between now and October the market can do some pretty crazy things. If it does, buy calls! A large dip within an overall bull market is nothing but opportunity.(Remember, this is a journal, so these are not predictions, per se, they are just my thoughts for future reference.
  216. Lol. Nope. I am broke!
  217. My gift to you:

    This is an overnight futures strategy that I will put to use (paper trading) as funds permit. Currently I would only be able to do this, realistically, on the QM and MGC contracts.

    But most of you are not broke. Feel free to use this strategy. It works in both bull and bear markets, as long as the trend is stable.

    1. 50 SMA slopes upward/downward
    2. Price makes a relative new high/low
    3. 10 SMA > 20 SMA - reverse for shorts
    Exit: when the SMA crosses in the opposite direction.

    What do you do if everything lines up AND you get a market that gaps from the congested zone? Put your kids college fund, or your bar tab, on the table.

    Re-entries can be placed at new relative highs/lows as long as the 50 SMA is not flat lining. Exits remain the same.

    Your welcome. Screenshot_20170811-224802.png Screenshot_20170811-224826.png
  218. The 50 SMA is turning up on wheat, so I will be watching for HHs and HLs. Once a new trend takes hold I will employ the momentum, MA crossover strategy.

    The 50 on corn and gold is flat.The 50 on oil may be flattening out as well.

    Screenshot_20170812-134142.png Screenshot_20170812-134108.png Screenshot_20170812-134007.png Screenshot_20170812-133939.png
  219. You posted a wheat chart. Are you sure that's what it shows?
  220. Lol. I guess it is flatlining too. However, it recently had a positive slope. So I guess I was seeing what I wanted to see.
  221. DJIA-Daily-Percent-Chg-from-10-1-1928-to-1-28-2016-1200x499.jpg
  222. 2017-08-12-20-07-08-548726759.png 2017-08-12-20-05-50-1797721040.png 2017-08-12-20-05-09-1280844584.png
  223. Break out traders could possibly score big, but look how wheat traders got crushed. Break outs have broken my heart far more than any female! No doubt I am missing the nuance of trading momentum.

    However, gold is a liquid contract, so it is definitely on the day trade list.

    Micro gold can have 30 cent spreads and maybe even more in a fast market. Not good! So if I see opportunity it will be in the big contract.

    2017-08-12-20-11-46--527193555.png 2017-08-12-20-12-13-735611323.png 2017-08-12-20-13-23-1927386785.png
  224. Oil:
    • Weekly downtrend
    • Monthly, it could be carving out a bottom.
    2017-08-12-20-22-36-1304442946.png 2017-08-12-20-22-10--1893877807.png 2017-08-12-20-21-47--1892924399.png
    • Take advantage of the volatility. CL is on the daytrade list (instead of QM).
    • Attempt to trade trend days. No fades. No bias. The hardest part of this plan is simply not hallucinating as I am prone to do; just to make a trade.
  225. Shenanigans:
    • Huge fake out on the breakout that retested the highs
    • Breakdown of 240' congestion
    • Meteoric rise, but that is the trend.
    • I wouldn't play this short overnight because of the risk.
    • I also wouldn't start buying here.
    • This short term break could immediately recover, but how do YOU know?
    • Day trades only
    • Bias: shorts only
    • Trend trades for trend days.
    • Fight previous predilection for psychedelic phenomena, aka, making shit up in my head and seeing patterns that are not there
    2017-08-12-20-30-15-968865901.png 2017-08-12-20-29-40--1305685880.png 2017-08-12-20-29-31-1792088675.png 2017-08-12-20-28-59--521434973.png
  226. That does not seem logical or valid. How can MGC be 30 cents off the big daddy? Do you realize how "arbitragish" that would be?
  227. Elite traders storm Baron's compound demanding an end to paper trading journals. Screenshot_20170813-094038.png
  228. Short NQ. Stop above HOD.

  229. $110 loss. New balance $3880
  230. All of these trade journals are rather depressing to read/follow...it's like watching cancerous cells slowly erode your body, o_O -- or acct value,

    Good ol' John Boy is not rocking in his comeback,
  231. Wow! If the NQ can close here, or higher, score one for the bulls.
  232. Lawrence-lugar does come on strong with his viewpoint. However he seems to have a point.
    You've got more than 14 years trading under your belt. Even if you are just practicing on demo :
    you should be positive every single day, and compounding, not decreasing your balance.

    Also, re-reading your thread, it is very good that you are working on your "technicals". But, even if you did not design your own trading system, surely, after so many hours of screen time, you should be able to trade your trend following system profitably.

    Also, you've been for 14 years on "technicals", and now going for 2 years to improve it. Have you considered using these 2 years to improve other aspects related to trading?
  233. It is the other aspects of trading that have been the problem. As far as the technicals go, I spent a lot of time curve fitting, and attempting to be able to trade any market. As far as being prifitable every day, that is b.s.. And you know it. Lawrence is a troll.
  234. Johnny, you seem like a good guy and a smart guy. This talk of bulls and bears and extraneous activity is largely irrelevant. It is the stuff of the old men who sit around in brokerages and watch the ticker crawl by and talk of "I bought this...shudda bought that.." etc. There is plenty of this on ET.

    Have a methodology that gives you a positive expectancy. If the market wants to go up, fine, ideally you want mostly but not necessarily exclusively long signals and vice versa. It's best not to care which way it wants to go and if you can, care as little as possible whether the next trades or series thereof work or not.

    The good trader is observant, disciplined and humble (not to be confused with lack of confidence..wholly different things). 14 years is a while but hardly a record. It takes what it takes. Most successful traders were once lousy traders.
  235. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

    Urban Zen
  236. Yep
  237. If a trader was successful and spent hours on elite trader responding to those who have yet to figure it out, would they be like @speedo or @lawrence-lugar?

    Maybe 'ol Larry is "successful," but then one must question, "Why be such a dick?!"
  238. Money is a dick. Wall St/trading is a dick -- Reality is a dick, o_O

    If you can't handle it, then I don't know what to tell you...you need to grow thick skin,

    But 14 years is an awfully long time to trying to make it in something -- if a trader hasn't Seen the Light within 5 years...chances are, they never will,
    A great trader is naturally very inquisitive, and an adoptive, easy, observant learner,

    To be a good trader...you need to be a War general, a football coach, a chess player, a psychologist and gambler...all Rolled into one,
    (pun intended for your weed habit)

  239. Lawrence-lugar is into "tough love", if you have not yet noticed.
    Also, may be, but I am not sure, he might be suggesting that sorting your drug habit might be something to add on your to do list to improve your trading.

    Remember you opened a thread : each comment might have some useful insights.
  240. if NQ can close strong, it will be ready to go down again...or it could just as easily keep going up.
  241. These people that have placed time limits, 14 years, 10000 hours, 5 years, invest, daytrade, hold forever, whatever, have zero idea what is in your heart and mind Johnnyrock. The commonality among all, whether trader or non-trader, everybody, is that everyone runs their own race at their own pace. Someone else's lane is not your your lane. How you travel in your lane, public transit, a scooter, a used pinto, or a new Aston Martin DB11 makes no difference as long as you remain inspired to get to your destination. Knowing when to change lanes or direction is a different topic. Since this post morphed from trading into life, I will end it here.

  242. My life has been a lot like my trading. The trajectory has not neen linear nor has it had the consistency of a sine wave.

    I appreciate the post.
  243. After a very nice week of NQ volatility, this morning has been pretty sleepy.
  244. approx 40+ point opening gap up, with approx 30+ extension from there, with approx 10-15 point retraces, not exactly sleepy IMO.
  245. Nice opportunity for overseas traders but personally, I avoid trading when I'm asleep, drinking or under anesthesia.
  246. Short CL
  247. Um, no, it has been sleepy. It has been stair-stepping up all day except for the huge jump yesterday, with a couple bursts long and with a small burst short thus far. It has not presented itself with good entries for my system. So I lost out on the slow bubbling rise.

    That 40+ point "gap" happened during calendar-day Sunday ET to Monday morning ET, by the way. Did you catch any of the "gap"? I missed it.

    Gap gap gap.

  248. Just one traders interpretation.

    MY day starts @ 5:30am PST. By RTH open I had 3 trades done and was green. So yes, I "caught" some of the gap.
  249. I will cover this in the last half hour. However, if funds were more than available I would hold this for a drop to the 50 SMA.

  250. This entry went into my private journal.
  251. Covered. $420 gain. New balance $4300.
  252. Bias:

    Neutral. At new highs I will be looking for trend days on the long side.

    This could be seen as a failure of a failure, but that is the kind of thinking that drains my account.

  253. I keep saying that I am going to take trending trades on trending days (this was not one). This was a countertrend trade on Sunday evening. I pulled a winner last Sunday, but - for the sake of my progress - I want to analyze my losing trades.

    Click the chart to see where I entered on what could have been a double top. The 240'/daily charts both confirmed short term resistance, so I had two things in my favor.

    In hindsight I had two things against me: a propensity for dip buyers to win and a fundamental shift on NK and the thought of war. Or was it something else? It doesn't really matter or does it? I don't know. What I NEED to know is if these counter trend trades are profitable for me? I also wonder why I still take them? Probably because I think they are profitable. This journal will give cold, hard facts.

    Will I analyze the winners? Nope. Impulse. Contraction. Impulse. Pretty standard when I do it right.
  254. I just heard a report on the radio. NK is planning a missle test towards Guam. Our Generals promise to shoot it down.

    NQ futures up 28 points. I think everyone realizes this is just theater.

    I have a queation. What if we "miss" a practice launch and the missile lands in the water as planned?

    The futures might take a dip. It doesn't seem to matter either way. What matters? Follow the futures. They are a reflection of the present, reality. No civil war. No NK war. Oil was down too!
  255. Short YM
  256. Covered. $125 loss. New balance $4175.
    • Impulse down
    • Lower high
    • Lows held
    • Exited on strength
    Loss that was played aaccording to what I am trying to accomplish.
  257. I passed on this trade because my bias is short in oil at the moment.

    But this a good illustration of the 3bt (three bar triangle at a key level) at gap resistance. For my purposes, psychological, my bias lines up with the 3bt break as a prerequisite to take the trade.

    You can see the bottom that was carved out in the premarket until noon. On the 30' price coiled for an hour and a half

    Why use the 30' on the ETF?
    • truer picture of institutional participation
    • Gap
    Why use the 24 hour?
    • The market is 24 hours
    2017-08-15-16-45-30--1987757893.png Screenshot_20170815-164337.png
  258. I turned 14 in 1980, so I am no expert on the 70s. Recent events have me feeling nostalgic.
  259. At a recent seance we were able to contact the Spirit of Jesse Livermore. I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

    JR: So, Jesse, what is heaven like?
    JL: Well, I ended up in purgatory with a 30 year sentence.
    JR: The whole suicide thing?
    JL: No, not at all. Jesus was kinda cool with that.
    JR: Hmmm. I would not have guessed that.
    JL: He understood. I had to go through a lot of ups and downs in my trading career. That can put a lot of stress on the family.
    JR: The wife? (Johnny chuckles.)
    JL: Happy wife, happy life.
    JR: Amen brotha.
    JR: You said 30 years of purgatory. It's 2017.
    JL: Damn, another elite trader stating the obvious!
    JR: Aren't we a little sensitive?
    JL: It's not a matter of being sensitive.
    JR: What is it then?
    JL: I have another 10 years on my sentence.
    JR: I don't get it.
    JL: I have ben reading your journal. There are a lot of things you don't get.
    JR: (Johhny chuckles).
    JL: (Jesse is visibly annoyed. "And?!")
    JR: So what is your sentence?
    JL: You have the greatest trading legend who ever lived, standing before you, and that's your question?
    JR: Yep.
    JL: As you know Elite Trader started in 1997, right?
    JR: I have been lurking since 2002.
    JL: Looking for the missing piece of the trading puzze, Johnny Boy?
    JR: Yep.
    JL: The missing part is you.
    JL: Are you still with me Johnny?
    JR: You have my attention.
    JR: What else?
    JL: That is it. There is nothing else.
    JR: Fuck. That makes no sense at all.
    JL: Of course it doesn't. I have read your journal.
    JR: So. What was your sentence?
    JR: I like it. A lot of wisdom floating around from the old timers.
    JL: A lot of bullshit too!
    JR: Amen, brotha.
  260. Screenshot_20170816-062538.png Yesterday's NR bar on the daily did nothing for the bull case. Oil and gold are my two prime candidates for day trades today. I will be waiting for the 3bt on the 30' within the overall context of key levels.

    The indices are all stuck back in the previous range.
  261. What would catch most traders off guard? A selloff? There hasn't been much participation to propel the markets forward during RTHs.

    YM would be by go to short if the indices selloff. That is a big IF.
    Screenshot_20170816-074113.png Screenshot_20170816-074048.png Screenshot_20170816-074022.png
  262. Disconnect or is the nasdaq leading? Waiting ...

    Screenshot_20170816-080242.png Screenshot_20170816-080232.png
  263. 20170816_081607.jpg
  264. Short corn for a swing trade. December contract.
  265. priceless insight.
    most people rather point to the finger to the market, the plan, the approach,
    but seldom to themselves.
  266. Short CL. Extremely tight stop. Just above the pause.
  267. Scratched. $60 loss. New balance $4115
  268. Corn Swing Trade:

    • Heavy volume on the ETF has signaled, short term reversals on the daily
    • Because I don't actually know if today's volume was a break down or exhaustion, I don't know of the volune is a positive or negative this time.
    • Break outs can be heart breakers or money makers!
    • Exit this trade when the 10 SMA > 20 SMA, indicating a short term change in momentum.
    • MAs are lagging indicators, so my risk is greater, but this strategy should prevent a premature shakeout if corn is still too high.
    Favorable conditions
    • 50 SMA < 200 SMA
    • Long term bear trend that broke another support level.
    • Fake out to the upside before the break
    • Record crop acreage planted 2017
    2017-08-16-20-20-55--456168691.png Screenshot_20170816-202243.png
  269. Potential down day on the Nasdaq. Waiting for the 3bt on the 30'.
  270. Short NQ
  271. Covered. $960 gain. New balance $5,080.
  272. New balance is actually $5075.
  273. What brought me back to ET?

    In the mid 80s I stumbled across an am radio station on the extreme left hand of the dial. If I remember correctly it was 570 WPLP. If the name of the station was important, I would look it up. It is not. However, there was a show that was very important to me. A radio dj by the name of Bob Lassiter who also happened to be an alumni of the ET Hall of Fame.

    Bob Lassiter trolled the entire city of Tampa on the radio every evening. Sandee, my common law wife at the time, hated the fact that I listened. She hated Bob and his show.

    I honestly cannot say that I agreed with much of what he said at the time. I may have looked like a hippie, but I voted for Reagan. Although now I woild be inclined to vote for Bernie.

    Lassiter was trolling his radio fans before trolling was cool. So it came as quite a shock to see that Bob had one of the most popular threads on ET.

    On Lassiter's wikipedia page they linked to Tampa's Short Skirt trades. On the first page Bob laid out the rules to his system. A few pages later and Bob was on to something else. Forever losing, constantly changing strategies.

    On his radio show Lassiter would say that there was one setup that he could count on to put a few shekels in his pocket every time it showed up. I was hoping to see what it was. Imagine my surprise when it was a system promoted by the revered LBR. I paid $90 bucks for a book she wrote and I can only say the three systems Tyro backtested did not work, Tyro lied to me, or maybe it was a coding error. I am guessing coding error was not the culprit.

    Let me cut to the chase. It took me quite a few pages to realize, holy shit, this is the written version of that very same show.

    In Tampa he would get the blue hairs riled up. He would slam everything sacred to a conservative, military town who loved a losing football team.

    I loved the show. Then it dawned on me. Bob is having his way with ET.

    Once I realized I know longer felt sorry for his abhorrent trading skills, and I surely did not feel sorry for the ET reader, I enjoyed the show. The ET reader was getting exactly what they signed up for.

    Many traders followed Tampa's thread to give him some much needed advice. When he took it, they stuck around.

    Others stuck around too to tell him how much he sucked. They were angry. Why wouldn't Tampa just stop trading? Quite a few would stop by on multiple occasions to demand that the thread be moved to chit chat where it belonged.

    They could not quit Bob. They were eating out of the palm of his hand.

    Even though I was a fan. Even though I had been directed via Lassiter's wikipedia page, I could not figure out what his angle was. My eyes welled up with tears when I found out. I won't spoil the fun, but it was not just to roast a few sacred cows. Nor was it a warning to the newbie, because Bob felt no pity for the newbie or struggling trader.

    Bob did what he always did. He built an audience. Quite a few people were in on the joke, and for those he simply entertained.

    In my estimation that thread was better than the airstream call. A call I heard live, but it didn't even compare to any number of the football/God calls that were aired.

    That is what brought me back. A weird nudge from fate. But unlike Bob I am not trying to build an audience. ET has a business model that will keep these threads alive for quite some time. Blogs disappear, just as edges might. This thread is for the newbie. This thread is to provide hope. Because once I make my financial comeback I will have left far more than inspiration. Do I have an edge? Will that edge disappear?

    The first question is debatable. The second is not!

    For now I don't have much to offer, except, maybe, to chum the waters of ET. Although that is not my intention.

    I will leave more than bread crumbs. I will leave behind "one" Pathway to Prolonged Profitability.

    Your welcome.
  274. Contraction. Expansion. Contraction. That is the only market cycle that is predictable, 100% of the time.

    Continuation? Reversal? That is the hard part. But one thing is certain. Relatively speaking, corn should move one way or another, very, very soon. Maybe even tomorrow.

    Inside, narrow range bar. [CONTRACTION]
  275. Tomorrow's plan:
    • NQ if it takes out the August 11 low
    • Oil and gold are not on the radar, but if I see significant movement on the watchlist I will pull up the daily to see if the juice is worth the squeeze.
    Screenshot_20170817-192754.png Screenshot_20170817-192700.png Screenshot_20170817-192714.png
  276. Size matters:

    I was attending a Community College in South Florida in the summer of 1985. That is where I met Amy.

    Amy and I would never date, or become anything more than friends because of her size. PHAT (pretty, hips and thighs) has always been in. Fat girls, not so much.

    I'm not body shaming her. That was my friend. Size didn't matter, but it did.

    Amy asked Marshall and I to go to the Pick Kwik and pick up some beer. She was celebrating. The rest of the evening is just a blur. But let me tell you what happened at the store.

    So Marshall and I walk outside of Amy's apartment with the keys to her compact, grey, Toyota, I believe. That car was simply A to B.

    Unbeknownst to me I get into an unlocked car that looked almost like her car and it started. With her key. Blame that on the Gainesville Green if you want, but that car should not have started. But it did. The ignition on your car is a place where size definitely matters. Normally, it does.

    So Marshall and I realize what happened and quickly get out of this stranger's car. Now we are off to the store, the Pick Kwik. It was located right by the dog track on Nebraska Ave. just south of Waters avenue. Nothing good ever happens at the dog track, except when the trifecta comes in. Our buddy James had a system. It rarely hit but the three times it did, was worth a total of $1700, one time racking up nine hundo in one shot! James would combine the recommendations of two handicappers while boxing the trifecta. Hanging out with your friends, drinking Mickey's Malt Liquor and bullshitting was never a bad way to pass the time. Especially when the trifecta hit. When boxing trifectas, size matters. The payout is only half. We wouldn't have won otherwise.

    Each of us had our hustle. Marshall had a gift.

    My go to trick was to stare a woman down like I had the biggest cock in the world. Eye contact is the biggest hustle there is when it comes to face to face communication. My father, a retired OSI Agent (read detective for the Air Force, not spy; at least not him) learned a thing or two about the art of covert communication courteous of the USAF which he passed on to me. When you make eye contact with someone it causes the other person to see you as more trustworthy, intelligent, confident and pleasant (no quality that actually comes natural to me). I am fiercely competitive. Not content with being average. So I would take every advantage possible. My eyes would look at the rules through a prism. Bending them. Contorting them. Making them work for me. I learned that from a career Air Force man who knew that the regs carried more weight than a General. He posessed a badge that proves it. When it comes to walking this side of the law, size matters. The government always wins. Ask Bill Gates and Martha Stewart. Ask Donald Trump! He may soon find out. No matter how big your empire, it is nothing compared to the resources of state sanctioned tax collectors and regulators. Warren G has nothing on the U.S. Government. Gangsters at their core!

    That's right. I meant to tell you about what happened with Marshal at the store. Blame that on the Colorado Chronic.

    So this really fine girl comes out the store. She was about 28, brunette, with the perfect body. She had the type of look like this girl, I can take her home to meet Mom. This wasn't Mom's this was by the track. No telling what type of girl you meet there. I am up to my usual tricks looking her directly in her eyes and she starts walking towards Amy's beater. Marshall motions for her to come to his side. I knew I was out of gas. I have seen this trick before. When this carmel complected Goddess walks over to his side of the car Marshall grabs her hand. Gently. She wasn't resisting. He placed her hand on his cock. She opens the door and gets in the car, and we dropped her off at her boyfriends house two days later. My friends, size matters.

    I was reading a thread earlier where someone asked if you could trade 200 contracts at a clip on the NQ.

    That question caused me to think about that Google options fiasco. 40 contracts of google options are a drop in the bucket. $4,000 per point was anything but. When your account is bleeding money like a video game you make bad decisions.

    So, to the OP of the other thread, that is up to you. If $1,000 a tick does not scare you then you have a ton of money. I hope the OP reports back on what he finds. That would make a good journal!

    In trading, like nothing else I have ever experienced, SIZE MATTERS!
  277. Short YM
  278. Scratched $30 loss

  279. New balance $5045
  280. ET's own Charles Bukowski
  281. Query. I believe a month ago when you started the journal you said you had a starting balance of $5,000. You say your current balance today is $5045. I do recall you saying this is paper, but have you also considered the commissions and fees in your balance? It seems a lot of trading to make $45. I hope that includes all the fees in the calculations...?
  282. Short YM
  283. $135 loss

  284. New balance $4910
  285. Tape reading:

    Please remember that this is a journal, first. We both accept adult responsibility for any discussions that ensue. Whether or not we choose to participate will be wholly identified by our intent carried out by one's compulsion to initiate. Trolls are welcome. Who knows what one can learn from a troll?

    Tape reading, according to me, and for me. The premise:
    • 3bt setup at a key level on the 30'
    • fluid stop based on pace with a non-negotiable, nuclear stop set as well
    • rapid price action can cause me to freeze
    • Rapid price action can also be used as a signal at key levels
    The playback:
    • entered on break of the 30' setup (this is a delayed quote, so I have to also use the real time 5' chart with OX quotes to visually see the pattern setting up in real time and to play the break)
    • bearish bias so I played the break
    Why cover? This is how I tape read to manage trades:
    • I only use level one quotes looking for pace
    • As an example, yesterday's trend day down felt like a wet blanket laying on the market. The selloffs were orderly until another whoosh down when the pace would pick up.
    • Using today's first trade as an example, pace picked up on the break. Good sign!
    • You could see pace picking up on the level one. The chart printed a reversal bar
    • What the bar lacks is a feeling of pace
    • Identify that feeling you get when a trade is rapidly moving against you.
    • Identify the charting landscape and do your best to get in the way of your reptilian, dinosaur brain.
    • This is the part of the brain that goes into fight or flight. Fighting the market would be averaging into a loser. Freezing would be allowing the position to run against you, indefinitely, potentially
    • My experience - losing money, blowing stops - is what taught me this method. There is a pace to the market. You can FEEL when you are trapped. Fight or flight kicks in. Your breathing may even quicken as your breaths get shorter. Your mind actually shuts down as well as the reptilian part of the brain supercedes the pre-frontal cortex of the brain; this is the rational part of the brain
    So now you have another tool, for some of you, a choice. Do we listen to our FEELINGS when we are trading? Don't confuse feelings with HOPE. Hope is not a feeling. Dread is a feeling. Greed is a motivator. Hope is used by the most evil, manipulative elements of our society. Hope will steal from you. Your feelings will reward you.

    Don't fight that feeling. Feelings are the barometer of our soul.

    We are taught not to listen to our feelings and we wonder why the divorce rate is so high. You probably know someone who had a "gut" feeling and didn't listen, right?

    Our bodies are complex machines and to discount feeling would be akin to using a 56k modem downloading your favorite images. Not ideal, and sometimes it will result in fatal errors, blow ups if you will.

    Downtrends, the easy ones with the most potential, should rarely have a sense of urgency. My belief is this sense of order is used by PROs to feed retail stocks that they are allowing to drift lower. Until the oscillators read OVERSOLD. Then there is another push, running stops, going lower. If there were buyers, or if it was a STOP RUN, PACE picks up immediately. You can SEE it and you can FEEL it.
    2017-08-18-14-04-17-174778187.png Screenshot_20170818-140524.png
  286. For some reason I thought gold was $12.50/tick and each tick was a quarter.

    Its actually $10/tick and each tick is $0.10.

    Double top?
    2017-08-19-09-30-57-1339942392.png 2017-08-19-09-28-43-861657376.png
  287. If gold makes a new relative high on the weekly chart, I will buy the micro gold contract for a swing trade. (Break of the bull flag.)

    I am currently short corn (December contract) for a swing trade.

    • NQ bullish on the weekly. This will be hard for me, but I need to open my horizons on the NQ and play both sides. However, I also need to limit my trades to strong moves as well. Easier said than done, but that is exactly what I will do.
    • Corn, take profits on the next impulse down. Potential support near 360 cents and the move down has been vertical. Tighten stop!
    • CL may be carving out a bottom. 52 is a key level which would cause me to stalk longs.
    2017-08-19-20-21-45-505180746.png 2017-08-19-20-23-26--727670705.png 2017-08-19-20-24-37-842639590.png
    • Short term bias: bearish. Resistance between 5850 and 5900. New highs negates this bias
    • Long term bias: bullish. Support on the weekly is around 5600. 200 point drop from these levels without changing the bias.
    2017-08-20-17-24-46--1606094728.png 2017-08-20-17-23-56--209872740.png
  288. Markets fall faster than they rise. Do not sleep on down trend days.
  289. Why? Why not just go into GC? MGC will only help you if you have so little capital left that you would need to suffer drawdowns if you are wrong, for 1/10th the penalty. What is going on over there?
  290. Short NQ
  291. Covered corn swing trade. $170 gain. New balance $5080.
  292. Covered NQ. $300 loss. New balance $4780.
  293. Short oil
  294. Covered. $320 gain. New balance $5100.
  295. I will be watching the 30' for signs of a reversal. Ideally, we print a shooting star here. If not I will miss out. Once we reach new highs it will be easier to go long.
  296. What is the best way to combat HFT? LFT, of course. No setups today, thus no trades.

    Overall, a great day for Johnny Rock.
  297. Hey, flat is a position. A very powerful one. Kudos. Have you calculated your fees through all of your trading on the $5K starting balance?
    • 2 inside days printed on the daily
    • Symettrical-ish triangle on the 30' today
    • Expansion follows contraction
    • Play the 3bt (30') at key levels after the initial push
    2017-08-22-14-17-34-1412033378.png 2017-08-22-14-16-07--1272276017.png
  298. John, What mobile platform is that? The charts are nice. Thanks.
  299. Barchart and Options Xpress
  300. Go to the wayback machine and search trading for dummies. There you will find a modern day miracle. A successful trader giving up the keys to the kingdom.

    So, what will you find here in this journal? A trader making his comeback, someone, who will also give you a set of keys to the kingdom! I know what you are thinking, "This paper trader is delusional as fuck!" You might be right. You may also be thinking, especially if your system involves mean reversion, trading illiquid instruments, or the necessity of not competing for shares, that will fuck up my system. Mine does not.

    The pathway to my system:
    • trend trading works - see TfDummies
    • since 2008 my sole mission has been to find a way to adapt this to futures
    Why futures?
    • tax advantages over trading options or stocks, google it
    • the ability to scale up
    Why give it away?
    • it would be very difficult to code
    • even still, the method would work on AAPL, futures or any other instrumenr that moves - liquidity would no longer be a problem, but the tax man remains the only one who could bring down Al Capone
    • as long as the system remains in the hands of a trader, I know how hard it is not to tinker with it, only trade when it sets up, hold for hours, call an audible on a stop, etc., the realities of trading
    There are two principles that I live by. Seek and you shall find and "What you make happen for others the Universe will happen for you." Some people call that karma. Others call it sowing and reaping. Persistence and a little bit of good karma is like the Hadron Collider. You are the miracle!

    Destiny collides with desire!

    I will tell you what I will also give you, an audited report to back up what I am teaching here. For that you have to wait. I have yet to get out of debt and fund my account.

    Truthfully, it has been in the last week and a half that I realized, actually realized, a simple way to accomplish my mission.

    What made dummy trades work in the stock market universe? Gaps on high volume, expansion and contraction, entry and exit criteria that were repeatable while protecting equity and taking full advantage of trending moves.

    What didn't work? Trading the indices in the direction of the gap is a bad strategy in and of itself. The eminis, oil and other instruments often times will trade off of news that comes at any time during the day. Indicators lag, so I never found a consistent way of using the MACD or some other momentum indicator to accomplish what I needed.

    What did work? Keeping this journal. Giving away info that I believe to be useful.

    Why am I so certain? The 3bt pattern is something that I stumbled upon keeping this journal. It does not setup on every trend day. However, when it does it takes advantage of the internal mechanics of the dummy system.

    Expansion! Contraction! Expansion!

    It is also not as clean in the indices as it is on a mid-cap that just knocked earnings out of the park. That is where experience comes in. That may be a benefit, or detriment, to your results. I know, for a fact, that many will make more money than me who follow this system. What is more important, to me anyway, is if I follow the system. It is also important that I give it away as the original system was given to me.

    Analyzing my losing trades made me realize something. I have ONE golden arrow in my quiver. From here on out, I will ONLY analyze my WINNING trades, at least on the journal. For those who are playing along, just pull up a 30' chart of the future or ETF equivalent.

    (This is the part where I normally say your welcome. It is actually a thank you to the Chairman.) @eyal

    I will still post each trade as I take it, but that is only to benefit me; to keep me honest.

    Seek and you shall find. What you make happen for others, the Universe will make happen for you.
  301. All we have seen thus far is a lot of trades, and your balance from the starting point of $5,000...Your current balance is $5,100?

  302. Long CL
  303. Scratched $25 loss. New balance $5075
  304. @shopster posted this:

    Win or lose, everybody gets what they want out of the market. Some people seem to like to lose, so they win by losing money.

    I think that if people look deeply enough into their trading patterns, they find that, on balance, including all their goals, they are really getting what they want, even though they may not understand it or want to admit it.

    A losing trader can do little to transform himself into a winning trader. A losing trader is not going to want to transform himself. That’s the kind of thing winning traders do.

    Systems don’t need to be changed. The trick is for a trader to develop a system with which he is compatible.

    I don’t think traders can follow rules for very long unless they reflect their own trading style.
    Eventually, a breaking point is reached and the trader has to quit or change, or find a new set of rules he can follow.

    This seems to be part of the process of evolution and growth of a trader.

    Feelings naturally appear during trading.
    The feelings we don’t like seem to have roots deep in our unresolved issues.
    Somehow they get stuck and do not finish passing through, and can cloud the judgment and interfere with trading. The feelings we do like seem to pass through quickly without much trace.

    I suggest getting to know your feelings, by experiencing them, expressing them, letting them pass through and finding out they are pretty much all good ones.
    Jet engines work best when they are open at both ends.

    A trader at one with his feelings feels nothing between himself and executing his method.

    I usually ignore advice from other traders, especially the ones who believe they are on to a “sure thing”.
    The old timers, who talk about “maybe there is a chance of so and so,” are often right and early.

    I don’t judge success, I celebrate it. I think success has to do with finding and following one’s calling regardless of financial gain.

    The elements of good trading are cutting losses, cutting losses, and cutting losses

    To avoid whipsaw losses, stop trading

    Ed Seykota
  305. Today was quite a boring trading day. I took one trade, and it did not really move. No big deal there!

    In the interest of pure entertainment I thought of a great game for Elite Trader. It is called, "Name that Trader."

    The unknown trader offered this piece of advice to become a better trader:
    • Good points all around. I have a plan, I have found it hardest to stick to it in the heat of the moment. And as I am discovering, dressing up nicely (not really a suit, just a Tee and Jeans and definitely not boxers) is helpful.
    Can you Name that Trader?

    At least now I know why certain body parts stick to this leather chair. I never even thought to wear boxers!
  306. That's a really fun game. Haha you are so clever. So stop trying to distract from your own issues, and show us how you are doing with the $5,000 opening balance, minus commish and fees.

    Hello, yes? You are not being honest here.
  307. For me the worst question on any job application is, "Have you ever been fired from a job?" The easier question would be what jobs have I not been fired from?

    I had just been terminated from a full seevice gas station for smoking weed at work and needed some quick cash. My girl was riding me and it became clear that she was tired of me sitting around the house.

    Sandee worked for the State Attorney's office and I guess she had bought into the American dream, work - work - work!

    That has never been my dream. Johnny Rock has always been a man of leisure, but if I must work, it is important to keep my mind right. Amoco did not agree. There were not many full service gas stations in the area, but the few that existed, ownership knew one another. What was I going to do for work? My friend Doug told me that if I went to the labor pool, and did not show up drunk, I could probably land a full time job. Okay, bet!

    I didn't really understand the nature of a labor pool and showed up around 2:30 the next afternoon. As luck would have it they needed one man at the ice cream factory. I spent the next ten hours in a freezer stacking 5 gallon drums of ice cream on pallets. I never came out for air.

    The boss was so impressed he offered me a full time job. The hours were perfect. Come in around 5 pm everyday, spray all the chocolate and ice cream off the conveyor belts and machines, and run a few chemicals through the pipes. You hose the equipment first, otherwise it sticks, and takes forever to remove. That was the most time consuming task and took a good hour or so to do right. So this is where I meet Artie. Artie would rue the day I was hired on as his side kick. We had a good thing going. After the machines were sprayed down our job was to re-route the pipes in different configurations and add a chemical cleaner to clean the insides. The remainder of the shift would mostly be watching and waiting. Artie lived close by and his girl, Karen, didn't seem to mind if we dropped by and hung out. We had free reign at the factory and Artie had a penchant for cocaine. I would dabble, mostly geeking joints and getting my head right.

    On Old Tampa road there was a rock and roll club and I could not even tell you who was playing that night. Cocaine has never been as expensive as the bar tab that comes along with it!

    This would be the first time I would ever see it snow in FL. Remember when the youngsters were making it rain? Way before that Miami was making it snow.

    Instead of immediately spraying the machines, Artie had an idea, let's go see Karen. Bad idea. That would not be the last time I experienced a FL blizzard. We never made it back to ole Larry's Ice Cream. It took an entire production crew one full day to clean up the caked up mess the following day. Oh well, easy come easy go.

    Sandee wasn't too happy, so the following Monday I show up to Labor Ready - and boy was I ready - at 5:00 am. Now I know how it works. Show up early and sober. Gotcha.

    About 7:00 am I am still there with at least 20 people. The man behind the desk says, "I need one man to 'throw' garbage." I jumped up. Nobody else even budged. Minimum wage was $3.35 at the time. I could care less. Sandee was on my back. The only way to get her back, on her back, was to get back to work! This would end up being a turning point in my life. A positive one.

    Steve, Tubbs and I are on the way out to the Timberlane subdivision in the western part of the county. These were small, working class homes stacked on top of each other. The route was compact and heavy. "Player, you ever thrown garbage before?" I can't say that I have, but in reality, how hard can it be? I simply responded, "Nope."

    On the first street a customer brings three beers out to the truck. It is not even 8 am. I knew I found my niche - a legitimate job where my coworkers shared similar values.

    Drinking, smoking weed and the occassional tab of acid.

    There are times in life when one must walk through open doors. This was one of those times. We worked through blistering heat, torrential rains and even the occasional cold spell - the cold spells were the worst. You didn't even want to get out of the truck. Like me, many of my fellow employees of Peterson Corp. on Linebaugh Ave. knew the power of getting one's head right.

    Dave and Delano were like brothers to me. Delano was the driver, so he didn't partake when we were on the clock, but he didn't care what Dave and I did as long as we brought the route in. But we better do it fast.

    I had dropped acid once before when working with Theto and it gave me super human strength. I was no longer bound by the limitations of my mind. The route came in on record time. No kidding. LSD was a wonder drug. Sometimes I wonder, "What the hell was I thinking?" A different time and a different place, for sure.

    Dave and I decided to do a tab for our Saturday morning routes. The company had switched grom three man trucks to two man trucks, but most routes were done by 10:30 am on Saturdays. We had to time this right. It can take a minute for LSD to kick in, and generally, lasts about eight hours. Our plan was to peak on the truck.

    Dave and I were already tripping before we hit the yard. This morning we were stuck on stupid. There were only a handful of white guys at Peterson at the time. Both of us are in our early twenties, decked out in work boots and all of our hair band glory. It was a different time and a different place.

    Yo! MTV Raps was our favorite show. We would drink Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull and talk like we were black. We would joke around with his Mom and say, "We are 65 year old ni**as doing the work of these young jitterbugs." Did I mention Delano was black?

    So on this particular Saturday morning on the way out to Race Track Road I am starting to peak and I keep repeating the mantra, "I am a 65 year old ni**a doing the work of these young jitterbugs." Delano shouts, "You are not a nigger!"

    Okay, its best I keep my mouth shut and just bring the route in.

    Out on Race Track Road is a parcel of land subdivided into plots of about 10 acres each with ranch style houses, horses, and peace of mind. Very seldom did you see the customers in this area. But this day would be different. I see this giant of a man with huge popeye arms. For the most part you know what is a hallucination if you know how to handle the substances desiring to hnandle you. Acid is a friendly drug! At least it was to me. I grab the can, spin around and shoot the garbage in the truck. It saves a few steps, but I did it because it looked cool. The garbage would fly througj the air and if it was not in bags it would resemble a shotgun blast. So, when I set the can down and look again, here is this giant standing right in front of me. It was the wrestler Rick Rude. Rick would always come to the ring while they played the song Smooth Operator. Here he was with his wide lats and jacked up biceps. I decide to flex! I raised my arms like Lee Haney and kissed each bicep. Rude wasn't having it! Not at his house. Rick cut a promo on me and I took off running to the next house.

    Since that day I have always been aware of the limitations of the mind. Because of that day I am also aware of how our minds can play tricks on us.

    It was not until I entered the world of day trading that I became fully aware of how delusional I could be!

    It was not until I entered the world of elite trader that I realized, "I am not alone!" For that I am thankful.
  308. Keep in mind that the barchart is delayed, but you can see the watetfall action on the 5'. I posted the 30' for two reasons:
    • to show yesterday's inside day (contraction)
    • I will be looking for the 3bt pattern to develop for a potential short
    2017-08-24-08-07-43-160944748.png Screenshot_20170824-080251.png
  309. When I first started this journal a day like today would have been maddening. The 3bt identifies, often times, the elusive trend days. Although the pattern is not 100% it has other advantages like today - keping me away from danger. I wonder if we will hear from members that are MIA tonight. A lot of traders bank coin with action like this. Who knows? Maybe they will divulge a secret or two.
  310. Contraction:
    • check out the last six days
    • not the prettiest triangle, but the market shows contraction, nonetheless
    • 2 days were outside the bounds and formed tails in opposite directions before price settled back in
    • waiting on another price push
    • trade the 3bt on the 30' once the market seeks a new equilibrium
    • BBs tightening, contraction
    • 50 and 200 SMAs upward slope
    • play the direction of the break
    • Screenshot_20170824-115959.png
  311. NQ has a 70pt range today. With money to be made on the upside, and downside. For me, it's an better than good trading day. That said, I might suggest you throw on an On Balance Volume indicator. I am a volume user and believer, and all my stuff includes volume. On Balance Volume indicator is no holy grail, not in the least, not even close, it's a frickin old school indicator! But it is available on almost every platform, out of the box. For volume-hobbyists, just notice the peaks and lows, and what type of trade opportunity exists at those points. Also look for divergences, bull and bear, of the indicator with price movement. The numbers the indicator throws off have no use, at least to me, other than for the creation of the indicator itself. The numbers themselves are in a context. It's a simple suggestion, and who knows, a volume hobbyist today, tomorrow, flat broke!!!

    Trade On JohnnyRock.
    • volume-hobbyists, just notice the peaks and lows, and what type of tradeopportunity exists at those points.Alsolook for divergences
  312. 2017-08-24-13-27-57--960649738.png
  313. It was around 1:30 that I could see the 3bt was not going to set up. I pulled up the daily on USO, SPY and QQQ.

    So, I will use that time as a point I would like to be able to switch gears and find other opportunities. Look how OBV led price. Since price was range bound in a bull flag, followed by a tight flaf, before that final push a limit order would not be out of the question. Price didn't move much, but that is beyond anyone's control. Price did close on the highs of that move. That fits in with the 3bt and playing a trend move. One I would not have seen otherwise. I may add this to the play book.

    Entry on either flag would work.
  314. Volume leads price, always, EXCEPT in low/very low volume situations, such as overnight, lunch (in context), etc. At those times, make coffee, not money.
  315. I marked the end of the bull flag on the CL. Not a bad move!
  316. 2017-08-24-17-58-15-1504764382.png OBV finger finder at a key level:
    • Farley pattern, "finger finder"
    • shooting star/hammer
    • at a key level (the hammer took out the low from the 22nd; breakout traders are at this level)
    • OBV divergence on the 30'
    Three charts:
    Screenshot_20170824-175959.png Screenshot_20170824-175914.png

    • 30' OBV chart (barchart is delayed and I am doing this from my phone; freestockcharts.com offers real time charts if you are trading like a normal person
    • 2 5' charts to show a realistic window for me to enter (I cannot get indicators on an intraday chart within this trading platform, so I have to papertrade with this handicap)
    • this is for my own personal instruction on the 2nd play in my playbook; both plays offer a signal off the 30' chart (one is a range play and the other is a trend play)
    • ask and ye shall receive
    • give and it shall be given unto you
    • principles
  317. Dummy Daze:
    • 2 dummy style patterns have shown up on the 30'
    • last week on the Qs
    • this week in oil
    • $1280+ in profits (paper)
    • the layup in my play book
    • played both in real time
    Screenshot_20170825-143514.png Screenshot_20170825-143502.png Screenshot_20170825-143442.png Screenshot_20170825-143430.png
  318. A $440 bet on Mayweather returns $100.

    Take this bet. $300 to win $100. Mayweather wins by knockout! You still get paid if he knocks McGregor down. Stone cold lock!

  319. 20170827_150806.jpg
  320. 20170827_152858.jpg
  321. I'll read it if you post it right-side up. Thanks.
  322. Name that Trader:
    • Not bragging but I've made a living for 14 years; since 1996 trading. Why do you guys post such drivel? Is it because you yourself failed? Or blew an account out? Or expected trading would be like an ATM machine? It takes work, effort and perseverance. And oh yeah -- some confidence and a positive perspective.
    Hmmm. 14 years. Perseverance? Positive perspective? Could he be right? I am betting on it. Contrary to the trolls, you should too!
  323. ATM, not ATM machine. :)
  324. Waiting for the 3bt (on the 30') to form at the lows. If so, looking to short CL.
  325. Short CL
  326. $140 loss. New balance $4935
  327. Why are you playing Dec (Z) contract?
    Oct (V) is the front month, and has almost 4x the volume.
  328. Yes. That is true.
  329. NK shoots a missile over Japan's air space. Just checked the futures. Not good! Let's see where we open tomorrow.

  330. This is a variation of the 3bt with 2 bars just outside of the trend move. I have played it twice and it has not worked either time.
  331. 2017-08-28-21-18-15--1571633741.png 2017-08-28-21-17-11-1435614775.png 2017-08-28-21-03-43-1275889662.png
  332. I must be a glutton for punishment. I love these threads where the trader asks whether or not one can be successful day trading.

    However, I do believe that some of the big traders leave a few crumbs. Who are those whales? I am not really sure except for the fact that they do not believe retail traders have a chance.
    • I found a crumb.
    • Key levels. (yc, yh, yl, 2dh, 2dl)
    • How does price REACT at these levels?
  333. Remember, if these "whales" work for a firm or have AUM for others in any way, there is a conflict of interest by NOT perpetuating that folklore. And they went Hahvard or where ever, so they clearly are better suited versus those with a community college certificate.

    Reminds me of currently running commercials.

  334. Short oil
  335. Covered $120 gain. New balance $5055
  336. Short oil
  337. $180 loss. New balance $4875
  338. Recipe:

    Sugar, lots of sugar
    Peanut butter
    Cookies and Vodka optional
    (2) Altoids

    Optional use for Altoids:

    • eat two Altoids
    • lick your lips
    • SURVIVAL substitute when the glue on your rolling papers malfunctions
    @vanzandt made the call this morning: buy at the open because you are an American and won't let some fat fuck spook us!

    Tell me again how trading is unemotional! I would love to see an algo do that!
  339. 2017-08-29-16-35-06-668524359.png 2017-08-29-16-34-25--258148800.png
  340. Coulda, woulda, shoulda:

    • certain days pure momentum plays are the way to go
    • still attempting to find out how to recognize those days
  341. 2 + 2 =:
    • crumb/key level - yesterday's close
    • expansion candles with small wicks on the 60'
    • how did price REACT at tgis KEY level?
    • 10:00 ascending triangle on the 5'
    • 11:00 pause on the 5'
    • breakouts
    Putting it together:
    • The market is not psychological.
    • It is HIGHLY emotional
    • FEAR is an emotion
    • Traders make emotional decisions
    • I must not fear my emotions.
    • I must embrace them.
    • I was not afraid of nuclear war.
    • I was afraid to make the trade.
  342. You better be darn afraid of nuclear war, sir. If you mean that you are not afraid that we will GO to nuclear war, meaning that you do not think it will happen, then that is different.

    How is your account balance, after considering all the broker and exchange fees?

    Hello, yes?
    • yesterday's expansion bar was on low volume
    • downtrend resistance on the daily
    • 5' is messy (looking for ascending triangles or tight flags at the top, coinciding with the highs of the 1st 30' bar (not shown).
    For now, I can't see going long.
  343. Long NQ
  344. Scratched $85 loss. New balance $4790
  345. Short NQ
  346. $105 loss. New balance $4685
  347. Short NQ
  348. $115 loss. New balance $4570
  349. 5934 might work for ya here.
  350. Nope. This is a freight train!
  351. No... its a market wide short squeeze. Keep till Friday PM. Its not going much higher.
    A tech short squeeze to be more specific.
    Fang is gonna get trashed.
  352. Prediction vs. WHAT HAPPENED
    • I was shorting into strength after the NQ had taken out every high in sight
    • The hourly tells the story.
  353. This market is all a facade Johnny. One of these days we're gonna look back and say "wtf were people thinking".

    Houston is going to cause epic pain. More than we realize now. Epic. Forget about infrastructure spending in Peoria for the foreseeable future. We'll be hard pressed to rebuild Houston. Tax reforms a joke. More Trump hot air. Healthcare's a disaster thats not getting any press. Gotta keep us sheeps' minds focused where they want em to be.

    And despite it not being front and center of the media "today"...the North Korea situation is 10 times more volatile than we're being led to believe. Although we won't go to war there, a mishap (accident) will send these markets reeling out of fear of a Cuba 1961 scenario. One boo and we get a 5% correction. And that "boo" can come at any time. So it didn't happen today... NFLX up $6. Yeah. Alls well.
    Its a facade Johnny. One big facade. When it ends is a good question. But there won't be any warning.
  354. This situation in Houston reminds me of a story Jesse Livermore told regarding an earthquake.

    I agree with all of the above! It seems odd that Trump is at war with his own party and the opposition. Internationally nobody respects him, and when you add it all up, I think Trump is primed for a Wag the Dog scenario.

  355. FWIW, there was also a 25pt gap magnet from 8/17.
    Yesterdays action was a big tell... yesterdays open filled the 8/22 gap, in runaway fashion. The 8/17 gap was clearly in sight with a naked POC. jmh analysis.

    Leftover gaps can be used as targets, especially when lined up with other horizontal levels. H's, L's, POC's, S, R, whatever.
  356. Long micro gold for a swing trade
  357. Short NQ - day trade
  358. Scratched $40 gain. New balance $4610
  359. Sold $110 gain. New balance 4720
  360. Reading your posts, I see why day trading is hard work. Takes skills, persistence and perhaps a pinch of luck.

    You are one of the good guys. Wish you the best.
  361. Quoting @birzos from another thread:
    • Simply because your capital does not produce a positive return on effort without decades of experience behind you. The average is skewed to the top, that's synthetic asset classes at work.

      <top1% loss
      =top1% break even
      top1% 1-2% per month
      top0.1% 3-5% per month
      top0.01% 7-10% per month
      top0.001% 15-20% per month

      The top 0.001% who generate those returns consistently over 15-20yearsstarting with $1,000 capital will become a billionaire, there are currently 2,500or so who have succeeded.

  362. This is the same trading:impossible nonsense in disguise.

    Start with $1000
    NEVER withdraw
    NEVER have losing days, weeks, or at most a losing month (positive return figures in the example are monthly)
    DO NOT CONSIDER the nominal account value. It's all-in, all the time.

    When account reaches $900,000,000 it's game over with a nominal $100,000,000 11.11% return that month. Wow! That's not even in the top 0.001%! Congratulations! Clearly, you stop there, because it is foolish to think about a $150,000,000 or $200,000,000 nominal return the next month.

    Everybody thinks SHORT-TERM "trading" scales to the billions and trillions. It doesn't. Go put on a 10M dollar trade, with a hold period no longer than a calendar month, and see how you fare. Scale it baby!!
  363. Lifted from the web:
    • The table shows the probabilities of seeing anywhere from two to 11 consecutive losing trades during the 50-trade cycle, based on the corresponding percentage win rate.

      The table can help you determine the probability
  364. When questoned by the police, these two ETers stated, "We're just tryin' to HELP clean up the city. That's all man!"

    Witnesses report they were overheard, reassuring one another, "At $500 margin we could have traded 4 cars with a $500 cushion." A spokesperson for the JAX SO stated they were still attempting to decode the message, but they believe they may be tied to an auto theft ring, and the $2500 aluminum windfall could have been used to purchase 4 "cars."
  365. I don't pick football, but handicappers do! The problem is, as a newbie, who do I follow?

    Surely, I could ask somebody. That is not my style nor has it ever been. For purely entertainment purposes, I opened an online gambling account.

    My plan:
    • use the aggregate knowldege I have gleaned on money management through trading
    • take advantage of probabilities
    • decrease risk until I get to 10%
    • MAX BET $300 (when I get there)
    Results, WEEK 1:

    $50 turned into $120 on eight bets. My first two bets were $25 each (50%). Thursday and Saturday I was down the vig after four bets. W/L/W/L. My account was around $43.

    Sunday was beautiful! Not only did I find my handicapper, but I found a way to sift thru the forest. Certain trees bear more fruit. I can't give his name. Boy did his picks bear fruit! $43 turned into $120!

    So, for next week my bets will all be $20.

    10% of $120 would be $12 and the minimum bet is $20 (you used to be able to get a "dove" for that). So, by hitting a winning streak early, I can actually reduce my risk on a percentage basis. Another Solid Sunday and I will be at the proper risk profile. What are the chances of me blowing up my account? Its all contained in that table I posted last week, and it depends on my actual winning percentage (75% on week 1). But, I survived the riskiest period.

    Risking 10% of my roll until I max out at $300. That will take a lot of streaks. I am just along for the ride at this point. If the handicapper can produce, the JOHNNY ROCK CRITERION will produce what it produces. However, 10% is a path to riches! Have you seen how rich these preachers are who only require 10%? Personal finance 101 tells you to save 10%. And the JR CRITERION would have you bet 10%!
  366. Danger, Will Robinson!
  367. Short CL
  368. $345 loss. New balance $4375
  369. Short micro gold (1 contract). Bid is 1309, so I will take the $20 hit. Swing trade
  370. I read Python is the easiest language to code, for beginners, so I ordered a book today and joined quintopia.

    Not only can you use the quintopia platform for free to backtest, get correlation data and sharpe ratios on the algos you build, you also retain all rights to your program. As an added bonus, if you do develop an algo that produces, you can win prize money. Even better, they put real cash behind developers and if you are chosen you get a percentage.

  371. But wait, there's more!

    As seen on TV!
  372. Usually ...with Trading, the Happy couple doesn't go and ride off into the Sunset;

    It's more of a dark, depressing, solitude death, o_O

    But Heeey, you...blue jean... baby queen. Prettiest girl, I've ever seen. See her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Dean.
    ...Rock On, rock on...

    Hey, John Boy...Bubby...
    You kind of look like Sam Elliott in Road House, amigo,

  373. But wait, there's more!

    "This article shows that you can start a basic algorithmic trading operation with fewer than 100 lines of Python code. In principle, all the steps of such a project are illustrated, like retrieving data for backtesting purposes, backtesting a momentum strategy, and automating the trading based on a momentum strategy specification. The code presented provides a starting point to explore many different directions: using alternative algorithmic trading strategies, trading alternative instruments, trading multiple instruments at once, etc..."

    Don't try to trade, just algo it! Automate everything! Python is all I need! Ug. Johnny man, stick to the basics maybe?

  374. Screenshot_20170919-093506.png Screenshot_20170919-093259.png

    MAs converging. Contraction. Waiting for expansion. Patience!
  375. Crumbs:
    • retail resides within the whipsaw
    Throughout the pages of ET, I am always keeping an eye out for ideas that will make me money. My experience - losing on the smaller timeframes - makes me believe this is true. My goal is a reliable way to play trend days. The search continues.
  376. Feeling flush from my micro gold swing trade, I met up with some old friends. They don't seem so impressed. They called me a degenerate trader!
  377. Crumbs? A bird eats 1 seed at a time and at the end of the day it has a full belly.

    Retail within the whipsaw? I'm curious how do you know this to be true?

    I think that most of your searches on ET will come up short. You should be asking your self what makes a retail trader? One who follows others or one who experiments with ideas? The latter is the one that most times brings home the bacon. Most retail traders are afraid of themselves and fail to allow there inner creative side to guide them. Its that self doubt that says, no it cant be that easy? Can It? But instead they resort to mainstream concepts, for example those 4 squiggly lines you use to see congestion. If a person can convince himself to use them in the way you do, do you think you can convince yourself to use just one or none? Trading markets doesn't have to be an perplexing event and we shouldn't be following the perplexed 96% of losers into bankruptcy court. If you need to look at those squiggly lines, try to identify one that shows a much higher percent of return and keep your profits small or let them run? You know how the laundry business works? those people drop 5$,6$-or more at a time and then they leave an they come back another time. Very similar to how the markets work. cheers
  378. I should clarify that I know it to be true for me.
  379. Any NCAA picks this weekend?
  380. Nope. Six picks for tomorrow, though. The over in the Redskins and Raiders. Taking the Jaguars and Cardinals to cover both of their games. The under in the Steelers/Bears, Seahawks/Titans, and Saints/Panthers games.
  381. Short NQ
  382. $130 gain. New balance $4505
  383. Short NQ
  384. Covered mgc. B/e
  385. Covered $295 gain. New balance $4800
  386. A tale of two charts:
    2017-10-02-18-31-55--607647693.png 2017-10-02-18-31-36-438927975.png
  387. Options Xpress has been absorbed by Schwab. My plan ia still the same, but debt reduction is going slower than expected. This may take a minute before I go live.

    I checked out Scwabs mobile platform, and I am not a big fan.

    The events in Las Vegas are having a weird effect on me, too. This journal will change form, but today is not the day to make any big decisions!
  388. I received an email this morning from ActualTraders stating that they would give me money to trade and I get to keep 80% of the profits!

    They must not be regular readers of this infamous paper trading journal. Since June 20, 2017, I am only down $200. My biggest drawdown was 20%. That may be acceptable for me, but I can't imagine that would be acceptable for OPM even if those other people don't show on the 1st page of search results.

    I will say that since that 20% drawdown, I gained 20%! I will continue to privately paper trade while I pay down debt. The market will outlive me, so I am in no rush!!

    I was just shocked by the source, and now I question their credibility.

  389. What do you mean shocked by the source ?

    They offered you 80% as oppose to the normal 70% :D

    Quote straight from their website......

    "Start trading our money today with our new Express Account! By paying a small
    monthly fee you get our money for trading, keeping 70% of the profits yourself."
  390. :D:D
    You're funny.
  391. There is nothing funny about this. #sad
  392. You mean Johnny self-deprecating his trading skills? I thought that was funny as hell.
    But...I bet you meant some spam email... ohhhhh.... well.... If that's #sad... you shouldn't let stuff like this bother you. If that's the best you can bitch about.... you're golden Dudeman.

    PS.... "Hashtag" anything is one more fucking retarded sign of our times. Its for sheep.
  393. If I could do it all over again I would not change a thing:

    Dave comes into our living room, "Ya want to make it snow?"


    Dave and I didn't have the scarface hook up, but as it worked out, the repair man was there to tune up our his conditioner.

    Rick was not a handyman. He was not even just a Master Craftsman. Rick was building an air conditioning enterprise. 80 hours a week HELPING people. Serving people. That takes motivation. Cocaine was simply the kicker. "Yes, Mrs. Rodriguez. Be right over." Better do a bump on the way. The safety of a service vehicle. Camoflauge within the city limits.

    Rick would make it snow. Who knows who Rick knew? What was important is that we knew Rick. Relationships!

    You'd be surprised the kind of bonds that form when you meet a lot of people and each of you share a common interest.

    It was a different time and a different place.

    Florida, the big swinging Dong of the good ole USA!

    I love this country!

    Opportunities abound!!

    That's where it started.

    The run of all runs.

    I know what a streak feels like. I know how they end.

    I know the power of resurrection.

    Don't worry, no religious b.s. or anything of the sort. No 12 step jargon, Eastern Spirituality, or even new age teachings which is as old as it gets.

    Principles! Life has a way of teaching itself.

    How? After you have lived it, you tell me.

    Life, if you live through it.

    Sorry for the preaching.

    Back to the story.

    At the time, Marshall was dating Vickie - a professional pole dancer. A Master Craftswoman.


    Marshall and I would hang out smoking weed and punch each other in the face on the daily.

    Courtesy of the FL penal system, Marshall was a legitimate middle weight boxer. But, if you happened to find a piece of rebar, well, that's just plain quicker.

    "Johnny, do you want to do money bags?"


    Money bags was Judge Harry Lee Coe.

    Marshall knew of His Honor through Vicky. Marshall knew where His Honor lived and how to get on the compund.


    Familial bonds with people who share a common interest.


    Predator and prey.

    Even nature tells you to watch out for the pretty ones. Especially if you share a common interest.

    The Judge had two hobbies: crack and Vickie.

    Vickie knew Marshall.

    The outlaw.

    I knew, "of him," (His Honor) through the lingerie palace. My side dish worked at Legends - lingerie models. The Judge liked pretty girls. Can you blame him?

    Pretty ladies. The steam that continues to drive the engine of America. Pretty girls = motivation. Way better than a corny poster on your wall.

    Sampson had his Delilah. Judge Coe had the rest! What can I say. He liked the pretty girls. Don't we all?

    Closed circuit television has been around for quite a long time.

    I often wonder why a sitting Judge would risk his Kingship when the cameras were in plain view?!

    Maybe he didn't see the sign on the door.

    Judge Coe liked to cheat on his wife, do blow and, generally, live the life of an outlaw.

    That's entirely my opinion based upon credible witnesses presenting purely circumstantial evidence. My friends! Marshall and my side dish.

    One can only surmise that the Judge trapped himself because he burned a lot of bridges along the way.

    Coe had a reputation for being a dick!

    His Honor walked through life with a flame thrower on his back!

    Judge Coe - Cuckoo for CUCKOLD puffs!

    Decades later certain events would come to life and Judge Coe would be facing time. A prison sentence of his own making. However, none of us will ever know the details.

    Coe was known as the hanging judge.

    Gordon was sentenced to three years and when he told Judge Coe that he would do three years standing on his head, Judge Coe gave him an additional three years to do on his feet. Even Gordon had to laugh at that. We all did. Gotta love His Honor's sense of humour!

    The war on drugs. A war against my people perpetrated by a system built on the back of modern day mythology with all the trappings that go along with it.

    Never forget that our country was founded by Outlaws. Narcissists. Moonshiners. Hemp growers. Men willing to commit genocide to carry out their destiny.

    Everyone has their hustle! I'm not complaining. In fact I may be a little envious.

    Sorry for the preaching!

    Back to the story.

    You never know who you might meet when you share a common bond and a driving passion.


    Worth more than gold.

    Was Judge Coe facing time? If he was still around you could ask him.

    I always wonder why the good ole boy shot himself in the head? Another front page headline in the city of Tampa.

    Judge Coe found in his car.

    Underneath the overpass.

    He shot himself in the head.

    Karma, can I get a double?


    The most valuable commodity in the world.

    My game was women.

    I was a lover who needed to learn how to fight.

    Marhsall was a lover.



    Each of us had our hustle. I still can't figure out how mine worked. I guess there is something to be said for looking someone in the eye and showing interest. In fact, I'm pretty sure Dale Carnegie made a lot of money showing people how to win friends and influence people with a similar concept. Get a girl drunk on her own ego. Its raining panties.

    "Do you want to do moneybags?"


    The juice was not worth the squeeze.

    That's where it started.

    The journey that would put me within two degrees of President Donald Trump.

    True story.

    The details are not important.

    They are not even sordid.

    But no, the prez and I do not share a common belief system or interest.

    However, the details are boring.

    If you don't believe me, ask his Spiritual Adviser, Pastor Paula White.

    Her husband was building an empire.

    I was on the outer edge of his inner circle.

    I will never forget the day Paula put her hand on my knee. I have seen that look before. When a girl looks at you like you are prey that is a layup. Randy was there. And so were at least fifteen other people.

    The juice was not worth the squeeze.

    The look. Her hand on my knee. In public. Shady communication, for sure. I can only present facts. I cannot determine intent.

    Was Pastor Randy White (DOC) [twitter] Cuckoo for CUCKOLD puffs? If you follow him on twitter, it sure appears so. Who am I to JUDGE?

    In fact, I don't. I am just presenting facts.

    How does this relate to trading? It does not. It does however relate to Elite Trader, a very small vocal minority.

    Let's end with a riddle. The puzzle can be solved by looking at a journal within this same time period.

    Is a 24 year old trader - who currently makes about 40 grand, who once had a job commanding 60 grand - and takes out an insignificant loan, loses the money and is down to his last four grand in his trading account "risking ruin?"

    To help you solve this puzzle let's reiterate, regurgitate and respond with this.

    True stories!

    Marshall cracked someone in the head with a piece of rebar in prison.

    Judge Coe did cocaine with strippers.

    Pastor Paula put her hand on my knee and gave me the look in Randy's "Timothy Class."

    Marshall was plotting on the Judge.

    If you get found out, you truly risk RUIN!


    Thats just pennies for a young man at this stage of his life!

    One more riddle! Can I have two more minutes?

    You ever notice how the loudest squawkers - in every profression - are projecting?

    The preacher condemning homosexuality, the loudest, the GOP candidate standing on a pro life platform when his girlfriend has a text showing that he encouraged her to get an abortion, and the hanging Judge is punishing people because of his own inadequacy to control himself.

    So, is there any chance that an ETer would project on a relative newbie with anything other than something that is constructive.

    At least he keeps it 100!
  394. May be, but this is just one internet opinion, doing a St Ignacius retreat could help you work on some issues that seem to be creating blockages in your trading .
    These are available for non-religious people, as long as the person respects the place.
    It is usually better to first do 5 days, then to go for a second one full month retreat.
    And it is much better when doing the retreat to do it in a center run by
    thoroughly trained Jesuit priests.
  395. #covfefe :banghead:
  396. Right now I will keep it 100.

    This journal is my tribute to Bob Lassiter, the Hippy You Love to Hate! At least the establishment.

    Bob made millions of dollars, married younger and didn't have to fly commercial.

    I fly coach.

    It is also a challenge! The market is like the horse track albeit with worse odds. At least your local handicappers "play of the day," has a verifiable track record of when his horse comes in the top three spots. All the money goes into the same pot and you take from it based on your skill level and professionalism.

    So, why all the gambling references?

    Cramer used to recommend a book written by a horse handicapper. I knew one in high school; we played pool together on occassion. But, here was my obstacle. I did not understand the risk of ruin, so I never played, until Saturday. I have allotted a certain amount of money, based on the minimum $2 bet entirely according to a handicappers "play of the day." Funny thing. His track record is just that, you can track it. $1000 will slow me down, not ruin me. It either works ir it doesn't.

    The horse I played Saturday was at 12-1 when I placed the bet, opened, and remained at 10:1. According to the book I bought some of the pros bet on one horse a day. It could take years to learn that with a 2% chance of success. But, it only takes a second to find one with a verifiable record. Follow him!

    According to the probability table that is posted twice in this journal - to @Simples posted a risk of ruin calculator in the mystery journal which is far better - it is almost certain the losing streak of 10 will happen within the next 50 trades.

    But, you math guys can figure out the max losing streak, but I am looking at the reward. Over 500 races, my max loss is $1000. If the winning oercentage is accurate, well - you figure it out. Its a positive expectancy.

    Now, this is what gave me the idea. For a minute, I subscribed to a trader chat podcast. Two academics, in separate funds, both credited their success to an early career handicapping horses based solely on algorithms and the laws of probability.

    I am not endorsing the ponies, but, let's be honest, the odds are much better - the learning curve is nill. I have been on gambling runs when the dude goes on tilt. I don't play poker, but it is the same as revenge trading. Those were the nights you cleaned up, even from your friends. I never did that in pool, so over time I had a positive expectancy. The problem was my skill level. Ask old timers will tell you, Bakers in the old days, was a movie in the making. Bill Allison was on the same circuit as Minnesota fats, he woukd telp stories about the old days. He parlayed his gambling skills into business. I learned a lot there, but my aptitude for pool was limited, no matter how much effort. No matter how much money was on the line I never saw one of these dudes go on tilt. Not one of those dudes was younger than 50. They were professionals.

    I played in bars and I would tweak certain people to throw them off there game.

    I have got my ass kicked a few times. But, I was much angrier when I was younger. Besides, its America and we love to fight. We won't be pushed around. Young men are taught this. No judgement, really.

    But when angry guys get older their fight gets bigger. Bob took on the system in local @tampa radio.

    Read those hall of fame threads. He took on the Holy Grail of nice guys giving away the Holy Grail. Bob even says in one of those threads that one of his motivations was to fight the man. Take miney from the 1%ers. It doesn't hurt them butvit feels good!

    Bob read all the books, found something that worked for him, and played it. I believe that, but I also believe he was telling a real story to fight the wolves in the trading community.

    My only fight is with a few rabid dogs on Elite Trader that tell people bullshit like stop trading, you suck as we all recognize Jesse as legendary. He would have laughed at Elder! Elder is a gambler who cannot control himself, so he came up with rules. Over time his body developed a knew neuropathway. He literally became a new creation based on science! It is the same as muscle memory.

    Back to handicapping. Both of those people playing OPM played sparingly developed from their data.

    The common thread in ET is don't play like a gambler. Before Cramer decided to be a TV star he never talked about diversification. He would be long a popular stock and juice the futures in the premarket to squeeze the shorts. That was the real deal. If he was long a stock, he would average down by buying 500,000 shares every point during the dotcom boom. He rode the energy stocks and paid for his Harvard education. He left picks on his answering machine.

    All the things we cannot do. Except for the last one.

    Oh, and one more thing, science confirms that if you teach others the very process that you are attempting to Master, that ingrains the concepts within you - whether those concepts work or not.

    So, why would the successful guy throw shade at you? To tweak you!

    Remember who is taking your money! The Man! Just like Bob, part of my mission is to stick it to the man by taking some of his money. First I have to get back some of my money. I plunge with whatever stake I have based upon my current knowledge. See the post where I lost 20 grand in minutes. Insert the Rocky theme here as I chase market chickens and do one handed push ups!

    The only eay this works is if I produce a verifiable track record. $1,000 is a small price to pay. If it works I fund my account!

    Then we are iff to the races. I believe I have found a repeatable pattern, that rarely happens in the market. At 50 I am patient enough to wait for it. The winning percentage seems very high. The risk is definable. The leverage is based upon a max loss per trade. High win percentage. The reward is less than 3:1 on those rare, beautiful days. Quite a few are around 1:1. I can see why you might want to keep secrets!

    So, what happened with the NFL and NCAA picks. Turns out, the tout was not using his real name. Oh well. That was $50 bucks. Lesson learned.

    Some people read journals to HELP, I used them looking for answers and further my progression, and some people love to tweak you, especially when the market has had its way with you. So, once again even Jesse killed himself. Stop being dicks to people who are on the same learning curve as Jesse. The end result may be the same. I am only here to tell you that science gives you hope. But, the logic guys will never have the guts to make the big bets - unless its OPM!

    You can build new neuropathways.
  397. My contribution:

    If you are a math or finance guy - any gender or scientific discipline - you have a huge advantage.

    Thank God! There is another way.

    It will take me a while to learn Python. The chapter on loops has my head spinning, because its like I am reading a foreign language.

    However, here is myvplan for the interim. Develop my strategy for the code that will matter.

    Let's say my strategy was momentum based off of 5' bars. What would I track in excel? Using all of the historical data at my disposal I would pain stakingly track certain events:

    • morning gaps
    • number of congestion bars
    • number of expansion bars before a pause
    • how many bars in that pause?
    • stops for a one bar pause, two bar pause and a three bar pause (assuming that my hypothesis is that the action I am looking for disappears if the pause lasts too long)
    • track the range of the initial momentum bars
    • track percentages of the different combos
    That is where I would start. Let's say I found a repeatable pattern that during the lunch period a 5' bar broke out from congestion there was a certain liklihood of the momentum continuing if the next bar paused (narrow range, one bar paused). Maybe there was a repeatable pattern that singaled a long play that only lasted for the next 10'. The break from those two bars was not reliable.

    That is something that you could plug right into excel while you learned to code. Take one or two of your best ideas and plug them in. Over time you will patterns emerge on your spreadsheet. These are actionable ideas with small amounts of money.

    Maybe you have ideas about Fed day. That is much less labor intensive, but 5' bars may not tell you much. Maybe you google the date of the Fed meeting and decide to track the news that captured the day, no matter how ridiculous. Maybe you notice that when the market is frothy popular culture dominates search results. Maybe Boone Pickens is leaving oil for solar. Lets say your research suggests an energy boom, bordering on mania.

    Now, you couldn't look for that again, but maybe you notice weed stocks dominating the news on Fed day. You have learned something. Excel will tell you if it is actionable. Simple as that!

    This will be my last post for a few months. I have quite a lot of work ahead of me!
  398. 2017-11-03-15-56-26-595751780.png 2017-11-03-15-55-34--953321676.png
  399. Recipe:
    • Hot tea
    • Lemon
    • Sugar
    • Peanut butter
    • 2 shots of double distilled vodka
    Your welcome.
  400. I have been trolling the political forum, and in my continued tribute to Bob, having a bit of fun.

    My motto is to go after the low hanging fruit. So, I did the best I could and hooked a few. I learned to do that in High School. I profited from the same very skill playing pool.

    However, @tampa was a master troller. In fact, Bob was doing it before they had a name for it.

    Back then you were just known as an asshole!

    Assholes make a lot of money (Trump, Scaramucci).

    Assholes get a lot of pussy (too many to name).

    And assholes make the best radio hosts (Lassiter, Stern).

    I can only say I was never on the radio and I have always been broke!

    Her name was Ginger. She worked at the library lounge. She would tell you her house glowed in the dark, on occassion, and she had sex with the devil.

    On occassion she would lay down a bear skin rug, and play some ballad that I cannot even recall. This would not be the normal bump and grind, but a dance for one particular guy.

    Her hair was auburn and for a white girl she had ass! You youngsters would not believe that back then white girls, in FL, did not, generally speaking. This is a relatively new phenomenon in modern day America.

    I had an open relationship with one of Ginger's colleagues, Dawn. Dawn was like a ray of sunshine with her statuesque figure, legs that reached her neck and the centerfold face that has always been my kryptonite.

    Ginger was an attractive woman but I was scared. She had a tatoo of a snake on her thigh! I was still a baby, 24 years old.

    Ginger was three years older. However, if her claim was true - intercourse with the devil - I knew I was outclassed.

    Satan, the original bad boy.

    It was not until Dave banged her ...

    "Johnny, she bit my fucking neck and my knees wobbled."

    "No shit! She does this weird thing as she's biting you and within seconds my legs almost gave out."

    "Like a vampire?"

    We cackle like Beavis and Butthead.

    "Her tongue will control you. She licked my balls and I was so relaxed I went soft. She kept making my dick go soft and making me hard again."

    Damn. Why have I been turning down this trim? That's right, I was scared! The Bible Belt fucks you up!

    Anyway, I show up on a Tuesday night when the place is relatively empty. Ginger brings the rug out. It was my policy to never tip any dancer that I was trying to get with. Tonight would be no different.

    "I'm gonna hang out with Dave and Delano tonight, see you around 2:30?"

    She smiles, gets down on her knees and she begins to massage each individual finger. First the right hand and then the left.

    Ginger knew the secret to seduction. She made me feel like a King. Who cares if she just fucked Dave that weekend?

    Ginger liked the pretty boys.

    I worked for Peterson at the time and I was supposed to be at work at 5:30 am. However, Chubby and I could pull that trash route by 10 am. No big deal. The strength of youth.

    I never made it to work that day. At around 10:30 am I awaken to Lisa coming in Ginger's bedroom. I am alone in Ginger's bed. Lisa lays down beside me, without touching me, but still very close.

    At this point I am debating what to do. Within seconds - 20, maybe 30 seconds - I decide to go for it. In my mind I could only think this was a gift. After all, I was built and she was a stripper, they both were. Besides, how else was I to read the situation?

    Lisa put an immediate stop to it.

    Stop to what? I touched her without asking. Why? The way she dressed? Her job?


    The correct answer is because of my lack of respect for others. There is no other answer! To quote Clint, and a philosophy with which I whole heartedly agreed at the time, "If she don't respect a nigga, how shall I?"

    Truth is, I did not respect myself. That is why your wife or girlfriend would not be off limits either.

    The yoke of youth!

    The bondage of a misplaced culture that I bought into.

    The American way: my needs over either your or our needs.

    For that I am ashamed!

    The American way!
  401. Sounds like your trading is not going well? Just a guess.
  402. The point:
    • My finger is not pointed at you
    • It is us!
    True stories that are in the news, right now.

    With Judge Moore, the latest development is that he is asking for the yearbook signature.

    Now, if this accuser, in her haste made this up and forged Roy's signature thats bad news, for everybody. The opposite is even worse.

    But, we are ready to crucify some young college kids who boosted a pair of sunglasses. They apologize because of the shame they brought on their country.

    UCLA tool quick, decisive action. Indefinite suspensions. The majority of sports fans seem to want them out for the year.

    Quite a few will make the comparison that every student must abide by a code of conduct that includes activities outside of school functions - much less when you are representing our country.

    But for the powerful?!

    There is a bill thay was brought before the congress, and may have even passed by now, that would reverse some long needed changes with regards to sexual assault.

    If this market thing works out your daughter will go to the best schools. There is a good chance that she will meet a guy like Judge Moore, or at least how they have portrayed, Roy, the boy toy. You can bank on it. Ever since you jad thay beautiful child this is what you have feared.

    Worse yet, we all know these guys exist!

    In FL, you may serve a few years fir raping a child. We don't hear about these guys until a Willie Crane appears on the scene who ends up murdering a child.

    So let's forget Moore for a minute and hold the Republicans to account for one issue. Guys are raping women across college campuses.

    It is alleged that the quarterback of the Buccaneers raped a chick at FSU.

    Jerry Jones fought like hell to keep an abuser on the field. Brady simply let the air out of a ball or two.

    Ball made a public apology for doing wrong and stealing the sunglasses.

    Why do we hold a college athlete to a higher standard than H W Bush playing tje part of dirty old man.

    Powe flaunts it. Power covers it up. Power is the root of the problem. Power is actually the engine, whether you are a ginger comedian whipping your willy out to women who count on you for their living - or whether - you are Ted Kennedy at the height of your power. Ole Ted didn't abuse anyone. He was supremely negligent in a females death. Of course if it was a 15 year old boy they might have had to cover that up. The lack of concern for people crosses party lines.

    The first time I read market wizards I could not figure out why a few of them spoke as if our government could crash at any moment.

    But now, I am beginning to understand. It was worse back then as far as fear went. You had armed black men sporting afros and rifles.

    However, I do not worry about a bloody revolution. The modern day white supremacist wears khakis and not Doc Martins. The clapback has been huge.
  403. I won't try to explain ACD trading, but I would keep an eye on the thread!

  404. Momentum play:
    • Within the context of a market continually making new highs
    • 1st narrow range bar using ATR1
    • dummy style entry/stop
    This method is not predictive, but it does give a logical place to initiate a trade that is not crowded.

    ATR1 is a simple way to measure expansion/contraction cycle. 2017-11-21-08-26-28-490943516.png
  405. 20171121_184603.jpg
  406. 2017-11-24-17-02-32--541851805.png
    Narrow range bar at new highs. Just a t hought!
  407. What up Johnny.

    Speaking of NCAA football.... :D

    I am always amazed at how the option writers can predict a stock's swing over the earnings report. 9 times out of 10 they nail it.
    But that being said... they don't hold a candle to the Vegas odds-makers on NCAA football games.
    I took U of M and 11.5 over the Suckeyes.
    But it was within one half of a point.
    How the f do they know that?!
  408. It has to be fixed on some level. One or two plays. Maybe they paid off the kicker or something. How do you get an extra point blocked?
  409. Keeping track of 1st narrow range bar @ new highs:
    • 8th bar
    • Stopped
  410. Fred Talks:

    Ted talks are known for credible experts giving valuable information.

    I have to wonder if there is a market for those of us who tend to lean towards shortcuts to dispense not so credible tips for a life of ease and comfort.
    • Day drinking
    • How to win a fight
    • Hitting on your best friends wife
    Valuable skills for sure!
  411. If you're hanging in there with this thread you deserve a medal!

    Right now I am just focusing on narrow range triggers within the context of a momentum setup (these are not real or even paper trades). The charts are for my own edification to demonstrate low risk entries with defined stops to enter a fast moving market.

    Once again the indicator is simply ATR1:
    • Bull market (overall context)
    • NK missile launches only cause a short term dislocation (fast selloffs that are quickly bought)
    • What is the entry?
    Simple, check out the tail (buyers entering the market), expansion bar near the lows (aggressive buying) and the narrow range bar near the highs of the expansion bar (dummy entry).

    Although I did not trade this in any fashion my immediate thought upon hearing about the launch was any selling would be short lived.

    Momentum/news based momentum trade.
  412. MB trading has extremely low day trading margins and I used it for a bit many years ago. The platform was more reliable than interactive brokers. Screenshot_20171128-175938.png
  413. In the meantime:
  414. 2017-11-29-12-17-38-415501956.png
    • 3bt on 28th
  415. Once upon a time I had a friend who coached his son (running back) in pee wee football. Each year his team went undefeated for the season. Simplicity was the key!

    Granted, he wasn't going up against the NFL.

    However, my plan is the same for the market:
    • 3bt on the 30' (cl, nq, es)
    • 5' momo in clean air (still testing)
    • 5' momo on market moving news
    The 3bt pattern rarely presents itself! Trading off the 5' has always been difficult, but if these momo strategies work, they could be my bread and butter.

    One thing is for sure, they keep me out of trouble and do present low risk opportunity. That's something I did not do before on the 5'.
  416. Remember the Alamo:

    Walking into the break room of Waste Management with my eyes barely open, hungover from the night before, I saw a rare sight. My fellow front end drivers were unusually cheerful.

    "The stock went up $4 yesterday!"

    These were not day traders or day laborers. They were a group of men who clocked in two hours before the sun would make its daily appearance. Their work was done with a similar consistency.

    Whereas roll off drivers will more often than not barely be noticed on a construction site, or the residential refuse hauler who is intentionally ignored except for a few ladies who were notorious in all of their gloriousness as they hurriedly dragged their garbage can out in the morning wearing only a short tee barely covering their panties - if they had undergarments on at all - the front end driver was constantly rewarded. BBQ, seafood or cold, hard cash, it seemed as if everyone was attempting to beat the system. Private contracts were forged between the end customer and the purveyor of the service. The black market at work. Capitalism at its core.

    However, your livelihood, insurance and reputation were all on the line if you were caught. Thus the need for exemplary service. Thus the requirement for exceptional compensation.

    Most of us played the odds and gamed the system.

    Waste Management's stock rose to a high of $30. I only remember because of the day it was cut in half!

    Kevin would come in every morning and give an update on the upward trajectory of the stock which most of us had in our 401k. Luckily some of us had a few pennies socked away in a Vanguard fund that tracked the S & P.

    Not Kevin. He was a lifer! Even after his heart attack he came back to work for the company that gave him so much.

    Kevin had quit high school to support his family after his Dad died. He worked his way up through the company and put all of his chips on black, WMI.

    Kevin wasn't betting on the market. He was betting on people like himself.

    Hard working. Honest. Capable.

    He was months away from retirement.

    Once again I came in hungover. I didn't check out the money honeys on CNBC because I had never heard of them. Nor was I in tune with the daily fluctuations. I was in it for the long haul.

    Let's just say my chips were on red.

    Bloodshot eyes. The red light district.

    People with my particular personality disorder live for the moment, because of a sense of misplaced optimism and a strong survival instinct.

    "What the fuck is wrong with you this morning?"

    "Johnny, it was cut in half!!"

    "Dude, what are you talking about?"

    Kevin never took payment for extra service. In fact, he did not even give it away. He was the type of driver that would radio the office and make sure the customer was charged retail for the extra dump. He would patiently wait while you reloaded the eight yard can.

    Kevin had ethics. Morals. A strong work ethic. He did not take shortcuts.

    Too bad the management at the highest levels of our company were not more like Kevin.

    Luckily, for them, the scoundrels with golden parachutes were not charged for their criminal actions. Cooking the books!

    They were let go. Who knows if they landed other jobs, retired to their beach house or opened a consulting firm?

    I only know what Kevin did. Kevin died right after WMI hit a low of around $7. He left behind a wife, three kids and a 401k plan that was one quarter what it once was.

    Watching Kevin caused me to watch the market. It would be a few years before my first trade. It has been a few years since my last trade. It will be a few years before my next trade.

    That's okay. I have time. I know how to do time. How? Live in the moment.

    In the meantime, I remember the Alamo.

    The end of bull markets bring action:
    • Stocks are the talk of the town, not bitcoin.
    • Initial public offerings set records as people cash in on the mania.
    • I witnessed from afar the dot com boom.
    • I participated and got whooped up by the oil Gods at the end of that mania.
    I am not calling a top in bitcoin, but I would probably cash in quite a few chips - if I had any - between now and the day bitcoin futures are offered next year. Average out, if you will.

    However, my love is the stock market. To be accurate, my passion turned many years ago to playing the indices via the eminis.

    Leverage. The elusive goose with platinum eggs!

    But here is what I remember about the Alamo(s).

    There is a ton of money to be made at the very end of bull markets and the relatively short period when the bear comes out of hibernation.

    The bull has room to run and I just want to be there at the end. Jump on his back for the final eight seconds. Take a few bruises for the glory that comes with risk. Be ready for the riches that await when the bear devours good and bad companies alike.

    We are not there, yet. Not even close!
  417. 20171201_064355.jpg
  418. Momo play:
    • 30' and daily were favorable
    • Gap up with an open higher than the high from the previous four days (bear trap)
    • Entry on break of 3rd 5' bar
    • Fizzled out, but this is the play
    • Trade management would have been difficult (break even, small gain or small loss)
    I have a book on Python programming, but the left side of my brain has probably been damaged from too much lefty thinking and drug use. Nevertheless, I will keep plugging away until I understand it. Hopefully, backtesting may give some idea of the odds for the best way to play the trade over time.

    I am hoping that by posting these charts and looking at the actual trades I may get some idea of the structure I am looking for.
    2017-12-01-09-34-42--987466632.png 2017-12-01-09-33-34--213236994.png 2017-12-01-09-34-26--1759208139.png
  419. Python loops are giving me a headache. However, I have solved one problem.

    The idea has been to play the 5', momo plays, at certain inflection points - trapped traders, new highs/lows, news plays - on pauses (as opposed to pullbacks which you may not get until the move is over).

    So, what did I come up with?

    • Write the program and only run it when it meets the conditions of the momo plays outlined
    • Now? How to backtest a quasi discretionary automated system
    At least it will get me away from the screen and out of danger. Forward testing with good records should give me some idea of the exits I want to try. However, if I solve the backtesting problem then I should be able to code it to run all the time.
  420. I haven't tuned into CNBC in years. After the market seemed to have an orderly flow to the downside (view attachment for the day in question or scroll up to see the chart) I checked marketwatch for the headlines. I posted a link and excerpt from something I found relevant.

    Later that night I downloaded a podcast, CNBCs Nightly Business Report. What was the big story? Bitcoin!

    I tuned it out after about 3'. As soon as Bob Pisani weighed in I was out. Holy shit! Boring. I cannot believe I wasted so many hours on that channel over the years.
  421. The only job I ever loved:

    I think the main reason everyone wants to be a rock star is because of freedom. My closest brush with an actual rock star is on this forum, just as you. Well some of you.

    Troy was a rock star.

    Stay with me here and I will give you an inside tip on the biggest racket going.

    Here is how it it works:

    Catastrophic storms drive out families, but brings in opportunists of the capitalistic variety. Modern day magicians with sleight of hand, forked tongues and a belly full of greed. You know, like any other capitalist.

    If you dealt with us at A Denver roofing we would gladly pull a rabbit out of that hat.

    I generally write these missives when I am stoned. If I wasn't, I wouldn't admit to any of this.

    Caviar is like a mixture of truth syrum and cocaine. If the big boys ever figure out how to put that in a pill they will eclipse viagara. Hard ons of the heady variety are the most addictive drug of all!

    In the summer of 2009 hail storms hit Denver back to back. Golf ball sized stones. When you peer behind the illusion what you find is this. Professional storm chasers pay a local roofing company 250 grand to use the local name. We then setup a branch office in a high rise smack dab in the middle of the city (instant credibility). Here is what you will find downtown. You will find local milleniums, male and female, from varying backgrounds.

    Katie and Emerald could produce like no other canvassers. Katie was recently released from the penititiary for counterfieting. Katie had big doe eyes, a slender build and large, natural breasts.

    She had the sales manager creeping on her, We didn't have an HR department. Fuck, we all creeped on her. Strike outs all around. Katie respected her vows.

    We won't fire you for keeping a promise.

    However, Katie could do something most others couldn't, get a signature on the dotted line for a pre contractual agreement. We call it "A subject to:"

    She was so good at it we promoted her.

    The company I worked for was out of Texas. I can only say that if the company is out of Texas or Minnesota think real hard about what you do.

    At least we pulled rabbits out of hats. Most chasers simply leave town with your first insurance check.

    When you have potential to be a rock star and are like me you end up a wannabe.

    For me I wannabe doing anything other than work.

    My gimmick was a neck wallet. I shaved my head for about ten years and when you are in decent shape with a shaved head magic happens - throw on the neck wallet.

    Open sesame! People always open the door for the police, well, almost always. It all depends on what you are doing.

    Faux credibility. A snake charmer. That is who I AM.

    I am a trickster. Thor wouldn't be Thor without a trickster. The world needs tricksters like me. Otherwise, you wouldn't have your Thors. The guys with the hammer.

    Troy's hammer was the deadly combination of quick witted country thinking combined with a Southern accent and charm.

    Troy was brought in for that storm as a general manager because of what he did in Miami.

    If you remember, back to back hurricanes devasted Miami. When the storm is that bad residents are not even be allowed to check on their property.

    "Sir, this area is on lockdown."

    I couldn't tell you what Troy said. If I could, I woud be a millionaire too. Well, that and a whole lot of hard work. Ahem, anyway, not a millionaire.

    Troy was. In the world of finance, who has the most chips, Troy is a strong, long dong.

    "Johnny, my father in law is sick ..."

    "How old is he?"

    "We're the same age." Smirk.

    Troy needed the hookup on those stand by tickets.

    If you keep me in weed, rum and the occasional heodnistic opportunties that I fondly run across, I am happy.

    "Elvis said its a done deal. Let me know the window."

    Troy's only mistake were those free stand by tickets to Minnesota everyweek.

    A few days later Troy brings in some rum that was aged 21 years. But that's how Troy was. Elvis couldn't take money for these tickets and so our apartment was stocked with rum.

    Weed, rum and the occasional hedonistic opportunity.

    The paymment required was a bottle of Flor de Cana, nicaraguan rum. Troy went the extra mile.

    Elvis' home country.

    Legal, wide eyed and full of wonderment. The stuff the American dream was built on. Along with the illegals that work on the cheap keeping costs down. Anyway ...

    Troy would go the extra mile. He would carry you if you needed the help. That's how Troy was. Not with money, but knowledge. That's WHO Troy was. A teacher.

    When Troy showed up in Miami, he was pulling a trailer outfitted with a 40 caliber glock, a shower and every modern convenience. As an avid Harley Davidson fan. He didn't have a bumper sticker. He had the truck.

    Miami was a ghost town. First responders. Looters. And Troy, one of the good guys, riding in his lifted Harley Davidson truck pulling a trailer complete witj a fax machine, computer and his black book.

    Days later when the community had returned Troy had already surveyed the damage, but more importantly, Troy had something on lock down - inventory.

    Troy had something no other storm chaser had - committments from suppliers to restore these badly damaged buildings that needed much more than a roof.

    What made Troy great? Troy had the ability to forge connections with others.

    If you are a rock star, you might know Troy. If you wannabe a rock star, act like Troy.

    For the rest of us, there is always trading! The only community I know where good old fashioned community is discouraged.

    Except for the Rock Stars. Guys with fuck you money. Its amazing how the only ones saying fuck you with fuck you money are politicians, comedians and elite traders!
    • Unplayable for my systems
    • One day does not change the trend
    2017-12-05-07-28-33--858615715.png 2017-12-05-07-27-04--1532542741.png
    • Even with a fully funded trading account this is not on my list of plays.
    • It does, however, illustrate the main point.
    • If you were inclined to go long, check out the narrow range bar at the .50 mark. 30 to 50 cent gain, or a buck if you are truly an elite trader.
    • My goal is to simply be mediocre.
    • mediocretraders.com
    Seriously, narrow range inside bars offer a low risk entry where even medocre traders can profit. Hat tip to the Chairman who gave away the dummy series.

    2017-12-05-11-41-41-1257232108.png 2017-12-05-11-41-26--502653025.png
  422. Where do these groups coalesce? Prison/recommendation from prison/Crime gangs? Someone must know the business and know the candidates for the parts.
  423. As far as I know Katie was the only one with a record. She answered a craigslist ad and turned out to be a superstar.

    Besides the trickery of the name, the company did the work they were contracted to do. Warranties, from the company were two years which only affected the very late comers, so that was shady too.

    As far as where to find them, they will find you during a catastrophic storm. Not all storm chasers are legit, but all of them are a little shady considering they know how to work an insurance company over.
  424. Can you spot the difference:
    • Daily and 30' setup
    • 5' setup is missing the expansion bars
    2017-12-08-17-28-38-320899701.png 2017-12-08-17-27-24-875961866.png 2017-12-08-17-29-04-1079034890.png
  425. InfoTainment:

    JR: Alex, thanks for joining us today.

    AJ: Look, you soyboy piece of scum!

    (Alex's face contorts. I am silent and in disbelief.)

    AJ: I know your tricks. You can't steal Xmas!!

    JR: Speaking of Xmas. Congrats!

    AJ: Thanks to Alpha Power I went from having a 6 inch stroke to a 9 inch stroke.

    (Boyish grin as Alex gives me the smolder)

    AJ: 50% off Alpha Power as part of our Xmas spectacular extravaganza.

    JR: I was talking about your action figure.

    AJ: The globalists are on their backs! My 15" foot is on Soros neck.

    JR: Your feet aren't that big.

    AJ: And Terry Bolea doesn't have a 10" cock, but Hulk Hogan does!

    JR: Hyperbole?

    AJ: No, projection and gaslighting you narcissist cuck.

    JR: Hmmm.

    AJ: I love Jesus. Pray for me to annihilate the Deep State.

    JR: Another reference to deep. Projection?

    AJ: Look you fat cuck ...

    (I interrupt)

    JR: I love the show Alex. Relax!

    AJ: I am hopped up on androgel and Alpha Power. Forgive me.

    JR: That's the first time I have heard you apologize when you weren't faced with a libel suit.

    (Alex glares, menacingly)

    JR: I grew up watching Mid-South wrassling.

    AJ: I am a big fan of the Von Erichs.

    JR: Tragic

    AJ: DAMN globalists pigs. Pedophiles.

    JR: What?

    AJ: The globalists picked off the Von Erich brothers and even made one death look like a suicide.

    JR: It wasn't.

    AJ: Nothing is ever as it appears.

    JR: Unless you are looking at the man in the mirror.
  426. Santas little helper:
  427. I think it may have been around 2005 I signed up for tue ultimate trading course by Theresa Lo.

    An original idea - I have yet to see it elsewhere - was the 5' pause. The idea was to catch a fast moving stock and play the break of a 5' bar as the trend continued. The play fits my personality, so I have been attempting to bring it out of retirement.

    Look nack through previous posts where I pointed out a momo play (news reversal or trend continuation) for charts where tue setup not only presented itself, but also scored.

    The play did not setup this morning (hint: expansion bars followed by a narrow range bar near the top of the candle).

    This is an attempt to keep a recors of every day that potentially could have realized the setup. (Time of day is a factor when the market gaps out of congestion or makes new highs.)

    Screenshot_20171218-083220.png Screenshot_20171218-083151.png Screenshot_20171218-083133.png

    At the time I think I was using the trade ideas scanner looking for runners. That works for some people but not me. I still like the play and want to see if I can use it when gaming the market as a whole.
  428. Spend your time going to school hippie
  429. The elbow tap:

    Here I am sitting in a 12 step meeting knowing I don't belong. But there she was, the Golden Goddess. I had noticed her once or twice. How could I not? She wasn't dressed like anyone else. Her style was that of the type of woman you see downtown. The type of woman who might help you wreck your car as your focus is no longer on the kids, the wife or even something as mundane as driving.

    I have always been a sucker for a pretty face, but when it comes to women, I am not a sucker. Okay, I will suck the juices from her nether regions, but I know the game.

    Confidence. Eye contact. A friendly, albeit mischevious, smile.

    And the elbow tap.

    As soon as the bell rang and I was finally out of class I made my way to the other side of an otherwise dreary room.

    Jodie had a "B" cup, but I would give her a B+. An "A" if you are like me and grade up on the curve of personality. Well, that's not true, but you certainly get extra credit.

    Jodie had personality. When she talked, the audience would laugh, sometines cry and always come away with some deep shit that made you think.

    I found myself attempting to detangle from some sad sack talking about what, I cannot say. My mind was on the Golden One. I tapped that dope on the shoulder with a heavy handed slap telling him it would be okay. I certainly wasnt trying to be anyones sponsor. I had other priorities.

    We couldn't have talked more than a minute. .

    Fuck! Three studs are not only talking to her, but she is laughing. That's always a good sign, unless you are on the outside looking in.

    I am going in for the kill!


    The elbiow tap!!

    Without even so much of as a "Pardon me" I reached in, behind the backs of the three soon to be sad sacks, tapped her from the under side of her elbow, confidentally looked her in the eye with a glimmer in my own and proclaimed, "I just wanted to say Hi. You got a minute?"

    She would then push her way past the crumbling egos of the three players, saddle up next to me, loop her arm through mine and we walked away as if we had known each other forever.

    Who knows? Maybe we have. Soul mates? Maybe, if you believe in such things.

    I have had my share of soul mates.

    But I knew the trick. It was something I learned knocking on doors with Nick.

    Partnering with Nick was my first legittimate shot at making six figures. We were partners, but I loved weed more than making money.

    Nick had a family to get back to and I had a family I was trying to get away from.

    Even though we were late arrivers to the storms in Denver there was plenty of work to be had. And A Denver paid. Unlike Fafco, in FL, where we first met.

    Nick was a superstar who looked like a slickster. Pencil then mustache. Shark skin suit - he loved the thrift stores. Jet black hair. New York attitude.

    Nick was the only sales person I have ever personally witnessed stick his foot in a door to keep someone from shutting it. Granted, the homeowner still shut the door, but that - to me - is borderline sociopathy. The "I don't give a fuck attitude" that can only be produced by childhood trauma.

    That's why we were partners. I could talk him off the ledge. I calmed him. The yin to his yang.

    However, Nick knew some tricks. Nick had the tenacity of the sales guy who walked away with a signed contract from Jesse Livermore. Can you imagine what that contract would be worth today?

    I can only say, don't answer your door if Nick is outside

    (Part one) ... stay tuned.
  430. Spend your time going to school hippi
    Op wants to be Daniel steele
  431. Post an audited record of your real trading activity, not the ponzi scheme you have suckered your clients with! If you have clients, Mr. wannabe.
  432. 800 million copies sold? Where do I sign up?

    Until then I will keep working on my Super Duper trading system. That and a little imaginative copyrighting.

    Sign up suckers like @Euler09

  433. Part 2,

    Fuck. I just walked off another job. Something about me must be wired different from others.

    Maybe it was because I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. The only place in America where they give the working poor free health care and free housing. In fact, if you choose to release yourself from the comforting suckle of the Air Force teet, they even give you an allowance.

    My screen name is Johnny Rock, but it could have just as easily been military brat.




    They have groups for everyone that defines them, but I am just a Patriot, fighting the good fight.

    Look. I told you I was a brat, but guess what, you learn something growing up on a military base.

    You do things kids do, but nobody snitches.

    On my way to egg cars with Trey, his Dad was an officer, we had to stand for the national anthem. It played on loud speakers and everyone stood still, military or not, if you were outside. For whatever reason, I decided I wanted to egg a car up close and personal.


    Chase ensues.

    I see a Father outside in a functional carport. Attached to those carports, I see a familiar setup, a laundry room attached to the far side opposite the side door.

    Energy efficient design for the panhandle if Fl.

    More importantly, it was safe. Provided nobody snitches.

    Nobody snitched.

    Or when my parents were gone and I would lobb an egg across the street into Tina's front yard, preferably in the garden.

    I still love eggs.

    Dick lived across the street and I pulled my own accidental wardrobe malfunction on his daughter Tina. 16, C cup.

    Try not to look. Feel bad that I even want to look. It is what it is.

    I never had a daughter.

    But I did have a Dad.

    For someone who grew up poor, I gained a fondness for the nicer things in life.

    I gained a fondness for people who don't snitch. On the AFB, people realized the difference.

    Good citizen.


    "Johnny, we know its you who egged our house."

    Simple statement. At my Dad's rank at the time, living off base was out of the question. Honorable men gave me a warning.

    I once heard of a kid who had to watch movies at the fire department for setting someone's garage on fire.

    A good citizen reported him. There were children in that house when he did it.

    That kid is probably in the CIA. Good thing he didn't wet the bed.

    However, you learn pageantry on a military base. There is a certain formality that is evident in the way you express yourself. Eye contact. Direct questions requiring direct answers.

    Kids fight. We move around a lot. You fight.

    But mainly, you get yo live the American Dream with no responsibilites.

    What a life!

    Wheras a normal person would take an opportunity to change direction as just that and go back to school, I decided to put all my chips on me. The toughest question on a job application has always been have you ever been fired from a job. Tue shorter question would be what job haven't I been fired from? That's right. Only the ones I quit.

    When you move off the base you learn another important lesson. People off the base snitch.

    You are confident enough to go it alone.

    Ideas are only brilliant when they work.

    Failure falls on your shoulders.

    But the most important thing you learn on an Air Force base is results. A quiet confidence if you are that type. A braggadocious ribbing for the others.

    Actually, there I go again stretching the truth.

    The most important lesson I learned is how to knock on a door.

    Guess who lives in Colorado Springs?

    Retired military. Many of whom work for USAA.

    My people. I am never more comfortable than when I am talking to a retired dude from the Air Force. His family.

    Nick got something out of the deal too.

    A fearless door knocker who could get people to sign the piece of paper.

    Minimal effort.

    I played the part. Shaved head. Neck wallet. Clipboard. Take precipitous notes. Ask questions. Honest to a fault.

    When they asked if we used Mexicans, I always said yes. Those who ask, say no. Gotta love the melting pot.

    Black. White. Asian. Puerto Rican. French (my neighbors wife who spoke no English). DD's like those and you can get by without A's. Sofia Loren like facial structure. Who knows, she might have been Italian. He kept her in the house.

    Neighbors. Friends. Family.

    A culture for breeding sociopaths. That's what it is. The type of pathology that drives one to seek areas of glory.




    A recipe for the type of con man who is used to building trust.

    Sales schools teach rapport.

    Magicians produce illusion. Rapport my ass. You will get invited to family functions when you are part of the club.

    Les invited me to his hunting cabin.

    Ghillie would have me over to watch new age films, smoke bowls and show me her crafts. Gotta love Colorado!

    I wannabe doing any of the above instead of working.

    A college education just takes too much damn work!

    Tricks are not just for kids. Just make sure you are not the trick.

    That is why I loved the elbow tap.




    Everything you, ahem, I, want in a trading system.

    Everything I want in life!

    The relationships I built with people were real. That was never work.

    But Nick was from New York. That was a whole other level. One cannot describe, except for Nick's results, a 100% conversion ratio. 12 signatures in one day!

    But. There are a lot of New Yorkers in Tampa.

    "What makes you think you can sell?"

    "I know how to talk to girls."

    Remember, I went to Sociopathy U.


    "My name is Johnny Rock with A Denver Roofing. Has anyone had a chance to look at your roof yet?"

    But Nick was from New York.

    He had a lot to overcome in the mid west.

    Even still, the only one better was Troy.

    [If you read this far you are witnessing the journal version of a tribute to Bob Lassiter].

    @tampa had the ability to engage enough of the city to have his own jet.

    A wise person told me that if I could learn to monetize what I am trying to do, I would be golden.

    Whatever it is, I learned from Bob. Give people the payoff, but make them suffer. Make them crave you. Even though they hate you. And for those that love you, give them a payoff. For the rest, fuck em.

    THE ELBOW tap.

    The key to success is following a successful model: education, team sports and hustlers.

    "I don't think I am interested."

    He has the look of the jolly green farmer if you took away his greens.

    Nick taps his elbow from the underneath side, gently, briefly.

    Without skipping a beat the man's demeanor changed and Nick pressed forward.

    We left with a signature.

    When I asked why, Nick explained that there is something comforting about cupping your hand, touching your mark's elbow, lightly with your fingers. So brief that they hardly would notice you touched them.

    Before you scoff, remember, it is called a funny bone. But most of us only know it as a bundle of nerves or a bone that causes excrutiating pain when slammed against a hard object.

    Now, you know a Machiavelli'n Manipulation technique from a modern day magician - a former storm chaser.
  434. I
    If you are not a wannabe then I guess you enjoy losing money. Is green just not your color.
  435. The traders bar,


    I walk into the devils den and I see Larry, Larry Sugar, @lawrence-lugar and tried to avoid him.

    Larry is one of the 1%'rs that has it all. Thats why I hate the fact that he is still reading this journal being entertained by my fuck ups. One thing is certain. Larry does not respect failure. Even worse, liberals.

    Where I am more akin to a modern day Moses looking out of the palace walls pitying my people, Larry sees all of us as part of the Kings court.

    "Amuse me Johnny."

    For those who only know Larry from the disinformation he posts on his profile page let me clue you in.

    Larry graduated from Harvard Business School and interned at Goldman Sachs his senior year. He parlayed that into a fortune that would rival Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry loves Larry because they both have a similar view of the world.

    Although most of us wish upon Larry baldness, poverty and the Irish curse, sorry to dissapoint, Larry possesses the elusive Boston Python, much more common in Jersey and the Bronks.

    Larry was on the row team. In a culture that prizes show-ers over grow-ers, we all knew who to call Captain.

    The ladies knew it to. Whereas most of us fight over women, women fight over Larry.

    Larry's wife has an American Express gold car that she earned from her own publishing company.

    Each one of my failed manuscripts that has been submitted so far come back with a handwritten note and a little drawing he always adds of what looks like me whacking off to a plant.

    Larry is so far up the food chain he has coders on his team making modern day magic, but better. Larry knows how to find the rabbits. He has a dedicated team of traders on his desk that deal with order flow that still needs the human touch. I have heard he has almost finished his AI endeavor.

    Woe to us all if he succeeds.

    There here is, @Euler09

    Just the dude I was looking for.

    "Johnny, I am in a jam. I am down to my last hundred grand and I never told my wife."

    Sure, it grows, but you always feel like you have something to prove. He had more of a Stanley Steamer, respectabble on all accounts, but his family had its roots in a fishing village. Like Larry, he would never back down from a fight. He hated the fact that Larry would call him Stanley. Stanley was a 5%-er. His father owned a commercial fishing vessel.

    Stanley didn't win life's powerball, but you might just say he came from a family that won the mother of all pick 6-es.

    "Did you ever get that system figured out?"

    "If I didn't I couldn't afford to hang out with the big boys, could I?"

    "How much?"

    "How much work? None. Simple system. You can follow directions can't you?"

    This con would normally not work on Stanley, but he was desperate.

    Sweat dripping off his brow.

    Crackling voice.

    Through the stress Stanley had developed a studder. Stanley never had a problem with the ladies, but from the look on his face he was about to.

    Stanley's eyes began to light up when I asked to see a picture of his wife.

    The wallpaper on his mini nasa computer had a picture of his beloved.

    We talked for hours. Until his phone vibrated.

    "Look, I gotta jet. How much does the system cost."

    "It pays for itself. Stay in touch."

    At A Denver, our hook was never the roof. We knew where the insurance company buried the money.

    Tricks of the trade to get $400 a square instead of $250.

    We didn't just abuse the mexicans.

    But it only works when people are desperate. Fear smells.

    "Can we meet this week?"

    "Face time me. We will do a free session of my pre-market analysis."

    "Simple Plays that Pay?!"

    "No doubt. Get back to that beauty queen of yours before she realizes you married up!"

  436. The simplicity of gurus:

    If you are sitting anywhere near those 12 steps it us a microcosm of the bigger culture, very similar - in both the ability of the most charismatic people to rise to the top of clicks, chicks and dicks - to my experiences within the charasmatic community of churchdom.

    A sure sign of narcissism is that you believe you are chosen. Both spirituality and recovery programs are based on a sense of purpose.

    I am not here to argue that Jesus was a narcissist - but I would make the case that Paul was a sociopath - but it is clear that by the gospels own testament to truth he would fit the profile. Especially when we factor in the propensity to walk contrary to societal norms.

    My favorite Christmas story is the one where Jesus is so angered by the money changers and the religious hierarchy he overturned the tables and chased them with whips.

    The words of Jesus can inspire you like your favorite song. And when put to music they can have a transformative effect on one's being. Nations. Churches. Self help seminars. Each having the potential to change someone's world - something that movies, music, and tv all have in common.

    We all agree that the best authors affect people's lives. We often discount the power of music. Bash entertainment.

    It makes sense. For the same reason I have seen posts that deny the existence of the 10%er, the retailer that wins. The funds with staying power.

    However, Christmas is an entirely different game altogether.

    When the nations true God is mammon - I am here to get more of today's bread of life, fiat currency - would it not make more sense to bring back the commercialism of Christmas?

    Here is my gift to you:
    • Python works on modules
    • Scraping data from financial sites is something someone can learn to do, many times copied word for word - I found one for Oonda
    • From the podcasts I have listened to many succesful algo traders are asking simple questions
    • Wait for it?
    "What do you think of the market?"

    "Johnny, don't fight the fed."

    Joe told me that four years ago.
    • Once you have the ability to scrape data
    • Ask a question
    • Maybe, just maybe, I want to know if Joe was right.
    Maybe, just maybe, it affected fiat currency too. For that there is a model. If I wanted to make it easy I would link to it. And I did. You just have to find it. The coder lays out an entire Python trading program only requiring one to understand enough code to change the necessary inputs.

    Once you get that far make up a fake screen name and ask the coders where you can find fed data.

    But after all, it is Christmas, the appropriate holiday for those of us who worship capitalism.

    Capitalism requires that you work.

    The elite have realized that royalties trump trading opportunities. Education works just the same. @comagnum made a fortune in technology. Find a way.

    For me, thats why I am here. Just like you.

    Read the journal. Not for my insight. Helpul links.

    But there is an equal resource. Every one who took the time to comment.

    Are you willing to enter the briar patch? I certainly will be revisiting every post.

    Bringing Christmas back.
  437. yes they do
    Hey btw... that Euler guy got banned for being a complete loser. And we put our new sponsor in his place too. He had to learn the hard way.
    So you go Johnny Rock.
    I enjoy your prose. A little polish and ya never know.
    Everyone loves a good story.
    Daniel Steele would agree.
  438. Guerilla Activism:

    There he is Bald Bull. Behind him is the CSPD's version of Larry Bird.

    I wasn't afraid. Except for a few racial jokes, I haven't offended too many black people.

    Unless its Artie or Gilbert, you should probably not tell the joke.

    From me, not so funny.

    Other than that my conscience is clean.

    I have no reason to be afraid of black people.

    So as Bald Bull is taking the lead - mind you they were behind their protective shields, bullet proof glass - with Bird taking up the rear, Bird is speaking.

    Bird is the Leuitenant from the Colorado Springs police department.

    Bull was built like the white dudes that came out of the Florida penal system. Black dudes, mexicans, whatever. If uou were there you bulked up. The get thick quick program.

    Bull was the enforcer.

    No doubt Bull would have whooped my ass or even the Leuitenant. It would not have mattered. I would have got my licks in. They get paid to fight. I was willing to let them get paid to do it.

    • If you go to you tube and google "cspd memorial hospital" you will see a video of a wannabe thug police officer - a real criminal who body slammed an 18 year old female, WHO WAS IN HANDCUFFS ALREADY, like he was Hulk Hogan slamming a petite female the size of your daughter.
    • True story.
    • Every fucking bit!

    "This is 911, what is your emergency?"

    "This is Johhny. I would like to know if I can report an assault? Its on you tube and it happened right here in Colorado Springs."

    Although she said yes it was the way she said it.

    Honey, would you like some candy?

    That dispatcher answered that question as your daughter would if she was 6 years old.

    Its a 911 call. Find the tape and judge for yourself.

    The gist of that encounter was simple.

    I pitched her in my opening.

    Can I report an assault?

    I led that horse to water and she got hit by the Johnny Jizz.

    In 3 seconds I could point any person to a video of a girl with a busted grill. Perpetrated by a uniformed officer of the law committing a crime.

    The cop was never charged.

    We have about 3 years left to get him charged. His name is not important.

    Elite traders are the real detectives of cyber criminality.

    If you are using multiple screen names they will find you

    To find me, find the tape.

    "Let the Mayor know. He has a war on his hands!"

    Not only did I say it, I said it as if I was auditioning for the 70s movie "The Warriors."

    People expressed themselves in the 70s.

    I love the 70s.

    The police, news media and even First Bank - who closed my account when I continued my elevator pitch when I spoke to the teller - none cared about this girl.

    "Hey, did you hear about what happened at Memorial Hospital" - carrying my voice with the baritone and projection of someone who is used to being heard.

    The internal affairs office has me on recording challenging that Sergeant to a fight in my front yard.

    "You can't keep it together."

    Nope. Not when the whole city of Colorado Springs is running inteference like they are protecting Tony Dorsett.

    Nobody is protecting that girl.

    Or yours, if you live here.

    Bald Bull is standing very relaxed but his eyes have a similar beadiness as mine when he is mad. The Bull wanted to get his hands on me.

    They had their video. I had mine. Old school, hand held video camera.

    I was on video at every precint, more than once. Mostly Stetson Hills, though.

    They were tires of my crusade.

    The Rich Mans Gang.

    Intimidation. Thats their Trump card.

    They had my real name. I tweeted it to them, with the same message.

    I would update them on views of my tweets using whatever hashtag was trending.

    My goal has been the same. I sent a tweet saying that I would expose the cover up that would embarras the Mayor so bad he would probably shoot himself.


    I have none.

    Apparently, they have less.

    • If you are person of means, and you do that simple youtube search "cspd memorial hospital" watch a 27 second video.

    That video that was taken on a hospital security camera.

    240 lb. male
    Black skull cap/thug beanie

    110 lb. White girl

    Troy always said to canvass a neighborhood three times, in different ways, and you sell an entire neighborhood. That money will change your life.

    Troy locked down neighborhoods.

    But. I have the CSPD right where I want them. They are locked down and don't know it yet!

    The thug goes into a sociopathic rage.

    He runs. She is still.

    Until he slams her down into the chair.

    She kicks him in the nuts.

    He picks up a handcuffed, petite white girl, and face plants her, WWE style.

    Here is the kicker.

    A local reporter for The Independant placed a request for information of that event through the freedom of information act.

    The request was denied by those fucks who insist in being called heroes.

    Not my heroes.

    Fucking zeroes.

    • People with guns are always afraid of people with voices.

    Because voices know the secret:

    One neighborhood.

    One fight.

    One girl.

    They can all change your life.

    But I know,

    • it only takes one person.

    A person with means knows what has true value.

    "Who can I call that will take care of this for me?"

    Okay, the truth. Its two calls.

    First call is to your lawyer.

    You know he will make the next call.

    So really its one call from you. Let him call his buddy.

    Not CSPD.

    An appelate judge reared in the city who golf's with the Governor?

    Or maybe you decide to run ads on the metro buses with a pic of that girls face and a petition website to bring awareness. Truly one call. Your web dude. He will also know someone in advertising. Let him make that call.

    Christmas is about family.

    Christmas is about helping those without a voice. Without the means.

    "I challenge the Captain to a charity boxing match."

    I move about so as to increase my lung capacity knowing that my words will project with intensity.

    "There won't be no tasers."

    "There won't be no back up."

    "All you have to do is face that girls family and explain why this criminal is not in prison."

    I mean this!

    "Mayor, you've got a war on your hands!"

    If the Elite Trader sleuths, money managers, former ball players, musicians, comedians don't even pick up the phone, but instead choose to ...
    • what if they pick up a guitar.
    • Write a book.
    • Write a spoken word poem.
    • Start a foundation
    Now, they have something to be afraid of!


    Take this Christmas break and think about what you can do.
  439. That's crazy!

    I thought it must have been a joke, but I guess it wasn't.

    I took a creative writing class at the local community college. Still have the book, but that would take a lot of work.

    I just love telling stories. This is a great place to do it.
  440. New highs 5' momo play:

    The rules:
    • Dummy style entry and stop on 1st narrow range bar following a series of expansion bar(s).
    • Exit is discretionary
    • Catalysts: new high/low territory, news reversal/continuation
    • Entry and stop always follow a DUMMY-ish style
    • If the pattern takes too long to develop wait on another setuo with clear momentum
    2018-01-22-10-46-07--669077484.png 2018-01-22-10-45-01-1597118227.png 2018-01-22-10-44-13-1517733101.png
  441. Do you really own a laundromat, purchased from trading options profits?

    If you did, why on earth would you do that...it's a laundromat. Just grow and compound your trading account instead. o_O
    That's like owning a relatively advanced home, and deciding to move to the jungles of New Guinea to live with the tribes people.
  442. The Serenity of Stick Stalking:

    When I first met Dani, if you asked, I would tell you that I was on a spiritual sabbatical.

    The problem was - nobody asked!

    Except Dani. Oh, Dani!!

    Dani was like Carrie, Jodi and Sandee. Golden Goddesses. Angels frim the after life.

    It seems I have a weakness for women whose names end in "I."

    Like most Americans, "I" is my favorite subject.

    "Hey, what's that your reading?"

    Over the last several months I had been spending my days hiking, meditating and practicing yoga.

    Yoga is like sex. You don't have to be good at it to benefit.

    That's what I loved about Osho.

    You may know him as a cult leader. I stumbled upon him at the library. I was in search of peace.

    "Damn, she's fine. Did you knock off a piece?"

    Nah. She blew me off. We were both spooky spiritual.

    Friend zone.

    I had given up Bible Thumping for the ancient art of tantric manipulation.

    Anything to numb the pain.

    My heart, however, was too old for nature's rocket fuel - cocaine.

    Cocaine will kill the pain!

    So will meditative copulation.

    Sensual sensations!

    That's what Osho taught. Sex is the purest form of meditation.

    Osho also taught the importance of silence, laughter and living in the present moment.

    Osho taught that eternity is that moment when you are so caught up in the adventure - time stops!

    When I was around Dani, time stopped!

    The planets aligned.

    The only thing on Earth that didn't stand still was my mouth.

    I couldn't stop talking. About me, my favorite subject.

    That might have been the weed, though.

    Nature's elixir.

    Mary Jane. She will take away the pain.

    Mary Jane, the only mutually beneficial relationship I have ever had with a female.

    Cannabis sativa. Cannabis Indica.

    The names of my firstborn twins, Sativa and Indica. The apple's of my eye.

    If you miss that good old feeling of paranoia, smoke a dank Sativa grown under LEDs - the secret is to harvest early.

    If you want couch lock. Try an Indica. The secret? Harvest late!

    Marijuana has always been my meditation.


    A side effect of nature's elixir.

    Osho taught focus!

    "Hey, what's that your reading?"

    "You know about Osho?!"

    Dani loved too laugh.

    Nature's medicine.

    Although I never got that "piece," nor did I find peace that transcends, I have been able to dip in the pond oneness.

    I have been known to cause a tempest.

    Osho taught duality.

    Zorba the Greek.

    A hedonistic monk. Totally spiritual. Totally carnal.

    "Namaste Motherfuckers!"

    A similar concept. Excepting one's humanity.

    Dani accepted my humanity. Leah celebrated it!

    I didn't get a "piece" of that either!

    Damn, I sure got a lot more pussy in church!

    Sex! It numbs tue pain. Just like cocaine.

    However, nothing matches Mary Jane!

    Except for, maybe, meditation.

    Meditation = focus!

    Its been a few years since I have seen Dani, practiced yoga or even meditated.

    That was a different time. A different place.

    It wasn't until I took up the pursuit of stick stalking that I found what I had been looking for - peace.

    When facing a living animal - with its own compass - target panic sets in. It does for many! Probably most.

    Target panic is very similar to being in a live trade.

    Heart palpitations.

    Talking to yourself.

    Prayers to the almighty!

    For those of you, in on the joke, here is the payoff.

    Two tips:
    • combat breathing - four seconds in, four seconds out
    • talk to yourself (e.g., "Don't exit until the closing bell.")
    Use whatever mantra that might help you overcome whatever is causing the heart palpitations - taking profits early, exiting before you are stopped out, moving stops, etc.. All of those real life decisions that make trading difficult in the moment.

    However, use combat breathing to your advantage. That alone will lower your heart rate.

    If your body is showing signs of stress,


    Not at the screen.

    Focus on your breathing.

    Or, you could just smoke a bowl!

    Does it work? Who knows. I'm simply the pauper of paper trading.
  443. I am a huge fan of pygmies! But no, I lost the money trading.
  444. :D
  445. Conspiracy Corner,

    • Roger Stone's notorious High School election campaign centered on one key point.
    • According to The Duke of Poop, Roger setup the most unlikable person to run against him.
    • He won!
    • The Clintons attended Trump's wedding.
    • Billie boy and Dapper Don have a lot in common (although, according to the porn star he paid off with his supporters money, and it doesn't sound like any TRUMP-ettes were singng glory.)
    • Trump is likable.
    • Jeb Bush? Ted Cruz? The black dude who stabbed someone and wrote about it?
    • Hillary?!
    If you are the type to use words like cuck and soyboy in a sentence, and say it as if you were producing evidence, answer me this.

    Roger is a frequent guest on our favorite show. Really. Its my favorite podcast - a mix of professional wrestling and good old fashion sheep shearing only rivaled by Randy White and Joel Osteen!

    Maybe the supplements work. Alex certainly doesn't work out to maintain his boyish figure.

    But, my bet is cocaine! Really.

    The drip is cool. Sometimes you can almost hear it. Those who have ears to hear will understand. The drip.

    It certainly gives you confidence. Either that or our hero has a horse cock!

    But, what if our hero is actually part of the cabal, hell bent on world domination.

    Belicheck calls the plays. Brady has the talent to do it. Coaching and the ability to execute were key.

    Food for thought:
    • Stone called the play.
    • Trump executed.
    • Our institutions are being torn down through an actual infowar.
    Our hope:
    • The Judges, Congressmen and press that won't let personality run over political progress brought forth by our constitution.
    Globalism = free trade = capitalism.


    If there is a conspiracy, its a doozy.

    Attack the press.

    Send ICE on missions that rival the gestapo.

    Instead of Jews, its brown people.

    Instead of Hitler its the Pied Piper of Racists.

    "Sir, step away from the weed."

    Cough. Cough.
  446. Pegasus World Cup:

    My friend James had a dog handicapping system.

    The biggest advantage to horse/dog handicapping is the odds. The greatest benefit is the ability to see the odds change right up until post time.

    "Johnny, which dogs do you like?

    I didn't have a system, but this was going to be a teachable moment.

    In my mind, it seems as though the dog next to the rail would have the "inside track," thus a shorter distance to run.

    "Let's go with #1, #3 and #5."

    The only problem with my picks were the low odds on each of my picks.

    That is what he was showing me.

    So, here is my horse handicapping system that you can follow if you are willing to put in the work. All bets will be placed through betamerica.com.

    A 50 cent trifecta box cost $3. The standard $2 bet - trifecta box - totals $12. For you ballers, you can wager as much as your heart desires! All the money goes into a pool - thus the odds.

    America's Best Racing has a contest called the big race showdown with several participants. However, two participants are worth following.
    Screenshot_20180127-050912.png Screenshot_20180127-050859.png
    I will be shadowing Emily and using Dan's picks as a fallback in case there is a scratch and the alternate is going off at low odds like today with Gunrunner.

    Now, just like trading, even though I gave you my complete system we will get different results depending upon on how we play it.

    Take today's race - the Pegasus World Cup - for example. The alternate, Gunrunner, only pays 4:5. (That may very well change at post time).

    Now, Dan has picked this horse as well - as the public will most likely do - so there is a good chance Gunrunner wins outright. If he does win, I end up with a BIG FAT ZERO! In fact if he makes the top three I am out of gas.

    Including this favorite in the bet - trifecta box - lowers the payout. I don't really want any horse in my box to have that low of odds. Why? Watching James pick dogs and going in on the bets with him, we cashed very few tickets. However, the tickets cashed were phenomenal- one even paying over $900.

    Traders will understand this!

    James taught me the lesson.

    "Make sure the juice and is worth the squeeze! Betting randomly on high odds horses is probably not a great system. However, professional handicappers spend a lot of time learning this craft, so pick one and shadow them (how many of us have shadowed Cramer, Farley or another high profile trader?)

    The difference is these picks are free!

    So, why Emily? Simple. Emily is a tournament player. Boom or bust.

    However, at $3 a bet, are you really going to go bust? Even if you do, I am sure you can find a way to scrape up $3!

    I could care less about taking small losses as long as there is a good chance of hittng some large payouts.

    If you followed Dan last year, you would be up around 4 grand if you made the standard $2 bet ($12 total) and followed his picks to a "T."

    There are several ways to do this. Your chances of cashing winning tickets would increase if you box each of the four picks. However, the bet would increase four fold. Not my plan!

    But hey, if you are a whiz kid with programming it would be easy to find out which system has the best expectancy.

    And why are none of the other handicappers on my list to shadow?

    They cash winnng tickets at low odds. Barely profitable! Not my plan!

    Boom or bust!
  447. TaleofTheTape.com:

    I long for the good old days of trading when the dummy system produced consistent profits, trading blogs offered encouragement and actionable, free ideas (traderx, Richard at MtM, Prospectus, trader Eyal).

    I anxiously await the day TAILofTheTape is a reality. Whereas most trading educators are offering up a plethora of recycled ideas - rebranded under their unique umbrella - I promise to add value for heterosexual men and lesbians.

    So, how about a little taste:


    My plan:
    • Scantily clad co-ed drop outs offering up titillating market analysis and trader education
    If you would like to support this venture please donate to my kick starter campaign.

    Your welcome!
  448. Ruh oh:
    • Didn't amazon beat expectations? By a wide margin?
    • Check out the daily
    • Watching for 3bt on the downside today
    • Also willing to play a 5' momo play in either direction (up/down) with one caveat - the 5' pause discussed previously preceded by an expansion bar in tue regular session
    When markets go down on great news that is important. However, my number one catalyst for the willingness to play short today is the break away gap that will print if the market sells off today.

    Remember, this journal is not live.


    The Paper Trading Pauper

  449. The play:
    • Bar 5, expansion bar
    • Bar 6, the pause
    • Bar 7, entry (on break down of 6th bar low)
    • Stop: dummy style
    This is the type of play that drives you crazy. After the setup, the 7th bar broke the low of the pause, but quickly reversed on bars 8, 9 and 10.

    • breakeven/small gain/nice profit were all possible
    I will only add one piece of advice from Farley, "Enter in mild times, exit in wild times." But the reality is that without an exit plan the nice gain could have been snatched away depending on how long you stayed in the position.
  450. Race picks for the weekend:
    • Courtesy of Americas Best Racing
    • Trifecta box
  451. This is certainly a great tail without the tape. I really do miss Florida.
  452. I gave that little helper up, now if Santa had a Hotti to spare that would be different. Jokes aside It has a negative affect on the intuitive trader, but that's just me.
  453. I am giving it up for a while, but that has more to do with the current gun laws than anything else.

    But yeah, trading is hard enough with a clear head!
  454. Actually the strait head handles stress way better. you just have to get used to the conditioning process. Nothing easy will bring you forward. the magnet affect will just keep you the same.
  455. Breathing works for me (mindfulness). Otherwise, I am a mess!
  456. Might not make sense but the brain attempts to protect you by keeping you safe. In other words it doesn't want you to take risks and is attempting to discourage you from changing your direction (behavior). You can view yourself like a rubber band. you can make a change for the better than you some how you go right back to where you started.
  457. Interesting!
  458. Some times people need a buddy coach to help us,(not for money) Just someone to help steer you in the right direction. But again think of that rubber band affect. Its that change the fucks with us. We are just used to being the way we are. Stuck in Limbo land.
  459. The White Advocacy Group:

    Growing up on Southern military bases doesn't have the same feel to it as growing up in Jersey, the Bronx or Compton.

    But having relatives on one side of the family from the deep South, you learn one thing.

    Don't fuck with country people!

    You learn one other thing too.

    Country people will fuck with you!

    "Dude that ain't cool!"

    I couldn't believe Bruce said the wors nigger in front of Mike, our friend.

    Bruce looks Mike right in the eye and says, "Mike, you're not a nigger are you?!"

    Here is the weird thing. I do not believe Bruce to be a racist because he never treated Mike different after he found out that he was mixed.

    That's what we used to call them back then. If your Dad was black and Mom was white, you were mixed.

    I know! I sound like a fucking racist. What is worse, at one time I belonged to the White Advocacy Group.

    Marshall had just been released from the FL penn. He had done eight years hard time for firing weapons at the police. This was the mid eighties. The FL prisin system was run by white gangs.

    I don't pretend to know the name of the gang, because I never asked.

    If Larry wasn't with Marshall, me and Marshall probably never would have hung out.

    Let's back up for a second.

    "Johnny, my son is coming by later. He just got out of the joint."

    I could care less about that.

    I knew Dee would not have me hang around without getting me high.

    Dee worked for the - fuck, I cannot tell you where she worked - anyway, she worked for a State agency. Not a spy. Could have been a law enforcement emoloyee, an Officer of the court or even a social worker.

    Drugs bring people together. I think that is why the State is so against people using drugs. Besides, marijuana will wake you up! If nothing else it will help you sleep.

    So, when I meet Marshall, he has a full beard, a full head of black hair and he is wearing a beanie - thats what us hippies call them. My first thought is don't you know how hot it is in Tampa?

    My only guess is that he was on vacation in Northern FL.

    But then I noticed the swastika.

    What the fuck?

    He can't be a racist. Larry, Marshall's road dog, was a 5' 6" tank. Back before they took the weights out of prison, you could tell who had been through the FL get thick program. And the brothers, were especially big.

    What might have seemed like an odd combination at the time, we had something in common - a lot of free time.

    The only thing more valuable than money is time.

    The only thing worse than working - for some people - is time, especially free time. That is why most people hate retirement!

    Tommy Shaw even hated the fact that he had too much time on his hands.

    For me, it beats working!

    Damn, this weed is good. Back to the story!

    Marshall and Larry knew that if they were going to let me run with them, I needed to be prepared, tested.

    What they didn't know is that I grew up with the most lovable sociopath.

    Sociopaths get a bad rap for the few, small percentage, mind you, of deranged individuals that seek pleasure in killing people.

    I am talking about the sociopath next door that has the courage to not only move against the crowd, but relish the opportunity to lean in! Put your shoulder into it!

    My kind of people.

    Entertainers, athletes, writers and musicians!

    Not the killers like doctors, lawyers and politicians!

    "Dad, this fourth grader is picking on me"

    At the time we were stationed at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - not far from my Father's boy hood home of Georgetown, SC.

    So, one thing is certain. The event happened at an Air Force installation in my own neighborhood.

    I was in the 1st grade. This was on the base.

    My Dad is efficient. His advice?

    "Johnny, take this stick with you. But, if you do, you have to use it. Otherwise, that fat fuck mighy beat you up with your own stick!"

    My Dad might as well have been a prophet!

    That fat fuck beat me up with the stick my Father gave me!

    In the Bible, Joseph was given a coat of many colors. A gift from his Dad.

    My Dad gave me a fucking stick!

    He gave me something else; Courage!!

    But when you combine that courage with an overall distrust of authority - can you blame me, after that? - you get a dude who will strut around like a rooster.

    If you have read this far, you know the drill. But before I give you the payoff, let me let you in on the hook.

    Marshall? Larry? Not only is this a true story, but Marshall has a verifiable marking and State record that has been sealed.

    The tatoo has been removed.

    But, when you want the attention of the FBI, CSPD and every coward in blue, you know what to do!

    Take advantage of an association that has a misleading cover.

    I contacted an old friend on FB. I left tracks. I led them to water.

    But, now? They get their first drink. Who?

    The CSPD - the Colorado Springs police department, Mayor Suthers and even the folks at City Hall.

    Ya'll know you covered up physical violence against a woman.

    Know this too! I won't just say I have black friends, but the only friends that I have left, are black.

    The white supremacist body language was just my way of leaning into the crowd of MOFOs that wear a gun and a badge. Make you think twice about putting your hands on me!


    They got the tapes! Geronimo, aka Johnny Rock, was making a bi-weekly appearance at their fort!


    As one police officer asked me, "What am I supposed to do about it?"

    The problem is - cowards won't do anything!

    If you were a fan of @tampa, I owe him a debt of gratitude for teaching me how to sell.
    • find your target audience
    • bait them with verbal judo so they cannot see the end from the beginning
    • tell a story - that is always the bait
    Now you know the hook! So do they!

    A wise man told me I should figure out how to monetize my creativity. Still working on that.

    However, my focus for the next few years is getting Officer Tyler Walker charged!

    Either that or getting the Mayor to shoot himself! No, really. It's only fair.

    Cowards do that too! Sort of like Judge Coe!!

    Now hear is the rub. My storytelling style lends itself to a style of mediocre writing that is enjoyable, for me.

    But let's not forget that I learned from the Master!

    So I can't imagine that I write a book about the incident.

    You know what it does do? The same thing it did for Bob. Bob Lassiter. An ET legend.

    It might make for an interesting podcast. Bob had the talent to do this year round on the radio.

    I would rather do something else with my time.

    But if you don't think these stories are preludes to monologues, you are deluding yourself.

    Bob taught me something else though. You bait the suckers, sure - the people who are so pissed off at you that they can't quit you! What he also taught is to give something of value. Added value.

    Criminal with a conscience!

    At least I have one!

    What is the payoff?

    Entertainment for most.

    Food for thought for some.

    But for the overwhelming majority?

    A big fuck you to the system.

    Isn't that why we took up trading? As a big ole fuck you to the system. If we become members of the elusive club with fuck you money! We can say. Fuck you!

    And mean it!

    So whats the payoff?

    Hopefully, entertainment. Definitely, a big fuck you to the system. If I am lucky enough to develop a market system, you will he the first to read about it. Its all right here as I work my way through it.

    For now, let's just shoot for entertainment.

    Who is the White Advocacy Group?

    "Ma'am, can I have a quick word with you?"

    In a very dismissive tone, a Colorado hottie who is a reporter for the local news responds,"We are about to go live?"

    Hmmm. I can only hope.

    I had been canvassing First Bank with business cards that I had drawn up with the victims busted - literally bleeding - face and a headline from The Independent (the local paper) with a headline taken directly from the paper forming a trail for anyone with interest and a couple of seconds to spare.

    I would enter the drive through and send about five of these cards through. A couple of times I went into the bank with a short speech and a hand-held camcorder, a small one.

    "Let the Colorado Springs police department know that I am looking for them."

    Sure, they closed my account. But, one thing is certain. I had their attention!

    So when I happened upon a reporter with a camera set uo - mic in hand - standing at attention, I knew I had found my audience.

    Who knows if I made the air or not.

    Let the Colorado Springs police department know that the White Advocacy Group is in town and we will seek justice for the girl that was assaulted at Memorial Hospital.

    I did a modified goose step after I had pivoted 180 degrees and exhibiting what same may perceive as racist hand gestures.

    If I made the air that was a bonus.

    My motivation? Getting the attention of our target audience.

    A one man gang!

    Fighting for the truth.

    Confronting people with their own hearts.

    Just like good ole Bob used to do.
  460. Wow? Lots of verbal Judo here, but how was your weekend? do any fishing?
  461. No fishing. I am in CO now and there isn't water within 30 miles - except for a creek that is contaminated
  462. In another thread Volpri used the term losers. I had to "like" the post.

    Financially, I would probably win an award for ETs biggest loser, not weight wise. I won't lie and say money is not important. In fact money is so important I have taken tremendous risks (bending the law, breaking the law and especially trading.

    When I first went to college, I realized pretty quickly that programming was out the question. Although I got a "B" in tue class, I do not recall one of my programs working as it was designed. The sad part is the class was Cobal, not fortran.

    So then I changed my major to economics and faded out in my junior year. Logic is not my strong suit!

    However, I do remember something called "strain theory." If social "scientiests" are correct, and my interpretation is not off, it would actually be a good indicator for my future.

    We all want the sake things: a nice looking girl, a nice car and a desire to live in a nice neighborhood.

    Here's the funny thing. If you find the right woman, you canm have all of that without sacrificing your own blood, sweat and tears.

    The word player used to mean something - way before a bunch of nerds hijacked the term and lost sight of the number one thing women look for in a man - authenticity.

    I don't consider myself to be a "bad boy." I was simply a good boy who wanted nice things.

    Loser? Financially, no doubt!

    In other ways I was able to get what I wanted. The weird thi by was that they came to me.

    Sandee gave me a car. Courtney gave me $300 before we ever went out. I have only paid for one date in CO. I am not bragging. In fact I am ashamed for how I acted!

    However, that is chump change. Its not exactly a sound plan for retirement.

    But the reality, of American culture, is this. In some circles what I did would be viewed as a winner! But when you factor in the hurt and pain I have caused, I agree with @volpri! Those are the actions of a loser!!
  463. The words we use have influence over who we are and to say that your the biggest loser here on ET would be totally incorrect.

  464. Yes. I believe that.

    However, I think it was Ed Seykota who said that we get - from the market - what we think we deserve.

    Maybe its all those years in Church or being raised in an authoritative household, I believe there is a cleansing (psychological for sure and maybe spiritual) that comes from admitting when you wronged others.

    My hope is this journal provides that cleansing. After all, thats why I am here; to "win" in the market!
  465. As far as past mistakes goes, we just take ownership and say we fucked up and go forward and we do not repeat them. There's also maybe another way? We can reach back out toward the people we wronged and apologize and then go forward. As far a Seykota? Do you think people are actually looking at it this way after the markets been going down all week?
  466. As far as cleansing? Wow that's a? doesn't that depend on who provides you the information?
  467. Yes. But there does seem to be a psychological and health benefit to owning up to misdeeds. Just judging from my own personal experience. However, I prefer the public domain to a private tell all with a religious leader.
  468. Recognizing and owning one's weakness's and failures is a first step in growth. Whether to one's self, a confident or at large is a personal choice.
  469. Agreed!
  470. I already greed with you earlier on this.

    check this out:
  471. I have found value in new age, astrology, numerology, the Bible and plain old positive thinking! It seems there is a lot of agreement in certain areas. Those have been the most effective (forgiving others, withholding judgement, etc.).

    I will watch the vid this weekend.

    Thanks for posting!
  472. Check out the Sep contract:
    • Sell when this low breaks, 2550
    • Momentum
    • Note the break away gaps
    The first time I made real money in the market was when the energy stocks were tanking. It was early in my trading obsession so I can only attribute it to luck.

    The biggest lesson I learned was how fast markets drop.

    If you are losing money that does not maoe me happy. However, boom and bust cycles are the norm now. You just have to identify which market is tanking.

    Support/resistance means nothing when the market is ripping.

  473. Enron sucked for the employees, but with thw wide spread selling across the sector, money was easy. The sad part for me was that the selling happens quickly.

    So the easy money disappears fast.

    I wonder what might happen if a trader was only participating (long or short) when there was a clear direction in the market and only trading on the days when money was moving, aka momentum.

    The trader would probably be really, really rich!
  474. The Crooked E - The Unshredded Truth About Enron (2003) ...good movie, I have seen it several times over the past,
  475. The 3bt:

    One thing you quickly learn in a street fight - unlike the bs you hear when watching the UFC - is that most fights do not go to the ground.

    I am not saying I could whoop those guys, for sure.

    However, most street fights happen when people are intoxicated. Its easy to spot the real fighters, they come with power. Some cheat. Many start with a sucker punch.

    Very few fights - no matter the skill level - last long.

    People get tired!

    But the reality is most people are just talking. They won't fight. Thats what bullies count on! That you won't fight back.

    After a hard day of illegitimate labor - who am I kidding? - my days were filled with leisure and our work days had a flexible schedule.

    Amy, Doug and I made $800 on this particular Sunday. Split three ways in the mid-eighties, it beat the hell out of a regular job.

    Although we were not employed, we were truly professionals. Businessmen.

    Back then there was a certain sub culture that was ignored, actually two. Fags and fat people.

    Thats what made the caper so beautiful.

    The only reason I was let in on the Kmart caper was because I knew what it was to be different.

    My long golden locks was bully bait: from cops to the neighborhood brawler.

    I knew a secret to getting women that is never taught unless you were initiated by a master.

    "Johnny, the first thing women look at is your shoes!"

    A truer statement has never been uttered!

    Now I have never worn Alligator shoes, but I will throw on a pair of burgundy wingtips with a dark pair of jeans. Always have, always will.

    I have also been known to wear a blue converse on my right foot and a yellow or red converse on the opposite appendage.

    Hats are cool! But the shoes are key. I would learn later that if you were looking for a connect in an unfamiliar neighborhood look for the kid whose shoes match his hat. That's a player, a businessman, an entrepreneur.

    So you can learn a lot from people just by looking at their shoes.

    At the time, Amy was an aquaintenance and I had just received a dire medical report from Trish.

    I met Trish in a popular hang out on the North side of Tampa. She was there with her boyfriend. In the golden age, I was always fishing for golden girls.

    Trish was a golden goddess: 5' 9", gorgeous face and one of the few women whose hair was longer than mine.

    I couldn't help but imagine myself pulling her hair from behind like a cowboy yanks the reins of his horse, albeit a different pressure for sure! Steady, firm tugs. Manly tugs.

    When Trish wandered over to the juke box, I made my move. I had noticed her looking at my shoes. We had made eye contact for a brief moment, and I knew the hook was set.

    The other secret that most men don't realize is that women do the choosing.

    But its up to you to make the move.

    Strike while the pussy is hot!!

    "Nice shoes."

    Normally, I am not looking to take a man's girl. Maybe just tug on her hair a bit, bite her clit or at the very least suck the flowing juices from her nether region.

    Now I must admit its hard to tell very much about a woman by her shoes. However, I could smell money! I still can. Trish was in college, but she was a trust fund baby. Jackpot!

    Until I fucked it up!

    In the olden days of golden ways we didn't have caller id. When the phone rang you picked it up. It wouldn't have mattered either way. I was out of gas.

    It was only three or four months since our first date, the night she answered the door in a bath robe, grabbed me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. Remember, girls do the choosing.

    I guess it was better that I answered the phone.

    "Johnny, I went to the doctor today."

    Like any normal person I was concerned.

    Like any person who is not normal, I had no idea what was coming next.

    "You might want to go to the doctor."

    Unbeknownst to me I gave Trish crabs. I had heard that you could kill crabs with gasoline, but if you have ever seen what gasoline does to styrofoam you will not take that chance.

    "Amy, I need a favor."

    I guess it was my openness about my medical condition that endeared me to Amy, or maybe it was my shoes, but my guess is that Amy had a fondness for me because I accepted her as she was: fat and kind of funky. I wasn't trying to bang her. I just needed a favor.

    Maybe it was because I did not judge her by her chosen profession. I knew she was a thief - and a good one. I just needed some crab meds from Eckerd's, the drug store.

    Thats when she let me in on the Kmart caper. I don't know that I had ever stepped foot in a Kmart before.

    Kmart was the only national chain that would allow customers to return items without a receipt for cold hard cash at full value.

    So here I am with the fag hag and lisp whisperer. Another odd couple for sure. We had just picked up dinner from Publix.

    I liked shrimp and steak.

    Why pick up peanut butter and jelly when the price remains a constant zero.

    Four stores. $200 a pop. We each had a job. My job was simply to return items that had been boosted from the other store - as they were doing there thing - stealing another two hundred of Kmart clothing.

    They had a system. Pretty easy actually when you are fat or a fag. Remember, back then being fat was not so common. Being gay was like having the plague.

    Most people deliberately avoided looking at either one. Except for bullies. They look at everyone to tear them down.

    Our car was full of bully bait!

    Johnny Rock, the fag hag and the lisp whisperer.

    Traveling down US 19 we were confronted by four men in a shiny, red toyota. My guess was those young men - late teens - were driving Mommy's car. It sure was pretty.

    You know you can trust someone to have your back only when it comes time to get down.

    The two guys on the passenger side were yelling at Amy. Sorry, but that is a person. Maybe I just like to fight or maybe, just maybe, I watched too much Superman as a kid. Fighting for the underdog.

    Perfect! The light up ahead is red.

    Then one of the kids - we were all kids - called me a faggot.

    "When I get done whooping your ass, I will fuck you like a faggot."

    My M-O has always been to make sure I get your attention. The cars are both stopped and this kid pulls out a sai - its like a frog gig for humans. At least I knew I had that fucks attention.

    We pelted that pretty red toyata with glass jars full of shrimp cocktail. You should have seen how fast they ran that light! It only takes a second to leave an impression, or several dents!

    So yeah, 30 years later and I will still fight for the underdog.

    The problem is that my fight with City Hall will cost a little more than goods gotten thru ill gotten means. Got that!

    I certainly hope you do.

    But I can see a genuine momentum system, for lack of a better word, that pays quickly. The hard part will be waiting.

    But what I am learning is that the market is just like Trish, Sandee, Heather or Courtney. You save a lot of heart ache when you wait for the ones who are choosing you.

    Hey guys. Valentines is coming up. You know that girl you have had your eye on and you are too scared to look her in the eye to see if she is choosing you, here is a tip - from a Master.

    "Hey, how was your Valentines?"

    You have about a three day window after the chick super bowl for that line to work. Its the only line I have ever used and I only do it if I am a bit intimidated. Hey, we've all been there! I wasn't always a Master! I once was just like you - an underdog!!
  476. Playing one side charlie always leaves the best money on the table for someone else to pick up. Those sweet returns are ment for only the flexibly nimble and not the ridged. 80 days wiped out in 6 or 7 days. Dats the real moola to take home. woosh! did you hear the cash ragister ringin? it wasnt a gingle lingle, it was a thump from a big sack of cash hitten the ground. :p
  477. I meant playing momentum on both sides and did not comminicate effectively. For me its just easier to spot during crashes.
  478. Rabbit trail:

    I may be the onlyboerson who cried for Dexter on the series finale. Dexter had finally connected with his soul mate, but to protect those he loves ...

    Well, you just have to watch.

    However, I bet I am not the only person who roots for the hare in his race against tje tortoise; plod along thru life with a meager existence or run in brief spurts having a lot of fun on the journey?

    The choice is yours.

    If you root for the hare, this is the KEY to the 3bt.

    If you see a story with the title 3bt, scroll to the first 30' chart posted by me before the story. Look at the last three bars. Its probably right there - at least this time.

    If its not on the last three bars, find that pattern in the post. Its always three bars and it is a concept that is widely known; however, my criteria ia a bit different.

    You would be surprised at the gains produced from this pattern.

    If you wait for it!
  479. A picture is worth a thousand words!
    • Billboards are cheap!
    • Land is expensive
    Mayor Suthers - Captain Coward of the CSPD you better hope this market venture does not work. If it does, I will buy a piece of property and post these three images on my own land!

    These pics are worth more than gold!

    Screenshot_20180206-070503.png Screenshot_20180206-070756.png Screenshot_20180206-071038.png
  480. sorry i wasn't implying a You. I was just making a comment regarding staying on the side of momentum. I did see you posted The 1550 area as the line for momentum weakness. But I've never fallen in love with any specific valued areas that represented a particular point of weakness if breached. Reason being is that whenever we've had a larger daily range, that range had it own areas that would show momentum weakness. Markets move in waves and there are always area's of that wave that momentum would drop off. Most times on a strong bull run the momentum weakness is really a pullback just as it is on a Bear sell-off. Market movements are directional'y random. They always provide opportunities, but the opportunities are some times small. Since there directional'y random how do we know if the movement will be small? We don't. But even if there small?, small cash is better than no cash.

    I will follow up with proof on those momentum drop examples later. Its coffee time.
  481. Are you seeing the Volume this morning on the 1mn es chart? 17k to 29k a 1mn bar.
  482. Trade result:
    • stopped with major slippage (after hoirs + illiquid contract

  483. No worries. I appreciate the feedback and I misread the post.
  484. These ranges are not for the faint of heart. so long 2 point stops.
  485. It does provide big moves but at big stops. CL seams to be low risk for keeping scalps on the low risk side, but earnings are small.
  486. I'm not taking over your thread, but I came across these other two that i think you'll find interesting.

  487. Strong day!

  488. This is ETs thread! Feel free to post anything you find helpful.
  489. Have you always used candles and that indicator down on the bottom ATR?
  490. I have used bar charts before but I feel like I am missing something. However, several successful traders on this site use them effectively. I think I will switch that up.

    The ATR indicator I use has a range if 1 which is not how most people use it.

    The reason why is so I can quickly look at the indicator and see how the range compares to other candles/bars. I can alsi tell if its within 10 or 20 cents so that I know the risk.

    My idea is based on Maoxians dummy trading system - albeit very loosely - and Farley's teaching on contraction and expansion.

    Its a work in progress.
  491. Check out yestetdays bar chart. The afternoon break down actually looks "cleaner" than it does with candles.

    I will keep this look for awhile.

    I have tried everything from market profile, point and figure, bar and candles; probably to my detriment.

  492. If you are a newbie visiting this journal for the first time, don't confuse likes with expertise!

    Most of my "likes" come from me being snarky!
  493. Update:
    • Sold my grow lights today
    • Saved about an eighth for my bug out bag (2 hits and you are stoned for 2 1/2 hours)
    • Smoked once in the last 10 days
    • Mary Jane, I will miss you, but I need to focus!
  494. Your time is limited, don't waist it in the fog and The only way to do great work is with a clear head. Cheers*
  495. That ATR provides little value and you should try adding volume. Volume doesn't work all the time but when it spikes on the 30mn, and you get a reversal bar close, weak close, or strong close near a top or bottom, then there is meaning.
  496. try to adding a green color on the bars that are up and red on the down bars. Let me know what you think than?


  498. Huge fan of Ali
  499. NAZ is a buy today, But the ES is more controlled and smoother in appearance, and much easier to get a read on.
  500. Looks like a consolidation day to me.

    Although if it broke out tomorrow I would be looking for 5' momo plays to the upside.

    2018-02-07-08-40-51--1483882247.png 2018-02-07-08-40-29--974787183.png
  501. When you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done.
  502. Tomorrows plan:
    • If the market gaps down below today's low I will look for 5' momo/pause plays to the downside
    • Looking for selling to resume
    If by chance:
    • The market opens unusually strong and takes out todays high I might consider the same play to the upside
    • Chances are strength will have me on the side lines
    • If its another contraction day - consolidation, inside day - I will sit out as well
    Not real money, but its a real plan!

  503. Man, you look old for 51
    You must have lived a hard life -- and not have taken care of yourself in diet, body and mind and spirit.

    Modern/healthy 50 year olds look like they are in their