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Jack Hershey students - are you profitable day-traders?

  1. I am a bit overwhelmed by the numerous posts of Jack Hershey, making all sorts of claims re. his day-trading method, and never able to articulate anything in an accessible manner - not to mention, hijacking threads without addressing the least their OP's subject.

    Before I put him on ignore, I though I would ask for his past & present students' feedback. For you guys (and for you only) I have the following questions:

    - how long have you studied Jack Hershey's intraday method ?
    - are you profitable trading that method?
    - is there training materials available from him (or anyone / anywhere) that is understandable by a "normal" person ?

    Jack, please refrain from posting in this thread, thanks in advance - but you are welcome to PM me with any information you want to provide me.

    Moderators, I hope Educational Resources is the right forum for this, if not feel free to move it where it belongs. Thanks.
  2. It is not a Jack Hershey method per se,but an expanded Dow Theory.As for profitability,non of his followers make money,even after the decades of follwing.Google frenchfry,for e.g.,he`s still confused.
  3. You've clearly implied you're going to put him on ignore. Therefore, why you interested in him or his students after publicly announcing such a decision ???

    Simply, I'm perplex that if he rubs you wrong like that, shouldn't you truly put the man on ignore and move on instead of playing these types of cat & mouse games with someone that's anonymous and always will be.

    Anyways, Jack Hershey has outlasted or outlived many before him that have done exactly what you've done in starting this thread. You should really just get over it regardless to what his followers post here at ET or at other forums.

  4. I am sincerely trying to see if there is any value I would forever miss by putting him on ignore.

    BTW, you don't seem to be a former or current student of his, this thread isn't for you to post either - re-read the 1st post if you have any doubt about that.
  5. Bullcrap.

    People are sick and tired of this condescending old geezer posing as expert, talking excrement that requires a nuclear physicist to understand, when it's just a joke to amaze and confuse while giving false hopes to those looking for something real.

    Deadly and dangerous poster if you ask me.
  6. If you truly thought there was a "single hair" of value...you wouldn't be making a public announcement about putting someone on ignore. In contrast, you would have searched the internet and realized there are users of Hershey's method posting actively elsewhere and some even posting brokerage statements.

    Anyways, I'll move on now and let you waste your time chasing Jack Hershey at Elitetrader.com while most of ET have him on ignore via reasons that has nothing to do with his method :D
  7. actually he will be back with a new name asking the same question again and again.
  8. Hershey is the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard.
  9. dom993 adds more value with one post than Hershey has added in his entire gamut of posts.
  10. Now that I know how to trade without a "guru", seeing people hang on Hershey's every word is a good reminder of just how many confused traders there are out there. At least the "guru" I learned from was profitable and paid his taxes on time.
  11. It's all very simple. Here is the sum and substance of the whole thing: always in, never a loss, three times the daily range. All else is mere detail beneath Lord Jack's considerable dignity to address. Therefore, He occupies himself, and others, with his many and varied musings that at once go everywhere and nowhere. He's sort of a quantum mechanic from the distant galaxy Deliria.
  12. I spent some time TRYING to learn Jacks Method when I was New a few years back. I think that a newbie trying to understand that type of vocabulary on TOP of trying to learn how to trade is a bad idea IMO.

    I will however say that.... Of 3 discretionary methods I use, I have one "always in" method that I crafted myself with different ideas from a few different sources... More of what Jack says speaks truth to me now, but I still wouldn't recommend following solely jack to try to decode his method.

    Make your method your own, quit following and think for yourself. It's ok to get ideas from people but ultimately your method has to be your own. You have to understand the nuances, niche, market and tie all loose ends. That can be done by crafting, testing and studying a method that you know better than anyone else and learning intimately about the market in which you participate.
  13. jack cobbles together methods that worked in the past into a mash of baloney.

    Trading while there is good or increasing volume. Always worked for me.
    In fact I screened for it when I was daytrading.

    Looking at the supply demand in the dom. Was an edge a few years before jack brought it up.

    Watching premium.
    That was on my screen when I started trading in the 90s.
    Old traders would say don't sell into the hole.
    IMO that was always good advice when I was daytrading.

    Putting good ideas together is in IMO the pre requisite for day trading... But you still need an edge.

    I have never seen jack show a daytrading edge. And in fact his trading while monitoring what is going on on 5 minute charts is seriously bad advice on and day with a typical S&P range.

    In fact if you put his advice about premium together with attempt to trade the corners on 5 minute bars... you know he has never really been a profitable trader or he is purposely destroying his students accounts.
  14. I'm not a student of Jack Hershey, but I play one on TV.... :D

    Some of his stuff is not so different than O'Neil. You could probably code something up and add your own observations just for spits and giggles....

    O'Neil was there first though, so maybe you can call it the O'Neil-shey Method. :D

  15. his end of day stuff is a twist on ONeil... that is why I commented on is lack of daytrading edge.
  16. There is no value whatsoever. Put him on ignore now.

    I bet you won't, or can't. You simply do not have enough will power to do so. You have already crossed to the dark side, there is no return.
  17. Can you give a link ?
  18. I think if any of the worshipers of Jack Hershey were profitable, they would start up a journal, lay out the channels, boxes, and annotations, and blow us away with all their wins. They hijack so many threads as it is, you would think they would show off their superiority where real money is counted, yet they are conspicuously absent from the journals forum.
  19. Yes,i`ve composed the Grail,by using 11 cases only.No volume,no annotations,no SR bullshit,just 11 cases and it works like clockwork.If someone needs it i could give it away for $60K - the amount i`ve spent with Hershey.I wont include the oportunity cost in it:D You can next pass it forward for $100K or more as it is really worth it.

  20. Today I want to be a good guy.


    If you know what is good, what is bad, what is ugly and what is missing in his writing, you have a chance. If you can gel "them" with your common sense, you can be extremely profitable.

    If you are a daft like most of the his followers, you are doomed. Jack is sure very proud of the outcome.

    It would be your journey. Note that you would have no help nor support from anyone. Pass forward your fortune to me.
  21. You chose to become a detractor.

    i listed the cardinal elements that have to exist in a working complete method or system. Once I did it in one post, but that defing post was deleted by a Moderator who had to make a tough decision.

    Following that, I was comfortable that the 4 keys had not been clustered and defined in one post. colleagues of the time, felt safer by avoiding others becoming more systematic.

    I wolud really like to discover what is missinng in what I do. It certainly is NOT a parallel to the Higgs field, nor is it something like Einstein recognized he was looking for.

    Since I track about a dozen out systems to find out how to interrealte them with small logic bridges, it is not something in the form of a "bridging device.

    I do consider those who work in the FI and the Academics oft quoted by politicians and regulators. Neither group looks around very well.

    Parallel fields provide fruitful territory to be sure. Neuroscience, in particular. I like the way the four wve system works and interrelates. And I like the "no erase" concept I dragged out of there.

    By looking at prior AGM's that paddler uses, I feel I did deal with this interlude properly.

    and I took off some time this weekend. I walk an extra mile on Sat and Sun instead of just the two miles I walk before open. And we are having bulk pickups in a week or so. One of my neigbors dumps stuff that I can repair by refurbishing and adding a bell or wistle. recently I had become attached to FeEx shipping boxes since one size holds 10 3-ring binders. I do about 2" a month in annotating notes. (now I refer to notes from Feb onward.)

    So now I have a portable "field trunk" with slots for a colum of old annotations binders and a column for my System definitions binders.

    I can pickout five binders at any moment and review anything that could come up just by sprwding them out behind my chair which faces my array of screens.

    Facility in trading comes down to an advance warning system that affords very clean carving of turns.

    Documenting is best done as done on the higher levels of the Cash Cow.

    So I loooked at paddler and his resources; he seems to be coming up short or he doesn't have facility with his resources.
  22. So this is how the Jack Hershey method works? He mentions some things but leaves out important info? Interesting. I guess this is why many people are frustrated.

  23. HEY JACK! Aren't you that guy who places "TOYNBEE IDEA" tiles on asphalt in major cities?
  24. And yet.......

    WHAT IF, there was a website that laid out JH's methods in clear and concise bullet-points without any jargon.....?

    WHAT IF, there was a current and close student of JH who had created this url, for himself more than anything, to log his learning adventure....

    WHAT IF, there was access to this url, and the contents were subsequently copied....

    WHAT IF, that student feared to reveal his indiscretion, for fear he would be ostracized going forward...

    Nah. Would never happen.....

  25. Any chance you'd consider recreating or re-posting this? It sounds like a very valuable post.

    I've seen you mention this deleted post several times and have always regretted having missed it.

    Good to read that you were able to increase your walking distance--best wishes for continued health improvement.

  26. Would be great if Jack could re-post. I'm hoping he'll decide to do so.

  27. I've done few things that people remember.

    Mabe, you've been to one of my parties.

    I took the fence down that kept people off the steps where GW became President. (Wall Street fixture) Do you remember the group "Theatre in a trunk" doing their original play there on that portable stage? "1, 2, 3, 4, Dump the Tea and Start the War".

    The fence ws still up when Whoopi gave the chack to the Nuns.....lol

    Did you get invited to the Museum's Collaborative Fall party we had inside with the strolling troubadors in the balcony? Lots of BIG donors there.

    Have you ever used the imbedded pottery picnic tables aroung Grant's Tomb on the upper East Side?

    Did you ever go to Central Park and watch the NYC schools present their envoiromental projects?

    Did you see the GS environmental project leaders give the Stueben carrosel to the Queen on 05JUL76?
  28. You and paddler are making similar mistakes.

    If I'm supporting learning, why would I leave anything out? I wouldn't and I didn't.

    You and people like you do several common things:

    Look for short cuts.

    Think you're doing smartest things that could be done.

    Put me on ignore.

    don't trust me.

    become distractors and without cease say the same thing over and over again.

    Take a look at Joe Doaks. he siad he wanted to run along in parallel and see who's whatever. he dropped out (probably for a good reason that has to do with health or something). I sked him if he would go back and forth with me on revealing as much as possibl e. He said he would... so far he has dropped out.

    I am counting on him to ask Q's simply because he has read me for 10 years or so. This would condense everything quickly and thoroughly.
  29. I just responded to another poster with some questions. I'm not sure why you drew so many conclusions. I'm not a detractor at all (or distractor).

  30. just a detractor will do.
  31. He used the word distractor in his post.

  32. The overwhelmed OP of this thread made a plea to others so he could save some time or something.

    I'm not suppsed to post here. He specifically made this request. And he doesn't post here either.

    Most of my closest students just read here and do not post since we see each other at the Tucson Office. I always post the stuff I went over there in ET just to document it. And in ET I do not post my hand outs to the Tucson group. I hand out my daily logs and my daily annotated charts.

    One of thee students began to trade after only a few weeks of meetings. He started after I had to close the bi monthly (every two weeks) meetings at the Rose Garden Chinese reastaurant.

    He was part of a team of traders. They made an Excel universe weekly. It also had a hot list.

    To the OP:

    Here is the first quarter results he had for PVT.

    He did 52 trades.

    60 were priftable

    The slope of the curve for those trades was 150K/year. The inital capital was 27,000 dollars.

    He lost 150 dollars on one trade and lost 1200 dollars on another trade. The reason he lost money was he made mistakes due to lack of skills.

    In the following month, this beginner had a new slope for his curve: 250K/year. So he stopped trading PVT.

    A california person learned VT remotely and made an ATS. His P&L was showing trades who avergae net was 11.1% every 6.6 days. He quit his job after 6 months. He switched to bird watching primarily.

    there are ET people who do not trade PVT but they also fail to test it. No one at ET is able to determine that their testing is faulty. So ET backtesters have shown they lack skills and they lack the ability to understand that others who read their stuff are able to see the fualts or who side with the backtesters in total ignorance.

    The overwhelming going on here is a symtom of ignorance.

    for some reason lmost no one can recognize that if a person does not do CW, then he would not use a CW vocabulary. Also, these types insist on thinkng in only CW terms. One of he most outstanding is Covel. He spent 8 "hazardous" years getting overwhelmeed by CW talkers and could not come up with anything like the OP is asking of those who trade as the PVT traders do.

    The two substantive examples I cited are "unbelievable" by CW standards. And they were only noobies to boot.

    In my opinion, people like the OP and the detractors, will never be able to trade successfully. All they every will achieve is a marginal skill level which is the watchword of CW type traders.

    One of my best recommendations (which Ifacilitated for many years and is named after me in the industry) for anyone who wants to be rich and is a dimly lit bulb mentally is this:

    1. go to any insurance company.

    2. GeT a quote on a universal policy that builds cash value.

    3. train the salesman to do a MEC premium.

    4. Apply the MEC premium to a face value that the insurance company will write. A simple "go" way is to tie the face to your home value when you bought it.

    5. Get a policy for each person in your family.

    5. Pay the premium.

    6. Notice the 3 to 4 years it takes until the cash value marginal change is greater than he fixed premium payment.

    7. Stop paying premiums. Hve the premium payid out of the cash value increase.

    8. buy cars with cash value and pay back the cash value over three years. In three years get a new car.

    9. travel annually. borrow the trip from cash value; pay it back over the net 12 months.

    10. Buy toys. buy a boat using cash value; pay the cash back over the life of the boat. Sink the boat and repeat.

    there is a chance that any potential trader can find MEC on wikipedia.

    Me is the most money you can make in insurance and NOT have to pay taxes on the profits of having insurance.

    E stands for Endowment.

    If I supported your learning process to be an expert (about one or two months), then you would have capital in a 501 (c) (3). you would pay yourself out of the NFP. You would give awy over 5% a year to those in need in order that you keep being rich.

    Lets say you are too dumb to understand my posts. Okay then get the insurance. Lets say you are too dumb to get the insurance. Okay talk to the insurance salesman and teach him how to do MEC if he will give you 50% of his additional commissions. Lets say you are too dumb to get a phone number of a salesman.

    Start an insurance sales company. Get a CEO by letting him read this post. If he smiles, hire him. let him hire 10 others. move the compny to Greenwich Conn or Ossining or in NY across from NYC. (Go to where CNBC has studios, for example).

    It is not good for a person like the OP to think about learning something. Covel could not learn anything in 8 years. marketsurfer cannot learn anything in any amount of time.
  33. here is a post by a person who fits into category. He is not allowed to learn from me.

    He cut himself off from learning is several and all humorous ways.

    You can imagine a person who had the priviledge of learning and threw it away. Google Robert Hoffman. See how he then went to saddle up with Senters and his buddy. They threw him out too.

    60K or 100K... it is just peanuts.

    Entry and then 14 reversals today and an exit. yo0u dd contracts every 30 points you get from the contracts you have.

    Make a table of financial captial growth base upon today. there were lot more than 14 reversls today. BUT I am talking about a beginner doing the trading with a system simply deduced from the market.

    This prove it to me stuff is just about how much a person trusts himslef to work to learn. When does a person give up self trust in learning? Ask the OP when he gave up.
  34. You should interview at Walt Disney. they would probably throw in the costume for free.
  35. I LOVE Disney!!!!! :D

    When you wish upon a staaaar...... makes no difference who you arrrrrrre.....


    Also, they own Marvel Entertainment now.


    (Cut to head-banging rock-n-roll.....) :D

  36. A true sign of someone who is most likely not a millionaire........
  37. or detractor.

    I'm sure the questions you raised were important to you.

    No and no.

    This thread has an OP who dissapeared. He was worried he would waste time learning something others use to make money.

    He could worry about making money using any method. this would put him where you deescribe others to be (frustrated).

    just a some things take a village, other things require building the mind.

    the mind has a particular and tremendous facility. It puts facts together to form a whole. Or it puts mixed up things together to form a hole.

    You are not ready to begin work. Do you think that time will actually ever come????
  38. Joe Doaks did not drop out, he dropped dead. The ultimate health issue. Cause of death was apoplexy. Slumped face down on his keyboard. With an ET thread up on the screen.
  39. RIP Great Professor,
    Was he reading one of Jacks posts as he passed ?

    Financial E-poplexy ?
  40. De mortuis nil nisi bonum.
  41. I began my own trading work in '04. I have been trading well for almost 5 years now. My own rules, my own "mind building". So yes, that time did come.
  42. SIGH...

    I have said my piece having no intention to seek your help. Instead, you blame me as a flaw. Why don't you see yourself as a flaw?

    Nothing is going to change.

    Good luck to your followers.

    I am out.
  43. Now you guys know why.

    I rest my case.
  44. I have watched you posting since you started the journey with many blood-boiling guys like bundlemaker, etc.

    By timeline, efforts and loyalty, you should be an expert by now.

    I wish that you can figure out how adjacent bar mutation works. Otherwise, you need an invitation to become one of His closest holy students. I suspect that the casualty is very high.
  45. Paddy, It's clear that you have been in this group from a very long time ago and probably a lot longer than myself.

    You know I am not an expert as I post all my questions endlessly. I don't expect them to be directly answered , but the occasional nudge to do the necessary work is cool.
    It has been a blast through the years with all the folks who have followed along and I still enjoy the discoveries. ( not only the method , the journey )

    Thanks for your posts.
  46. Entered short on open; reversed 1, 3, 8, 23, 33, 38, 43, 50, 54, 60, 67, 73; flat 78. Tomorrow enter long on open (from 79). :)
  47. Guys, guys. This thread isn't about being a good student, it's about making money.

    Are any of you making money?
  48. Hypo, my man... I was shitlessly worried. I thought... I thought... What happened? You left me completely alone bashing our student of commom sense Jack Bullshitshey. Please never ever do this again... So glad you are back!!!
  49. What are you talking about ???

  50. I meant, I wouldn't mourn Jackyshit biting the dust... No one cares anyhow. But you... Do not leave me alone.

    PS: Please.
  51. Uh-oh. Trouble in HersheyLand.... :(

    Oh, how sharper than a serpent's tooth...... :mad:
  52. What are you mashing again? :confused:
  53. Ok... ok... I'm sorrry...

    Let us cut to the chase here...

    Of course not, you dummy. Jack does it for all of us. What a fucked up question if you ask me...

    Onother from a B team... Junge, Junge, Junge...
  54. This loser isn't!
  55. We all deal with odds in trading.

    Neither Jack nor Spyder traded live even for few days, yet are wiling to spend countless days answering questions.

    There is always some excuse not to trade live. So the odds are heavily against students making $.

  56. Not to mention oddballs. And, sure enough, this thread is about Jack.
  57. You are obviously a Hershey detractor......

    You need to go to Tuscon.

    Just ask on the street any random passerby....

    "Where can I find Jack Hershey?"

    All will know.

    When they point you to the castle at the end of a cul-de-sac, you will know you have arrived. :D
  58. It sounds like unless you are invited to these meetings, you're not being taught the whole method.

  59. ...damn flying monkees, watch out for them

  60. I'll get you my pretty!!!


    HA HAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............ :D
  61. There is nothing "fucked up" about making money from your profession.

    Or do you see this as just some kind of sick joke?
  62. Cult.
  63. TREND:Cult.

    Like I said before. L. Ron. Hubbard:D
  64. Like i've said, hypostomus, or, better said, posthumorous.
  65. To Hershey method Traders:

    How do you view the 5 min chart on the Spy or ES from 2:10 EST - 3:35 EST today?
  66. ES 5m chart
  67. Thank you, but more specifically I was hoping for some analysis of the formation (is that the right term?) that started at 2:10. It looks like at 3:25 the market attempted to break out of it but failed.

  68. Look at bars 42 and 47.

    Now look at bar 52.

    Now think.

    Now, look at bar 72.

    Damn it, I said think!

    Is bar 72 similar to bar 42,47, or 52?

    If you know the answer, then you know where you are in the cycle.

    Ask bar-o-san if you have trouble. He's knows all the answers after the fact.
  69. Do you see how Pinky is profiting now?

    See the chart? See Pinky? See bar number whatever?

    That is all. :D
  70. see attached.
  71. My computer has a thing that does not let me attach word documents of pics. I wrote the answer up twice so far and I saved it in an old word doc that works with ET.
  72. those that trade, know this time is important.

    A calendar of events is used.

    the expected news always creates the same result.

    you can google my disertation on FOMC news.

    historically, you can also consult how to trade all expected news. Google bracket trade.

    you should not be considering trading if you have been lurking around for over three months. your mind is not going to cooperate in any learning process about making money from market offers.
  73. Monkees - I just caught that!!

    I'm a believer, I couldn't leave her, if I tried.....

    Davy Jones died young. (relatively speaking) :(

    He had a good sense of humor though. When he met his young wife during a play he was in she said "Let's run upstairs and make love." And he said he told her "At my age it can only be one or the other." :D

    BTW Fah........

    No offense, but if I pronounce your nick a certain way, don't you get insulted?
  74. Ok - everyone should have some profit from Pinky's last Buy arrow.

    Please make all charitable contributions in appreciation to:

    Center for the Humane Treatment of Laboratory Experimental Mice

    All donations are tax deductable if you declare insanity first.

    That is all. :D
  75. I knew of the FOMC minutes, I always know the calendar of economic events slated to be released on any given day. I have a regiment that I go through each day to make sure.

    Do not worry about my trading. I have a method that works well and it is one I have created and have built my mind to read the signals as they come in.

    I wanted to know how the spydertrader method deals with these events. Learning is an ongoing process. I would never presume to say I knew it all.

  76. sh*t... where's the love

  77. Are you able to attach the word doc? I didn't see an attachment. I'm looking forward to reading the answer you wrote up.

  78. Ok - Pinky has to leave and go boff Minnie (Mickey doesn't know, so don't mention it to him....) :D

    Brain is handing him a condom because good friends don't let good friends boff all buff. (You really don't know where else Minnie has been...) :D

  79. Rest assured... this disexrimentational dissertation wil come.

    By the way, did Jack get a Ph. D of the bullshitscience?
  80. Well... you got me. Hands down...So you are the only smart one on ET?

    I do not know what detraction exactly means but my best guess would be "being brutally honest about bullshit". :D
  81. :D :D :D
  82. I imagine it something like the new Ron H. inspired film:

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/9oZDKFoCqAw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  83. See

    there is value to be extracted from detractors. I just made you laugh. Isn't it amazing and productive?!I ought to ask ET for a job... a min wage will do...better than following the old fart anyway.

    Well... now back to the Jockip... Sorry, my eyes are still working on MADA... I meant topic of coarse.

    All Jackass does(I mean when compared to me of coarse) is make Liz and his or her (is it she or he?...whatever... will have to find out about it later) followers wanting to ask for more...questions. And he is really good at it. We have to give him that.:)

    Do you see what I mean?

    Shit... Have to change my mashine... Can not tip shit any more. God damn computers...
  84. I'm a dope........ :(

    No - JH is.

    Just ask him. :D
  85. Laugh at his NLP-oriented negative comment about you and your trading. He tried the trick on me several times. Be careful.

    Great people are humble, genuine and helpful.

    No blind love on his method being told here. It hurts. Understand that you are not supposed to be able to gel pieces together on your own. Take the good ones using common sense to discern.
  86. Okay.

    you have a comprehensive method and it deals with news.

    The spydertrader method works in a parallel manner to yours, i. e. , all news is automatically taken into account and used to advantage. I referenced the place to look for the general solution.

    you want to nkow the bar by bar use of the pydertrader method I guess.

    Midday was the usual for an pre FOMC announcement. The market "tells" get you on the correct side of the market in advance.

    For 01AUG12 the preparatory trade was a reversal on bar 45. (13:15). The intra-bar contextual evidence came very early in the bar for taking profits on the prior long trend trading segment.

    Bar 46 was assigned as a P1, so was bar 47. Two P1's set up several possible potential quickie reversals (consult your notes of your work to analyze a data set that was sufficient to define all quickies or go back and do the work at some point).

    bar 47 eliminantes all quickies so you know the sentiment of the FOMC announcement is going to be short. Having this advance knowledge is relaxing and all you do is maintain the context through the news.

    I had posted previously that in the use of the method permission is given to go sub fractal when lengthy laterals are encountered. My recollection is that someone like you asked something at that time. his answer was self evident.

    The announcement is a scheduled announcement. Some times the gun is jumped by 7 or so minutes. you have the context handled only 9 bars before you will be making a lot of money (at least 2/3 of your capital in profits in the time span you did not recognize when you posted.

    during the next 9 bars three internals happened. Process those as usual. If you do not know how then search three times and then ask for a reference and if you cannot find a reference then ask a question.

    After T1 the next category in the OOE of primaries occurred (P2). This has a significant meaning: the trading trend has completed its first of three moves. (P1 to T1 to P2). this is the non one on one Volume phase that makes the parallelogram for price unique and also deductively proves that trend segments overlap. If your mind has this long term memory built in, you know the making 2/3 of your capital in one afternoon is a usual experience and it is "normal" for you. (It isn't and you are stupified by your thoughts as you point out in your posts.)

    The next part of the description is called in CW "the news fake out". Those who know how news works do not get faked out.

    As you will see from the fall out of this post and its additional facts I provide, all the detractors are dishonest people.

    To handle the "fake out", you need to do the trades priior to the news trade. If not, you read my dissertation on bracket trading of news and, in particular, FOMC news.

    Bar 50 is a T2P and bar 51 is a reversal bar because bar 51 is "between the two priior categories. you are now long.

    Three P1's follow and these are all P1's. they are NOT accelerating. this means the next reversal is two bars ahead and it is short.

    Of these next bars (55 and 56) the first is a T1 (55) and at the very beginning of the second of the next bars (56) you go short. I do not do "confirmation". For CW traders the confirmation is the PRV and actual volume exceeding the TI volume (bar 56).

    bar 56 forms a long lateral and at bar 7 of the lateral, you go back and annotate the lateral as a sub of the trading fractal. 57 is another P1. T1's flow along on bars 58 through 63. A P2 is on 64. the reversal is on 65 and you are long.

    You were concerned about the bars up to and including bar 69 if I remember correctly.

    Bar 69 is half way through the long. the long ends on bar 72.

    The remainder of the day was short up to and including the margin change bar (78).

    for you, the consequence of this post is tough to process. For me, I can see I cannot help you out simply because your long term memory is filled with many unrelatable elements. this means it is not going through the subconscious process of further organizational differentiation. of long term memory.

    But what you did get from me ws a statement about how a fully diiferentiated mind does get fully diiferentiated and is able to perform under each bar of a market unfolding.

    I went back to a beginning point just so you could find out how the collective mind of the markets works. A trader has no choice but to be parsitic to the herd.

    Here you saw the herd going through the "fake out" that happens before the news sentiment "sets in".

    The difference between what you do and what you asked about from some other person is the basis of the management systems used. I illustrated a RDBMS and you do not use a RDBMS. You may be using a rule set instead. Your rule set may be your invention.
  87. Thank you for taking the time to respond and so thoroughly :)

  88. Were you addressing Fah Q???

    Good thing I am not a Hershey detractor.... :)

    I am only a Hershey redactor... I black out the lines that don't make sense to me when I read them - which, not being a student, are many ..... :D
  89. Jack,

    You should not be making such comments as you refuse to trade live at all. So, there is no public record that what you teach is actually working.


  90. This Jack is the biggest joke I ever met on a trading forum, maybe he is just here to attract readers ?
  91. Shhhhhhhhh............ :cool:
  92. Is there some place I could send it so you could pick it up.

    I thought I could just attach a word doc but I can't.
  93. I'm on a less secure computer and this is saved in an old Word format so it may work on ET.
  94. Check with the SEC. This may be a public record (your term, today)

    Check with the IRS. This may be a public record (your term, today)

    Do a search on my trading before ET was invented. MSN is considered a place of public record.

    Do a search on brokers who give discounts if you use my methed. The broker (s) made public announcements after having verified documents FedEx'ed from the trading broker of record. A 1.7 million dollar net on 31 trades on one day was shown tt to the third party verifier (not known or shosen by me).

    Others have informed you that there are locations where you can go to see user's prints and records.

    It is not possible for you to observe in Tucson at the office; they are pissed off at you at this point. You wasted their time a while back.

    Your hardon about me is not worth any more of my time. you have been here a long time and you posted a chart where the volume was missing. Stupid.
  95. My messsage is tough. For example, the princip0les of neuroscience explain how, in a given Venn Universe (for you it might be dring a car), a person's theta waves interconnect the subconsious which builds differentiation in the long term memory that services all parts of the mind.

    If you expereince not being able to learn to drive a car, there is a reason.

    So let's turn to the associations you are making between the three things you reference in your posting here.

    You are expressing the sudden impact of foreign information that, for you CANNOT EVER have any value in your presently non differentiated mind (with respect to how markets work).

    Since I deduced and wrote about the PEP system, I must be crazy and you have the standards in your long term memory that prove it.

    What does watching the markets for 54 years create in a purposeful trader's mind.

    I traded live at Rosenthal Collins for two days. One person could duplicate the simple process I was demonstrating and where another similar person who was expereinced traded real money along side those in the trading area.

    We asked the learner to use our machine (laptop to trade that capital). She called the trades successfully.

    Harold, a person from RC, was down 40million. So I pointed to a place (two corrordinates) on a screen and said: "That is where I will take you to BE". Harold was too smart. He did what he wanted and did not get to BE. But he did fill his Satuday schedule to have closed doors meetings.

    Good luck to you. What prompted you to take these behavioral actions? Are you just a joker?
  96. Thats absolutely hilarious


    Nope, youre the joker, I'm serious. That is THE joke, on you. Comprende.

  97. Correct on the first write.

    correct on the second write

    incorrect on the third write.
  98. ewe fourth write; very unforthright.
  99. Wow - that was interesting...
  100. If you like what you've seen ftt trader doing in his youtube examples using only a small subset of Jack Hershey's method, imagine what can be accomplished by using more layers of this method! ftt trader doesn't use volume because forex volume is either not available or unreliable. Looking at the price bars' volatility and overlap you can compensate for the lack of volume data.
  101. Yes, the 3 videos are interesting indeed ... my last question in the 1st post was :

    - is there training materials available from him (or anyone / anywhere) that is understandable by a "normal" person ?

    I haven't seen much answer to that question yet.
  102. baro-san,why don`t you start the thread on advanced JH method and help others out?
  103. Market is in a down trend. Price traded to upper trend wall of a down trend. Trader got short around this price, and was planning to get out if price traded sideways or broke diagonal resistance. His goal was to trade to the lower trend wall of this down trend. He moved his stop down once triangle break occurred to above the break. He hit his profit target, and got out.

    Normally, I would just have set an automated OCO for stops and targets and not watched the chart. All of this in normal speak and without needing to define or use JH's system. This is pure trend line and trend channel trading defined in several books out there.

  104. Very astute. In the last month we had higher highs and higher lows, is that the definition of downtrend???

    If you say such a thing, you might be a Hershey student!!!

  105. Jack,

    Check with SEC, IRS?????? What's wrong with you?

    You lying about people wasting time. If you remember, I just proposed using Paltalk, and you claimed you wasted time by searching for a room. Who would search for a room without even agreeing first on the date, time and room name?

    I did post the chart without volume, since the purpose of the chart was to highlight your call, that you got wrong. You predicted short at the open, but the market went high that morning. Not sure why volume is important in this particular context. Btw, this is one of those rare calls, but it was wrong.

    I have respect for the amount of time you spent helping others, but after seeing you and people who supposedly use your method successfully, not willing to trade live even for 1 full day, I would suggest to all new traders to approach it with a BIG grain of salt.

  106. This is my last post to you.

    To all new traders, from my point of view; if you have any reservations about not working to build your mind as a foremost goal, DO NOT BEGIN TO CONSIDER MY WORKS.

    As centuries have proven, the market is orderly and follows the aggregate will of the minority of the participants. This means there is a paradigm of the market's operation. It was stated just after DOW Theory came into view.

    The Scientific Method allows anyone to flesh out all of the details of the market paradigm.
  107. http://www.answers.com/topic/insanity

  108. You really are full of sh.. , no ?

    I consider you as some criminal to fool people into thinking that your method works if you are unwilling to prove that it works, waisting people's time AND money, shame on you .
  109. Is this the act of securing people's time and money around ones waist? :D

    Just kidding....carry on

  110. every few years we go through a cycle that has your quiry.

    the best thing to do is go back and find the documents attachments that were added during a recent cycle.

    In addition to documents there are 1 pagers for each application of the PEP. There are three applications.
  111. Get a plane ticket to Tucson.

    post your arrival time and what you want to look at on a sign in the baggage area. Peternam in pink is what we will use if you show up.

    Stay at the Arizona Inn.
  112. Your best bet would be to ask people to whom I proved it.

    there are some people who are conservative and who have a mental bias about things that "look too good to be true". They make up the too good standard and by mistake wander into a setting where something unusual to them is going on.

    Having a few beers will not cure the misfit that exists.

    I am very good at fooling people when I decide to.

    Your charts and P&L really look terrific. I know you have a cool local following and you do contribute a lot of money and time to good causes. we have all seen the list of organizations you have been helping for years and years.

    your work station pics are really terrific too.

    Please let some of the locals hook up with you like you did in the past.
  113. Because it was obviously a fluke and cannot be repeated.....

  114. Much easier, Jacko CLown, start a live journal here on ET so everybody can see you what you can..damn, I forgot you are only full of sh.. talk so this is NEVER gonna happen. :D
  115. Been there done that.... you are repeating a loop again.

    It was a six year series.

    It probably wasn't a good idea to invite you to Tucson.
  116. Very entertaining thread !!!
  117. I haven't heard of anyone being profitable on this model in over 2-3 years, market has changed, models change, traders adapt.
  118. Some one, not too long ago, mentioned that Jack's style of writing changed a lot, and that it is very likely that more than 1 person is using the account.

    Jack, just make few live calls, and not 1000s of excuses.

  119. How old are you?NO ONE can make a call,even Jack as it is not the weather forcast!One can only monitor and anticipate.Don`t you still get it?
  120. After one monitors and anticipates, then there will be a time to act, aka placing a trade. Placing that trade is what I refer to as a call. I am explaining it as plain as even a child can understand.

    And why announcing a trade publicly is so hard? There are probably close to 100 means to accomplish such task.
  121. sell @ 1392,it`s JHM MADA
  122. Jack can't make public calls for the same reason hypostomus can't make public calls. Jack's writing style has changed because hypostomus is getting old, and can't keep his multitude of aliases straight anymore.
  123. Hypostomus can't make calls because his seconds-long momo trades are over before he can remember why he got in them, much less post a call.
  124. Non daytraders don't seem to understand this, yet it's reality.

  125. Agreed, Rasky. I think non day traders, especially those who read Jack, have a fellacious view of the reprehensible practice. They think we sit there flashing in and out of the market, or constantly reversing, as Jack advocates. Truth is that the profit expection, whether backtested or surmised, varies wildly with the day of the week, the time of day, the season, the impending or released news, and outside influences like the euro or oil. So I think each of us evolves a style which suits our risk appetite. This may very well look from the outside like we are asleep.

  126. Please, where is the link to your profitable journal, oh, I forgot, you can lie too like the best, talk, excuses , anything but profitable calls...:D
  127. On the subject of Jack, for those who are new to this forum, or to him, there is a real Jack Hershey. He is much more careful now about local media exposure, but five years or so ago enough appeared in the Tucson press to prove that he is a real person. Most of that has aged out of the internet by now, though. And there is the undeniable fact that he is a published author. That said, the ET Jack is an elaborate and convincing farce created by a conjoined mind of about four creative writers using Jack's handle. No single person who really trades would have or take the time to make lengthy rambling posts during RMH like Jack does. Further evidence lies in the dramatic tonguewistic variations among the contributing authors. Quit hoping that Jack will make you rich, or quit being aggravated by him, and if you read dispassionately you will see what I mean.
  128. That's going to pop some people's bubbles :p

  129. Jack is a unique case of literary fraudulence, referred to in the trade as a "frawd."
  130. Snopes, I'm saddened now . Do you go around at Christmas and tell kids there is no Santa ?
    I'm taking the money out from under my Pillow before that gets ruined too.
    It was my last tooth ... I was so excited

  131. Hmmm, so you are saying that the Jack from ET is a fictive person, probably created to make this forum more interesting ?
  132. I dunno.....

    3x's Daily Range every day is verrrry tempting....verrrrry tempting..... :)

  133. John T. Hershey of Tucson is real enough. Verifiable residency and career history and personal interests and community contributions. At least as good as Obama's. It is the ET Jack that is a fiction.
  134. I told my kids "There is no Santa. Only Daddy." But I drew the line at Tooth Faery. Sneaking into childrens' rooms at night? Really! Call CPS!
  135. On volatile days I can almost see it. But a day like today? I am just watching. Market is bucking the Euro bigtime.
  136. There was a nice clean pullback @~11:30 EST. What I don't understand is why the method doesn't just load and lever up there, then go fishing? Since there are no loses in the method, wouldn't that be ok? :D
  137. John T. Hershey is a trader ? what is the connection between this person and the ET Jack ?
  138. You are late to the party. Go back to here, read forward every place Jack posted, and every place people posted about him, and all will be revealed:


    Get three six inch binders and print it all up and organize it.
  139. SCT is not an S/R method. I doubt that they even chart midday, the pivot and the VWAP. Plus, that would be too easy. They want it to be hard so that only intellectual giants pure in heart can get it.
  140. Hm, the market went up. And you reversed at which bar? :)
  141. the second reversal was @ bar 20 the next reversal was on bar 38.

    The opening entry was reversed on bar 14.

    fishing is a good approach for some.

    advanced beginners are shooting for three times the daily range. To do that you have to maonitor and analyze each contributing bar. Some bar are thrown out; you have to know how to do that.

    at this advanced beginner level the general trading money velocity is to double your money every three to four days.

    So instead of fishing, in September I am going to Hawaii and then mid September I will be in Coloroado springs. Last month I was in NAPA; we placed our orders for wine for the next year.
  142. the threads were very long and followed a posted syllabus. We focused on particular aspects on a monthly basis.

    Usually the threads had names and had the highest hit counts at ET. Do some sorts.

    Be stupid and do not go look at them. They also show calls, the trades of the calls and the annual results of the trades.

    You are providing a lot of readers with some great laughs. Tell us your age; can you vote yet?
  143. I have used the same principles since 1957.

    I traded my 190SL for a 300SL gullwing.

    Now I drive a 12 cylinder BMW in the 700 series.

  144. Just Give us 1 link to a thread full of calls, you old fool, you can't , do it now , show us some of our sh.. :D

    You are the most entertaining person on ET, entertaining, nothing more..
  145. And what would be the point of all of this? And couldn't mods determine if the user name is logging in to the same or different IP addresses?

  146. I am not speculating as to motives. But the Jack Collective's first post gives you a hint:


    Why would mods care?
  147. LOL vs lol?

    I'm pretty sure IF a mod determined that multiple people in different locations were all posting as "Jack Hershey" it might be the biggest news to hit ET in quite awhile :D

  148. market went left and i reversed at the bar and grill...
  149. been there done that.....
  150. You have to understand the context of the trade in time and the instrument being traded. Is the trade a "day trade" for example, it starts and ends in the same day or time period.

    Obviously, we are in an uptrend in the S&P market, however, this does not mean that there are not down trends within the overall uptrend.

    When I made my statement, the market being traded which I believe was the EUR/USD Forex was in a down trend. This probably has been caused by deteriorating conditions in Greece and Spain.

    So when you reply to my post without thinking and understanding what you are talking about, you make an ass out of yourself. Sometimes, its better to keep silent and listen, since some might think you are more intelligent than you are, however, once you open your mouth, you remove all doubt.

  151. That's nice.

    But with that kind of dough constantly compounding, I think it would be cool to do the stuff Bill Gates is doing now.

    Only on a bigger scale. :D
  152. Of course you did:)
  153. You are correct.

    my feeling is that there are a group of younger people (moslty everyone is younger than me) who could work together and do "Bill Gates".

    Federer is a focus example re: education.

    I also think the 99%'ers are very valuable. It would be good to take check writing machines to thier locations. They could just sign up to "do their thing" where they want.

    I tried this year to sit with managers and financial people of university focussed organizations. They couldn't move the decimal point to scale up.

    Gates gets teams to work out problems. He attracks qualified people for what he wants achieved. Water is something. I did the APHA interference tables and we had to add four sets of footnote streams. At that time Ford let me chose the topic. PL 92-500 resulted.

    I bet on a hand off. Betting didn't work.

    At this point I need to stay weird for one set of reasons and I'm letting seredipity show up in some form. I have worked hard to "package" stuff in a high utility form. I have every bar from FEB on canned.

    Iterative refinement has deep meaning to me. the market has no surprises.

    I really like high powered guidance.

    The guy redoing the FAA system has really been helpful as he talks about the various talent on his team. they are busting their balls.
  154. Somewhere on page 6 of this thread a Mr Hershey talks of a new trader educated in this system placing 52 trades of which 60 were priftable. I find this hard to understand...

  155. Why don't you start posting calls instead long winded BS ?
  156. LOL. There is nothing to understand. FYI Jackyshit doesn't understant it himself. He is just an usual old and demented jerk trolling on ET:D You better get used to it.
  157. Question.

    Did Jack Hearsay ever post a live market call or a brokerage statement? Even a photshopped one?
  158. No! He is too busy flying around the world trading 50 accounts for vets, driving his Dacia with 6 transmissions all the while telling Bill Gates to fuck off. As you can see our Jack is too rich to be true. That is his so called "filter" he invented in cooperation with Spydershitter.
  159. Neither Jack nor Spyder nor anyone who studied and "practiced" the method, for a while, is willing to trade it live even for 1 day.

    They spent obscene amount of time helping others and explaining the method over the years, measured in months of their time. Yet, not willing to commit even 1 full day for live trading.

    I lost number of excuses what were presented over the years. Some were: not able to use ET chat due to missing Java plug in, family issues, not being able to install anything on the trading machine since it might mess up set ups, not being able to use microphone due to clicking on Ctrl for talking and so on.

    Statements are obviously useless due to photoshop.
  160. Duke, dude... Calm down. The method works. Ask Tiki, DKM, Nkhoi and others how much they have lost. They will not need any photoshop. We are talking millions now my friend. Don't be silly.
  161. not only that, it contributes nothing to advance your skills.
  162. Jack! Is that you?!
  163. Not it is not Jack. I met Nkhoi in person. Really nice guy. I believe it was in February of 2009.

  164. LOL , yeah , wen you ask for a thread with live calls, he tells us to look it up, even unwilling to provide a simple link
  165. That's cool! :)

    Maybe he can do a live demo of the JHM for everyone here since JH has health issues to deal with....
  166. already did for 1 week, but it was just to show how to enter at b2b or r2r then you are on your own.
    ps. anything being asked was answered somewhere. The funny thing is as soon as the link posted the handle disappear and a new handle shows up asking the very same question.

  167. Lol, yeah right, a trade consists of an entry AND an exit, don't post the link to that crap,start a live journal with entries AND exits instead of putting up one excuse after another
  168. Getting this method is not an intelligence test, as some seem to believe, it is much more a character test. Jack repeatedly said that a six grader can trade it successfully. Whoever doesn't get it most likely doesn't deserve to get it, and Jack stated his intention to give it way to only those who'd use the profits for good causes. The troll is so low on the worthiness scale, that it is an act of justice for him not to get it. :)
  169. Start a thread,fake.And stop your regular la-la-la
  170. I am the poster boy for trading profitably despite having low to no character. And I can write the rules for my systems on the back of a postage stamp using a laundry marker. Cults recruit with the enticement "You have to be special to belong."
  171. You make me laugh, thanks. You are truly childish. How "young" are you? :D :D :D

    I use his method to trade profitably. I know the method more profoundly than you. I always question every statement he makes. Do I meet his character test? LOL

    Remember that there are many faithful but clueless still struggle to understand his method. Something is very wrong. Has he ever helped meaningfully? By your reasoning, they are "low on the worthiness scale" to him. They don't deserve to "get it", right?

    Hope you start to grow up and save the world. I mean save the sixth grader.
  172. Jack's job here is to step in, stir some shit up and then watch the rest of the crowd bat it back and forth for 50 pages or so.

    the same clowns keep showing up to droan on and take another whack at the lad.

    truly a comedy of errors, without the bard............:)
  173. Prove it. You keep asking JH for proof and you come out with this lame excuse that you have rules that fit a tiny postage stamp. The truth has that JH has called markets right 2 times so far in writing recently.

    Either call a profitable trade, or show us a profitable rule. Cults might recruit with "you have to special to belong", but

    "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.' - Emerson.

  174. It is pathetically unseemly for a mod to beg for a system like a noob.
  175. I don't need your system. I have my own. I am just tired of people like you that bash someone like JH without providing proof that you can even make one live call yourself. You really think someone is going to reverse engineer your system from one call?