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  1. Who is trading from Italy??? Anyone??

  2. Here I'm :D

    I trade mainly future, Eurex and Cme.
  3. Italy here,

    futures trader(in learning curve),

    Stefano:) :)
  4. Hi Stefano-

    Where in italy are you located?

    I have quite a few friends from Italy and when in Europe,
    prefer to spend time in your country.

    How is futures trading going?

  5. Anyone institutional or professional from Italy? I am from Germany and building up a network for trading / investment. May we can come across some business together. My Email: tradingon@aol.com
  6. Me too.
  7. Hi again,

    I am from Trieste, I trade futures part time
    I am in learning curve:)
    See you soon,