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  1. Good safe stock thats on sale.
    It was $392 a minute ago.
  2. It got up to $410 after that post...
    Its $380 now.
    If any of you are looking for a safe stock to park your money that will rebound with a vengeance... ISRG is it.
    I don't know how long this "correction" will last... but when it reverses ISRG will climb very fast. Its a $440 stock easy. Maybe leg in on the way down.
  3. It just hit $392 10 minutes ago.
    Damn. Those $390 (today's exp) calls were a dime a few hours ago.
    Gotta hate missing a 20-bagger.
    I got "part art part scienced" by Mother Market.
    No milkbones for you!